The Next Novena: A Novena for Protection

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The next novena we will pray is to a saint that’s known as the Prince of Angels and defender of all of God’s people…

The next novena is the St. Michael the Archangel Novena

We will start praying on Friday, February 19th, and you can share your prayer intentions below.

St. Michael the Archangel is known for interceding for protection from evil and for healing.

We will pray this novena so that we may live more in accordance with Christ’s teachings, that we will be protected from the snares of the devil, that we will live for the glory of God, and that we may have the strength to defeat the disordered desires of this world.

We hope you will join us in praying this novena, and that you will share it with all of your friends & family. 

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And you can share your prayer intentions in the comments below.

St. Michael the Archangel’s feast day is in September. But as with every novena, you can pray it any time of the year — and we will start this one on February 19th. That’s one week away, so be sure to spread the word! 

We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you! 

God bless you!

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  1. Dear God and St. Michael the Archangel please relieve me of my anxieties and doubt. I have been diagnosed with OCD and I have struggled on and off for a few years. lately I have hit a hard place with my OCD. I am asking for prayers as I embark on my nursing school journey that my anxieties and setbacks don’t keep me from my dreams and happiness. I pray to be relieved of my pain.

  2. Dear Archangel Michael, I ask for your intercession for my issues that I am coping very very hard with at the moment:

    1, My husband (MRS) is a very very very intelligent, interesting and even charming man, but a VERY VERY VERY big narcissism type, a personal disorder, “Grand-I-Type”. Please help him, heal him, get the satans of this narcissism out of him forever, because it brings a big and systematic soul violence to me since we have married until now and the narcissistic persons have violence only to their life partners who are closest to them, but not others. There are a lot of expert books about this kind of disorder and it seems that even psyche experts/doctors find too disencouraged to treat them because most of narcissistic people are the very intelligent ones, even too intelligent, interesting, charming but very very dangerous among many other facets that are sophisticated. I can not, either St. Michael. I am just his wife, a mom and a housewife, dependent on him financially. So today, I speak to you my Archangel Michael, please come, intercede and do it for me. We married in a catholic church. I believe in God, faithful to Him and love Him. I need You St. Michael, I need you, I need you. Please intercede my husband with regard to the followings:
    * He is addictive to the sexy, pornography photos, calendar, statues, pictures of all kinds… of women, especially obsessive with big-breast women, and hanging them all around at our houses, his offices, studios and anywhere that I do not know. It is never enough for him. The more he sees and enjoys, the more he feels something still missing in him and he seeks and wants to see more and more and more. That’s all. He continues constantly collecting such and hanging fully around, even in our sleeping room. In our sleeping room, there is also a very big picture of a nude woman who is his old secretary, seriously hanged in our sleeping room, in a very nice painted picture, but sexy and satan. He was ever so obsessed by this secretary for so many years, she misused him to be promoted to the highest position in my husband’s company where my husband is founder, and she was successful in her target. My husband kept her because everyday wears very sexy and appealing to show her extra big breast and brown skin and she knew quite well that my husband needs it. It was ever very sad for me about this relationship and I often prayed to God to help. Until now, my husband has sold this company and she is still the boss there but not together with my husband anymore, thanks God. I do not know, but it happened one day and he said it to me. I said to my husband to throw these nude pictures away, but my words are just like silly things to him, so sad isn’t it St. Michael. St. Michael please intercede and defeat the satans, demons, evil of these aspects in my husband forever!
    * He always thinks that the fact he marries me is a big favor for me because he is very rich but I have no assets. With this marriage between us, I can be staying in his houses etc. He is always proud that he is a millionaire to me. St. Michael, in fact, I have to sign a marriage contract according to his request and in this contract I must waive all of my rights as to his assets and I may receive a portion that is not clear at all for me about entitlement, very tricky to me with such a legal arrangement. St. Michael, assets to me mean nothing, but I need respect and love. St. Michael, please intercede and defeat the satans, demons, evil of these aspects in him forever.
    * He misuses others and vice versa he is misused by others because such narcissistic people need excessive compliments. Without immediate and excessive compliments from his wife like me, I will be punished and compared with other women who do this for him, very sicky St. Michael. St. Michael, please intercede and defeat the satans, demons, evil of these aspects in him forever.
    * He has a totally false concept of love. For narcissism people, love is dependence. For me as his wife, I have enough painful experience of this St. Michael. What I can say about this is only: I feel extreme painful about this in all situations of daily life and in holidays. Narcissistic people suffered a very difficult childhood, most of them were beaten in their childhood, my husband the same, he was beaten so much by his mom. It is the main reason which leads to narcissism and he applies it now to me as his wife to feel alive. Narcissistic people often do not want to depend on any people, especially their wife like me, I don’t know why. It is not fair for me. I am his wife, but not the woman or an image of his mom whom he needs to play or exercise violence against due to his experience with his mom or any other things in his sick psyche. St. Michael, please intercede and defeat the satans, demons, evil of these aspects in him forever. Please let him go of this experience and past.
    * Do not protect me as his wife due to his wrong concept of love. St. Michael, please intercede and defeat the satans, demons, evil of these aspects in him forever. I need my husband to protect me, please intercede.
    * Having problems with closeness but misusing me in all aspects. St. Michael, please intercede and defeat the satans, demons, evil of these aspects in him forever.
    * Love provoking me and my children if his day is not successful. St. Michael, please intercede and defeat the satans, demons, evil of these aspects in him forever.
    * Love to play power games in marriage relationships and acting wonderful to show his power. St. Michael, please intercede and defeat the satans, demons, evil the satans of these aspects in him forever.
    * He is a very successful businessman and intelligent but can not lead a marriage life as normal people, he does not know how to go further. St. Michael, please intercede and defeat the satans, demons, evil of these aspects in him forever.
    * Always jealous with me about my qualifications and my love to Jesus, to the catholic church, so he makes me very small before others in his intelligent way and calling others to his side in this talent. St. Michael, please intercede and defeat the satans, demons, evil of these aspects in him forever.
    * Always say low about me with others in a very smart and clever way. St. Michael, please intercede and defeat the satans, demons, evil of these aspects in him forever.
    * He does not want to go to the church with me at the weekends. St. Michael, please intercede and helping him to go to the catholic church with me again, love God and love church.
    * Narcissism is a mixture of intelligence and something like gangster character, charming but dangerous. My husband is really really intelligent. St. Michael, please intercede and defeat the satans, demons, evil of the dark soul and these aspects in him forever. I always long for him to be a lovely husband. I am scaried whenever his Grand-I-Type arises.
    * He always requires well-prepared dinners with various sophisticated foods to be made by me. Sometimes, I can not do because I am tired. But he never accepts that. He considers that is an attitute of laziness and punishes his wife for that. It is so scaried for me and I often have to do all my best because I am terrified of his punishments to me or his provocations in a very clever and tricky way to me. For narcisistic persons, there are only 2 categories: reward or punishment. St. Michael, please intercede and defeat the satans, demons, evil of these aspects in him forever.
    Dear St. Michael, there are other facets of my husband, a narcissism, a personal disorder, “Grand-I-Type” that I can not remember to say all here, but all of these things Lord knows and you know. I have known because I experienced during our life together as his wife and it is really household spirit violence. I was recommended by a Priest to read the books of psyche doctor Umberta Telfener. After reading these expertise book about this disorder, I became to know that I can not do anything, it is so difficult ☹. So I leave all to You, please help me. I do not get rid of any hopes so I talk to you St. Michael. You can do this St. Michael! THANK YOU!

