Day 3 – Pentecost Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 3 of the Pentecost Novena to the Holy Spirit!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. I will pray for peace throughout the whole world especially in my country philippines. Lord hear my prayer.????

  2. Oh Holy Spirit bless my sister Sophia that she will be able to make it and be with the family July the 15th Oh Holy Spirit my request is that Donald Bedford will become my husband and I will become his wife Oh Holy Spirit my prayer request is that you heal my body from the pain of arthritis and holy spirit I pray for my sister Catherine in Jesus name amen

  3. Please let God’s will be done for Alan and me. I hope that he will contact me so we could work things out. Please let me know God’s will for us, and have the strength to accept it. In Jesus’ name :)

  4. Peace to All..

    I’m requesting prayers , for God to help me find a good job , and to be able to get my Permanant residentship ASAP in Canada, I’m struggling a lot without a job , and it cost me lots of money to live in Canada…
    Please keep me in your prayers ….for his guidance and support in this most difficult situation of my life..

    Thank you …

    God bless you all….

  5. Most Holy Spirit and all the Angles and Saints please hear my prayers! Praying for my brother Walter & his son to have a successful move tomorrow, Monday. That they will have all individuals helping out to be available in Jesus Holy name.???? I place a cross between Wally and Walter to have a peaceful time. May father and son’s relationship between them will be completely healed. Also, on the 31st of May Walter’s moving into his new apt. With his son will go smoothly and Ron will come and give a hand. This I ask through the blessed Trinity. Placing a cross between Wally and Ron!
    Amen ???? ???? ????

  6. Pray for my husband to be faithful, honest and take responsibilities of the family and return home as a complete changed Godly man. Pray for my son to return back to the family. Pray for my brother to be responsible and stop drinking and being dishonest with his life.
    God bless you all

  7. Lord, bless my sin and his famimy ad they struggle with theur finances and work related issues. Please give them the gift if peace this week. Also i adk for peace for daughter who is struggling in her marriage and a new position in her job that us very demanding and who is preparing to give a very important talk to women in a retreat. Also another daughter who lost her son three years ago is still struggling with the loss. Please send her peace. Amen

  8. Oh Heavenly Father guide us mid June with an important event. May you guide us through and give us strength in no matter what the out come is. That it will give us closure to move on with our lives and grow as a unified family. And to always praise you! In Jesus name, Amen!!

  9. Please pray for my 17 year old daughter. She is struggling with life as a military child. We had to move last year and she left behind her best friend of 5 years. Now her boyfriend is moving due to a military move. She has been acting out by sneaking out of the house and lying to us. She has given up on school and her dreams of being a nurse. I pray she finds peace in Our Lord and follows Him.

  10. I pray for our President and our country for peace. Thank you to all that have served our country!

    Thank you through Jesus Christ. Amen

  11. Lord jesus I pray for money to finance my son throughout medical school. I pray for money to meet my financial needs. My son’s tuition fees are over due. Lord jesus I pray that my daughter would be successful in her exams

  12. My prayer, O’ Lord, is for land and a 2 bedroom, 2 bath home. Your glory and favor over my children, Todd, Cari, Paul, and Joshua. For healing of my body, my teeth and gums, my feet, ankles, legs, hips, back… that I can walk again. Mercy… mercy… mercy… In the name of Jesus. Thank you and God bless …

  13. Prayer please for all my loved ones for healing and Peace, including my prayer warriors, my husband and for myself.

    Thank you and God Bless

  14. Our son and his wife just returned from their honeymoon. They left in the night and arrived at what they thought was a museum of sorts out west. It was an old mission church and they arrived just as Mass was beginning. They stayed for Mass. This is a big deal because our son left the Catholic church a few years back and his wife did not grow up Catholic. When he came over, he asked for a large crucifix in the house and of course we gave it to him. We had also given them one and a New American Bible for wedding presents. Praise Jesus!! Jesus is in control and He and His Father are so FAITHFUL along with the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Angels, and the Saints. A special shout out to St. Raphael from the book of Tobit and their Guardian Angels who took a part in guiding them!! May this be the beginning towards the two of them coming fully into the Catholic church!! We pray especially for our daughter in law to be attracted to the Catholic church and the Blessed Mother!! She did give us a candle to keep by our Statue of the Maria Rosa Mystica last Christmas which gives us hope!! Wr pray for the Blessed Mother to reel them in!!!

  15. Lord please continue to heal my son’s illness whether it is physical or mental. Help my daughter and her fiancee to relax and enjoy this time before their wedding. I pray that my daughter will stay strong and not move in with her boyfriend. That I may have compassion for all that I encounter today. I pray for our President and our country for peace. Thank you to all that have served our country!

  16. Please let my husband come home and restore our marriage and our family let him come home with love and forgiveness faithfulness peace and joy in his heart. please heal all that is broken in me and care for my children during this difficult time thank you


  18. return of stolen item from my gym locker – lord you know who did this – prayers for the covetness toward me – including my family !! – lord you know all about this – prayers that my family come to visit – i am home alone – thank you risen lord for this answered prayer – your child – diane/nj/usa

  19. Heavenly Father I pray for peace of The Holy Spirit to fill me that I may accept your will not my own and be at peace with the outcome of my turmoil and strife within my family. I pray the Holy Spirit fill all my family members and we be with love and peace here on earth and again with you in Heaven. Amen

  20. I pray for all my family and friends and family. I ask that they stay healthy and follow in there life a closeness to the Holy Spirit. Help my husband with his dementia and me with my health problems. Help me to take care of my husband as he deserves to be taken care of . In our 33 years of marriage he has been a faithful and carding person for me and my 2 children from a previous marrige but he calls is own. His boys also have call my own. Amen

  21. Help me to accept and follow your will for my service to you here and let my wants go. Bring my daughters closer to you. Heal my physical pain and give me health to serve you..

  22. I pray for peace with Windy fathet you alone knows what I have done to her. Let her realize I am not a bad person. In Jesus’s name I pray Amen