Day 2 – St. Anne Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 2 of the St. Anne Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. I pray that my marital settlement will be this year (2018)Dear saint Anne, please intercede on my behalf to our Lord Jesus Christ to listen to my suplication and have mercy on me. Bless me with the man of my dreams E.R.N. my his love for me increase daily, amen.

  2. I didn’t make all the right choices in life. One of my biggest sins is that I did not marry before my children were born. I pray that Saint Anne will hear my prayer and bring marriage to me. I pray that i may be the role model my children need. I PRAY the farther of my children wants to make us a family one day and that we will be good faithful Catholics and enter into the sacrament of holy marriage.

  3. My intentions

    That my friends from Paris may forgive and forget all the past. That their marriage may boost with Love and Compassion for one and other. That they may see that feeling is nothing… that true love is much more than passion. That their children may feel love from their parents and friends.

    Please St. Anne!!! Listen to my prayer that is not for myself but for others…

  4. I pray for inner peace, peace with my family. I pray for God to rescue me soon, for him to deliver me from evil and my enemies.

  5. I pray for a miracle for Mark who has an incurable disease. I pray for my family members that have left the faith, and the ones that haven’t excepted Christ as their savior. That we all become one in Christ. Amen. Jesus and Mary I love you ???? please save souls….

  6. Thank you St Anne for your intercessory prayer for my father, because he is better but still in the hospital and I continue to request your assistance to put my prayers before God our Father for relief of the severe pain that my dad continues to suffer.
    Beloved St Anne, in the intentions of this day of the Novena, I place before you my daughters and ask your assistance to bring to them good partners for their life; that they each may find loving, caring and attentive Christian men; when they are ready to marry that they will find a good a Holy spouse.
    Thank you, St Anne, for being a example for me.

  7. I pray for a miracle healing for cousin Mark, that has an illness with no cure. I pray that my whole family will come to know and love Jesus as our
    Savior. That our family become one in Christ. Amen. Jesus and Mary I love you, please save souls…..

  8. Please dear Saint. Anne, help me to be a more confident, secure person who isn’t so jealous, anxious and depressed. Help me to find happiness, confidence and peace so that I may lead a more happy and fulfilled life. I pray for the strength to become the person I would like to be, and to be happier with myself so that I may be more secure in my relationships and attract the love (Alan) and the friendships I have always been searching for. Thy will be done. In. Jesus’ name. Amen.

  9. Holy St. Anne,
    Please find me a true, loving, respectful, kind husband. I want to be in a loving and devoted commitment with a man who will love me unconditionally and I will too and we will share our life together. Please hear my prayer.

    Thank you

  10. Dear St. Ann, I’m praying for my wonderful boyfriend to get a job offer/sponsor before October otherwise he will have to leave the US. He’s the most loving and caring man I’ve ever known. Right now though he seems to have lost all hope. Please help!

  11. Please st anne pray for my situation with my with him 17 years and no sign of marriage.he has very bad temper and has hurt me alot in alot in this so tired of it.i am tied up with mortage n kids i dont think he is the man for me.he doesnt believe in god.ive great faith tg.i pray alot for strenght in this sitiation.please st anne help me.ive no peace with this man.pray for me and my family

  12. I would go pray for my relationship with my family. My has been struggling with communication, I pray for peace, forgiveness, and understanding in my family. I pray for my relationship with my boyfriend, so we can grow stronger together, and learn from each other to become better. Pray for me so I can pass pre cal with a passing grade. (I know it might sound selfish but I am currently struggling with this class) God bless you all and thank you for keeping me in your prayers!

  13. Dear St.Anne I’m asking for prayer for Donald Bedford that you can help his depression and that you can find a doctor to remove his catheter and help him to gain some weight on his body because Saint Ann Donald is so small and fragile he need help and prayer please help him bye asking to remove that catheter from him and that he could have a normal life again and please help him with his depression please in Jesus name I pray amen

  14. I pray that when my children are ready to settle down, they are going to get the right partner to continue the faith .

  15. I pray for my friends whose marriage is in trouble. They are young and have three beautiful children, are pillars of our church community and look like the perfect family, but are extremely unhappy. Their shame won’t permit them to be honest and vulnerable and to reach out to people who care. Please help me pray for M & S.

  16. Pray that Steph can continue on curative path. Prayers for Audrey’s friend’s son. Bless all my family . Help St Anne to rescue our hospital. In the name of the father.

  17. Dear St. Anne,

    Forgive me for my sins. I’ve been battling with my partner and our relationship over and over because of insecurities and trust issues. I pray that we are both able to come together and pray for guidance.

    I pray that we continue to be there for each other throughout any trials. There are days and weeks where we do not speak a word to each other because of the pain and hurt. Guide us to be better at communication and understanding. Pray that we are able to listen to one another. That we are able to kneel in pray and face our battles and ignore those that try their hardest to keep us a part or at war with each other.

    I pray that we are strengthen through our faith and trust in your works. I pray for all the families that are going through any trials that we are all able to come to you with humbleness, praying with our whole hearts. Amen

    • Vanessa, God is with you… you are in the right path! I will pray for you too! One of the most important things is the attitude that you show toward your husband… keep parting with a good attitude and God will make you the miracle.

  18. Dear St. Anne,

    Forgive me for my sins. I have had two failed marriages. I pray for a partner that is Holy and with God. One that understands or seeks to understand Gods will for us as one.

    These have been difficult times for me, as I attract men with addictions. I pray that God will send me a spiritual soul to share the rest of my life with. I desire peace in all my relationships. Especially the relationships with my 3 son’s, help them to love You more and me as their earthly Mother. That when they meet their partner for life, that they too are blessed with a Holy and spiritual partner. You know the desires of my heart , for this I pray. Amen

  19. St. Anne Please pray for:

    One year old Henry that has eye cancer that it hasn’t spread to his brain.
    Doris good results on MRI.
    Kyle friends.
    Cure for my sleeping problems.

  20. Annie, Your voice is so sweet. I like hearing you pray – thank you for your devotion to Novenas- they are such a joy to pray- Love, Tina:0)

  21. I place myself at the foot of the Cross Lord Jesus. Please all you heavenly Angels and Saints through the intercession of St. Anne, Joachim, Joseph, Blessed Mary and Jesus intervene for me to my heavenly Father to release all cancer, heal me fully, save me financially, keep me medically insured, stress, anxiety and evil – fear away and grant me a peaceful death at home and at the hour of my death call me. Solve all my issues please Lord and show me hope, mercy, real true love and peace.

    Watch over Jay, Martin, Stacy and all I am praying for now and forever.
    Walk with me please and keep me free from danger and safe.

  22. Lord jesus, blessed mother. I pray for financial deliverance. I pray for money to finance my children throughout school. I pray for money to meet my financial commitment.
    I pray for my marriage.

  23. Dear St. Anne, pray for me. Pray for my husband, who is having surgery next week, that he return to good health. Special prayers for all who are in need, and for John-Paul and Annie for the dedication to helping so many people through prayer. Through Christ our Lord-Amen