Day 2 – St. Therese Novena 2020

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Here’s Day 2 of the St. Therese Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  2. St. Therese please intercede for me and pray that my husband would be free from worrying about his health.
    May the Holy Spirit bring myself and Frank a clearer understanding of what God wants from us.
    Praying for Savitha and Souta and May they both grow in mutual respect towards one another in Jesus’s holy name.
    Give Souta a forgiving heart towards her mother , who has caused her so much hurt and misunderstanding. Intercede St Terese these precious souls who need spiritual healing.
    Prayers for everyone who’s suffering from past hurts especially Veronica.
    Friend Rose and Betty .

    Amen m

  3. May this Novena help me to have consistent prayer life, by creating time to worship, adore and pray to God.
    I pray for my son who is in Examination Class that the God who never let’s his own be put to shame will be with him through this period and for my husband that the journey he has embarked upon be brought to fruition by the power of the Holy Spirit.

    For all my staff, that may the light and truth of Christ be upon them all.

    St. Therese please lay these petitions at the foot of Jesus Christ for me.


  4. Dearest St Therese,
    I need your help with my sister. I live in a different state than my sister but reaches of her negative, truly wicked, behavior toward me reaches further with the web of the internet, and has reached to invade my life and the lives of my children with their own families. My sister is the subject of most all of my prayers throughout the day, every day, praying for her healing from the mean, evil lies she propagates. I honestly do not know if a single syllable of truth has ever been spoken by her. And now she is hurting not only me and my family but also my children’s families. This is not a new problem, it is more than half a century (50 years +) old. But I have faith and I know that all can be cured by God.
    Please I beg of you, St Therese, shower her with goodness that she learn a Godly behavior she has never known. Please, all the Saints in Heaven, open her to the truth, teach her the truth, show her the path of evilness and lies. She does not see that she needs help, but she needs all the help that Heaven can provide.
    Thank you,

  5. Lord I pray for the healthy and safety of all of my family and friends and anyone else in the world who needs prayers.
    Lord I thank you for the blessings I have received
    Lord I pray that I learn to lean more on you and less on this earthly life.
    Lord I pray for our country to turn to you and away from the selfish “me” mentality that has been so prominent in the last few decades.
    Lord I pray that more people realize that our time on earth is not as we plan, but according to your plan.

  6. I pray for my family especially Lo and Pe that the Lord walk with them and show them the way. For all who has been affected by the storms and COVID-19 hear my prayers St. Therese please intercede for all I lay my intentions at the foot of the cross. In Jesus I pray Amen

  7. For my job to be manageable and that I can disconnect emotionally from it so I can focus on my own personal, emotional and spiritual needs. For the ability to keep up with and excel in the courses I’m taking through the guidance and working of the Holy Spirit. May the Holy Spirit come upon me and inspire my thoughts and mind and fill me with the knowledge and wisdom that is required to complete all of my assignments.

    For my children to reestablish a relationship with God and return to the Church.

    St. Therese please intercede on my behalf and lay my intentions at the foot of the cross.

    Come Holy Spirit, come! Amen

  8. lord ,I ask for your protection today. Please keep me safe in your name I pray. Thank you lord for watching over me and my family. Amen.