Martyrs of the Church & Novenas to Them

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“The Blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church,” said Early Church Father Tertullian. 

For centuries, Christians have faced persecution and even death for their belief in Jesus Christ. Not only has their faith brought them eternal glory, but their sacrifice continues to witness to the Church even in the modern world. 

We can look to these brave saints for courage and help as we face the challenges of being a disciple of Christ. 

Blessed Anacleto Gonzalez Flores Novena

Blessed Anacleto Gonzalez Flores lived in Mexico during the Cristero War, in which the country’s anti-Catholic government persecuted people of faith. 

During this time Anacleto supported both passive and active resistance movements, by establishing a magazine which challenged the anti-Catholic components of the 1917 Constitution as well as giving speeches and writing pamphlets to help the cause. 

The government tortured Anacleto before sentencing him to death by firing squad. His last words were: “Viva Cristo Rey!” 

Suggested Novena Start Date: November 12. 

North American Martyrs Novena

During the 1600s, eight French Jesuit missionaries, including St. Isaac Jogues, traveled to North America to minister to the Native American tribes in Canada and New York. While they did spread the Gospel to many members of the Huron tribes, the Jesuit priests and brothers struggled to fully win their trust. 

During conflicts between warring tribes, the North American Martyrs were tortured and killed. 

Suggested Novena Start Date: September 18.

Novena to Saints Perpetua and Felicity

Saints Perpetua and Felicity died together as martyrs for the faith during the persecution of Christians under Emperor Severus in Africa. Both women were mothers and faced their execution with peace and joy.

The powerful example of Perpetua and Felicity, and their other companions, changed the hearts of many of their persecutors, with their jailor even converting. They were sentenced to die by wild beasts in an arena but ultimately died by a gladiator’s sword.      

The Church considered these holy women patron saints of expectant mothers, widows, butchers, and ranchers.

Suggested Novena Start Date: February 26.

St. Adalbert Novena

St. Adalbert was born into a powerful and wealthy family in Bohemia. He later became a Bishop and a missionary. During his time as Bishop, he found himself in the midst of his family’s political battles and their rivals made it unsafe for Adalbert to continue serving as he had been.

Adalbert went to Hungary, Poland, and Prussia as a missionary and was martyred by pagan priests in Prussia who were unhappy with him and his teachings. 

Suggested Novena Start Date: April 15.

St. Agatha Novena

Saint Agatha made a vow of virginity at the age of 15. However, her beauty made her the object of affection for many men. One man in particular, Quintianus, enraged by her rejection of him, had Agatha arrested for being a Christian. 

Agatha upheld her vow of virginity despite persecution, torture, and the threat of death. 

She endured each act against her, including having her breasts cut off, with joy and trust in the Lord. 

Because of the torture she faced, Saint Agatha is the patroness for those suffering from breast cancer. 

Suggested Novena Start Date: January 28

St. Alexander Novena

St. Alexander, or Alexander of Jerusalem, became the first bishop of Cappadocia.

Alexander faced many years of persecution as a Christian. He was first imprisoned during Emperor Severus’ persecution of Christians and again during the reign of Emperor Decius. Alexander chose torture and death rather than giving up his faith. 

Despite many attempts to take his life, he died in prison still holding fast to the faith. 

Suggested Novena Start Date: March 10th

St. Anastasia Novena

During the persecution under Diocletian, Saint Anastasia cared for the imprisoned Christians, bringing them food and tending to their ailments. When her pagan husband learned of Anastasia’s charitable work, he beat her and imprisoned her.

After his death, she continued to care for the persecuted faithful before being arrested for her faith. The threat of torture and death did not sway her to abandon her belief or her vow of virginity which had remained intact even throughout her marriage. 

Suggested Novena Start Date: December 17

St. Andrew Novena

Before becoming one of the Twelve Apostles, Saint Andrew worked as a fisherman with his brother Saint Peter. He followed Christ’s call to become a “fisher of men.”

