The Next Novena: The St. Anne Novena, 2016!

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St. Anne ChurchSix years ago, I was praying a very special novena, asking God to help me meet my future husband.

Shortly afterwards, I did. It was John-Paul :)

Now, five years later, we are married and coming up on our fourth wedding anniversary!

I would like to ask you to join me in the very same novena that I prayed more than five years ago. We will start praying on July 17th!

This novena is to a Saint who is known for truly great things.

So, which novena is it?

It’s the St. Anne Novena! This is one of our favorites.

St. Anne is the mother of Our Lady and grandmother of Jesus. She is a very powerful intercessor!

You may have heard that unmarried women often pray to St. Anne for help in finding a spouse. But, St. Anne is also known to intercede for people for almost any request, and especially for healing.

So, I hope you will join me in praying this novena for your prayer intentions!


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  1. Dearest St Anne, I beg of you for your help with my finances and that my bills are paid in full. May I have more than enough and that I am a lender and not a borrower. May I have more than enough to pay off my house and more than a enough to pay odd other people’s houses. I am coming to you boldly and I believe I have received what I ask. I know that God does answer prayers and that’s why I pray big bold prayers because what God does for others He can do for me too. So thank you St Anne that I am blessed and have favor in my finances and that I may meet my mate.

  2. Praying 4 those luking 4 life partner, fruit of d womb, healing in broken marriages, revise of wayward children, 4giveness 4 al we sinners, 4 my family, 4 al d religious dat has gone astray, pray 4 my relatives, praying 4 my spiritual life, biz, & al my project.

  3. Dear St. Anne,
    I come here with all my worries and stresses this week. Will you please help the situation that my older sister is in with my niece and nephew. They mean the world to me and I pray only for the best for them. Also I ask that you please help me with my education certification test that i take this week. Please help me remember all that I have studied so that i may pass and further my education during my last year of college. Lastly I pray that you continue preparing myself and my future spouse so that we may be prepared for the day that we meet. Thank you.

  4. Dear St Anne, please intercede on my behalf and ask sweet Jesus to grant my transfer to Queens . I also ask that God heals John Narbutt (my stepfather) to full recovery.

  5. Blessed St. Anne, my husband and I have always dreamed of having a family, and are approaching three years of infertility heartbreak and struggle. I pray that you help my body to heal, and for our lives to be soon blessed with a healthy pregnancy, which will bring a healthy child or children into our family. In your name, amen.

  6. st. Anne you helped me before now i come back with these my intentions that you present them before our Lord Jesus,pray for me that God Almighty may secure my job and my wife’s job with our present employers that God may financially uplift me as i pray for that fuel allocation,airtime,funeral cover,even better medical aid contributions by my employer a significant pay rise,i pray also for that grace of a new and better job at that even better a as much as i pray for these pray also for this my other intention that God Almighty may grant to my son an increase in wisdom and age,free from any and all genetic disorders,disability,inability,ill health,sickness and any and all forms of disease,I pray for God’s most holy protection on my son nathanael gerard from the evil one,that he may ever experience peaceful rest be it at daytime or nighttime,i pray for his quick and swift return to full fitness and even better weight gain.pray for me and may God help us.

  7. St Anne please intercede on my behalf for a suitable life partner who knows and loves God.
    Also for God’s unfathomable favour and blessing.
    For a successful dissertation.
    For a turn around concerning the situation of things at work, so that my position will be restored.

  8. St. Anne I was in a car accident with my in December of 2015, I asked that you intercede for me to Our Lord Jesus Christ that Mr. Blane will settle my case in fairness. I ask St Anne that my health will get better and please pray that I will stop smoking I ask for favor for all in Jesus Christ most holy name through him all is possible thank you St. Anne for all favors received Amen

  9. I pray St. Anne someday and please soon I’ll be able to buy my own house even if it’s small and even if it’s impossible, it’s my birthday wish this july 21st. You know my situation where I live, I’m not happy and always depressed which make my condition(nf1+ocd) even worse. I wanna be happy, have a peace of mind, and no hatred. I’ve spent so many years being depressed and unhappy because of lack of love from my family.. I pray I have my own little home so I can heal myself emotionally and spiritually and start a healthy life. I will still help my family financially even though I’m away from them, I just can’t handle anymore the way I’m treated. It’s my wish on my birthday.. Amen.

  10. St. Anne, please intercede before our Lord, Jesus Christ, and ask him to bless me with with a holy, honest, confident, and committed man to marry and who is available to marry by the Church.

    Also, please intercede and ask Jesus to open D’s heart to healing all the emotional pain he suffered as a result of having alcoholic parents. Ask Jesus to open his heart and mind so that he realizes the impact this has had on his life. He is stuck.

    Thank you!

  11. St. Anne, please intercede before our Lord, Jesus Christ, and ask him to bless me with with a holy, honest, confident, and committed man to marry and who is available to marry by the Church. Thank you.

  12. Dear Jesus I ask you through the intercession of St. Anne to grant that my three adult children will find suitable and holy partners in life’s journey. Please also grant that they will be happy.
    Thank you Jesus & good St. Anne.

  13. praise the loard.i m praying for a good job.and for my brother marriage.this Sunday i m writing government exam.plz god grace i have to pass that exam

  14. I am more than ready for this novena i need God to open doors and bless me with marriage.Holy Spirit go ahead of this day and let the will of God be done in our lives because you have good plans for us no matter what has been frustrating our destiney. Amen