    2, Two years ago, there is a woman named AH coming to our farm to ride my horse Iltschi. Iltschi is the love gift that my husband gave me right at the very first dating when we began to know each other. Iltschi is very nice and very important to me in my soul. When we married, the horse always belongs to me. I was not instructed to go to any course for horse but swamped with housework and cleaning. One day, my husband said he will invite somebody to ride my horse. I did not know what will be happening. Later, it turned out that this woman AH came so so so often to our farm to ride my horse. It is not normal St. Michael. She comes everyday, even early morning on Saturdays, Sundays, every single weekend, Easter, every national holidays etc. It is too too too much for me St. Michael. Each time, she comes, it lasts very very long at our farm. At the beginning, it is ok with me. Gradually, I began to realize that she wants to take over my horse systematically without my permission and she only dealt with my husband without my knowledge. She even does not allow anyone else to ride my horse, to approach my horse and she means that ruling at our farm systematically. The way how she treats me so bad, so disturbing and affecting seriously my private life. She acts as if she has a riding hobby and that’s all and nobody else is important to her because she has my husband. My husband said that she paid some courses where she goes with my horse, so she shares his costs for my horse, so she has such right. St. Michael, a strange woman comes to my life this way. Gradually, I lost my beloved Iltschi. I really do not wish such a situation at all St. Michael. I will give my horse away to the people I feel good in my heart, but not this way and not to the person who hurts me like AH. In any case, I never want to give away my Iltschi because it is the love present that my husband gave me at the very first dating. Iltischi is my spirit, my soul. I have thought how can I resolve this until now, but I can not think how to do it. The rider AH, she said she is a neurologist doctor, but I do not believe in it because a doctor does not act that way and does not have so much time disturbing like this, everyday, and to another family like this. Our neighbor said she is assistant to doctor, but not doctor. St. Michael, she knows about neurology and she understands the narcissism of my husband and she uses it for her private benefits systematically and successfully until now. She comes to our farm and saying this or that need to be changed and influencing my husband and disturbing my private life. It is not a hobby, it is a disturbance, misuse, disrespecting me, playing me and hurting me. Whenever she comes, my heart gets blooded. I am a wife and a mom and playing no role at our farm. She hurts me constantly for two years until now. Today is your day St. Michael, I need You, I need your intercession, I need You to speak to Jesus for me, to Mother Mary for me and helping me in this case. Please see me, how many times I have to visit hospital due to such hurts that she gave me until now, how many times I cried out to Jesus, how many times I ran to the church early morning to tell Him all about this and crying and tears. St. Michael, you are the very first Archangel, please talk to AH’s guardian angel and my husband’s guardian angel that she, AH, should not come to our farm anymore and my husband should remember it is my love gift that he gave me and I want to keep it, and please also speak to them that there are a lot of things not just my horse and disturbing our life, our marriage and hurting me. I am willing to pay her back what she has paid for my horse as she and my husband said, although she exercised such courses for her hobby, in order to let her go out of our life and marriage life. But I do not know how to arrange this with her and my husband because I am very weak in this triangle relationship. She is happy because she knows for sure that she has my husband on her side and she knows he protects her but not me. Vice versa, she is working in the neurology field, so knows how to control and misuses my husband. And my husband is narcissistic. She is happy when I feel deadly sad and must go out of our farm and my husband would leave me. So, I leave all to you St. Michael, you do it for me, you decide all for me, I follow you and obey you whatever you do for me. Please help send this satan AH and other existing and potential satans, demons and dark souls out of our farm, our houses, our life, our marriage, the life of our children forever. In the meantime, where I wait for You St. Michael to come and intercede, please help me that I must not see or hear her when she comes to our farm, to our life everyday, dealing with my husband and vice versa, taking my Iltschi, even when she stands very near me and noisy with my horse. I love Iltschi forever. THANK YOU!