Tradition tells us that after Jesus’ death, Andrew went on to spread the Good News near the Black Sea in what is now Turkey and Greece and like most of the other Apostles died a martyr. Similar to Jesus Christ and Peter he was crucified, however, he died a martyr on an X-shaped cross. 

Suggested Novena Start Date: November 22

St. Barbara Novena

Born to wealthy pagan parents in Greece, Saint Barbara converted to Christianity. Before she was even baptized, Barbara dedicated her life and her virginity to God. She refused every suitor who asked for her hand in marriage.

After hearing of her conversion, Barbara’s own father tortured her before handing her over to the city’s prefect. She refused to renounce her faith and was beheaded by her father. 

Suggested Novena Start Date: November 26

St. Blaise Novena

Saint Blaise turned his healing work of bodies as a physician to the healing work of souls by becoming a priest. 

Blaise was known for his powerful preaching and his example of virtue, as well as through the many miracles he performed. Many people even today turn to him in prayer for the healing of throat ailments. 

During the persecution under Emperor Licinius, Blaise was arrested and beheaded.

Suggested Novena Start Date: January 26

St. Cecilia Novena

Saint Cecilia is among the most famous Roman martyrs, with her name included in the Eucharistic prayer the other highly venerated Virgin Martyrs. 

Despite her vow of virginity, St. Cecilia’s parents forced her to marry Valerian, a pagan. Cecilia told her husband about the vow and that an angel was protecting her. Valerian promised to protect her virginity if he too could see the angel. Once he was baptized, he saw the angel and even converted. 

Both Cecilia and Valerian died as martyrs. 

Suggested Novena Start Date: November 14th. 

St. Charles Lwanga and Companions Novena

Uganda-born St. Charles Lwanga became the chief steward of violent and morally corrupt King Mwanga II after the former steward was killed for speaking out against the King and his anti-Christian actions.

When the King ordered the Christian members of his court to renounce their faith or face execution, the Christians, led by St. Charles Lwanga stood firm. While they awaited their death, Charles baptized those who were still catechumens and they faced their deaths with courage and joy. 

Suggested Novena Start Date: May 26

St. Christina Novena

We don’t know much for certain about St. Christina other than the fact that she was a Christian martyr from the 3rd Century; however, tradition holds that her pagan father wanted her to become a priestess. 

Despite having no previous exposure to Christianity, an angel appeared and instructed her in the faith. When her father found out, Christina faced immense torture and death for her refusal to give up her faith. 

Suggested Novena Start Date: July 16th

St. Dymphna Novena

Saint Dymphna was born in Ireland to a pagan father and devout Christian mother. Her father’s mental stability declined rapidly after her mother’s death and demanded that Dymphna marry him. 

Saint Dymphna fled to Belgium and she started a hospital for the poor but was later discovered and killed by her father. Because of her care for the sick and the events leading up to martyrdom, Dymphna is considered the patron saint of those suffering from nervous and mental afflictions. 

Suggested Novena Start Date: May 7.

St. Florian Novena

St. Florian joined the Roman army as a young man and rose through the ranks serving as a commander until the Christian persecution under Emperor Diocletian began.

Florian refused to enforce laws that forbid the practice of the Christian faith. When Governor Aquilinus heard of Florian’s insubordination, he ordered Florian to sacrifice to the Roman gods. Instead, he professed his Christian faith.

Florian was tortured and died a martyr by being thrown into the ​​Enns River with a stone around his neck.

Suggested Novena Start Date: April 26th

St. Ignatius of Antioch Novena

Saint Ignatius of Antioch was a disciple of St. John the Apostle and served as the second Bishop of Antioch. He fiercely defended orthodoxy among the early Christians. 

Emperor Trajan sentenced Ignatius to be eaten by wild beasts in the Roman arena for refusing to renounce his faith. Ignatius wrote many letters to the faithful during his imprisonment that remain great treasures of our Church. 

