This next novena is to the Guardian of the Redeemer…

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st. joseph novena

The next novena we will pray is to a powerful patron. Saint John Paul II called this saint the Guardian of the Redeemer. 

The next novena we will pray together is the Novena to Saint Joseph, Husband of Mary!

We will start praying on Sunday, March 10th. 

St. Joseph humbly accepted his role as guardian, husband and father in the Holy Family. Therefore, St. Joseph’s intercession has been sought for centuries.

St. Joseph was clearly very close to our Lord and so we come to him with this novena with a sense of humility because of his great humility.

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God bless you!

Annie & John-Paul –

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  1. Lord I pray for my matter that is before the Labour board. I pray for victory.I pray for justice to be served. Lord an evil deed was done to me . Good could never prevail over evil. Lord Jesus I pray for my financial situation. All my financial doors were closed . I am praying for those doors to open and for a restoration of my financial situation 7 fold . Lord I am under attack from enemies I pray for protection from my enemies . Father I pray for my enemies
    Because they don’t know what they do.
    I pray that my daughter be successful with her exams.

  2. Pray for my daughter during finals week. Please give her wisdom, strength, and reduced stress.

  3. St. Joseph please bless my daughter with very good results when she goes for her surgery, in Jesus name I pray. St. Joseph please help us sell our summer home to anyone that falls in love with it at the price we are asking , In Jesus name I pray. Praying for great health for my daughter.

  4. Dear St. Joseph, I am praying for my house to sell fast so my family can be reunited. Also praying that my house doesn’t sell if it isn’t God’s will and what is right for my family. Praying for health, especially for my husband. Thank you! Peace be with you.

  5. Dear St Joseph,

    Protect and pray for my family.

    Keep my daughters and grandson safe.

    Provide them with good and faithful husbands and fathers.

    Thanks be to God. Amen

  6. I pray that my Hourly Pay is Increased to at least Double of what I have been making since I started working on my Job a year ago, and that my next Paycheck in two days from right now will be for my new Increased and at least Doubled Hourly Pay.

    I pray that God will immediately also start the manifestation of all my other blessings on my Job. May God provide all my needs for me and guide my every step, and may all of my thoughts, words and actions be a blessing for me. May God make and keep me the Modern Successful Professional Woman I need to be today and for my future – for the work environment is constantly advancing and changing in this day and age.

    I pray that God will hear and grant Favor to all of our prayers and intentions in this Novena. May God Bless each of us in this Novena. In Jesus’ Name, I Pray. Amen!

  7. 1.Praying for a mind blowing job confirmation & offer at this seemingly wonderful company that I have interviewed with.
    2.Praying for a great husband and partner to build a life with
    3.Praying for my friend Wanjiku to get a job. She is also waiting for confirmation and offer
    4.Praying for Dru to get a job/source of income
    5.Praying for the Green Card Lottery win so that my kids can get a better education in the US
    6.Praying for the fruits of the Holy Spirit, especially patience, goodness and self control to be in my life daily
    7. Praying for weight loss and better taking care of my body and wasting habits
    8. Praying for my country Kenya for us to stop the corruption and drive economic growth
    9. Thanking God for every miracle He has done in my life especially this tough season
    10. Thanksing God for my kids, parents, friends and family who have been there for me.

  8. Pray for the conversion and reconciliation of my children and grandchildren with my husband and me and the reconciliation of my daughter and her husband in their marriage and with his family

  9. St. Joseph I ask that you intercede for my son Glen that he will look for repentance and seek the Lord’s Mercy by keeping away from addiction to drugs. May he seek work and may his wife be supportive to have get better each day, and that they may show their children the LOVE they deserve.

  10. For employment, to be restored back to independence, self sustainability and strengthened Faith at this critical moment in my life. May God light my path and give me peace at this trying time.

  11. Please pray for my daughter Sara. She sustained a brain injury 2 1/2 years ago. Please pray that her brain and body will heal completely and that her vision will be restored.

