Answered Prayers from the St. Therese Novena, 2021

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Thank you so much in joining us in praying the St. Therese Novena!

If any of your prayers have been answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below. To God be the glory!

We’re praying for you! Don’t give up on hope. The Lord is near!

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  1. Praise God. Robert Acosta has started to eat hopefully he will regain the strength he needs to start chemotherapy. Thank you Jesus.

  2. Dear John Paul and Annie, During this novena, I prayed to get PR INVITE for me and my Wife and I received it on the fifth day of the novena. Thank you. Thanks to the Lord.

  3. My son is a recovering alcoholic. He’s finally gotten to the point where he feels he can work a full time job. After 2 interviews he was offered a job with great benefits! Thank you St. Therese, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

  4. Thank you Saint Therese for your intercession. I have been praying for my husband’s healing from pneumonia after coronavirus. His oxygen needs were cut in half on her Feast day. He starting making a lot of progress and is continuing to improve. Thank you Jesus.

  5. Thank you dear St Therese for offering accommodation for my homeless son. Please help him find the accommodation that you lead him to. Thank you for spending your heaven doing good here on earth.

  6. My wife Lesley was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 6 weeks ago and has started chemotherapy.The side effects have been not as bad as we thought thank you St Theresa for listening and granting my prayers.

  7. My daughter has been called for two interviews on 30th September & 1st October 2021 , Glory be to God because during the Novena i was praying for her to get job🙏🏻

  8. My daughter has been called for two interviews on 30th September & 1st October 2021 , Glory be to God because during the Novena i was praying for her to get job🙏🏻

  9. I prayed this Novena for the healing grace on my mum who is suffering from a mild stroke. All thanks to God her condition is a lot better

  10. Thank you our beautiful Little Flower of God, St. Therese! There was something in my recent mammogram and when the second set of X-rays were done they were completely clear. I’m so blessed for not only St. Therese but for you who have participated in these Novenas. May our Lord continue to shine His loving mercy on us.

  11. Thank you for all the novena prayers Answered. During covid no one was working in our family (siblings and theirs children but now 4 of them have jobs. Wandile is starting tomorrow. Praise be to God and all the saints and angels.
    The sick ones have recovered.
    I can’t thank you enough.
    I am hopeful that the others will also follow.
    Thank you

  12. I keep praying for my family to be reconciled and atleast things are moving in baby steps in the right direction. I feel God is speaking to me and I must be patient

  13. I prayed that my breast biopsy would come back normal and it did. I felt so at peace with the process and I know praying this novena helped. Thank you

  14. Thank you Lord for answered prayers. I prayed for successful surgery and healing for my brother,
    The surgery was successful and he is back home and recovering well. Thank you Jesus and St Therese for your intercession,Amen.

  15. Thank you so much St. Therese and Lord Jesus Christ for my answered prayers. Thank you for your intercession to the life of my daughter. She’s now back to her life, with enthusiasm, she is now able to sleep well. Thank you for touching her life with your healing power. I continue to pray that you will guide her always and my son. Thank you for my officemates, utilities, jos who recovered from covid 19. Keep up always safe. I pray that this week will be okay as we are scheduled to have our covid vaccine and that the vaccine to be injected to us will protect us and keep us safe. Guide the person who will administer. Praying that no pain or any negative reaction will be felt by me, my husband and my son. All these i pray in your Most precious name. Amen.

  16. I prayed this novena for my son to pass all his security checks for a new job so he can get started soon. His bg checks all went through and he got confirmation of this during the novena and is now waiting on a start date. Thank you St therese x

  17. My husband bed sores are beginning to heal. My biopsy was benign. My granddaughters have forgiven their brother. Thank you Jesus

  18. My son wanted to drop school , I pray my novena every time . Michael graduated in January. I was very thankful that my prayers were answered. I trust In you my Lord and all saints.

  19. We found a house as we prayed for to St Therese together with Padre Pio and St Joseph. Thank you St Therese for your intercession that has once again shown, and for bringing back love in the little things of our lives. Please continue praying for my dear friend for her intention, I already thank you for what you have obtained and will obtain for her!

