Day 1 – Divine Mercy Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the Divine Mercy Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. I pray for my brother Archie for wisdom and deliverance..and may the heart of Jesus heal him with his drug addiction and turn back to Jesus for repentance..I pray for peace abundance and happy health for my family..I also lift up all my joys sorrows illness for Gods continuous healing…and for the greater glory of God..this I pray in the mighty name of Jesus amen

  2. Please join me in prayer…For my son, Jose, to surrender to God’s Will with a relationship he presently is in, that the Holy Spirit enter his heart so he can feel peace and have clarity on what God desires for him…Thy Will be done, my Lord, and not mine, AMEN.

  3. For my best friend and spiritual sister, to be able to save her home from foreclosure, that the financial issues she inherited be lifted and the comfort of financial stability be hers again. Peace.

    I ask this in prayer to pray for our grandaughter AlexiaV from her ADHD. That the holy spirit of jesus will always be with her in her body,mind and her soul in Jesus name. That by your divine mercy Alexia gets healed and don’t need to take no medication and do well at school. That for both parent crystal and Jose to have a humble loving heart to come closer to worship Jesus. I ask this in Jesus name .

  5. Pray that our Catholic son guides his wife to the Catholic faith so that they may continue their marriage in the Catholic Church together.

  6. I ask my celestial father bless &guide to my beloved son Jorge in all areas of his life.
    For my american couple friend can to know Jesús.Amén.

  7. Lord,thank you for saving us all, thank you for giving me the opportunity to know you and for loving me despite my mistakes. Please heal our family especially the relationaship of mommy, nanay and daddy and protect us all from harms and dangers especially all of my siblings.

  8. As we await patiently for the resurrection, I continue to pray for forgiveness of sins of all members of my family, my relatives and friends. I pray especially for peace in the hearts of all men and of the whole world. Jesus I trust in You and Your amazing grace.

  9. Dear Lord, I trust that my cross has been designed for me and will not be heavier than I can carry. Nevertheless, I pray for forgiveness, that my pain can be lessened and that I can be reconciled again with my wife and children. Amen

  10. I’m praying for my husband, Tom, that he may find forgiveness, peace, freedom, joy and mercy in God’s grace this Easter Season and always. I love him so very much.

  11. Dear Lord,
    I pray for my childrens needs, so their faith be strengthen. My son is in need of financial stability and a good job that works with his school schedule. I pray my daughter turns her eyes back to Jesus Christ and returns to church. I pray my relationship with … heals any open wounds caused by our past and learn to embrace our love.
    I pray for faily unity, especially mine, peace in the world, and conversion of sinners, especially MJCP.
    Thank you Lord for so lovingly listening to my pleads.
    In Jesus name I pray..Amen

  12. For my children.
    My son to get fully away of any kind of addiction (video games, energy drinks, pot) for him to find joy and peace in God’s love with the help of Jesus and Mary.
    For my daughter, for God to keep on guiding her on her teenage years.
    For my husband, for him to find full joy and Peace in God.
    For myself, so I can fulfill God’s will in my life.

    For all my family memebers and friends and their special intentions.

    For Love and Peace in the World!

  13. I ask for complete healing of my daughter from her mental health and for all my children to renew their faith in the Lord and for my marriage be it Gods will thank you Jesus. I also pray that I may trust the Lord in all His goodness and mercy Amen ????

  14. Praying for my daughter, her fiancé, my nieces and nephews, sisters and brothers and relatives and friends who have turned away from God and the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church to be touched by the Merciful Love of God to turn around and to come home to the true Christ’s Church. Lord, hear my prayer.

  15. Praying for Donald Bedford that God can bless him with a job in my intention through for this Novena is call Donald Bedford to ask me to marry him and become his wife that is my prayer request and to bless my finance and he is too in Jesus name amen

  16. Daughter Maddie going through teenage stresses and disconnected from god …… praying she will find our Lord as she did as a child…

    For all our children find God as a source of peace and happiness!

    My side of the family that they too find Peace in God , the Catholic Faith….

    My in laws that they find peace in their senior years , not troubled by an alcoholic son…..
    and for their ailments.

    For alcoholics and drug addicts they find strength to overcome their addictions.

    For all soles in pergatory, xo

  17. Hello, my name is P J C M M, I have been living in QATAR since 2013 to get a good life, I really discover and encounter Jesus facing many challenges. Without job I struggled to study first english because my first language is french, then with the help of God , I took a PMP( project management Professional) training course, then I got my PMP and I am also certified Lead Auditor ISO 9001:2015. But since I got my certificates I never be employed, I sent a 1000 of CV many companies requested my documents after no good result. Currently my Company visa no longer exists therefore my residence permits can’t be any longer renew. I have 03 months to get hired or I will be illegal means I will no having valid paper again conclusion after almost 05 years I will force myself to go back without achieving my goals. For the name of the Lord and for the Blood of Jesus I know I am sinner but I beg and I need people to pray for me in order to get hire then have a job. Amen

  18. Please pray for my husbands conversion and for him to leave the life he’s living. Please bring my family back together and stop a divorce . Financial help. My children and myself.