  12. For the grace of correcting and disciplining our offspring with tenderness, meekness and love and gentleness. To be freed from the tendencies to violence and sinful anger, wrath and mistreatments. For a happy marriage. For peace in our family and household. For all men so they can be perfect models of saint joseph.

  13. St Joseph
    Pray for my husband to get to know the truth, deliver him of all kinds of witchcraft and bless the work of his hands….

  14. For the total conversion and transformation of my son John Andrew and for his speedy trial . Bless his wife and son

  15. For my husband to do well in his classes he is taking for his Security Licenses that he pass all of his tests and do well so he can get a job. And that the instructor help him and teach him so that he may understand and pass his tests from today and thru Thursday. Thank You Jesus and St Joseph as he passed his first test yesterday. Please help him to pass the next three today tomorrow and Thursday Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit Amen

  16. I pray specifically for my daughter Camryns ankle bone to be closed and healed by God’s healing hand so she won’t need any more procedures. I pray that she will have complete ans whole healing over her leg, skingraft, heel and full functionality on her foot and toes so she will be able to walk and run and dance with no more pain or issues or any limp. Thank you Jesus for saving her life and her leg. We know you are our mighty healer. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen

  17. Dear St. Joseph
    Please pray for my son Michael who is sick. May God grant him mercy and healing. Pray also for my granddaughter M who seem to have lost the right path and is following the lost way. May God have mercy on me and my family.

  18. I pray for peace. I pray for all of my family and friends who are dealing with illnesses. I pray for my mom who has stage 2 breast cancer. I pray for my Uncle Bob who was diagnosed with cancer. For Ken, Maren and their son Abram. I pray for Paul, Pam and their grandson Jacob. I pray for the conversion of my family and friends who are away from the Catholic Church, especially Donnie, David, Logan, Kevin, Cate, Jane Anne, Grant, Bill, Jimmy, Paul, Richard, Leah, Justin, Angie, Maggie, Chris, the Giorgios and the Thompsons. I pray for everyone I know who has a ministry. May they be successful in their efforts, especially the UE Newman Center, Ben O’Neill, St. Joseph’s Holy Family and Live Action. For Josh and Sarah. I pray for all of the priests in the diocese of Evansville, that they will be loved by their parishioners, especially Bishop Siegel, Father Zach, Father Jerry, Father Steve, Father Ryan and all the priests in the diocese who were reassigned, Father Duquaine in the diocese of Lafayette, Pope Francis, Cardinal Burke, Father James Martin, Cardinal Sarah, for the repentance of Mr. McCarrick and Father Thomas Weinandy. For my car to be fixed as quickly and inexpensively as possible. I pray for a new job for myself (preferably one in the entertainment industry, working with young people or involving the Church). I pray that I find work as an actor. I pray for Abbey Curran. I pray for the causes of canonization for Father McGivney, G.K. Chesterton, Archbishop Sheen, Pius XII, John Paul I, Patrick Peyton and Pier Giorgio Frassati. I pray for an end to abortion, divorce, pornography, transgenderism and homosexuality. I pray for my future spouse (whomever and wherever she might be), that God brings us to each other quickly and for purity for us. I pray for financial success for the movie “Daylight” as soon as possible. I pray for Peyton Manning to win a 3rd Super Bowl as a player, that I can watch him play live and that he’ll answer my letter. I pray for me to see Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr together live in concert. I pray for me to visit Marian shrines, Israel and Europe. For the Tridentine Mass & Eastern Rite Divine Liturgy to flourish everywhere. For persecuted Christians. For pious processions to flourish everywhere. For the survival and thriving of my favorite coffee shop and WUEV radio.

  19. – I pray for God’s intervention and divine help through St Joseph’s intercession upon my Total job application, Delta Marine job appointment, Mckinsey job application et al

    -I pray for God’s mercy and favour through St Joseph’s intercession in the sight of Robert Gale upon Raphael Afelumo’s professional contract with Valour Fc

    – I pray for God’s blessings and newness of life through St Joseph’s intercession upon my family traveling application and in every areas of my life and pursuits

  20. St. Joseph,
    Today I pray that my husband and I will continue to receive the blessings of a happy home and love each other for who we are and what we bring to each other. Bless our home and give us the strength to get through this trial period as we walk through this valley to the other side. Please guide him home safely soon. Please bless me that I will be given the okay to go out and do business today. Thanks for all blessings received this day.

