Day 1 – St. Therese of Lisieux Novena 2021

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Here’s Day 1 of the St. Therese of Lisieux Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. St Therese, I am in need of your help please. I urgently need a new job that is less stressful and a better fit for my personality and abilities. I pray that this new job will not negatively impact my family’s income. I am so desperate and heartbroken with how my current work is going- pls intervene so that there is a positive outcome.

    Thank you

  2. St. Therese, please intercede for M & C as they discern their future home and location. Please help them to bloom where they are planted.

  3. Dear St Therese,
    Please ask Jesus to help my shattered family. You know how we can be helped. Please help us!
    Thank you, Lord!
    Thank you st. Therese!

  4. Dear St Therese,

    Please pray for me to do little things with great love every day. Also please pray for me to get a job where I can serve the Lord best and have the support and fellowship of fellow Catholics my age.

    Thank you in advance Dear Lord! I know you will do what is best for me. Amen.

  5. Healing and end to my pain.
    Healthy pregnancy for our daughter and a healthy, strong, and blessed baby. May he be healthy and so loved and protected. Amen

  6. My continual prayer is for conversions and return to the faith for my children & spouses and for baptism for 3 grandchildren. St. Therese pray for us.

  7. St Therese, it is my prayer that you will touch with your healing power to my daughter shan that she will be restored to full health in mind and body, mend what is broken, cast out anything that should not be with her, remove any inflammation, rebuild any damaged areas. Let your healing love and the power of the holy spirit be with her. Whatever disappointments, troubles, stress that she goes through this time, all will pass and she will live the normal life in the presence of the Lord. I pray that whatever her plans/ desires in life, she will be able to accomplish. Never forsake her, lead her to the right path.
    I humbly pray also to heal my officemates , jos, utilities, their families, who were contracted with covid, those under isolation/quarantine. For us not yet vaccinated, protect us always, and when the right time comes, i am praying that the vaccines to be injected to us will be safe and no untoward reactions will affect us. Please shield us from sickness and suffering and save us from catastrophic losses. Keep my parents/family/ brothers/sister/relatives/friends and their families in good health always. Help me in my work that i may be able to deliver our targets and lower our past due accounts.

    All these things Lord and St Therese, we pray with much love and thanksgiving, amen.

  8. Thank you, dear Lord, and Saint Therese, for the abundant blessings that you bestow on me each day. Yet I ask for a few special prayers. For myself, I have recently developed a high blood pressure issue. I pray that this issue can be resolved without medication or complications.

    I humbly ask for your prayers and those of Saint Therese for my daughter who is in a toxic work environment but cannot leave her employ while her company is the defendant in a lawsuit. This is causing my daughter tremendous stress and anxiety which I pray will soon be relieved. However, there is no settlement in sight, and the court dockets are backlogged because of Covid. God bless all.

  9. Please pray for the reconversion of our country.
    Also pray for my daughter Elizabeth who is going through a bad divorce. Please pray that she be granted 100% legal custody. Pray for her 3 children who she is trying to raise in the Catholic faith. Help her to rely on God and trust in His goodness as it is difficult for her to trust at all right now.
    Please pray that all of my children strive to be good, holy, Catholic parents.
    Pray that Ben will better know and then do God’s will in his life.

  10. Have been so reluctant and keep a distance from God because of life challenges. I pray i go closer again to God happily. Have been so heartbroken for several years, wishes to get married and have kids but that’s not forth coming. Pray i find love again. I had to post this time around for people to help pray with me for God to answer me. Getting married and having kids had been in my diary since 2014, yet i have been so heartbroken in the only relationship i had ever had. Also pray God take my minde off the person in Jesus mighty name I pray. AMEN

  11. I pray for my niece and nephew, may St Theresa’s love blessings be more present in their lives so that they can open their hearts to our Lord, so they may seek and find healing from the loss they have experienced in their young lives.

  12. Please pray for my health. I am getting better – slowly but surely – and pray the healing continues. My husband and I would like to give our daughter a sibling, but my health isn’t where it needs to be to try to get pregnant yet.

  13. Dear God, you sent me a new job in November, and I am so grateful, please step in to remove the enemy’s work in my relationship with my subordinates. Everyday there are unwarranted challenges and I see resentment towards me from them. I am so confused Lord. Throw your grace and blessing upon me and fix my life in the office where things are broken. Staff members feel justified to disrespect me and slander me in ways I have never experienced. Pray for me St Therese in this strange land away from home and remove my prosecutors from my purpose. In jesus name.