  20. I got a flower on the last day of the Novena from my Charge Nurse; just mentioned to her that it was going to be my Birthday on the 1st and the next day she shows up with this plant with beautiful flowers for me to plant. She had no idea about the Novena I was doing. I am beyond being joyful, I feel blessed and remembered. The priest mentioned that we would get flowers but I just brushed it off as one of those preaching, Asking myself who would ever give me flowers? But God did it anyway!!! Getting testimonies from my sister of her husband coming back home. Thank you St Therese!

  21. I thank Saint Therese for interceding for me I knew Saint Therese from my uncle who came and told me the story about Saint Therese and gave me her novena. I prayed all through and got a job she help me through and now Iam well paid. Also I married for two years with no kids thank Saint Therese, Mary Mother for your intercession now I have 1x month pregnant. Please help pray for me

  22. Ave Maria! Thank you for this novena. I am feeling like Little Child in the arms(shoulders) Our Mother , the Queen of Heaven. Tkank you.

  23. I prayed this novena for my aunt, that she would have a peaceful death. She passed away peacefully, on day 8 of the novena. Prayers were answered. 🙏

  24. Thank you Lord for healing of my Aunt Exal. She’s out of the hospital now and continuing her recovery at ber home. Am also thankful Lord through the intercessation of St Therese for her being able to talk to her children. Lord please make her recover from her usual illness. Thank you St Therese

  25. My brother-in-law, who has been suffering from lung cancer and a lung infection for many months, is feeling better. It could only be through the grace of God

  26. Thankyou to St. Therese for answering my prayers on the final day of the novena and your feast day. My daughter and son in law received an offer for their house enabling them to get the house they wanted , they are overjoyed
    Praise and thanks to Jesus and Mary and bless his holy name

  27. Thankyou to St. Therese for answering my prayers on the final day of the novena and your feast day. My daughter and son in law received an offer for their house enabling them to get the house they wanted , they are overjoyed
    Praise and thanks to Jesus and Mary and bless his holy name

  28. I received an appointment which led to a long awaited for medical exemption.
    My daughter and her husband found a house.
    My sister reached out to my daughter on St Therese’s feast day.

  29. Whilst I wouldn’t say for definite that my prayers have been answered right now, whilst I was volunteering at a charity shop today I definitely saw a lot of rose imagery, which isn’t usual. Could this be a sign that the Lord is busy answering my prayers?

  30. My daughter had brain cancer they removed tumor ,she had radiation and chemo, 6 months later had a series of seizures and they did an MRI which showed a mass and was thought that her tumor returned. After surgery 3-4 days later the biopsy report came back with no cancer, it was scar tissue and other tissue from her radiation treatments. They removed it all and Praise The Lord she will resume rehab therapy. Her right has been compromised since the first surgery but we are going to work hard to get her walking again. Thank you so much for all the prayers. God Is Good. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  31. My brother in law Terry came through heart surgery!!!

    My brother Rocco: went to the Er and is being tested for blood clots
    Praise God!!

  32. Prayers answered for a friend who is taking a new chemo pill for CLL (leukemia) and is tolerating it well so far. Pray that it stays tgat way and her blood count starts going down too.

    Thank you Lord!

  33. As most everyone knows, St. Therese is known as “the little flower of Jesus”. On Friday, October 1st, as I got in my car to come home from work, I could distinctly smell the aroma of flowers in my car, which was closed and locked all day long, and there are no flowers anywhere in the vicinity of the parking lot where I parked. I knew immediately that St. Therese had interceded for me and she was letting me know that the intentions I had prayed for during the Novena were heard by Jesus. I have always believed that even if our prayers are not answered within the time span of a Novena, God still hears our prayers and honors those prayer requests in His time, now ours. This was confirmed to me through St. Therese in my car on her feast day. St. Therese, PRAY FOR US!

