Day 3 – St. Anne Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 3 of The St. Anne Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. St.Anne please pray for the healing of mommy and nanay who are now qboth in bed and sick. Please also pray for our healing that we may be able to accept and overcome this week’s struggles especially in dealing both of thier situation. Please also pray that God may continue to protect and forgive us especially in all our shorcomings and mistakes. May you forgive me for being lazy and sometimes forgetting my everyday prayers. Thank you for today’s blessings. Amen

  2. Dear St. Anne,

    Please intercede for the future spouse of D and T. Please comfort T’s family in this time of sorrow.

    Thank you!

  3. Dear Saint Anne,

    I pray that on July 26th, your feast day and mine also, Carlos writes to me and that this may be the first step in coming back together. This would be the best gift on my feast day.

    Thank you,


  4. Please Holy Saint Anne, help me with my plans to find a new and more gratifying job. Help me also to find new friends or reuniting with old ones.

    As always I pray that the heart of my stepmother will soften, her hostility causes so many problems to the whole family.

    I pray for strength so I can cope with the problematic family of my mother.

    Please solve in som way the transexual problematic that B suffers from. Make B man OR woman. This in between thing is so painful.

    Thankyou dear Saint Anne for listening to my prayer. Amen.

  5. I ask through this Novena to meet my future husband as Anne Marie has,so I may be able to also share my story. He is wise, He is Alpha Male, a gentleman who provides for his family, loving, respected, puts my daughter first,health conscious , god-fearing, patient, financially stable and accomplished with confidence and makes me recognize him by pursuing me to no end, because I know he is coming very fast. I would love to birth another healthy child with him.

    I also pray that others who will block this to be moved on to their best life as my life becomes better and better.

  6. As a grandmother of 6 children and 11 grandchildren, I ask to be protected from a scam I may have signed up for. Please pray with me as I ask for this special blessing.

  7. Prayers for my mom. She is hard working and forever faithful. Give her strength as she goes through her day, today and always.

  8. Please St. Anne pray for MS and AV to begin a serious relationship eventually leading to Holy Matrimony. I promise to encourage devotion to you and my beloved saints, St Jude, St Anthony, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Blessed Mother. Please hear my prayers.

  9. Holy Saint Anne, Thank you for listening to my prayers for my son. Intercede for me and ask for special blessings for my son for God father and Jesus Christ to fulfil the promise for acceptance in medical school, for finances and scholarships for current year, for good grades and to meet all requirements with grades to get acceptance into medical school this year. For healing with scalp and left shoulder. For peace, joy and comfort. For good grades to be blessed in all tests, quizzes and exams all the time this year and stand above and beyond the needed GPA, to come easily and flow with ease from God Father without stress and strain. For the drive and commute to the school everyday to be safe and guarded by Holy Angels of God. Please pray and intercede for my son. Amen

  10. Praying for healing in my body, large financial blessing, employment as a sterile processing, a husband that is a God fearing man that is patient kilns, loving, that don’t smoke m, don’t cheat, that he see only me, tall dark handsome not a jealous man, have a real good job, not a rapist or a child a child molestee, pedifile, thief,a smoker, alcohol drinker,have any diseases, please let me get back on my feet & I am able to pay for my car & don’t let Toral Choise come get my car. That I may pay for it & receive my titlf & have it @ least as I’m live. Thanks St Anne

  11. Saint Anne thank you for hearing my prayers.
    Please intercede for us while praying for family, friends and all persons longing for answers in their suffering.
    Guide us in our daily ventures and may we have the protection of the Holy Spirit dwell amongst us.
    Praying for all marriages especially individuals thinking of marriage in the near future. Protect the family and the values of the Catholic Christian faith.
    Praying for divine knowledge and wisdom, through Christ our Lord. Pray for the youth to be strong and wise and to be always steadfast in their faith. Amen.

  12. Most glorious St. Anne, thank you for interseshion in mine & all our prayers. I have been holding down this bed for 9ish years after a freak accident 23 yrs & only being married for 7 yrs. before. Your intermeshing is greately appreciated I will never forget.

  13. O Gloriuos Saint Anne pls pray for my daughter and son in law may they mend their marriage and be able to trust each other again. May the find Jesus and Mary so they can strengthen their marriage. May my youngest daughter find an honorable God fearing man that wants children to marry. Thank you all for your prayers. May God bless you all by answering your prayers.

  14. O glorious Saint Anne,
    Please intercede for Nicolas and for his family. May little Nathan be baptised soon and raised as a Christian and may his parents recieve the sacrament of Mariage. Amen

  15. Please pray that I and my single friends will find MR. Right as well as my kids will find their significant other. Sometimes, I feel we are stuck in a stand still situation. God is good!

  16. Dear St. Anne,
    Please pray that my daughter get a permanent job with the school Board and meet her husband.
    pray that my son become more motivated and focus on completing his degree and working toward a more rewarding career.
    pray for good health and strength for my mother and that she will put away her pride and communicate better with her children.

  17. I ask that God will send my daughter that one special friend who will lift her up to the wonderful you lady she is becoming. Conversion of sinners.

  18. St Anne I pray and ask you to bring all my needs and intention to Jesus.
    For my daughter her exam is coming very soon fill her with your understanding and knowledge to achieve what I want and for her future.

  19. Praying for the restoration of my husband’s health. Please help my son with his education and path. Please help my daughter with her health, job and education.

  20. glorious st.ann please send me male companionship in my old age – I do not have alot of time left – lord Jesus have mercy on me – even JOB had restitution – st ann Gods love for me has left me alone and barren in my old age – no amount of volunteering can take the place of unconditional love – your child

  21. Jesus, I trust in You!
    Jesus, I trust in You, I trust that You will lead me today to the places and people where I need to be, where I need to love, where I need to serve.

    I trust You’ll give everything I need to accomplish these things & to give Your love & mercy to those closest to me.
    I trust You’re with me every single moment of the day, especially in the darkest moments. I trust that You have a plan for me & my life, and that You also know the desires of my heart, & that Your plan is for my good.

    I trust that Your plans are always for my good and that Your ways are always for me.

    Jesus, I trust that even my pain & suffering, & heartache are meaningful to You, so I trust You will use them for Your Glory. I trust You will not allow me to endure hard things without bringing about better things, even if I cannot see them now or in this world. AMEN

  22. Lord I place my son into your hands. I pray for money to pay his tuition fees which is over due. Lord please may a way when there seems to be no name.
    Lord I place my financial needs into your hands.

    • Amen. Provide for the needed finances and fulfil and payoff all the past dues and help to complete and finances for the full education. St Anne, intercede for providing and bless with a special financial blessing right now for this child of God. Amen

  23. Please pray for us grandmothers who are so lonely and hurting that we are inconsolable. If it were not for our faith we would be lost. I pray for all people that are playing this novena and their intentions . Jesus, I trust in You!

  24. Let todays prayer help me to achieve what I am asking for ,for all these months. S AND N must be approved in the name of Jesus with good results. Please also lift up my spirit because I am feeling down .

  25. Dear St. Anne,

    I ask that you continue to guide and protect my mother and as she has set great examples to all her children, may we do the same to our children, grand children and great grand children.


    • Dear St Anne, pray for my daughter who so much wants to find her soul mate and raise faithful children as you have done with Mary. Let her faith in Christ guide her to that person. Amen!