Day 2 – St. Therese Novena 2015

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Pray More Novenas PodcastHere’s Day 2 of the St. Therese Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. In the Name of Jesus, Lord put a web of protection around E&C. We give thanks and praise to Your holy name. By the power of the cross put this couple in the safety of Your arms, unite in marriage.

  2. Dear St Therese, pray for my fiance, who has travelled to Abuja for an English test on Saturday. May God give him an understanding of all that will be required of him, and the wisdom to satisfy his examiners in all ways. Thank you for presenting him to Jesus. Amen

  3. Dear St Therese, pray for my fiance, Samuel, who has travelled to Abuja for an English test on Saturday. May God give him an understanding of all that will be required of him, and the wisdom to satisfy his examiners in all ways. Thank you for presenting him to Jesus. Amen

  4. St. Therese~~Please pray to God for me, that my family come back to church and be active in their faith. Pray to God and ask Him to forgive my siblings for the alienation they had done to me. That they realize that I am here and still love them, no matter what they have done to me. I pray and ask that we can have a loving and respectful family. And thank you Lord for all the blessings you have given to me, especially the little things in life that are so important to me. I LOVE YOU JESUS AND MARY, PLEASE SAVE SOULS……<3

  5. Dear St Theresa
    Please pray for Anne & the buden that she has from allowing her to live her life .
    She is due in court any day now I pray that she will have this case thrown out of court & that she will be found not guilty on all charges brought against her.
    Pray that she will be set free to live her life get married and have children .
    She’s a child of God like everyone of us, so hear this prayer and set Anne free.

  6. Please pray for the sale of my acreage as I need to pay my contractors for the work they’ve done for me.i’m asking a very fair price & I need it sold ASAP. Thank-you.

  7. Dear St. Therese

    Please intercede for my intentions to God. Help us pray to save our souls while we are on earth. Pray for my families and relatives’ intentions too. I pray that I may be able to sustain my monthly expenses and be able to pay all my debts. Help me pray to find tenant in my house. St Therese intercede for my boyfriend’s intentions too. I pray that he may be able to achieve his career goal. Help me pray for the Company I am working for to be achieve our goals thus will provide good benefits, increments and bonuses to all our employees. Thank you St Therese. I can’t wait to receive your ROSES! I love you.

  8. Please pray for my dear friend, Catherine Weil, as she battles breast cancer.

    And please pray for 4 year old Nathan Daigle who is battling guillian barre disease.

  9. Please pray for my sister that she may overcome her addiction and find the grace and strength to be a mother to her son. Please prayer for my mother that she may forgive my sister, her wrongdoings and for reconciliation of our family. Pray for good health for my mother. Also, please pray for the mothers who are struggling with their pregnancy and give them wisdom and guidance to carry their babies to full-term. Thank you St. Therese and thank you Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. AMEN!

  10. St. Therese please intercede for the guidance and enlightenment of my husband for more zeal and commitment in his service to his community. Thank you St. Therese, Thank you Fr. God

  11. Please pray for me to find love, that I may meet a loving God fearing husband and start a family. I pray that I may get a better paying job and succeed financially. I pray for my parents as thy take on this new difficult challenge.


  12. Please lift up my brother and shoulder his burdens that are weighing on him so heavily.
    Find him a sponsor/partner for his work. Bless and uplift his heavy heart.
    Guide and direct my son to the right people for right livelihood.
    Thank you Jesus, who’s promises are sure.

  13. I pray for joy to be restored in my life. That my thoughts turn more positive and my love of life returns. I pray for my children that they may choose the right path. I pray for my friend AA and her son DA Who is detoxing from heroin. Please give them strength and feel your love. I pray for my sisters law with MS and my brother who is an acholic. I pray for the pain my mom had to be gone and never return. I pray for my dad that he may live himself so he could live others and be able to show his love to his family/us. I pray for prosperity for my friends and family and myself. In all areas of life. My faith would grow deeper in communion with God. My business becomes ignited and all will live healthier lives. In Jesus name please grant these petitions of all the hurting people praying this novena. And for the souls in purgatory. May they rest in peace. Amen. Jesus protect me from evil. I love you. Thank u Saint Theresa for hearing my prayers. I love you ????????????????????????????????????

  14. For my son’s healing from surgery.
    For the success of our Sanctifying Families event promoting marriage, families, and St. Thérèse’s parents’ canonization.

  15. St. Therese, Pray that my son will become a spiritual leader in his family and become more devoted to The Father and not caught up in worldly things.

  16. Pray that I might be used by God to further His kingdom, pray for reconciliation among my siblings, pray that my boys and their wives would become faithful Catholics.


  17. St Therese please pray for my son and future daughter in law that theu may come to the decision that God wants for them in an issue they are currently having

  18. Please St Teresa. Please help US. We are in a desperate situation.The outlook doesn’t good. Ask our lord Jesus Christ and his holy mother Mary and St Joseph and all the saints and angels in heaven,please help US.We ask forgiveness of our sins and any thing we have done in the past.The worry and pressure is unbelievable. Please pray for old C who is not able for this situation. Please look after him,I beg you.Thank you St Teresa for all prayers

  19. i am praying for my relationship with my boyfriend to be stronger, i am praying and asking God to bless us with the gift of marriage, i pray that God see us through, i am asking all of this believing that God will answer my prayer.


  20. I pray to get a good job so I can meet up with my earthly obligations towards my family and myself.
    I pray that my plans to travel out be sucessful .
    I pray for a good relationship between my man & I .That we may be strong in this moment of trail and that God may reunite us as soon as possible.

  21. Pray that my sons Brian and Zachary will find jobs to help out their family. Also prat that those looking for a job be blessed with one


  22. I pray for my sister to get a job.
    I also pray that you strengthen my relationship with my man and help us rust each other more. I pray that he sees the love and care I have for him and sees me and the woman he would want to spend the rest of his life with.