    3, I am only a housewife and a mom with much work at home. But I love to go to work part time to finance myself and my children independently. I love work at catholic church, I love work for God because it is the only place I feel to be loved and protected, please help me have such chances and do it successfully. My health is getting worse due to such soul violence. From a woman with much energy (before marriage), I am now a too skinny, emaciated, pale and haggard woman. I can not hold up. Please help me. I leave all to you St. Michael. I cry to you St. Michael. I love Jesus. THANK YOU! Please also help my son PNBVH to pass the probationary time at the KSR in this 2nd semester with all of his examinations (25 February 2021: English, 4 March 2021: Geography and Mathematics, 15 March 2021: French, 17 March 2021: German, 22 March 2021: English, 24 March 2021: Biology, 25 March 2021: Music, 26 March 2021: History, 31 March 2021: Informatics and he does all other exams, learn all subjects well in this 2nd semester and has four continous years in KSR excellently with a concentration, dependence and a big passion for learning and studying. My daughter NMYM go to the next level of Sekundar School, E-Class and then 2 years later smoothly to KSR. She is always safe, suffers no mobbing at schools, positive and has big passions for learning and reading, love nature and having good sincere friends for her long life. THANK YOU!


  3. 1. Humble heart in the life of Nnanna Onochi, son in law.
    2 Humble heart in the life of Chinyere, my daughter.
    3 God’s divine visitation and transformation upon the family.
    4. God’s knowledge and wisdom upon the family.
    Thank you Lord for answering my request. Amen.

  4. Thanking God for our lives, journey mercies, favours, safety, good health, guardiance and protection in the family and asking for same
    Thanking all the saints and our mother Mary for their intercessions in our various needs and petitions and asking for same.
    Dear Michael the Arch angel, I present before you all our petitions, requests, intentions and all that is bordering us in the family before you to help us present them to God for solutions Amen.
    Intercession for my daughter’s choice of spouse that God will bless her with the right person soon.
    For my health that the pain will go completely
    For my cousin that her marriage will have peace
    For my sons documents to receive urgent attention and may he not be penalised for going late
    For their jobs to be going on well and for them to continue to trust in God
    For my daughter to be safe on the road and safety in the work place
    For our workers, relatives, religious, sick and poor among us that God will bless and heal them
    For our investments that we shall reap from ot
    For our tenants to be paying their rents as at when due and for our vacant property to be occupied soon by good tenants
    For the gas issue to be resolved soon
    For my daughters in school to finishing flying colours
    Thank you Jesus for answering our prayers and thank you st Michael the Arch angel for intercessions. Thank you all the saints for intercessions in my past requests Amen. God’s blessings on John Paul and annie for praying for us Amen

  5. I pray that the deceptions,manipulations, intimidations happening in my life & people around me will be exposed & uncovered.I pray that this diabolical,malicious & nefarious situation will be brought into the Light of Jesus Christ.And that God will expose this heinous experiment & all involved.St Michael the Archangel,protect my family & I & other innocent victims.

