Day 1 – The Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena 2016

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Every Morning I kneel n pray to God to remove the evil chain that is thigh my beloved one Alex Santhana. Shower him with Holy water and remove the evil and black magic upon him that the girl do to him… Please give us our Alex santhana back to us… Not only me the is crying but one whole family of my husband is crying and praying harder God only you can help us… We pray please remove the evil girl upon his life permanently. make him realise the truth what is going on … Bring back us to closer forever …. Watch and save your lamb who went to wrong direction… We know you are working on our prayers

  2. For the Novena please think of my wife that she may get the Job at Auckland Hospital today and for our financial need that we may Launch Kaunitoni Corp so we may help the needy, and people back home in Fiji .the Sacred Geart be the 3rd person in our marriage and the Josaia Visei and Taniela Tora will be drawn closely to the sacred Heart and also that through our works that people will witness the corporal works of mercy. Amen

  3. Pray that my common law husband will do the right thing and finally marry me so that we can be a complete family with our children.

  4. My prayer is for my brothers LINUS AND Louis-Marie and Leon-marie. lord God, break any chaiins of darkness and stagnancy on my brothers. May they move forward in life. May Linus and Louis have a good job they will use to uplift the family and glorify God forever.
    for my Parent, Mr and Mrs Livinus may they life to reap the fruit of their labour in Jesus name.
    for my self and my sisters, may we get married to the bone of ours in Jesus name.
    Mother Mary always intercede for your children. Lord Jesus Christ have mercy and save us AMEN.

  5. Please Jesus have mercy on me and my family. Protect and guide us as we continue to seek that which has been lost. You know our needs and with our deepest intentions, Thy will be done.

    St Michael please protect us.

  6. Sacred Heart of Jesus please be with my brother as he goes through treament for cancer. Please help all who are caring for his treatment to give him the best care possible and the best chance at full recovery. Help us all to put our trust in you. Amen

  7. Sacred heart of Jesus I love you always and thank you for this wonderful life together with my husband. I am eternally grateful to you for bringing us together. I pray daily for us to walk together in your light. I humbly beseech you to grant my husband and I the wisdom and grace to navigate these difficult financial times and the strength to embrace your divine plan for us and I firmly resolve to give up our worries to you.

    For only say the word and my soul shall be healed. Amen

  8. I had joined you in prayer to pray for a job for my daughter Amala Vidhya.God took HIS time to answer but gave her exactly what she wanted a permanent teaching post in a Catholic college.Thank you for praying.Please pray for my health,a suitable life partner for mydaughter and protection from the wiles of the evil one.May we show to all the same mercy that HE HAS SHOWN TO US.

  9. My Sacred Heart of Jesus thank you for everything you do for me be with Us. My son with school be with him, my friend still didn’t called me but I know it’s will take times one day the doors will be open for me my Heart I believe in you. Thanks. Amen

  10. For Father Jackson’s intentions, respect between my daughters, safety of family, comfort for those in pain, and fulfilling, gainful employment as God sees fit. Sacred Heart of Jesus, hear our prayers.

  11. Sacred Heart of Jesus, i am heartily sorry for all my sins. please forgive me.Please do not deny my petitions because of them but because you are all-loving God who always look after his creation with love.I love you Jesus.Thank you for creating and loving me.Amen.

  12. My prayer intention is to overcome this funk I am in. I have guilt, shame and depression. Please help me out of this hole. I feel like I’m falling away again and getting back to my old depressed ways. Lord is has been 4 days since I showered or gone to mass. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I want that fire back. I don’t want this roller coaster of emotions. Please help me to do your will, go to confession and help me get to mass and on my feet. Get me out of this bed and in the shower. Please Lord I can’t live like I used to in depression. I have you now and I need you. Please forgive and have mercy on me. Amen

  13. Father God, I place all my desires in your hand and give you total control of my life. Jesus, I trust that you have my best interest at heart. I love you with all my heart! Please pray for over my family and finances. Amen!