  21. Lord Jesus Christ I am being persecuted in my job The evil one and the enemy is trying to destroy me. Lord I pray for your protection and divine guidance. I pray that you give me favour with my director and HR manager.please remove this feeling of uneasiness and doubt.

  22. I pray for good health for my family, i pray for God protection on my family, God plss grant my husband financial breakthrough, a home for Christ and finally love of God. Amen

  23. St. Joseph please pray with and for me that the Lord grant us the grace of restored fertility and pregnancy. That He remove all my fears and worries and allow my body and mind to relax and ovulate and conceive now. We have been trying for some time but will continue to stand on Gods promises for our babies. Please help us have more patience on Gods timing which is always perfect. Please pray we have a good report from our doctor tomorrow. Also asking for prayer for Pearl who like us are trying to have a baby. May the Lord bless us all with fruit of the womb. For all prayer warriors on this novena please pray with and for us that the Lord give us our miracle breakthrough and hearts desire our babies this month. I am praying for all intentions here. I am thanking God and you in advance for a positive report. In Jesus name Amen

  24. Dear St Joseph,
    Please intercede for me to Our Lord, for my granddaughter and all young people who are confused, due to peers or whatever, about their sexual identity or preferences. That feel like God will never forgive them, and feel that the church is no longer a welcoming place for them. May they find their way to God, know His love, and eventually Find their way back into His church. And also for the parents of these children, that their anxiety will be calmed, and they persevere with their prayers and know Christ is with them💕
    Thank you and God Bless!

  25. Dear St. Joseph,

    Thank you for your intersection and help me have faith and hope in the future.

    Thank you for the opportunies and success in my new endeavor!

    Pray for my family, their health and the healing of my dear son and husband!

    Thank you St. JOSEPH!

    Amen Amen

  26. Dear Saint Joesph,
    I thank God for the opportunity of this platform it has helped me to grow closer to God. I pray God blesses them and help them grow.
    My intention for this novena is for God to bless with a life partner at the time which he thinks am ready.
    To bless my job so it can flourish and I can be of great value to the society and my job. To bless my boss to succeed in all his endeavors and make him listen more and spend with ease. Bless my parents for doing such a good job giving me my morals and values. Bless my friend Beverly for being a wonderful friend. I always want Saint Joseph to help to start selling properties I don’t know where to start from.
    This I pray

  27. Dear St. Joseph,

    Please intercede on my behalf to Jesus and Mary to lift my children & I out of poverty & into better circumstances. I am so very stressed out, I don’t know how much more I can take.
    Please, I pray for relief of my stress, feelings of being overwhelmed, feelings of despair, feelings of hopelessness, stress, anxiety, & depression. Please strengthen my faith and the faith of my children. Please, I pray for relief of my financial burdens. I pray for a financial miracle, financial independence, financial abundance, financial prosperity, financial freedom, & financial stability. I am so very tired of living in poverty, despair, and hopelessness I just feel like giving up. Please intercede on my behalf. Please ask our Lord Jesus to guide me on the sale of my home, I can no longer afford it. Please ask our Lord Jesus to help me find a suitable replacement home for my children. I pray that my ex-husband opens his heart, thinks about our children’s needs, and puts our children first before his selfish wants. I pray that my ex-husband pays the full amount of child support/alimony he has owed me for almost 4 years. I pray that my ex-husband pays the full amount of court ordered child support/alimony each and every month. Please heal my children & I spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I pray that I am able to return to school to provide a better life for my children. I pray that my children & I are successful in life & school. I pray that I am a good mother to both of my children. I pray that our lives improve. I ask for peace, joy, happiness, & love. I ask for protection against Satan & all evil. I pray I am able to buy food, pay bills, and repair my car & home. Amen

  28. St. Joseph, father of Jesus you humbly accepted your role as his father and protected Mary in every possible way. This is how I love to be protecting my family to the best of my ability and my husband doing the same for us. Thank you for the blessing we share and the closeness we have developed as time goes by. Please give us continued blessings and love for each other. I really love him and I know he loves me also. I really appreciate the faith of having Jesus in my life. Thanks for all blessings received this day.