  14. Please pray for my daughter in law who has an alcohol addiction and is ruining her marriage and children’s lives. Pray for my grandchildren who are exposed to this addiction. Pray she seeks the help she needs through God’s help and up your prayers. Also pray for the repose of my son Pauly. Also pray for my other sons Michael and Mark that they have strength in the loss of their brother. Pray for me to have strength to endure this loss of my son. In Jesus’s name we pray. Love you

  15. I’d like to pray for financial stability and continued health for my family also a resolved issue at church that has caused much anger, praying for a peacefully solution and peace in my heart.

  16. St Therese- Pray that I may like you have faith in God’s timing. Everything will be taken care of just relax and believe. I’ve never known this safety in my life.

  17. Dear St Therese,
    Please obtain for me these three things, through your humility and favor with our good Lord;
    1. Healing, growth and freedom from anxiety and depression for my sister, your namesake.
    2. The job solution that I seek.
    3. My happy and content family.
    Thank you St Therese 💗

  18. Please pray that I obtain full time employment soon. Since Covid, my full time hours at work were slashed to part-time and I’ve taken up a second part-time job, but the combined hours still don’t total full time. I’ve applied to several jobs but haven’t heard a thing. I’m trying desperately to remain positive! Thank You!

  19. St. Therese I humbly ask you for your intercession for both my daughters with help to heal their anxiety and depression and that God will especially help CL through the pain and suffering she experiences during her episodes of depression and through the very tough time she is experiencing emotionally and financially.

    Please also help my family to find help to clear all of our families debt.

    Praying as well that God will bring the right person into CL life right now and bring her happiness, cherish her after years of pain and someone who will be a positive mentor for my grandson. And praying that she continues to stay close to God.

    St. Therese I especially ask for your help and intercession for my grandson a cure, healing and deliverance for any and all my grandsons’ addictions and give him good mental and physical health and the courage and wisdom to make good healthy and spiritually sound choices. That he does well and that if he could get the opportunity to be able to apprentice to finish his trades school. Please keep him safe and out of trouble and may he know he is loved and a precious child of God. That he can release his past and live a good productive life.

  20. Praying for healing for family members and friends who are suffering in any mental, physical, spiritual way. Particularly for a teen who is misguided and has faith doubts and doesn’t want to follow God’s laws. And For a friend who may have cancer and for another who has lost 2 friends and is hurting and angry with God.

  21. Dear St Therese, I pray for those Americans who are still in Afghanistan and for peace between nations. I pray for the conversion of those countries who are not Christian and who are persecuting others.
    I also pray for my mothers healing. Newly diagnosed with breast cancer I pray for her to have strength and courage during this journey and that it may have a happy outcome.

  22. Lord Thank you for all the blessings you have given me and my family. I need your love and prayers St Terese to heal my daughters unborn baby that she will be born normal and healthy. Give strength and faith to my daughter and her husband that they may become stronger in love together for Gods glory. In Jesus name I pray. Have mercy on us.

  23. for Gods grace and wisdom upon my life.


    To have a successful business launch

  24. Heavenly Father, I thank you for this wonderful morning. I know a lot seems to be not okay but in my heart I’m confident and proud to believe in your timing. Help me and our family members be strong through this process and take care of each other, continue to love and cherish your ways. With all our weaknesses and sins please forgive us. And never give up on us. We love you so much. Thank you Lord, thank you Jesus, thank you Mother Mary, thank you mother Theresa. Amen
    Be blessed always

  25. Please pray that all my financial issues are solved and I get job that I have been waiting for the past 3 weeks. Please also bless my brother and his family so that they can work through the difficulties in their marriage. Lastly please take care of my mother who I haven’t seen in more than 2 years, that I get an opportunity to see her soon.

  26. Dear St. Therese,
    Please pray for my mom help her stay safe and to get well soon.
    Pray for the happiness and health for my family and friends. Amen

    Thank you , St. Therese

  27. Please pray for healing for Don from cancer and healing from covid! And please keep my family and I from getting covid. Safe travels for us. Conversion and salvation of us all. Gods mercy and forgiveness on us all. For Jocelyn, Mallory & Lillians baptism, and an end to abortion. Thank you God bless!!