  19. Devine mercy chaplet is a beautiful prayer,…Never cease you pray it!
    I pray this Novena intention for all the souls in Purgatory, Amen

  20. Praying especially for a friend’s family, that her husband finds a job and their family finds peace. Also praying for us to find a house and for the health of our family and our friends.

  21. I and my wife pray for the fruit of the womb. We also pray for Ify who is passing through some challenges at her office. We pray that she overcomes them.

  22. Dylan 5 years old needs help with dealing with anger.
    Duston hate from divorce.
    Michele husband.
    Walt pain to go from leg.
    Patty stress.
    Marcus quadriplegic needs nursing home.
    Sharon body pain.

  23. Dear Jesus,

    Thank you for your love and mercy. I pray for the strength to conquer my pride and for the patience and wisdom to hear where/what you are calling me to be and do.


  24. Asking for Gods favour on everything that concerns me and my family .
    * To be debt free
    *Help with immigration
    * Peace in my family and extented family
    * Unite my kids both families.( mine and that of hubby)
    * Bless Caroline with more than she can ever ask or think
    * Give us a place to call home
    * Above all We need GODS one wisdom

  25. Please bless me Father and forgive me for my sins. Show mercy upon me. Help me to remain strong when tempted. Deliver me from evil. I wish to do the right thing but need your help. Thank you for answering my prayers. Each day I say this novena I feel closer to you. Thank you for dying for me. As I help others, I do it in your name so they will know and love you as I do. Please comtinue to help my body fully recover and stay healthy. Please help me to keep my thoughts positive. Blessings to Your Mother to whom I pray to every day. Amen

  26. Thank you Lord for taking my sins. I am sorry to cause you such pain and suffering. Please pray for my sons PTSD, that my son and daughter go to church more often and love you as deeply as I love you, for relief from the pain and suffering from my TN and other medical illnesses and help with all the broken/needing to be fixed things. Thank you.

  27. Today this prayer focuses on poor souls. I pray today that the ways in which my soul is poor may be healed, and in so doing, may shine a light for other poor souls.

  28. Thank you Jesus for yr blessings. Lord i pray for my son, who is waiting for his posting for about 7 months. Help him to get a hospital tat he will be able to practice in the hospital tat he had applied. Help him to get a good accommodation n helpful seniors so tat he will be able to easily go to hospital n get help and coaching fr his seniors. Help him to successfully complete his 2 years contract and become a full time doctor and able to reach out to the sick and needy. Jesus, i pray and i trust in you. Amen.

  29. Please pray for my expectations al intentions! I am really in need of prayers, I have so much problems and needed a miracle for my wish to be granted. I place all my trust to you oh Lord!

  30. Thanks to anyone who prayed for my intentions. My daughter in law and son had a miscarriage last June and were very sad.

    I asked for prayers for our little innocent soul in heaven and to ask the Lord to bless these wonderful faithful young people with another baby to raise on Earth for the glory of God. Now they are expecting again a beautiful baby in September. Not only that, my other son and his wife are expecting too. A baby boy in July. So we will have two little cousins this summer, and I appreciate the intercession to the Lord and Blessed Mother for these wonderful babies, who are already so loved.

  31. Please pray for my sisters & families one who lost her son to a drug overdose this march, 2017 & one who has had to have a very serious eye surgery thy will be done.

  32. Prayer for good health peace happiness and protection for my husband children parents and family I also ask for forgiveness for each one of us and our Lords mercy
    Our sins are dragging us into the depths of despair and we still continue in oblivion our materialistic life simple needs like food and shelter are getting too expensive for us please help us to provide food for our families our own home and good education to our children amen

  33. thank you lord for the blessing and for your sacrifices to save us from our sins. lord im praying for ken’s safe trip tomorrow and for our safe trip on 25, lord please take care of our family.


  34. I pray for my brother in law Johnny to be completely healed form the effects of his stroke.
    I pray for peace throughout the world.
    I pray for the conversion of faith for all those who are lost.