Suggested Novena Start Date: December 12

St. James the Greater Novena 

Saint James the Greater worked as a fisherman before becoming one of the first of Jesus’ disciples. James is often seen alongside his brother John and St. Peter, making up a small group of Jesus’ most intimate friends. The three saw miracles and events that none of the other Apostles witnessed. 

After the Ascension, James traveled throughout Israel and the Roman Empire, even as far as Spain to spread the Good News of Salvation. He was beheaded by King Herod, becoming the first of the Twelve to die for the faith. 

Suggested Novena Start Date: July 17

St. James the Less Novena

Not to be confused with St. James the Greater, Saint James the Lesser was also one of Jesus’ Twelve Apostles. After Jesus’ Ascension, James held high positions in the early Church. St. Paul often consulted with him, and it is traditionally believed that James became the first bishop of Jerusalem. 

Many scholars also believe him to have written the Epistle of St. James, which offers much practical guidance to living the faith especially to the people of the time. 

Like most of the other Apostles, St. James the Less died a martyr, giving his life for his love and faith in Jesus. 

Suggested Novena Start Date: April 25

St. Joan of Arc Novena

God spoke to young Saint Joan of Arc telling her to help the King of France in his quest to liberate France. She led a small army to victory in many battles and helped bring about the coronation of Charles VII. 

After being captured and sold to the British, Joan was condemned to death as a heretic. She met her fate with courage, saying as she burned at the stake: “Hold the cross high so I may see it through the flames!”

Suggested Novena Start Date: May 22

St. John Fisher Novena

Saint John Fisher served as a priest in England during the rule of Henry VIII. When the king wanted to divorce his wife Catherine, John vehemently spoke out against the actions and passionately defended the indissolubility of the marriage. 

Henry demanded that John and other members of the clergy declare the children of his new wife heirs to the throne, but John refused. He was imprisoned in the Tower of London before being beheaded. 

Suggested Novena Start Date: June 14

St. Julia Novena 

Saint Julia became a slave after a Roman raid on her city. Because of her love for the Lord, Julia accepted her suffering with joy. She glorified God in the work she was told to do, making her the favorite of her master.

During a trip with her master to Corsica, Julia refused to participate in a pagan festival angering the governor. When she refused to give up her faith, the governor had Julia crucified. 

Suggested Novena Start Date: May 15

St. Lawrence Novena

Saint Lawrence served as a deacon under Pope Sixtus II, responsible for the care of the Church treasury and the distribution of alms. 

When Emperor Valerian condemned all deacons, priests, and bishops to death, Lawrenece was commanded to surrender the riches of the Church to the government. Instead he gave away as much of the riches as he could and appeared before the prefect with a large group of the poor, the blind, and the lame calling them the true riches of the Church.

For his disobedience, Lawrence was cooked alive on a gridiron over hot coals. He faced death with courage and joy, with some accounts saying that he even joked with his torturers saying: “Please turn me over, for I am well-done on this side!”

Suggested Novena Start Date: August 2

St. Lucy Novena

This early Christian Virgin and Martyr suffered violence and a brutal death after refusing to break her vow of virginity. Traditionally it is believed that St. Lucy’s eyes were gouged out during her torture and were miraculously restored after her death. 

For this reason Christian art often depicts her with eyes on a platter and the Church calls upon her for healing from blindness or other afflictions of the eye. 

Suggested Novena Start Date: December 5. 

St. Maximilian Kolbe Novena

Saint Maximillian Kolbe, a Polish Francsican priest, became a martyr during his time in the concentration camp at Auschwitz. He courageously offered his life in place of another man sentenced to die by starvation. 

However, after 14 days without food or water, the SS guards killed Kolbe by lethal injection.

Suggested Novena Start Date: August 6

Blessed Miguel Pro

Jesuit priest Miguel Pro courageously served his flock even under threat of death during the Catholic persecution in Mexico. He died by firing squad shouting: “¡Viva Cristo Rey!” 