  34. All of my working career in fine art sales – I have worked on commission. In other words, no project, no money. Now at 78, I am still doing it. For at least 40 years, I have turned to Our Lord as my marketing agent. And I have prayed most of the Carmelite Novenas. St. Therese has often helped me in stunning ways … i.e. one year I sold an important painting out of the blue on her Feast. In 1997 I was involved in the creation of a new sculpture of St. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face for the Chapel Niche of the Carmelite Monastery in Philadelphia. This Novena year I asked a special intention to find a new unique sculpture project. Yesterday, on October 1, I received a lead which excites me greatly, and after conferring with the Sculptor team, I will seek out the potential. And I praise and thank the Lord and St. Therese, and even if it come to naught, I still thank them with all my heart.

  35. I prayed that my son and his family can be able to find a suitable house for their moving back and I also prayed for the improvement my grandson’s eczema. Thanks God they have signed a deal one house before their plane took off. And my grandson’s eczema condition has been improving. Thank God! Praises and Glories to my Lord my God! Thanks St. Therese of Lisieux🙏🙏🙏

  36. Thank you for blessings received. I prayed for resolution with a relationship Of my daughter and this has happened as well as her taking action to figure out why these things happen. Also, my prayer regarding employment is beginning to be addressed..

  37. I prayed for good results from a cat scan. Received
    good results. I am still waiting for the answer to another prayer. Thank you St Therese.

  38. Not this Nivena but the last one I was granted the new job I prayers for! Praise the Lord! Thank you Lord and for all who prayed!

  39. For 9 days I prayed that my son would get his daughter back. On feast day he received a letter in the mail that his daughter is being returned to him. Thank you Saint Therese for prayers answered.

  40. On the 2nd day of the St. Therese novena, in the morning, I saw that my favorite rose bush has given me 1 rose. That rose bush has not produced any flowers for the past few or maybe 6 months or so. I even thought it was dying. Then mid-morning I got a call from a company that I have applied for and was offered a job! On the 9th day of the Novena, I got an email from another company for an interview! St. Therese has really worked for me for this, has intercede for me and has showed me her help through that 1 rose I saw that morning. I felt hope and blessed already without knowing yet why. Thank you so much St. Therese for your prayers. Thank you for this novena and for the founders of this website who continually brings people to pray together. May God bless us all always.

  41. I thank God for the prayer answered.Am în the UK and applied for Resident’s permit on the 29th of July.During this Novena,I requested St Therese to intercede and make possible the reply to come,on or before the nine days Novena.Lo and behold,I got my resident permit card this morning the 2nd of Oct and on the card shows that my permit was granted on the 29th of September 2021.This a prayer answered and I want you the praying family to rejoice with me.Praise be to Jesus and Honor to Mary.Amen.

  42. Praise the Lord! After almost two years of praying for a job in my daughter’s field of study, yesterday she was offered just that. Answered prayers!

  43. Thanks be to God!

    Through the intercession of St. Therese, my prayers were answered on the feast day, October 1.

    My prayer was to find gainful employment —wherever God wanted me to serve him best. Lo and behold, I received an offer of employment on October 1 at a faith-based institution. Praise be to God and honor and thanks to St. Therese.

  44. Having been a past member of Theresians, I looked forward to this new novena! I ended up in the hospital at the beginning of this week with massive blood clots that were starting to damage my heart. Although I wasn’t able to be upright every day in order to read through the devotionals every day, I did follow most. I ended up having surgery to bust the largest and most dangerous clot. I am so grateful for the blessings I received through this past week while I was in the hospital. God is so good!

  45. As we continue trusting God in all our daily lives, I thank God for answering my prayers. At the beginning of our novena for St. Theresa I committed our children having relocated from USA to see all their process of settling and our God is faithful since they are already settled and we continue praying for them that our good Lord open new opportunities for them. That they may never lack in their lives. AMEN.