  14. For all the Holy Souls in Purgatory…all my family/friends living & deceased…
    For W, B, and esp J…
    ..for the willpower to followthru…
    For healing…to be good or better than normal…
    For all the world, may there be repentance & peace…

  15. my prayer request is as always for my husband & I to be blessed with a long & as healthy as possible life. whatever illness or medical condition come our way that God will lead us to the right physicians to be able to take care of it so that can be also blesses with many many years to enjoy our retirement to not only enjoy each other but our children and grandchildren. I also pray for my childrens happiness in their love life and careers and financial success in their lives.
    with this I pray through in Jesus’s name. Amen

  16. my prayer request is as always for my husband & I to be blessed with a long & as healthy as possible life. that we are given many many years to enjoy our retirement to not only enjoy each other but our children and grandchildren. I also pray for my childrens happiness and financial success in their lives.

  17. This thought has occurred to me: so often we pray for intentions for others. But by praying this novena where we ask for graces for ourselves we can bring the kingdom of God to others through grace that God will bestow on each of us. And in order to be the best possible disciples of Christ we need to ask for this grace as much as we ask for intentions for others.

  18. Dear Loving Jesus,
    I pray to you and our Heavenly Father for my family , especially my husband Momo, who is very ill, for grace and forgiveness, that the door to the Heavenly Kingdom will be open for us when the time comes. Until then keep watching over us, protect us, guide us, help us rise when we fall.
    I pray for all the people, and there are many of them, for their spiritual and material support during this difficult time of my family’s life. God, bless them all.
    I pray for all the people who are part of Pray More Novenas , may God bless all of you.

  19. Sacred Heart of Jesus
    Please hear My Prayers, for good test results that
    I had taken today … Please help me with my fears,
    and anxieties that I have at this time.
    I Thank You with All of My Heart ❤️

  20. Sacred Heart of Jesus I trust in you.
    I pray for my financial crisis that all the depts that I have, I may be able to pay them so that I can take care of my family, I also pray for all those who are unemployed that they may find Jobs. Amen

  21. We pray to the Sacred Heart of Jesus to please convert and heal our two sons. They are both in their 30s. The oldest one is very addicted to alcohol and drugs. Dear Jesus, you know their hearts, please make their hearts like unto yours.
    My dear Jesus, I pray for a new job (for my husband) so we might have the ability to pay off all our obligations. And I pray for complete healing for my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, and depression.
    We love you Jesus! Thank you Jesus, we put all our trust in Thee.

  22. Sacred Heart of Jesus – I place my unborn children in your hands. When it is time, I pray you bless our family with a child or many children, and if I am currently pregnant, I offer this child to you. In this sacred year of Mercy, watch over my husband and I and allow us to build your kingdom with beautiful babies. In praise and worship – Amen.

  23. Lord,
    Please help me to have the job I am longing for a long time. I already passed and got selected but only one paper I need to submit. Please let my previous boss give me the paper I need. Otherwise, I am praying that the new company will allowed what are documents I have. Please Lord. Help me. I want this job. I trust You. Whatever ur plan for me thy will be done. Amen.

  24. I pray for my son, Akha’s healing from autism. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in you. Have mercy on us.

  25. I pray that God will open my womb for healthy pregnancy. Sacred heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in You. Amen!

  26. Please pray for my foot to heal. Because I have a Skin disease called Eb
    And it is a vary bad skin disease that is vary rare so please pray for me
    To heal.

  27. Prayers for my sister Janette’s miraculous recovery from cancer. Praise Jesus for our answered prayers and those of others. Blessings,

  28. Dear Lord,
    Keep our family business whole . Under a lot of pressure trying to pay bills. Keep your arms around us. Remove any and all blockages that are trying to hinder our progress.

  29. Sacred Heart of Jesus, please help us with financial blessings to help us through these tough times we have been facing. Pray that my husband will be more responsible and be a provider he was meant to be. Give him clarity in mind and a responsible thinking and help him get back on track without all these false illusions clouding his mind and also for us all to encounter God’s Love and Mercy through this journey.Father this is my cry to You. Thank you for hearing my prayers.

  30. For an unhappy family where, as a last resort, is has become necessary to have complete estrangement between some members due to unending criticism and verbal abuse. With prayers that the abuser will one day acknowledge what they have done and say “I’m sorry”. Until then, reconciliation seems impossible. To forgive the abuser and maintain self-protection is all that is currently possible for the “scapegoat” who was on the receiving end of the abuse for more than 50 years.