  29. St. Joseph please intercede for me to our Lord Jesus to help my son David with this drug addiction he can’t seem to fight. I pray that my daughter Lyda Maria returns back to her Catholic faith and to work on her annulment. I pray St Joseph that you protect our family as you protected our Lord Jesus and the Virgin Mary increase our faith. I pray for all that suffer from mental illness and addiction and for this beautiful country Cuba Amen 🙏🏼.

  30. Please pray for my family to heal and be reconciled after the loss of my mother recently. Please have the difficulties resolved happily.
    Also, for my husbands growth in the catholic faith. And for his leadership in our family. For help and healing of the church and especially priests.

  31. Saint Joseph, please pray for my son to be healed from anxiety and depression.
    Guide him to a career he loves so he can provide for a family some day.
    Healing for Nick, Holly, Caden, Nicolas and Katie.
    Pray for my son to have faith in Jesus!

  32. St. Joseph please pray with and for me that the Lord grant us the grace of restored fertility and pregnancy. That He remove all my fears and worries and allow my body and mind to relax and ovulate and conceive now. We have been trying for some time but will continue to stand on Gods promises for our babies. Please help us have more patience on Gods timing which is always perfect. Please pray the God guide my doctors hands with His wisdom and grace. Please allow this treatment we had yesterday although painful to work. I trust God is guiding this process. I believe and declare this is our now time. For all prayer warriors on this novena please pray with and for us that the Lord give us our miracle breakthrough and hearts desire our babies this month. I am praying for all intentions here. I am thanking God and you in advance for a positive report. In Jesus name Amen

  33. I pray for direction at this point of my life. Been praying about my marriage but I need to know d next level. Not getting answers tho not giving up. But I feel a longing to move on.
    I pray for my husband for everything he has done to me. Pray for God to reach out to his soul; giving it light and warmth to the glory of his name

  34. Dear St. Joseph,
    We pray for my teen sons to be protected from the lure of addictions to substances and indecent material. I request intercession for my sons to feel and experience authentic love and value and to not seek pleasure in harmful and destructive counterfeits. I desperately seek prayers esp for my oldest as we are anxious by his choices.

  35. Dear St. Joseph
    Pray for our family and peace in our country. Pray for my sons to find employment opportunities. Pray for my granddaughter Mandisa and Mphile. St. Joseph pray for us.

  36. Please help me in pray for my son Danny Angel Trevino Jr. I pray that all ugly thought n thoughts of depression, sad, anger and frustration leave him in Jesus name, please Lord send him a father figure to guide him in the right path and surround him with good people, In Jesus name Lord i need you we need in please Lord help us. Amen

  37. Dear Saint Joseph, protector of the families, please pray for our family. May there be respect, peace, understanding and effective communication between my son and my husband. May they both treat each other with respect and kindness. Please pray oh terror of the demons, the curses put on my son will be shattered into dust and blown away into far beyond.

  38. Dear God, i pray for my healing from hyperthyroidsm, i still dont have meficine from doctor because endocrinologist that was reffered to me is still in vacation, i hope on monday i find available doctor in the other hospital that i plan to go…i pray to find a good doctor…please God im so scared about my health, i feel something painful from my breast, i pray that this is just because i still have milk even though im not breastfeeding anymore…please God i pray for good health and long life for my children and also my husband to stop smoking…i pray for my mom and dad and my mother in law to have good health and long life, i pray for nanay good healrh, long life and happiness…Please give me strength and possitive thinking, heal me o Lord,,,have mercy on us…i pray through Jesus Christ our Lord…Amen

  39. St. Joseph,
    Bless me with a happy home and assist me in having continued faith and hope that everything will work out and Danny will be home soon. Bless our families and give us the continued guidance needed daily to choose the right path as we walk through the valley of death. Give me strength to reach this goal of making the money I need to pay my bills on a weekly basis.Thanks for all blessings received this day.