  46. On Tuesday, September 28th, after several days of desolation, my prayers were answered. At my Catholic/ecumenical prayer ministry, prayers were amplified by two non-Catholic pastors and a Catholic priest and prayer ministry leader’s prayers: I was told ty the two pastors when I was prayed for, that God would directly answer me and direct me … I was to go to my secret place. There is a chapel with 24 hour Eucharistic Adoration. I completed the time with the Lord there…but it began by my walking over to Our Lady of Lourdes grotto / garden after the evening’s ministry teachings, worship, and the individual prayer I received. As I sat there, the Lord dictated at least fifteen direct Words to me. Chief among these astonishing Words was: ” As we speak, as you listen to Me, I am healing the situation.” I received one Word after another, and quickly wrote them all over a notebook page. When the Lord stopped the many things He was saying to me in His Word, I went over to the 24×7 Eucharistic Chapel as I had originally intended. I sat there in Peace, the Perfect Peace that the two Christian pastors had said would occur. I left. When I returned to my car, my family member had reached me via text on my phone, and the miracle I had thought would never come…some days ago in my desolation…was strongly evident by the words in the text. I felt a quiet joy and perfect peace: I knew that St.Therese was involved in this miracle, as she is in so many. No shower of roses could have brought me more peace, and renewed understanding of the Lord’s Presence and Abiding Love, and His Healing.

  47. I have been suffering with severe past nasal drip for a while now. I have taken so much medication. I am so tired of taking medication So I prayed about it.I am better now . Thank you St Theresa for your powerful intercession .
    Also prayed for my 92 year old friend who had to have hip surgery He is also cardiac and on blood thinners. The operation was a success and he is being nursed in intensive care for 3 days then transfer to a general ward .Thank you St Theresa.

  48. Praying for my daughter who is a single mom and has lost her job due to Covid, that she find a job. Yesterday she got a job. Thank you St Therese and thank you Lord for answered prayers

  49. Prayed for successful hip replacement. After 24 hours I am recovering VERY WELL-couldn’t have hoped for better/quicker healing and it’s just day one!!!
    Peace and healing for a best friend loosing battle with ovarian cancer-she just passed away peacefully at a hospice center.
    A dear friend suffering with tremendous anxiety who is coming out of his latest deep hole….some peace

  50. Our son Alexander is home from prison and doing very well. He came home clean and sober found a job and putting his life together. Please continue to pray for the light and strength of our Lord to guide him.
    God bless all your prayers and thank you for your intercession Saint Therese.

  51. Good Morning All,

    During St. Therese Lisieux Novena, my prayer was answered financially. I was looking for money to start an online business and one of my friend gave me the money which I have invested in the online business. I thank St. Therese for interceding for me and I want her to continue to Intercede for me so that this online business will grow so I can use it to pay all the debts that I’m owning. I give Almighty GOD all the glory for answering my prayers through the intercession of St. Therese and asking HE to bless that my friend abundantly.

  52. When I started this novena I was getting depressed because of my daughter’s story of only meeting people who want premarital sex before marriage. I asked our st Therese to intercede for her so that she will be blessed with a good husband soon that will not ask for premarital sex before marriage, we have not seen one yet but I am believing God that through st Therese intercessions one will come soon. I am happy and no longer depressed.
    Our health is restored back in the family.
    Thank you Jesus and thank you st Therese for your intercessions and God’s blessing on John Paul and Annie for praying for us Amen

  53. I would like to say, my prayers are being answered, even when I don’t get what I request from God, as I say if it be his will and
    prayfully accept. Most times He surprises me.

    Thank you and continue to keep up the good works. May God bless you both.

  54. This past Wednesday I received word that my application for a home construction loan has been approved. I thank God for this precious gift. And thank St Therese of Lisieux for working her gift to help me. Thank y’all for praying with me. God bless y’all.

  55. I prayed for success in my first IQ and I got excellent results to which I’m so grateful to God. Thank you so much my Lord

  56. The Lord answered one of my many requests that I didn’t think would be possible. He answered my cry for help with getting an approval for an increase in my property tax to be spread over 5 years which cut down my mortgage payment tremendously. Our Lord Jesus has surely blessed me and heard my plea for help. I praise you and thank you my loving God for your love and mercy.

