The Next Novena: The Christmas Novena!

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We are excited to announce that the next novena we will pray is the Christmas Novena! 

This was the very first novena we ever prayed through Pray More Novenas — and that was eight years ago. At the time, we didn’t have very many people subscribed to pray with us… And now, there are more than 450,000 people praying with us! Praise God for this community!

We have prayed for the same general intention each year that we pray this novena, and that’s for an end to abortion.

There is no better time than to reflect on the most vulnerable of this world than during Advent and Christmas when we prepare for the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, who comes to us as a small baby.

We will begin praying on Sunday, December 16th!

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We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you!

God bless you!
Annie & John-Paul –

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  1. Dear Lord, ILove you and give you thanks for all you give me and not give me on a daily basis. I can not imagine my life without you by my side. Lord, you know what my needs are, I deliver myself totally to you. Thank you for letting us bring our eldest son back home so he can be cured and find peace and follow your plans for him. You are my way. Please protect me and my dear ones.

  2. Please pray that my daughter Alyssa gets the position. This position is what she studied and received her degre in. She needs a reason to continue achieving goals after her self esteem has been shot down by a mentally abusive boyfriend for the past 9years. She is getting ready to enter the interview right now.Through your holy name Jesus we pray. Amen

  3. Hlw please pray for me . I lend upon one person the money because of the problem that find and now does not want to return my money and not receive my phone calls. please pray for me because am in bad situation and am lose the hope to get it. be blessed for your prayer
    Thank very much

  4. Today, I pray to our Lord Jesus Christ, Mary Mother of God and All the Saints for our 3 adult children that our oldest son will be successful in his job, and be blessed with a nice Christian lady friend to love him, and that his faith will come back to the church. For our middle son that he will continue to seek counseling, that he will be blessed with a good job, and too be blessed with a nice Christian lady to be his soul mate. For our daughter that she will be successful in her job, that this medicine she is on will heal her tumor and she will be health, and thank you for blessing her with her new fiancé. I pray for my marriage that it will grown in faith and love and we Thank you for all that you have blessed us with. Amen.

  5. I am struggling for a place to move into to call ” my home”. My Sister wants me to move on and into my own place to live. I so desparately am in need of the start-up costs…first months rent and security deposit. Please pray for and with me please for this, my prayer-intention, to come to fruition. She coldly and consistantly reminds me every single day. After I pay her her wkly. rent, there is hardley anything left for me to save!! I feel so lost and helpless and alone. She makes me feel so lowly and inadequate…frequently, I say. GOD BLESS YOU ALL…Amen. Thank you for all of your prayers.

  6. Please pray for my niece Nileen Francis aged 22yrs to get healed from tumour and advanced cancer… doctors are not treating her…only God can heal n save her life.. Amen

  7. Please pray for me as am suffering from advanced bladder kidney n bladder is in great trouble.. undergoing terrible pain n sufferings..
    Thanks for ur prayers. ..

  8. Please pray for me for healing. I have a spinal injury that has affected my hands, my breathing, and my core muscles. I cannot walk. I get frequent infections and feel very sick and ill
    Please pray for me

  9. Please pray for me for healing. I have a spinal injury that has affected my hands, my breathing, and my core muscles. I cannot walk. I get frequent infections and feel very sick and ill
    Please, please pray for me

  10. For my friend, Mary, whose cancer was in remission but has come back, that she will be cured.
    For Justice Ginsberg, that she will be cured as well.

  11. Please bless me with Financial Freedom, abundance, and safety. Please bless myself, my wife, my two sons, and daughter with strong health and safety. Protect us Lord. Protect St. Perrgrine.

    Thank You, Love, Amen. MF

  12. I am asking for prayers for:
    Norma: body is shutting down. She is 85
    Aunt Armand: Alzheimer’s, she’s 86
    My father: unknown spot on lung. He’s 81
    Denise’s mom: breast cancer
    Kim: breast cancer
    Claire: Cancer
    Thank you Brenda

  13. Please pray for my very young sister in law who has been diagnosed with three kinds of cancer. Please pray that she is completely healed and that the insurance company may approve the treatment and claims soon so the treatment can commence. Thank you

  14. Please pray for my son and daughter my son is fighting vehicle Hall disease my daughter and her children give them to her in-laws because her and my son-in-law or evicted from their home they have recently separated and in-laws have kept the children away from my side of the family and my daughter for over a year they will not give the children back their making my daughter go through a mental evaluation and drug test my daughter was left alone without any money and had to move to Kentucky to my son’s house wish you got a job is doing well she’s saving her money to go back and get the children but she has a long legal battle to fight and we don’t have any money they on the other hand have lots of money and can hire lawyers that wolves hinder this process please pray for them I miss my grandchildren that my grandson is going to be 4 years old in March and my granddaughter just turn to in October we have not seen them to give them Christmas presents or celebrate Easter with them my daughter missed her children and I miss my grandchildren

  15. I am enjoying your emails thank you so much for your guidance i myself am going through breast cancer and am finding great strength with all the novena i say thank you for being you for helping us through our faith .God bless you both .
    Mel xxx

  16. I am praying for a Financial Blessing, so that I can get a security deposit/first months rent help. This is so that I am able to move into my own studio/efficiency apartment, away the the drama, dysfunction, etc;…where I’m currently living. This means the world to me. Please pray for and with me. PLEASE. Thank You Ever So Much. GOD BLESS You and Yours.

  17. Good morning all
    I would like to request a prayer for my family. It is falling apart a lot of division and hate among siblings, parents and in-laws and the nieces and nephews. Please pray for unity and love

  18. I have a prayer intention to help a family member MARY NERAU TETAC who is diagnosed with ANAGMIA. Please I need your help to pray for her recovery. Thank you all for your constant prayers.
    May God bless us all.

    Thank you

    Catherine Kowor
    Papua New Guinea

  19. Pls pray for my husband. He is facing some challenges at his place of work. He will be facing the disciplinary committee next week Thursday. I pray God to protect my husband and his job. Thank you.

  20. Please pray for me that my husband will realise the importance of his family.God please take away all strange women from my marriage and let peace be restored in my home.i pray that God heals my son who has dexlexia.

  21. I am in dire need of start-up costs in order for me to move out of my Sister’s house as she wants me to. She coldly and consistantly reminds me every single day!! Please pray for and with me…Amen. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR PRAYERS. GOD BE WITH ALL OF US BROTHER AND SISTERS…Amen.

  22. Thank you Dear Lord, Mary Mother of God, and all the Saints for hearing my prayers. I pray for our oldest son that he will be successful in/at his job; please wrap your arms around him and his brother that their faith will grow, that he will be blessed with a nice Christian lady friend to be his soul mate. I pray for our middle son that he too will continue his counseling for his depression/anxiety; that he will be blessed with a good job, and a nice Christian lady friend to be his best friend. I pray for our daughter that she will be successful in her job, that this medicine will heal her pituitary tumor, and thank you so much for blessing her with her fiancé. I pray for my marriage that out love and faith will grow. Thank you again for all that you have blessed us with.