  31. For all of Gods Graces for Maureen and Michael. For continued physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual health for Tim, Meg and Brendan.

  32. Sacred heart of jesus in you name i ask the father that grant my petition to have a better job this coming june as my contract ends. I will be more specific with what i want..I hope and pray that i can have the cleaner or caregiver job here in macau,so i can earn more and support my family in their needs.. I PLACE ALL MY TRUST IN YOU..In Jesus name…Amen

  33. I am praying for our pastor who is having triple by pass surgery tomorrow morning. Father grant the doctors wisdom and calmness to perform his surgery flawlessly and for his quick and full recovery.
    Thy will be done, Amen

  34. I pray for retentive memory and understanding. I equally pray for exam success coming up on the 14th June

  35. Dear lord as I start this novena of sacred Heart jesus .Let your name be blessed ,your words never changes ,I trust in you Amen

  36. Pray for the intention of my youngest son, Andrew, to amend his life and return to the Traditional Catholic Faith.

  37. Sacred heart of Jesus,have mercy on the whole world. Father please I need divine intervention and connections amen.

  38. My prayer intention for this novena is that my husband be healed of his disease, that he not lose his job and that there be peace in our home.

  39. I pray for reconciliation of between me and Ibra for us to start a relationship with honesty, trust and filled with Love. please intercede and help ibra find a way back to me cause I love him and want him back. I also pray that everyone who is praying this novena their prayers to be answered.

  40. That my daughter should find a good catholic spouse and that they both love God with their family ….a little too early but I thought I should get a head start on this prayer

  41. I pray for the sacred heart of Jesus Novena to have the grace, love , faith , and your mercy to be more Saint like, be a disciple and spread your word. I pray with help of Blessed Mother Mary through my conscration that I am currently working on that she will love, support and wrap her arms around me ,my loved ones, and all her children to guide us to a deeper relationship with her son Jesus. I pray for my family, my self , and all of us for health, peace, love, faith and sound body and mind in are faith and lives. I pray with the help of Blessed Mother and Jesus to pass this test that I need to do to keep my job as a school nurse. They will give me the confidence and guide me through this exam. I also pray that I may go where I am most needed and will do the will of God. I pray for the sick, lonely, homeless, vets, addictive , people that have lost their way or have no faith. That they may see the love and grace of the Holy Trinity. For all the pray intentions in the world. Also, that we pray more and pray the rosary for peace in this world and for a deeper faith and relationship with Jesus and Mother Mary, Holy Trinity and all Saints. Thank you Jesus and Blessed Mother for all that you do your sacerfice , unconditional love, for forgiveness of sins , and being there for the good and bad times in our life. Thank you for all you have given us in our life, our blessings and for all your grace, miracles, unconditional love and gifts of faith. That we all give back to you are graces and gifts to you Blessed Mother, Jesus , God, Holy Spirt. Amen

    • Hi Darlene

      My prayer intention also same. I am praying to holy family to release the poor souls in purgatory. I offered rosary, holy mass, abstinence from meat on Fridays for them) especially for my ancestors and the souls whoever need my prayer ( that we don’t know-only God knows- that is the will of God).” It is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead that they may be loosed from their sins”(2 Mac 12: 46).
      when the poor souls reached in heaven they never forget you and they will intercede for you. Finally I got my Nursing registration after a long time waiting (AFTER 6 MONTHS). I prayed to sacred heart of Jesus through immaculate heart of Mary with the union of angels and saints.
      Dear Lord, please protect our family and Nation with the precious blood of Jesus. Bless me with a job that I could glorify you over and over. All glory to father the CREATOR, and of the son SAVIOUR and of the holy spirit the spirit who leads us everyday.

  42. I pray that I get the job that I interviews for on Monday and that God sends me a wonderful and His fearing spouse.

  43. Please pray with me for God to send a godly man into each of my daughters’ lives and a godly woman into my son’s life as loving, God-fearing spouses. May they have joyful, lifelong marriages full of blessings!!