  57. Thank you Saint Therese for answering my prayers for a new job. It is true, that we should be patient in life and that often, disappointments are sent to remind us not to lose faith and that God knows best. I am so grateful.

  58. St Therese of Lisieux interceded for me.. more I see at least how to ask help to find the community to live with & serve God.
    Do not have connection with a difficul person who forcing me to be her friend. Give this person completely to God and pray for her.
    Thank you St Therese if Lisieux

  59. I ask that my daughter deliver a healthy baby and no complications will prevent her from becoming a wonderful and caring mom.

  60. Dear St Theresa Little flower of Jesus
    You are the patron saint of my parish _ Happy Feast to you & Jesus mary Joseph & all the heavenly saints
    st Theresa thankyou so much for blessing my Son C-a wonderful job & he is made permanent – Thankyou for blessing my youngest daughter S-her new renewed passport she got message without any problem. Thankyou for Blessing my middle daughter M her good permanent job & thankyou once again for all the financial help and blessing my whole family PR status & a house & business for us very soon .. we all keep our trust in Jesus
    In jesus Christ my whole family is blessed and we all are very happy — st Theresa please continue to pray for my family peace of mind & good health & bless us more miracles — We all love you- Amen amen amen

  61. Thank You for the beautiful novena prayed over the last 9 days. I had not prayed the St. Theresa of Lisieaux Novena before and it was a wonderful prayer experience. One of my intentions was for my special needs adult son and thank the Lord because my small request for my son was granted in accordance with the Lord’s will thru St. Theresa’s intervention. Never doubt the power of prayer and never lose hope.

  62. Thank you all for praying this Novena with me I have started seeing doors opening for me financially, and in other areas of my life Thank you St Therese for your Blessings

  63. My mom continues to stay strong thru her chemo treatment. She’s doing beautifully.
    My puppy went thru a traumatic injury & her healing is coming along.
    My friends husband was in a motorcycle accident & is off the ventilator , off the o3 & may go home soon.
    Thank you Lord! Saints & angels.

  64. My heart is filled with gratitude for answered prayers. After suffering through Covid for about a month and some depression from the affects, Tuesday I went to bed feeling ill – the following morning I awoke to see a new day, all depression gone, my body returned to its state prior. Thank you Jesus for answering prayers.

  65. Thank you St. Therese for helping me during a hard time. You heard me and helped me along with St. Monica, St. Catherine, and the Blessed Mother. Everything is always in God’s timing, and I thank each of you for helping while doing my novenas.

  66. When I started the St. Therese novena I was sick with loose stool and hardly eating. I prayed for healing and God grantex through intercession of St. Therese. Praise God in St. Therese of Lisieux and in all His Angels and Saints. May God bless you all.

  67. St Therese gave me the strength to stop drinking. It’s been a rough year and to cope, I drank at least a bottle of wine every night. Thank you St Therese for answered prayers.

  68. Prayed for my son to find a job and he received two interviews during this novena to St. Therese. I also received a rose on Friday.

  69. I prayed for greater patience, love, and understanding in my relationships. I feel as though my relationships have been strengthened and solidified with God’s help. I also prayed for success during medical school, because I know I can’t achieve anything without the guidance of God… and I made the best grade I have so far this semester on Monday.

  70. I prayed that my son would be accepted to a Catholic law school and he was! Thank you God! Please help him through and allow him to do well. Keeps him healthy, strong, happy, and safe.

  71. Thank you St. Therese for answering my prayer requests. Your guidance means a lot to me as this will guide us in our plans. I will pray more so that every step that I will take will be guided by our Lord. Thank you so much again!