  28. I pray for me and my girlfriend to finally overcome all the obstacles and get married so we can live a life that reflect our faith

  29. Please pray for my family especially my two brothers to get the job that we have been seeking for and my two younger sisters to get good husband’s as they are now at a marriageable age. And for all of us, to have good health so that we have the faith , hope and strength to face every difficulties coming in our way.

  30. 9/22/21 7:40p
    Barbara/Mom says…….
    Dear St Therese.
    Please help Anthony Peter, my son to be
    cured from Cancer & blood spots in his
    body. Amen.
    Thank you St Therese

  31. Please pray for my niece Therese who is going through some difficult times in her life, she is a young girl that has a lot of anger issues, she is frustrated with life and doesn’t know how to express herself please pray that St Therese will help her and guide her away from all that is evil.

    Please St Therese guide her to meet the right people in her life, people that want her to succeed both in her personal and professional life.

    Please St Therese through your love of Jesus Christ pray that she will flourish into a beautiful, compassionate and loving young lady.

  32. Pray for Camden, an 18-month-old child that needs a heart transplant. and the family going through this ordeal. MAY God watch over them all.

  33. St. Therese. I ask for your intercessions for the continued health and happiness of my family. I pray for the cure of consequences the Covid-19 for my brother-in- law. I pray for the peace of the world. Special for Brazil that some people of the congress wants turn the country in Communis. Blessed the President of Brazil Bolsonaro and ex President USA Donald Trump. I ask this in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

  34. Please intercede on my behalf that the prosecutor finds forgiveness and mercy in my case.
    That my repentance and mercy be recognized.
    In God’s Name I pray

  35. I pray that some family members will come into the Catholic faith and have the joy and peace it brings.

    I pray my grandson will pass his driving test in February but also that he gets an earlier one also that he gets the vaccines.

    I pray for a brighter future for all the children of the world.

    I ask this in the name of Jesus.

  36. I pray for the health of my parents and for the love in our family, strengthen our faith and that I may find permanent employment so that I may be able to help my family and those who entitled to my care….I’m asking these through the intercession of mother Theresa,Amen 🙏

  37. St. Therese, I pray that I be cured from my autoimmune issues by feeding my body healthy things and to give me the strength to keep up my new healthy lifestyle. I also pray for the health of my family. In Jesus name. Amen.

  38. I pray that my family may return to the Catholic faith and attend church regularly. I ask this in Jesus Name. Amen

  39. St Terese I BEG please help me * companionship with the little time I have left * LORD HAVE MERCY * Psalm 35 * thank you lord for your promises * your child *

  40. Prayers of thanksgiving for prayers from St.Therese, St.Joseph, and Our Blessed Mother Mary – beginning at Holy Trinity chapel 1988, and for the help keeping me on the path.

    Prayers of thanksgiving/ renewed helps from St. Pope St.John Paul II, Cardinal O’Connor, Blessed Mother Mary of the Annunciation, and St.Joseph, St.Therese, and St.Elizabeth Ann Seton.

    Prayers for help with healing of brother Bill’s low heart rate- let doctors see and Our Lord heal.

    Prayers for complete healing of daughter Christina’s ears and ear drums from any choleostatoma cells – all invasive cells and tissue be gone. Healing, And the complete healing after what she has been through – that will help her faith as well.

    Prayers for my daughter’s marital and sacramental life, please, Lord. Please also help me to heal my broken heart from the separate denominations and my limited family solidarity for the sacraments.

    Please help my family’s spiritual and sacramental life.

    Please help me with my home and ministry and writing work.

    Please bring me friends or a mate for this last part of my life, if Your Will.

    Please protect and prosper / grant prayers of Watchman Prayer and Prophecy Group.

    All of St.Therese’s and Holy Family’s, Saints’and archangels,’ angels,’ prayers for us. In thanksgiving.

    Release the souls from purgatory.

    Thank you, Triune Lord, for all. Amen.

  41. Dear Saint Therese,

    I know you have a great love for all of God’s children and so I ask you to intercede for all of us to Our Father in heaven to ease the sufferings that we carry in our bodies and the sorrows that we carry in our hearts. I ask this in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ and through the Power of the Holy Spirit and I thank you.


  42. St. Therese. I ask for your intercessions for the continued health and happiness of my family. I pray for the cure for my nephew’s sight and for the souls of my father and uncle. I pray for the release of the pain and sufferings that I endure due to my disabilities. Finally I humbly ask that I may find my soulmate. I ask this in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen 🙏