Day 2 – St. Rita Novena 2020

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 2 of the St. Rita Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. St. Rita. I have been busy all day but come to you late tonight to ask for your intercession. Help me to see God’s will for me and for John. God’s will for Katie and Craig. I hope everyone has received guidance from St. Rita and from God. God’s will be done. I pray for serenity and guidance Amen

  2. Please dear Saint Rita please help me get my eyesight better please help me with my suffering up my sinuses and whatever causing the pain on my face please see Rita help me I pray for so many I need prayers for healing up myself why I said it’s really bad I cannot see my face hurts my sinuses are hurting know Dr. has been able to help me please see Rita pray for me

  3. That my daughter Ann Louise (15) will find hope and courage and her way in this life. And that God will bless her with healthy, supportive, loving friends. She has been going through a very rough time for the past couple of years. Thank you.

  4. Please help me pray for my husband so that he may have the will power and courage to quit smoking. I am helpless at seeing the way he is suffering by the cough which never goes away for years now because of smoking. St. Rita interceded for me. I also ask for your intercession that I strive always to grow in faith.

  5. That I may find the right person to help with overturning an unjust conviction, way out of time. that this dreadful disease of lipodema will be totally healed and no return of cancer for Ann, Geraldine, and no repeat of illness for Veronica requiring hospitalisation.
    For all praying this novena.
    Grateful thanks

  6. Dear Saint Rita

    I pray to you in faith and confidence that I may find work to support my family. I pray for the courage to stop procrastinating and have the courage to deal with my financial pressures. I pray that N will keep and school and he that he can deal with anxiety / depression.
    Thankful and grateful for all my blessings in life.

  7. Dear St.Rita, Thank you for hearing our concerns and prayers.
    We hold everyone’s concerns on the Novena in our hearts ❤
    St. Rita, Honor and privilege to talk to you tonight
    Help me to become more like our Lord
    Strength our hearts and minds.
    End the anger, bitterness and Gossiping.
    Help me to read the bible.
    We pray for everyone whom is going through a ruff time.
    Help us all to be more compassionate, loving.
    Please everyone, please pray your Rosary every day faithful.
    And please everyone pray the Devine Mercy chaplet prayer. You’ll be glad you did.
    We pray to end ABORTIONS FOREVER
    End Hunger
    End homelessness
    End cancer FOREVER
    End dementia and alzheimer.
    And bring all of us together like we once was.
    Help my brother JJP with his struggles with alcoholism..
    End the war around the world. Bring peace to our world.

  8. Glorious St. Rita,

    Please intercede my prayer bringing it before our Lord that I will not waste time, will study hard, and do what I’ve already planned to do. I pray to get As from here on out.

  9. Feb 2, 2020 8:50pm
    St Rita, I am praying for my son Anthony Peter who has Cancer. He did receive some good news, the spot on his Pelvis has gotten smaller, but the spot on his Liver did not. He will have another
    drug added to his Chemo, this could have side effects. Anthony Peter will have two more months of Chemo, then a MRI. I hope there will be good news coming. Thank you. Amen Mom

  10. Please St. Rita, intercede on my behalf that my grandma will get well from her illness and be with us.
    I also want to pray that my boyfriend and I will be released from depression and that there should be a means for us to meet by mid year.
    Also praying that AF should be a good husband to his wife as he has admitted his faults, guide him to work towards them to rebuild their marriage.
    Praying that I get a job to support my family and for God’s mercy and protection over my daughter. Jobs for my brothers too.
    Praying for my sister to have a safe delivery this February and that the baby should be healthy.
    Thanking God for all the people in my life who have supported me in one way or the other.

  11. Please help my dad’s Pet scan come out clean with no signs of cancer in 13 days. He has it on the 14th of this month.

    Thank You for everyone praying this novena with me!! To make prayers stronger.

    And for his doctor’s appt. with his nose doctor go well and doctor can do something to stop the bleeding he has in his nose . He has that appt. on the 20th of this month.

  12. I implore thru your intercession that I receive a complete healing to my left eye. After two glaucoma surgeries, I have been rendered blind in that eye.
    I pray and believe for the miracle of restoration of my eyesight through the
    Blood of Jesus. Thank you and God Bless.

  13. st rita prayers for healing of all cardiac problems / diabetes / cancer – control of gluttony eating – need to weigh-in at W.W. – it has been months – prayers to find my way in my old age – lord have mercy – your child

  14. Pray for my success in the 2020 residency match for internal medicine and for my US citizenship.
    Also pray for the success of my friends Chioma and Nneka in their residency match as well.

  15. St. Rita, I am going through a very challenging health issue right now with more testing to be done. Please do not let it be Cancer.

    Please keep my family safe and happy, especially my sisters and niece.

    Please intercede with Our Lord to grant all the petitions of all those praying this Novena to St. Rita.🙏