  6. Lord heal my son and i from every sickness that is tormenting us,and make my son talk in Jesus name. St Michael intercede for me and let my good heart desires be granted. Amen

  7. My prayer intentions are: 1 To have a good working environment 2 For a good healthy and end to BP 3 for good farming harvests 4 for financial break through to solve my financial problems 5 for protection from Covid 19 to my self and all my family members 6 for CC to be employed 7 for NC to stop bed wetting 8 for MC , Ak , PK , NC and CC to do well in his studies

  8. St Michael the Archangel, please lead me closer to Jesus. I pray for help in finding the right 1 bdrm. In a safe place that is peacefulI pray for clarity with my relationship with l. I pray to guide us in Jesus’s name. That we can talk about the future so I know where I stand.
    I trust in God let me listen to him. Help me with my finances. Thank you for all you do
    I pray…

  9. Please pray for me as I finish writing a book about my son. I know I can finish it this year but the covid-19 virus has made the project 6 months behind. Finances and future employment are very unsure. I am trying to keep going by faith hope and love but some days are overwhelming.

  10. Please pray that my husband and that he may come to see and appreciate the truth and beauty of the Latin mass and will attend with our kids and I. And for the end of abortion and vaccines.
    For my siblings that they may be employed soon.
    For Dr.Levergood and her unborn baby.
    Thank you for your prayers. God bless you.

  11. Thanking God for our lives, journey mercies, favours, good health, guardiance and protection in the family praying for same
    Thanking all the saints and Michael the Arch angel for intercessions on our petitions and intentions and asking for same.
    I implore for your intercessions on my daughter’s choice of marriage that she will choose right soon and God will bless her with a kind hearted spouse that will love her dearly.
    For my health that I will be healed completely and regain my health and weight and also the health of my family members
    For my sons to be focused and not always be forgetful, for them to buy a good house in a safe neighbourhood, and also be blessed with good spouses soon.
    For my sons documents to receive urgent attention
    For my daughter’s safety on the road as she goes for her IT every day
    For our investments that they will continue to yield,
    For our tenants to pay their rents as at when due and also good tenants on our vacant properties
    For our workers, relatives, friends, the sick, poor and religious, that you continue to provide for them
    Thank you Jesus for answering our prayers, thank you st Michael the Arch angel for intercessions and God’s blessing on John Paul and annie for praying for us Amen.
    Father Lord, you said we should ask and we shall receive and we should knock and the door should be opened to us, I have asked and received severally Lord and I believe that I will equally receive this time around the supplication I have made on my daughter’s choice of marriage. Thank you Jesus for answering our prayers for my sons jobs.
    Thank you our mother Mary, all the saints and Michael the Arch angel. Amen

  12. I am praying for my fiance to get a job. We dearly need financial stability.
    I am also praying the families plans that they succeed

  13. Dear St. Micheal,please hear&answer everyone’s prayers on this novena! Bless and anoint my son’s briefing/ hosting tomorrow,that all will go very smoothly and his hard work will show it to be very blessed&successful with all involved! Bring great things to him through his Military career and lead him safely and find real loyal brotherhood lifelong friends there and a great godly career from it as well! Help us visit him in March and bless all our reunion from beginning to end;safe travels,nice sunny warm weather &restoration&joy,healings,good health& love! I continue to ask for Your Divine intercession regarding our(my daughter&myself) apartment recertification,that it will go smoothly,blessed&protected! Please help with our provision to pay our household bills&car! Please give me strength to do my gallbladder 2 hour test&heal me&my sister from our ongoing nausea that we always have! Please bring me a godly kind caring boyfriend this summer! Bless my daughter &myself with godly husband’s! Protect me &my loved ones from covid 19,sickness,harm,danger,temptations from the evil one&all evil&all demonic harassment,slander&curses! Cover us all with Your blood sweet Saviour Jesus,come to our aid-St.Micheal(all us- K,A,J&J,R,R,M,M,M,&all our kids,grandkids&animals)! XO

  14. Please pray for my daughter Teresa, that is feeling insecure in her job. She was told that she was not so engaged as her colleagues because she puts Faith, family, those who are need Internet her life agenda…. We think the company she works in is so full of greed, and she suffers…. but has to work. Thank you.
    Peace be with you, God bless you for this Novenas!

