Day 1 – Divine Mercy Novena 2021

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Here’s Day 1 of the Divine Mercy Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. I’d like to pray that my father (a police officer) passes his gun range test tomorrow so he can continue his job. He had to have surgery on his writer, and he is nervous that will affect his shooting.

  2. Dear Lord, my Savior Jesus, divine mercy. Please help my husband he is deathly sick going on week three Lord. Jesus Christ with your rising to the heavens I truly believe in the power that you have. Please everyone pray for my Husband Kevin please make him well make his lungs heal make him get up and walk without pain. Please God cure him of this horrible lung infection. Please everyone pray for my husband Kevin I need him Lord please God I ask in your name amen

  3. Pray for our family, good health and happiness.
    We pray for our grandchildren to do well in school,
    now for the last semesters. We are asking Our Lord
    to help our grandson to be accepted at the school
    of his choice. Keep our family close to the Lord.

  4. Thank you risen Lord for the gift of life upon me and my family 🙏
    I pray for that the Resurrection joy will be felt by all of us in all the areas of our lives where needed 🙏

  5. Au nom de ta Divine Miséricorde Infinie, que toutes les charges contre C soient annulées, au nom de Jésus Christ. Amen.

  6. SPECIAL INTENTIONS* prayers for my daughter’s lab Caleb who she had since a puppy pass away in February 4, 2021 * Rest In Peace * we miss you dearly and look over your mom daily she is missing you deeply.

    Please pray for my daughter to mourn and to help move on. Our prayers to found a husband who will cherish her love her for ever soon! We pray every year for her but I know god will always be there for her.

    My son, lord look over him and my grandsons and keep them safe and healthy guide him to get vaccinated soon to believe in the scientists.

    Thank you lord for watching over the world and truly trying to keep us all safe.

    God bless you

  7. For Brooke to be cancer free and have a Catholic wedding with Greg and be blessed with many children.
    For Timothy to be restored to good health.
    For a healthy pregnancy for Maria and Luke.

  8. Through this Novena to the Divine Mercy, I pray for the conversion of all sinners, including myself, my spouse, my children and grandchildren; for all of my family, friends and benefactors, and all who do not know God, or his son, Jesus Christ.

    I also pray this novena for Levi, the toddler from Zionsville IN, who was in a pool accident back in November, 2020. Levi and his twin sister, Lainey both fell in the water; however, Levi was without oxygen longer. He was revived; but, has severe neurological damage. The parents are, of course, devastated and are doing everything they can to find healing for Levi. Please Lord, we ask that you heal Levi of this damage to his body; give light to his eyes and raise him out of the darkness into your wonderful light!

  9. Pray for the repentance and conversion of our land and public leaders and those in my own home and family and friends and all the poor sinners in the world.

  10. I pray for the conversion of sinners all over the world and for those going astray, especially those in my family. May Jesus through His merciful heart forgive them all and make them return back to Him again.
    I also pray for the forgiveness of my sins and those of the whole world.

  11. Lord Jesus son of God have mercy on me a miserable sinner.
    Thank you for coming tonight to hear our prayers Lord.
    We pray for all on this Novena tonight.
    Lord, we need you more than ever.
    Lord you said, ask you shall receive.
    Lord, please end Abortions FOREVER.
    End poverty
    Human smuggling
    Child smuggling.
    End the horrible crisis at the border.
    End Pornagraphy that’s destroying our youth.
    End Alzheimer and Dementia please 🙏..
    End Covid19 off this planet.
    End cancer forever.
    End hungry, poverty, starvation.
    Fill our church pews up as once before we pray 🙏
    Watch over our children Lord.
    We ask you please to end the conflicts around the world.
    We pray for all whom are struggling with Drug and Alcohol addiction.
    Lord, Thank you for coming tonight to hear our concern.

  12. I pray that Lord Jesus will forgive my sons and the sons of the world.I pray that Resurrection of Jesus will bring hope in my family, praying for my husband to get a good job.

  13. May God bless all marriages in the world and specially for my son Jose Alejandro and his wife Dahoany and their 3 daughters who are separated for their love and forgiveness. Amen!

  14. Lord God🙏🙏I entrust to you wverything in my life.My family..I know you will always be with us. We maybe struggling today but you will not leave us.Everytging will be okay.Thank you dear God.🙏🙏🙏

  15. For forgiveness of my sins and those of my family members, for my and all my family members’ private intentions. that God may touch the hearts of those who want to engage and advocate for abortion, that they may come to understand that life is sacred, for a world in distress and for all the souls in purgatory. May God show them mercy and open the gates of heaven to them.

  16. Lifting up the non-believers in my life! Please touch them at depths we cannot reach so they to will know your goodness and compassion and endless mercy. Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you also for the latest test results 🙏🙏🙏

  17. Forgive me for all wrong doings and thoughts. Bless me with your word and help me to be well in body mind spirit and soul. Cleanse me from cancer and skin issues soon. Bless me with good treatment. Keep me away from unGodly. Bless my job. Amen

  18. We are all sinners, forgive us and and bring us back to you Lord.
    For my nephew and his family to realize all the blessings he has are all gifts from our heavenly father. For my nephew and his family to return to the Catholic Faith and a change of heart to be more kind, considerate and unselfish.
    For all the our visits with my nephew to be Peacful, Exciting, Desired and Safe. (PEDS)

  19. Almighty Father thank you for loving us so much that you gave your only begotten son.
    Look upon us with your Divine Mercy and hear and answer our prayers if it is Your Will!
    For my families health and safety, for my brother’s heart to be opened, for a home to rent that fits our family.
    For our future in our new state and friends for all of us! Amen

  20. I pray for my children, especially my son, that they stop thinking and saying unkind things about others. Also that they stop judging others. We all have our offenses, we are all children of God. Please help them have tolerance for all souls.

  21. Wisdom /discernment/ peace regarding moral challenges my extended family faces; regarding requested changes to our mom’s will during this unprecedented time in history AND all related concerns … So that everyone is provided housing and other temporal needs. (One family lives far across the country and most face mental health / spiritual challenges.) Praying for God’s miraculous intervention AND His blessings on all my intercessors.

  22. For several special intentions, for an end to Human and Child trafficking and for an end to abortion. In Thanksgiving for another day and for all the graces, mercy and blessings that The Trinity has bestowed upon us!

  23. lord Jesus son of God have mercy on me a sinner (Jesus Prayer) *SPECIAL INTENTIONS* prayers for my brother Nick * Rest In Peace * thank you lord for these answered prayers * your child

  24. Praying for our Country, USA to Guide and Protect our Country. Protect our voting rights and reject HR1 & SR1. Please God and Blessed Mother hear our prayers. 🙏🙏🙏

  25. Oh my Jesus hear this sinner’s prayer forgive me for my sins I have committed against you and others for I am sorry.
    I pray for my brother whom I don’t have a relationship with Father he needs a decent place to stay I don’t want him living with me, because of what he done to my daughter. I have read the scripture of Cain and Abel. With the help of my friends he now have a check and Medicaid. Father help find a decent home for him. I pray for all in Jesus name Amen 🙏🏾