  40. Dear St. Joseph,
    Please pray for my husband that he will be pure, chaste and holy. Please pray for our marriage that Jesus will be at the center and will heal the brokenness that has occurred due to this issue. Also please pray for Monica who is pleading for her fertility to return and we are also pleading for the same thing. We want to conceive our rainbow child this month if it is God’s Will as we have been waiting so long for healing of my fallopian tubes and my hormones to function well. This we pray with St. Joseph’s intercession.
    Through Christ our Lord, Amen.

  41. to keep my whole family free from any serious illness and disease. How my shortness of breath be nothing serious and to go away very soon

  42. I pray for my husband, brother, and brothers in law that God will approve of their labour and increase their income so that they may be able to take care of their families.

  43. Pl pray for my some Bryan Joseph 17 years with learning and attention deficit with behavior problems. He is appearing for SSLC (10th grade) board exam these days with external aid/ scribe. Pl pray for him to do his exams well with support and help from teachers and scribe. Requesting fervent prayers for Bryan”s complete healing and grace to live with us at home. Presently he is in a rehab center. Pl do pray.

  44. pra
    y for my huaband Emmanuel Kibet hes has been jobless for close to 2yrs now,2 weeks ago he got a contract for 3 months.Am still really praying for him that he may be able to get a permanent job.Thank you

  45. St. Joseph please pray with and for me that the Lord grant us the grace of restored fertility and pregnancy. That He remove all my fears and worries and allow my body and mind to relax and ovulate and conceive now. We have been trying for some time but will continue to stand on Gods promises for our babies. Please help us have more patience on Gods timing which is always perfect. Please continue to ask the Lord to guide by grace and wisdom our doctors hand. Thank you for a positive report from the doctor today. Things are beginning to unfold finally and we thank God. We know our miracle is so close!! For all prayer warriors on this novena please pray with and for us that the Lord give us our miracle breakthrough and hearts desire our babies this month. I am praying for all intentions here. I am thanking God and you in advance for a positive report. In Jesus name Amen

  46. For my husband and children and all in ourkives now and In the future for guidance courage strength and love of Jesus

  47. Dear St Joseph please intercede for my husband that he will be pure, chaste and holy. Please also pray for healing of our marriage from the hurtthat was caused by this break down. Pray for my fertility to be restored allowing us to conceive another child and for us to adopt. Pray for all other men that they will be chaste and holy.
    Through Christ our Lord.

  48. Lord, I pray for my husband’s work to continue going well; that he wold reap a good harvest from all the hard work he has sown over the past 9 years. It has been hard on us financially, but I trust in you and that you will provide for us.

    For my friend’s who are selling their home, that they would get great offers and be able to move like they want. For my good friend and her family—that they would adjust well to having a new baby in the family and all that goes with that.

  49. I ask Dear Lord for my husband Stephen Trimboli’s complete remission from his leukemia. Please continue to bless him and keep him strong throughout his process.
    I also ask for a miracle for my frien JL. That she may be here for a long time with her husband and kids.
    I ask in your name Jesus.

  50. Lord I place my work situation into your hands. Lord jesus , the enemy is trying to get me out . Lord i pray for your divine protection. I pray to be shield from the attacks of the enemy. Lord every attempt by the enemy to destroy me I send it back to them fold.

  51. St. Joseph,
    Thank you for the blessings of knowing that whenever all else fails God is there to guide and protect. By his grace I”ve made it through to another day which is pure and blessed with hope, faith, strength courage and the will to go on. Thank you father God and please give me continued guidance in being released so I can make money and be successful in maintaining my monthly bills. That my husband will be given the clearance to come home as I need him by my side to assist me in everyday struggles. I have faith of this coming through soon, Bless our families and keep us in faith. Thank you for all blessings receive today.