  15. Good morning, my people of God, my prayer intentions for protection travel to African this year and to move to a big apartment with my children we are in 2 rooms all together with papa 8 people in 2 rooms.
    Your faithful Yvon

  16. Dear St. Michael the Archangel,
    Please pray for everybody in my family to be blessed with good health and financial stability. Please protect us all from all diseases and evil. Please bless my family with peace, love and happiness. Amen.
    Please pray for the intentions of all praying this novena.

  17. I pray for my husband’s physical, emotional,mental and spiritual healing.
    I also.pray for my son’s full recovery from alcohol and marijuana

  18. Pray for Alex to stay engaged and focused on his studies, that he learns proper study skills and organization skills. Also pray that he has a meaningful a d fun experience in London.

    Please pray that he is filled with the live and guidance of the Homy Spirit.

  19. Please protect my girls always. Keep them safe from harm or sickness.
    Also please protect my family and friends and me

  20. Pray for our family who has recently lost our last parent to covid. Help us thru our grieving and the estate dealings . Many harse words have been spoken and feelings hurt. Members of the family being greedy and manipulative. Help us to humble ourselves, be kind, be thankful for what we have, and heal our brokenness starting with me. In Jesus name I pray.

  21. St Michael the archangel, I invite you in my prayers to come and help me fight this battle of joblessness and poverty in my life, that I may defeat Satan and become victorious by getting a better job. I also pray for my daughter Sandra to get her school fees in time through your intercession, May God help us, Amen.

  22. I pray with a grateful heart that I get a job that I enjoy and allows me financial security. I pray that my daughters get jobs and find their true purpose. I pray for Gia, Walter, and Nancy and their families that they find strength and hope in their battle with cancer. I put all of these situations in the hands of the Lord and welcome intercession from St. Michael the Archangel.

  23. I pray god, please give my family a home and give us a fresh start to life and hope, and please help us with financially, mentally and emotionally I pray, please god. Amen.

  24. St. Michael,

    I pray you will protect my sons and my daughter from the temptations of the world and the devil. Please help my Michael to keep his job and be a great husband, father, and role model at all times. Heal mys son, Eric, in all ways he needs healing and bring him back to the Holy Catholic Church. Help my husband have peace and be truly wise as an example to his 5 sons. Cure my David and help him find his place in this world.

    Thank you for all you have done to save our family.

  25. Please pray for my girlfriend who has been planning to commit suicide and has lost most of her hope both in herself and for her future. She is seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist, please pray that what they do will be fruitful and facilitate healing and bring her closer to God.

    She has been away from the faith for a long time as well and does not take care of herself as well as she should, please pray for her return to the faith, for her physical, mental and spiritual healing, and for the safeguarding of her life and sanctity.

    And in thanksgiving to God, who is always with us and always loves us even in the midst of suffering, and receives our offering of that suffering for the redemption of souls.

  26. Lord God and Heaven please help my family to be healthy always. Please help my husband to always have full time work, please bring my mom’s memory back, and bring our daughter back to us. Thank you for the blessings you have given to us. I love you, Amen.

  27. Please pray for my brother Brian who has stomach cancer and is in pain and unable to eat. Thank you Jesus for Brian and continue to heal him. 🙏

  28. I please ask you to help me pray to God and his son Jesus Christ to protect my Husband Hector Hernandez and our daughters Victoria Camilla Hernandez and Melissa Hernandez from all evil. Please help me beg my lord Jesus to bless our family and protect us from all evil and for the conversion of Melissa Hernandez.
    Thank you,

  29. Please Pray for my Granddaughter and her 4 children.. They reall need Prayers to get the house the need to move to and help them without her husband.. Thank you!

  30. For my newborn daughter Mila, who is Failure to Thrive and has a very distended belly full of gas that won’t pass. Pray for her growth and strength and for her belly to go down.

  31. For the intentions of Michael Joseph, Edward Joseph, Edie, and the McNamara, Tomaio, Kruper, Scalzadona and Bird families.

  32. Dear Lord,
    Please help me to find internal peace and a life partner.
    Give me strength to bear the loss of my father. Please receive him in your kingdom.
    Help me to find a new job in a family duty station.

  33. I would like to pray for a happy family life. That old mistakes and issues be a thing of the past and we can start fresh moving forward with good old feelings being rekindled.

  34. Please give my daughter in law and grandson strength and healthiness as she will deliver in March❤️🙏🏽😇Thank you St. Michael

  35. I pray for my daughter Maria who is about to sit for her final Form 4 exams that the Holy Spirit feels her with wisdom to do them well.St Michael intercede for her.