  72. I prayed in thanksgiving for the financial support to our pregnancy center and prayed for sponsorship for our fundraiser coming up. On the last day, today, we received sponsorship and the card that was written to me had a big beautiful red flower on it! Thank you St Theresa for your intercession and heavenly work. She is helping us to save tiny souls in the womb☺️

  73. Praise be to God, mighty father, son and savior. My sister who I lifted in prayer for this novena has COVID. Today doctors were going to intubate her, her husband was on his way to see her before she went through procedure. On his way to the hospital the doctor called and said her lungs were now responding to the CPAP machine and they were not going to have to intubate. Praise God for answering my prayers and for all those that prayed with us for their petitions. Amen

  74. I prayed for my Wife Rita she has Lung Cancer stage 4, I prayed that the treatment would work that she has the tablets she has been taking Tagresso will help. And they have all cells have shrunk.

  75. I prayed for my family and I to be safe and protected from the Delta variant of COVID-19. We are all safe and well despite the fact that my son, his wife and 2 of my grand children are not vaccinated. I thank God for prayers answered through the intercession of St Therese of Lisieux.

  76. I believe St. Therèsé of Liseux interceded for me to get a job I needed. I have been trying for months to get a job with no success, until I started this novena. I got a well-paying job this past Tuesday and that was one of my intentions. Little Flower, Ora Pro Nobis.

  77. I am 80 years young
    St Therese has been my precious saint since I became a teenage
    Throughout my life I have prayed
    And asked to help me.. There are sooo many concerns that she a answered they are too numerous
    To mention.
    Thank you my dear Therese✝️🌹

  78. Two of my daughters were offered new jobs during the same week, after working in stressful healthcare positions for the past few years.

  79. I prayed for healing for my sick sister during the novena. She is completely well now. I also prayed for my daughter’s speech to be clearer. It is much better than before now. Thank you st Therese for your intercession!

  80. I don’t know if my prayers were answered but on the last day of the Novena, I was coming out of the Chapel, there was a ROSE under the tree. Just buding. There was no other flowers around it. They were all died except for this one Rose. I said St.Theresa THANK YOU. Praise God!!

  81. I got a promotion to a permanent and full time position 3 days after I resumed work as a contact staff. May God’s name be blessed.

  82. I’ve been the St Therese novena for years. It’s very powerful and so many prayers have been answered. Sometimes not the answer I had prayed for, but so many times it had. I’ve always come with a humble heart and I know my prayers have been heard. Thank you God, Jesus, Mary, St Theresa and all the amazing saints for being with me. I love you

  83. Thanking God for prayers answered regarding my visa& flight,and financial breakthrough, praying for safe delivery for my sister, journey mercies for us all and God’s divine intervention regarding the loan I applied for at AG’s office

  84. My grandson Angelo was released from the hospital after running very high temperatures. We’re still awaiting his test results.

  85. My grandmother on my mom’s side was a Third Order Carmelite. She taught me about St. Therese’s shower of roses from my childhood. Much later, I found myself in a very busy ER, having been called there by the nursing home where my paternal great aunt was taken after a fall. While I was sitting in the waiting room, a woman carrying a large bouquet of flowers in one arm and dragging a suitcase with the other sidled through the cramped aisle between the rows of filled seats. As she passed me, the bloom of a rose snapped from the bouquet and fell at my feet. Once she got by, I picked up the blossom and sniffed deeply. It provided a welcome balm for my soul on a cold January day. I happened to notice it was 4:00. When I got home, my mother called to say she had spoken to her sister, with whom Grandmother lived. My aunt had arrived home from work to find her dead. We learned she had had a stroke. The investigator estimated that the time of death was 1:00 California time, which was 4:00 where I live in Ohio when the rose “showered” down on my shoe. An awesome blessing and a consolation upon the death of this Carmelite!

  86. Thanksgiving that we finally got a buyer for our house and will close on it next week. Thank you Jesus, Mary, Joseph and our
    sweet St. Theresa. I also received a rose today from our grand daughter.

  87. My dear friend has been suffering with disabling mental illness. This week, her depression, anxiety, and paralizing mental confusion have lifted. We know Jesus is working in her life. Thank you for your prayers.