Day 1 – The Coronavirus Novena 2020

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the Coronavirus Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Dear Lord protect the humanity from this virus and keep every one safe and healthy , protect the health worker , give my family the suitable job and health and well-being and peace and the ability to live in dignity and to help the poor people if possible , Lord give me the wisdom and peace and health to help my family and community ,
    Lord hear our prayer in these holy days of the Easter , hear our prayer from your cross where you sacrify for the humanity as pop Francis said ,

  2. Dear Lord, please protect us all from the virus, especially the medical workers. Please let my son see the sense in leaving the city and coming home during these trying dangerous times. Please find a job for my husband, and be with us all, providing peace and health. Thank you.

  3. Lord, please protect the loved ones of those praying this novena, and be with the sick, those who care for them, and those who are acting in the service of others. Be with the dying. Give comfort to their families. St. Joseph and Our Lady, pray for them at the hour of death. I also pray for those without faith in this frightening time, that they hear the voice of the Good Shepherd and find comfort in Him.

  4. Pray for all affected by corona virus
    – relief of suffering for those afflicted
    -God’s holy protection to all health workers, priests, laying down their lives to care for the sick, may our Lady’s mantle cover them
    – for our priests and religious who have died
    – May God heal the hearts of all those people who are not able to adequately grieve loss of loved ones ie can’t be at funeral, those who don’t receive last rites..
    – end to pandemic
    – quick discovery of vaccine
    Christ be our light in these dark times. Amen

  5. Merciful Lord and Saviour,
    Hear the prayers from your people of God returning to you.
    Heal this World, and everyone affected by this Covid-19.
    Forgiveness is our prayer; Neglecting Our Lamb of God, who takes away the Sins of the world.ā¤ļø
    Thank you for dying for our transgressions!
    Thank you for opening eyes, seeing with NEW EYES!
    Thank you for making all things brand new.
    Thank you for A cure for Covid-19 throughout the World.
    Thank you for turning a heart of stone to flesh!
    Thank you for kindness, tolerance and healing throughout the world.
    Thank you for difficulties in our Lifetime; so that we may truly put all our trust in You, Almighty and Holy One.
    Thank for the gifts of the Holy Spirit!
    Jesus I trust in You.
    Amen šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„

  6. Pray for our daughter who is a doctor in the trenches dealing with this illness. Guide her hands & keep her healthy.

  7. For the protection of all in my family during this crisis.

    For my dad as he prepares to go through another battle with cancer that this pill will help for a long time & that he has noside effects from it. If not help him with this new treatment their going to try and that he may not have bad side effects from it.

    And he doesn’t get sick during all of this that’s going on!!

    Thank You!!

  8. Please pray for healing of severe mental illness of our daughter, caregivers to help us care for her. Holy marriages and massive conversions, repentive hearts back to God’s will for our lives, our country, Nation & our World. Especially repentance for the massive killings of the unborn babies through abortions. “Lord Jesus, Have Mercy On Us!!”

  9. Anne, beautiful job (as always) – thank you to you and your husband for always helping us pray, to express what is in our hearts. Emmanuel – God Is With Us – We trust in you!

  10. Please pray for all that had previous conditions during this time.
    Pray that everyone we know and love will be protected during this virus.

  11. Thank you John-Paul and Anne,
    You Help us to walk with God and hear his words more clearly. I started your Novena’s because of my Granddaughter’s illness. Then added my brother in law. But now my prayer list has grown so much bigger that I realize just how many people in this world really need our prayers. Thank you for opening my eyes and my prayers to many others. God Bless

  12. Giving God all the Praise.
    Lord hear our prayers and forgive us
    I pray for all churches that have had to close their doors
    I pray for those who will remain in church offices to help anyone who come to the door and knocks
    I pray for all schools,staff, students and parents.

    Sister Thea, pray for us
    Mary undoer of knots, pray for us
    St. Peter Claver,pray for us
    Lord Jesus, for us