  36. Healing for my children, protection from spouse during divorce and dissolution process, healing from physical ailments if it is within God’s will, & guidance in order to follow His will.

  37. St. Micheal the arch angel, please pray for me to our heavenly Father to get another job. Its not that I’m not appreciating what I have but its full of pressure and threaten. I am also praying for all job seekers please give them jobs.
    I also pray for our kids. Please guide them protect them, especially the sick ones.
    Praying also for my youghurt business please let it grow and be productive.
    I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

  38. That Derek will give Kara Alicia Evan and Chris his blessings that our dr appointments will be normal healthy and cancer free that we keep Luna and she learn not to bark and mess in the house that I retire and enjoy retirement and my family
    That all my wishes on the paper come true

  39. Please pray that my son Michael who has been looking for a job is hired soon and lead to his vocation. A vocation and job that will allow him to earn enough to support himself and his future family. Thank you. God bless. Elena

  40. That my sister, Shannon’situation soul be purified I purgatory, so she may fly into Heaven.
    That is decisively know what to put on my interview presentations.
    That my family is wholly prepared for my sisters funeral.

  41. That the truth will come out from a terrible lie a family member told that has devastated other family members. That all family members will come back to a relationship with Jesus and the church.

  42. Please pray for our unborn grandson, Maverick, who has a rare heart defect and will need surgery right after delivery. Please pray that no other birth defects are present and that he can live a long happy life free of physical burden. Thank you for your prayers.

  43. Praying for God’s divine protection over my life, my finances, my school, my job and everything that concerns me. Praying for God’s divine protections over my children, husband, my brother Ifenna and my loved ones. Asking for his grace, divine opportunities and open doors. Praying that God will bless the works of my hand and open doors. Amen!!

  44. I give GOD praise and thanks for life each day and for answering prayers during the last Novena.
    I pray this Novena for total and complete healing of issues affecting my mouth, tongue and any hormonal issues affecting my overall health and well being. For removal of stress, anxiety and fear about my health and replace it with strength, courage and grace to go through my trials trusting GOD to see me though.
    For the spirit of depression and anger to leave my daughter NE and that it will be replaced with peace and a joy for living.
    For my daughter NAE to focus on her upcoming exams so she can achieve overall success.
    For my husband AE for healing from back pain and sleep apnea.
    For a financial blessing that is needed for me and my family.
    For healing of all other members of my family and friends who need healing.
    For continued blessings for WE and family.
    For protection from the Corona virus and from any other serious illnesses for myself, my family and friends around the world.
    For an end to Covid-19.
    For all others praying this Novena. I lift us all in prayer. AMEN.

  45. Prayer points:
    Praying for my family for strength as we lost our mum recently.
    Praying for my mum and dad’s souls.
    Praying for job security and greener pastures.
    Praying for issues in my marriage to get sorted
    Praying for my kid brother to change his ways
    Praying for my big bro to finish building his home
    Praying for everyone saying this Novena

  46. For our friend Paul who recently had cancer surgery & will soon undergo chemotherapy treatment. Please keep Paul & his wife Jenny in prayers – they are both having a difficult time with it. Asking for the Lord’s help in keeping them strong in their faith.

  47. St Michael the Archangel, I pray for your intercession for my son. That he will be protected from the temptations of the devil. That God will heal his mind, body, and spirit and let him choose to do what it takes to stay on the right path and lead a life in faith. Amen

  48. For my husband, may he win in his battle with addiction. For my brother, may he be brought to the job that God has planned for him. For myself, that God may reveal the path I should be on and where I should be.

  49. Dear St Michael the archangel, please help my son Alvin to become permanent in his job. Help his boss to have a good heart and he will help my son to become permanent in his job. I ask this in Jesus name amen.

  50. Please pray with me for a long time friend ED, in the fight of his life with Covid 19. He has been hospitalized on and off of respirators since last November.
    We pray to our LORD…

  51. I pray that my daughters can both get their vaccine shots 6 weeks before they fly (by March 19) to their mission trip in early May.

  52. I pray for my dear friend, Jim, who had surgery for his cancer and his wife as they endure the recovery of this procedure. I ask Jesus, Mary, and St. Michael the Archangel to bring my adult children back to their catholic faith.

  53. I ask for prayer & protection for myself & my children. I ask that each of my children’s hearts & minds be softened & prepared and that we be reunited and reconciled together as a family. I ask for blessing in our finances as we move home to GA. I ask for prayers of blessing in finding a home and a new job in GA as well.

  54. Praying for healing and improving our overall well-being for myself and my family and protection for same from all harm (including illness). Amen.