  52. Please pray for my friends, a young family, whose marriage is in trouble because of the infidelity of one of them. They are in counseling. Pray especially for the true change of heart of the one who went astray. Thank you.

  53. St Joseph, please pray that my son gets the full time job he’s interviewed for, he’s in desperate financial need. For my daughter to find her future husband. May God’s holy will be done. Thank You Jesus

  54. Please pray for my brother Rodney he is having surgery today. I pray for all to go well n i pray for everyone in this surgery. I pray for peace upon uss and a speedy recovery. In Jesus name Amen

  55. Our daughter in law (Claire)’s dad Richard is diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and it has spread to his whole body. Doctors have given him limited time to live. We all have hope in our Mighty God. Please I request you to pray for his healing and above all let the will of god be done in him.

    Thank you and God bless.

  56. St. Joseph,
    Please intercede for me on the following:
    1. Bless me God doubly as you blessed Jabez.
    2. To get a job
    3. To get unexcepted financial breakthrough to clear my loans/debts.
    4. My father in law to return back to his home at end of the month.
    5. To able to open a business next month & it generates 100% profits.
    6. A job promotion with salary increment for my husband.
    7. My husband to emerge the winnee of his court case with no imprisonment charges or any other charges.

  57. St. Joseph please pray with and for me that the Lord grant us the grace of restored fertility and pregnancy. That He remove all my fears and worries and allow my body and mind to relax and ovulate and conceive now. We have been trying for some time but will continue to stand on Gods promises for our babies. Please help us have more patience on Gods timing which is always perfect. For all prayer warriors on this novena please pray with and for us that the Lord give us our miracle breakthrough and hearts desire our babies this month. Please let me receive a good results from my doctor tomorrow. May God work his grace through my doctors hands tonorow. I am praying for all intentions on this novena. I am also praying from all those couples trying to conceive May God grant us all our babies soon. I am thanking God and you in advance for a positive report. In Jesus name Amen

  58. Please pray for both a spiritual and physical healing of my son Jon, father of six, and only 46 years old . He has an lower aortic disection, quite serious.

  59. St Joseph, please intercede for us asking that we may soon be blessed with conceiving a healthy child of our own. It has been such a long, painful journey and we have suffered so much. We ask that we can become parents as you and Mary did. Pray for healing for me, removal of any obstacles, guidance, and an increase in faith.

  60. I pray to St. Joseph to hear my Novena prayer intentions and for God to answer my prayers according to his will. I also pray St. Joseph to hear my friend Laly’s Novena prayer intention – God’s will be done. Mercy – mtdjc

  61. Asking God to help me find the right person to be my husband. I am so fed up of feeling hurt and disappointed all the time.
    Praying for my friend’s marriage to work out and her husband to return to their home with their beautiful children.
    Please God help my brother to be a more loving and caring husband and father to his family.
    Praying for myself to be out of sadness and depression all the time.

  62. Dear good St. Joseph, please intercede for:
    + my husband’s healing & conversion
    + an employment opportunity, for Hussam,…
    (& may it help to lead to his conversio, if it be in God’s Holy Will)
    + healing for my brother Tom
    + a peaceful death for my parents, when their time comes
    Thank YOU, St. Joseph, for your tremendous help & protection in so many areas!

  63. Prayers for all my family – daughters, son-in-law, and grandchildren. That they may come back to practicing their faith. That my grandchildren will be safe from harm in their work places and from the devil’s temptations. My granddaughter will realize the errors of her lifestyle. Prayers for all the sick, and suffering and those who care for them. Prayers for all priests, living and deceased, especially those who helped to enrich my faith life.
    Prayers for peace in our families and throughout the whole world.

  64. ❤️ For my friend Patricia that her workplace may soon set up Work-from-
    Home so she does not have to do a 2 plus hour commute.