  35. Lord I pray for my financial situation. Lord I ask for financial deliverance. I pray for money to pay my son’s tuition fees. I pray that my son would be successful with his exams. I pray that my son would become a medical doctor. I pray that my daughter would be successful with all her exams

  36. For Jesse contreras who’s court day for he’s disability hearing is in September that if it’s God will he wins the case
    For my sister lupe that she get married bye the church
    Leonor for better health of pain free

  37. Lord please be with BB take these evil thoughts out of his mind. Help him in his writings. Be with MS as today is his birthday keep him safe as he travels. Heal my husband of all his pain. Guide my child and keep them safe.

  38. For the conversation of all souls to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary. Also for our daughters to find a husband that is a match made in heaven, giving them peace and joy. Jesus I trust in You!

  39. Oh merciful and ever loving father. I am so , so blessed by you! Please forgive me for my sins and help me wholeheartedly follow you. I pray that my late father is with you in your kingdom of goodness, I pray you protect my sister and her family through welcoming their newest family member, I pray for my mothers health. Finally I pray you enlighten the path to find a good man with whom to build a family to honor you. Thank you father for all my incredible blessings. Amen.

  40. Today I ask for understanding and guidance for my nephew who has be incarcerated for wrong circumstances that he is given strength, inner peace and to know that God is with him everyday in his journey thru this difficult time. I ask for guidance and understanding of this for his mother Lisa to give her the strength and inner peace and comfort to know that she is not alone and that God the Father and Mary and the Holy Spirit are with her and her son, always. Thank you, I believe in the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

  41. Jesus, I thank you for this day. I pray to you oh Jesus to cure me during this difficult time which I am passing. I pray to you oh Jesus that if it will be your say to cure of my mouth cancer. I am having radiation and chemo and pray to you oh Lord to cure me of this. I have faith oh Lord that you will hear my prayers. Thank you dear Jesus for your mercy and love.

  42. Dear Jesus,

    Please keep Jenna and Mark in the palm of Your hand as they prepare for their lives as husband and wife. I ask that You soften their hearts towards You and lead them towards the love that You abundantly shed upon all of us. If it be Your will, allow them to open their eyes to be joined in marriage, in Your church, in Your perfect time. Enlighten them to see the need to have You as an integral part of their lives and journey together.

    In Your precious name, I thank You.

  43. Praying this novena for my dad who is in the 4th stage of lung cancer and hasnt much time left in this world.i pray to jesus to forgive him his sins and bring him saftely home.that his passing will be painfree and peaceful to be reunited with my mam his parents sisters and friends gone before him in the presence of god.pray for his 10 children who are left behind give us strenght courage and peace to cope with the loss of our dad.thank you jesus i trust in your mercy.amen

  44. Most loving Father, i thank you for all the favours and blessings received. Please God, change the hearts and minds of my parents and siblings towards my fiance Yemi. That they may receive him whole heartedly and allow us to get married in this 2017. Amen

  45. For my Son and my daughter that they will follow God’s will in their life.
    For my husband for him to find peace in his heart and for the job he is applying to.
    For myself, so I will always follow God’s will in my life.
    For Love and Peace in the World.

  46. I praise you Jesus and thank you for your love and all of your blessings. Please lead our son’s through their daily decisions. I pray my husband’s shoulder will heal. May we have a productive year with work and the gardens.

  47. My prayers for the souls of my dad – Benjamin, my brother -Roy, my lola- Felicidad and my aunt- auntie Mila.
    Have mercy on them Lord !

  48. Dear Jesus I am Praying for my complete and total healing for Kidney cysts. Please Pray for my Wife< Eunice & My son Dario and My son Dharel & Wife Suhanya to be in good health Thank You Jesus Thank You Mother Mary

  49. Dear lord
    I thank you for all you have blessed us with and the blood of Christ has saved me and my family.
    We are in a lot of financial difficulties and have two very small babies to take care of please hear this prayer our gracious god help my husband to find a job that you have set out for him so we can come away from all our debts and move forward to give our babies the best possible future.
    Please help keep our family united and help us to be a family close to you and always in Jesus name and all the families of the world bring them love peace happiness keep them close to our beloved Jesus our beloved lord


  50. Heavenly Father, hear my prayers and ease my distress. I’m ask you that if it is your will that I may be hired for the position that I am seeking.
    I also pray that I may find relief and solace in your words so that I can overcome my financial woes. Take me, a sinner, into your arms and show me the way to being a more responsible person with my money so that I will never be without.
    Finally, you know what is in my heart, I look to you for courage to face my troubles and to give you all my troubles and heartache.
    In Jesus nane I pray, Amen.

  51. Most gracious father I pray for my husband who is currently seeking a job. May he walk into an opportunity you have destined just for him.
    Dear Lord I also pray for all those who wish to do harm against another human being.
    The blood of your son Jesus Christ saved my life as well as my husband’s & our marriage. I pray more soul to be drawn closer to you. Amen!