  55. I ask St Michael to intercede for our marriage and to be able to understand each other and have patience during this pandemia lockdown. And for my health I have been diagnosed with stage 1 colon cancer and humbly ask the Lord to grant me the miracle of healing from this cancer and recover to continue with the mission He has given me to take care of my husband and to look after my grandkids that need to be closer to God and have no guidance.

  56. Please pray with me for a special intention for Dianne battling cancer and Keith recently diagnosed with mesothelioma a d preparing for surgery. Thank you!

  57. St Michael the Archangel, please pray to the Lord for my husband to pass his training exams by April, protect him from evil. Bless our children. Help them never to depart from the Catholic faith. Protect them from evil and don’t let them be evil. Help them to be outstanding in everything they do and be genuinely happy. Guide my steps into the perfect plans for me. Let our marriage continue to be filled with joy love and prosperity. For family, friends and relatives to have their prayers answered and for the world to be a better place. Amen

  58. Oh Dear Father God and St. Michael the Archangel, please 🙏 I pray to you both that I 🙏 may do a better 🙏 job with reintroducing God, our Father Almighty, Jesus Christ 🙏, our Lord and Savior and also The Holy Spirit 🙏 who resides in my heart, mind, and Soul into our home into my children 🙏 and I do pray for the father of my children that he too 🙏 ❤ will open up his heart to God!!! I pray to St. Michael the Archangel to please 🙏 keep my home Blessed 🙌 🙏 ❤ and filled 🙏 with nothing but serenity, joy, peace and love, God’s Powerful 🙏 ❤ Love!!! Please help my children 🙏 and I get our healthy 🙏 relationship 🙏 ❤ back into our home and most 🙏 ❤ into my children, so as they walk in let the evilness stop before even coming onto my porch stairs and let it never be brought in by family!!! Please help me with my finances, I truly 🙏 and sincerely ask this of Jesus Christ 🙏 ❤ my Lord and Savior…AMEN

  59. I lift up my children and their spiritual journey. I pray they will return to attending Mass and seeking God in their daily lives.
    I pray for the healing of family members from alcohol and cigarette addictions.
    I pray for a healthy mate and relationship for my brother.
    I pray for the spiritual conversion of the United States

  60. I’m asking God to reveal all truths in the discussions between my sister (Protestant) and I ( Catholic).
    Holy Spirit come and remove our blindness!

  61. St. Michael please pray for my unborn baby, for safe delivery of a healthy baby and for my whole family, we lost our mother December 2020. For my sister for a permanent job.

    In Jesus Mighty name

  62. For the repose of the soul of my Uncle George Felts who passed away last night Feb 21, 2021. For my father that he finds peace while mourning the loss of his brother.
    That my son Matt finds an affordable apartment in a safe neighborhood. That he works on his vocation and learns to manage his time and money better. Send him a good, Catholic, woman to share his life with who will help him and not take advantage of him.
    That Maggie finds a better job to take care of her student loans and please Lord send her a soulmate. She’s 37 and really wants children. A good Catholic man if possible.
    Help us find a good, affordable contractor to help with the repairs of our house.
    Help Michael find a good, Catholic girl to share his life and create a good home; let her be a good cook too, creative and fun-loving.
    Lord, if it is your will, help us bring Sarah to the Catholic faith. She doubts the existence of your son Jesus and a couple should be united about their faith especially if they want to raise a family. Let her be open to RCIA and let us be good examples of the Catholic faith.
    Help my parents as they deal with friends and family members passing away; I’m sure it reminds them of their mortality and help them to be at peace with returning to you instead of fearful.
    Help Mark and I lose weight to keep us healthy and for Mark to sleep better. Send him a work partner that really contributes and gives him peace of mind.
    You are a generous Father, giving us a week of rest and renewal last week. We never lost power during the ice storm and we had plenty of firewood. We thank you deeply for taking such good care of us.
    Bless our government but expose the evil and corrupt people.
    Shine a light on their wickedness.
    Bring us a good leader.
    All of this in Jesus name. Amen.

  63. Healing and protection from anxiety.

    Physical and spiritual protection for my children.

    For a husband to be the protector of our home.

  64. St Michael, pray for safety of my husband as he travels onboard a cargo ship, please pray for my parents that they will be protected from any harm, accident and illnesses, especially, I pray for healing of my mother’s knees and my father’s chronic skin allergy.

    Please pray St Michael for my siser that she will be healed emotionally, Jesus softens her heart.

    Pray for me and my colleagues that we will be protected from CoVid 19 as we carry out our mission in caring for the sick.

    St Michael, please pray for me and my husband that we will have our own baby and our US Visa be approved.


  65. To heal and restore my marriage! To help my wife care about me, treat me with compassion and care and not constantly be mad or yelling at me. I desperately need a miracle.