    ❤️ Also that the situation with her car will soon be solved.|

    ❤️ That I may soon know, the steps to take, what to do, and the contacts to make, so I progress on the project I am desiring to accomplish.

    Thank you St. Joseph ❤️

  65. Please pray that my father, along with the rest of my family and friends, will return to reconciliation and the faith.

  66. I pray for my family to approach the Lord and grant Him their whole selves and lives.
    for the Surya’s mother who is so sick , hopefully she recovers soon.
    my Lord, may I trust deeply and choose to do Your will daily.

  67. Peace be with you! I request that God should harken unto my voice when I pray, I have so many things I have prayed for and I pray for answer prayers. Amen.

  68. I pray through the intercession of St Joseph for God to touch the heart of Pech Duoldalg and turn his life around, I also pray for my friends Paul, Nyahoth, Anjelina and Nyankang that God will strengthen them and give them peace in their storms and I pray for everyone praying this novena that Almighty God will grant our petitions through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.

  69. Please play they will continue being loving respectful husband and loving compassionate fathers

  70. I pray that St,Joseph will intercede your for my son and the people that recently took any professional exams & midterms that my son will pass & I asked for others. Please St. Joseph answer our humble prayers ,also His healing on my health, my spouse and also the sick, Asking for His protections on my children, grand child & all friends and relatives. In His Holy name we ask. Amen.

  71. Two years ago, I prayed my first novena ever. It was this St. Joseph Novena through PrayMoreNovenas. It was also the first time I intentionally prayed for my future husband (and practically ever novena through PrayMore Novenas since then, my future husband/current boyfriend was some sort of intention). Six months after praying my first novena to St. Joseph, I met my own Joseph (yes we are Mary & Joseph for all those Catholic nerds out there!). And lo and behold, on March 9th, the day before St. Joseph Novena begins, we got engaged!! (Coincidence? I think not!) So while this novena is still for my future husband, it is also in thanksgiving for all the amazing things God has done in our lives to lead us to each other!


  72. Dear St. Joseph
    I ask you to intercede for me so I get a good job, the one that God has intended for me. I’m praying to receive a job offer soon; in Jesus name.

  73. Humble St. Joseph,

    Care for and protect our young daughter as you protected Jesus in this life. Pray that she would be healed completely of inflammatory bowel disease and protected from all other disease or illness. Pray that her mind/heart would be protected from all anxiety and that she would be surrounded with virtuous friends who lift her up – and she for them in return. Pray her life is healthy, long and prosperous, loving St. Joseph.

    Please pray for health, holiness, guidance and happiness for my husband, family as well as our friends in need of the healing touch of our Savior:

    • Brian and Cynthia and their family
    • Greg and his family
    • Stefany and her family
    • Jason and his family
    • Kevin and his family
    • Rita and her family, especially her son

    For all those praying this Novena and all the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

    Thank you loving St. Joseph – Pray for us!

  74. Saftey and Health of all my family. Healing of my Aunt and nephew. Peace finance and health of myself.

  75. praying to do well in my university exams
    praying that God restores my dad with good health and bless both him and my mom and my siblings as well
    praying for a life partner for serious relationship
    praying for wisdom to make wise decisions and self control

  76. Please join me to pray that good Lord will deliver my marriage from witchcraft kingdom that has kept us childless,separated I and my husband from each other,even though we are living together but we can never agree on any thing

  77. I am praying for complete healing of my mother who could have cancer of the lining of the uterus. Further tests are being done and myself I have a terrible head ache, high BP and stomach aches.

  78. I would like to offer this novena up for my wonderful boyfriend, for all of his intentions, and that God”s will may be done in him and through him in all areas of his life. And that we may both learn to know, accept, and love each other as we truly ought to with the graces of purity, chastity, patience, fortitude, and self control. And that we may both learn to love God more.

    Thank you, St. Joseph!

  79. Prayers for return to the faith for my son and daughter in law, that they will grow in faith and strengthen their marriage and fall in love again.