Day 1 – The Christmas Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 1 of The Christmas Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. For my cousin Kim to have a baby real soon!! She’s been trying since she’s been married. She’s been told she can’t but were all praying for a miracle.

  2. Thanks Mother for been always to close to me, please teach me to love your SON as you love Him. I want to present you Chriss and make him a holy Priest,help his mother in all her needs and keep her in good health. I also ask for your protection for all my grandchildrens , I wish they become saints in union with their parents, and keep me in good health, you know my needs.Thanks Mother , I love you!

  3. In prayer, I ask divine intervention for my daughter D. and my granddaughter D. for protection from all evil, let no weapons formed against them prosper. Bless them with your precious blood.In thanksgiving, Amen.

  4. I pray for my family members who live in the fire areas of California.
    For the healing and health of everyone praying this Novena.
    May the Holy Family bless all of you this Christmas.

  5. Praying that there will be peace in the world…..Pray for my family ‘s health & financial intentions….Pray for my friends intentions too…….Thank you

  6. Thanksgiving for all the blessings that we have. I want to pray for my family, for peace and enjoy Christmas time and being together. I want also to pray for my son Chris as he studying for his finals for guidance and strength . Lastly, I want to pray for my two friends who are battling cancer for cure and strength and for my sister and her husband so both of them will have peace in their heart and keep the family together. For this we pray to the Lord.
    Jesua I trust in you
    thank you for giving us the gift of life, Amen

  7. Heavenly father, you sent your son to free us from the shackles of sin. Send grace to all who suffer from addiction to free them from the shackles of addiction. We pray too for all the families who are affected; and especially for treatment centers and care givers. Please lead them out of the desert of their addictions and into the promised land of sobriety. Amen!

  8. Have mercy on me God a sinner.
    Forgive me all my grave sins throughout the year.
    I pray for cleansing and purification of all sinners.
    Pray for peace in our hearts.
    For our families.
    Strength and faith to all students.

  9. Heavenly Father and Infant Jesus , I am asking for complete health for my son P.L. He has a problem that surfaced today and I am asking that it just be a minor one that will not be serious. He is a wonderful and kind young man. I look to You for complete health for him…..

  10. Heavenly Father please hear my prayers…I pray that we may celebrate Christmas peacefully with all our families. I continue to pray for my son and daughter along with their blessed significant partners. For our finances and our good health! In Jesus Name we pray!

  11. I thank God for Delivering me from my sins. I ask God to continue to guide me in the direction of my true purpose here on earth. I want to walk,talk,and just live in the spirit. Free me from all my financial debts and bless me and my kids with a home pleasing in Your sight. Temptation sometimes try to work it’s way in, but cover me with the blood of Jesus and keep me walking in the spirit. Amen

  12. Heavenly Father, Son, Holy Spirit, our Blessed Mother Mary, all the Angels and Saints, and the Holy Apostles please hear our prayers. Especially today we must all pray for our One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. Pray for our Pope! Also for our Holy Priest, and more holy men to the Priesthood to Shepherd God’s flock for sound doctrine and guidance of the truth. My nephew, Jared to seek God’s calling to be a Holy Man of God.
    For All people to seek the truth in the word of God, study it and know it well, to be prepare to defend the faith in Jesus’s Holy name.
    Praying for these Holy Cardinals, Holy Bishops and laity who suffer persecution for defending Truths brought down from Our Lord Jesus Christ’s teachings over two thousand years ago. Prayers to protect the Mass. Pray for the protection of the family and the innocent children born into the world without the sacrament of baptized. That my niece, Holly to come back to the Catholic teachings and more informed about her Catholic Faith and have her baby daughter baptized real soon, in Jesus Holy Name.
    Praying for the protect the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. Praying for the youth who were misguided and not shown by example how to love Jesus and to have a better understanding of the Catholic Catechism, Praying for all friends and relatives who have lost their faith and are struggling to get back on track.

    Jesus I trust in you.

  13. For peace in the family especially between my husband and son.
    That my daughter finds happiness
    For a happy family and health
    For my upcoming surgeries and for wisdom
    For my grandson
    Thank you

  14. God, please forgive me a poor sinner. Please keep me safe during ear surgery and keep my husband safe during foot surgery. I love you Lord with all my heart and I thank you for everything you have given me. You have blessed me abundantly. I don’t thank you enough. I love your church that you gave me, the Catholic church. Please pull my children closer to your heart. I love you, Jesus.

  15. rsv

    Special intention for family members who are in need of graces to restore peace, love & Joy in their lives. Also a special intention for myself on Dec 20 that I will not need costly fees on health issues I have no coverage for.
    In need of financial relief as on fixed income barely getting by. Please help brother and sister with their health issues, healing in mind and body.
    Keep us safe in our travels especially during this Christmas Season. Take away my fear and anxiety in difficult situations. Thank you Jesus for all answered prayers.