  66. Prayers for my family, mother, husband, children, grandchildren, and siblings.

    Pray that my son and husband return to the church.

    Pray that my son find employment to support his family. Pray that he continue to overcome addiction and addictive personality, depression, and any difficulties at this time.

    Pray that my mother overcome her depression, her eyesight improve, and her balance improve. Pray that she be healthy and safe.

    Pray that my daughter-in-law come to the Lord, overcome addiction and addictive personality, care for my grandchildren, apply to college. Pray that my son and her work through any difficulties and put the children first.

    Pray that my children communicate. Pray that my husband listen to their needs and assist as needed.

    Pray that my son and grandson reconcile and communicate.

    Pray for an end to violent and divisive actions. Pray for unity and peace in this country.

  67. Dear St Michael, I ask for your healing and protection for my husband Michael. Please make haste to come to his help. Restore his kidney function, his loss of some Brain function and he is able to function without the use of a ventilator. St Michael I will always be grateful to you for these great favors Amen.
    St Michael, I pray for healing and protection for my son Cassius in the areas of his life most in need of your help Amen.
    St Michael, I pray for my cousin Veronica, for healing and protection in the areas of her most in need Amen.
    St Michael, please help me in my struggles with the powers of darkness and evil. I ask for healing and protection during this time of great stress and uncertainty in my life. St Michael, please come to my assistance now. I will be ever grateful to you and never cease to honor you as my great protector Amen.
    St Michael, please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  68. I pray for my son Michael that God will lift the cloud of depression that has taken over his life and that God will guide him and grant him peace during this difficult time. Amen

  69. My family, my son and daughter, grandchildren, partner; finances, the state of the world especially in the US. I pray for a movement towards God, not away from Him.

  70. Praying for all cancer patients, especially for Carmen, Amada & Keli. For a cure to this horrible disease.
    Also praying for our country and for peace in the United States and in the whole world.

  71. Recovery from Covid for all affected by it-especially Tom V and Melinda F and Morgan P

    Recovery from cancer and its affects for all stricken by this disease…esp GaryW, Dee D, and Leigh A F.

  72. Jesus I am praying for financial help from my friend to rent a new apartment, buy my baby things and pay hospital bills.
    I pray for safe delivery of a healthy baby on a conducive environment.
    I pray for my brother Ifeanyi breakthrough and for him to be called back to work.
    I pray for my sister to conceive again and also a peaceful marriage for her.
    I pray for my mother’s good health and for her to live long to respond the fruits of her labour.
    I pray for my daughter safety and more wisdom, knowledge and understanding and to pass all her exams and a good and decent girl that her Junior ones can emulate.
    Lastly God, let my destiny helpers locate me in Jesus mighty name Amen 🙏.
    God let that will be done.
    St. Michael the Arch Angels
    Pray for me and my family.

  73. Please pray fory son that he finds the right job. Pray that his depression is under control, and they whatever is the best for him and his fiance happens for them to move forward.

  74. St Michael The Archangel i come to you at this hour to ask for the sins upon me be rejected the blockage of my home getting sold will be removed in your Holy name.Send forth positive. Answers ..praying for a buyer for my home. A breakthrough in finance and healing upon me Amen…pray for my grandkids family and friends for your protections each day..lord please hear my prayer🙏

  75. I pray for my health to be restored, for my son to remember me and be part of God’s community. I ask, Father, for financial blessings as I need your help.

  76. Grady’s healing through his trauma and come back fully to health with his faith, his chronic back pain and relationships, especially with his Mom.

  77. Lord i place my industrial court matter before you and i pray for justice i pray for victory. Lord let your well be done. Lord pleasr silent my enemies. I i pray for financial deliverance today.

  78. Prayers, please, for the healing of my children – from family trauma, addiction, and spiritual doubt. I renounce the spirits of doubt, addiction, fear, lust, suspicion, pride, blame, depression, anger, ambivalence … in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  79. For safe return of Dad’s savings account.
    He is 92 and $45,000 was taken without his permission.
    For family unity and transparency to be restored
    to Jesus be the glory and satan be cast and trampled under our Lady’s heel.
    Jesus Itrust in you

  80. i have just encountered a 4 year old child in my village with leukemia. His mother is begging for financial help to be able to take the boy to hospital.
    kindly pray for the boy to recover and his mother to find financial help

  81. Lord! I call out to you—please, please heal my son of his addiction to alcohol. Let him wake up and see his health is a gift to himself and his family; only you can fully heal him and his brother too, of his depression and anxiety. Praising you for my daughter’s success in her exams and finding a job; praying that you bless my husband with new business and that we can grow old together in good health! Thank you for hearing my prayers!