The courage and love of God demonstrated by Miguel Pro sustained the faith of many Mexicans during this time and serves as a profound example for us even today. 

Suggested Novena Start Date: November 15th. 

St. Paul Miki Novena

St. Paul Miki, a Japanese Jesuit priest, and his 26 companions were arrested by the emperor Toyotomi Hideyoshi for their Christian faith. 

They were made to walk 600 miles to the place of execution; they sang the Te Deum as they walked, knowing they would soon die. 

As Paul and his companions were tied to crosses, Paul gave his final sermon and extended forgiveness to the executioners waiting to thrust lances into their sides. They all sang the Cantle of Zachariah before their death. 

Suggested Novena Start Date: January 29

St. Philomena Novena

St. Philomena, the daughter of a Greek King, took a vow of virginity at the age of 13. On a trip to Rome with her father, Philomena caught the eye of Emperor Diocletian. 

When she refused to marry him, the emperor had her tortured; however, angels came to heal her. Finally, Philomena was beheaded. Many miracles have since come through her relics. 

Suggested Novena Start Date: August 3

St. Polycarp Novena

Saint Polycarp, a disciple of John the Apostle, played a significant role in the early Church. He helped the faithful navigate disagreements in the early Church as well as combat heresies that began to emerge with Christ-like love and patience.

St. Polycarp followed Christ even to death as a martyr. 

Suggested Novena Start Date: February 16. 

St. Roque Novena

St. Roque was a Jesuit priest from Paraguay who lived as a missionary among the native Guarani people. He established many missions in the area. 

After a conflict with a local chieftain and sorcerer, St. Roque was murdered along with two other priests. He was one of the earliest martyrs from the Americas to be beatified.

Suggested Novena Start Date: November 9

St. Sebastian Novena

Saint Sebastian served in the Roman Army during Emperor Diocletian’s persecution of Christians. He converted many people to Christianity and was put to death for his faith. 

The Emperor ordered that Sebastian be tied to a stake and shot with arrows by his fellow soldiers for target practice; however, he survived. He then sought out Diocletian to reprimand the emperor’s treatment of Christians. Sebastian was finally martyred. 

Suggested Novena Start Date: January 12. 

St. Stanislaus Novena

Saint Stanislaus served as the Bishop of Krakow in the late 1000s. He was known for his great virtue and his eloquent preaching, and eventually also became a political advisor to the king. 

Stanislaus eventually excommunicated the king for an unjust war and for his sexual immorality. The infuriated king killed Stanislaus while he celebrated mass.

Suggested Novena Start Date: April 3

St. Stephen Novena

In the Acts of the Apostles, St. Stephen was one of seven righteous men ordained deacons to help the Apostles serve the early Church.

 As a man of great faith and filled with the Holy Spirit, Stephen worked many miracles and won debates against those who opposed him. The opponents eventually stoned Stephen to death, becoming the first Christian martyr.

As he died, Stepehen begged God to receive his spirit 

Suggested Novena Start Date: December 18th. 

St. Thomas More

St. Thomas More was an English lawyer and statesman, as well as a philosopher, author, and scholar. He was also a devoted husband and father to his four children. 

Thomas More served as Lord Chancellor to King Henry VIII and spoke out vehemently against Henry’s divorce and his breaking of ties with Rome to begin the Church of England. 

For his conviction to the truth, Thomas More was martyred.

Suggested Novena Start Date: June 14

St. Wenceslaus Novena

St. Wenceslaus lived as a Bohemian Duke during the 900s. With his position, he supported the Church and encouraged the flourishing of the faith. He also worked toward unifying Bohemia and negotiating peace with Germany.

Wenceslaus was attacked and killed by his political opponents while on his way to mass. While not a traditional martyr’s death, the people considered him a martyr and began to make pilgrimages to his tomb. 

Suggested Novena Start Date: September 20

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