  16. Heavenly father and blessed mother and son thank you for uniting my family and keep them in good health. Bless Mave and her family through this difficult time. May Nell rest in peace. In the name of the father. Amen

  17. For my daughter Maia to be blessed with a very resp0nsible, industri0us, prayerful, humble and courteous NANNY. That this nanny can easily ad0pt my in-law’s family culture and that she may easily get al0ng well with my in-laws esp w/ my m0m in-law. Amen.

  18. Please pray for my children- that they are surrounded by friends with similar values.

    Please pray for my upcoming job interview- that I’m able to relax and answer all the questions. I trust that God’s will be done.

  19. Dear Jesus I humbly ask for a deepening of faith in my children and husband. Please stop my son’s need for drugs and give him strength and new purpose. Make us a holy family -supportive and thoughtful and without judgement. Amen.

  20. I pray that please help me guide me while in reviewing in preparation to my NLE aboard exam…Give me good health and more strength ..I pray that please help me to have a 88% in my NLE board exam to fulfilled my parents dream..I love u Amen

  21. I pray for more Peace and Joy in the world at this season of Christ! Lord Jesus, I pray for all end to abortion. The birth of any child is joyful, Yours the Most High! Lord, help me to restore my relationship with my 3 sons, it was a great joy at their time of birth, the gift I received. Through divorce, I’m not with them all the time as most are when they come home from college. Having 2 homes, please forgive me of a blessed sacrament of being divorced. I tried to keep our family together…my former husband chose alcohol instead. I offer up my intentions, that my sons find peace, as they go through life as young adult men. Restore their relationship with me, Lord. And in doing so, help me to love You more, help them to look to You to do the good…✝️????

    • Be strong, DMS. My prayer group coordinator had a parallel situation to yours. The group prayed for her intentions for years. The Lord heard the prayers and turned things around for the good. Miracles do happen! I will pray for you and your intentions. May the birth of Christ bring you peace, love and joy. May our Mama Mary cover you always with her mantle of protection.

  22. For K. that anything and everything that has come against him may work for the positive and his good. That the truth will vindicate him and he will be free of whatever is scheduled to come against him. That no charges of any sort be formed against him.
    Fr D. that a job be given him so that he may have security and self worth. For a finances to be provided while he waits to be restored for work. For boost to his self worth.
    For S. and R. for their finances. They may discover Jesus in a most powerful way turning their lives around and being responsible in their decisions. For R. that he get disability ASAP
    For D. that he have a more solid basis for his life and security so that he may have a bright future.
    For G that he get his inheritance so he can care for his mom asap. May Our Lady intercede for this so that G and truly care for his mom
    For M and G to come to their senses and come back to the faith. For healing of relationship
    For M inner healing and clear vision of faith.
    For the faith, mental, physical, and financial blessings of all my Godchildren
    For the parish of St Therese claiming total renewal of the parish in all aspects. For its financial needs and for volunteerism. For return to faith those who have left or have not practices. For partnership with missionary group and neighboring parishes.
    For youth ministry volunteers,outreach to elderly and poor, cateceitical and for volunteerism in all aspects especially evangelization. For the staff and all there needs especially V who is retiring. For blessings on new staff members. For continued strength for adoration chapel and for new adorers. For new ministers of the altar and blessings on all volunteers. For healing for those who have had issues and for their return. For the students in formation and for the salvation of their families. For the newly baptized and their families. For parish finances.
    For J to get his life together in all aspects. For his continued recovery.
    For my brother and sister in law in their needs.
    For myself, mental, physical, financial, and spiritual needs to be guided in God’s will, protection, renewal, deliverance. For the desire to be healthy and the ability to do it.
    For those who have asked for my prayers. For those who I have promised to pray for. For those in need of prayer who have no one to pray for. For those who will die soon, especially those who will die without benefit of prayer or sacraments. For the bishop and the needs of our diocese. For the renewal and empowerment of the gifts for the clergy and laity. For jobs and our area. For the return to the faith of those who no longer practice. For the salvation of our souls

  23. Dear Lord,
    We love you and adore you. We humbly ask your forgiveness. Please at this time warm my daughters heart to start to return to the Catholic church. Also please unite my family geographically. The separation creates soooo much isolation. Thank you, mary

  24. Please pray for me for my succesful application for my work this coming 2018 and for my family health.
    And also for our financial crisis that soon will be end up already.amen

  25. I ask prayers for my Family and that our son will return to us with his family. It has been a long journey going on for three years now.
    Help us Lord and show us the way.

  26. I pray that my daughters will do well in their exams at the end of term. I pray especially for Mia that she will get better results than she is expecting in the chemistry exam. I also pray thah we can get some help for with the chemistry.

  27. Lord I ask for a financial Miracle. I. Have made mistakes and in so much of debts. Please send me a financial blessing. I need it urgently. I this Lord in your most precious name.