Answered Prayers from the St. Peregrine Novena, 2023

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Thank you for praying the St. Peregrine Novena with us!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We’re praying for you!

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  1. I would like to share that my brother, who had abnormally high PSA levels in multiple tests, recently reported within normal levels.
    I cannot thank God enough; I am grateful to St. Peregrine for his intercession 🙏🏿

  2. My uncle who has had two previous cancer diagnoses went for his 6 month follow up and is cancer free! PTL! God is Great🙏🏻

  3. During the St. Peregrine novena, I have been experiencing bleeding in between my periods for the past 4months. I prayed for healing and I know God has healed me. I didn’t experience any bleeding after my period this month. Although I have scheduled to see my OB/GYN next month, I am praying that nothing will be found and I am completely healed.

  4. I prayed for the physical healing of my son. He’s had extreme difficulties taking care of his vision, dental, mental health, and physical wellbeing. He has seen a primary care provider. He’s received medication for his anxiety. He has an eye appointment. He’s going to the dentist! His doctor found some concerning symptoms from alcohol abuse. My son will have a procedure tomorrow to check for esophageal varicies and ulcers :( Praying everything goes well, but at least my son has started working on himself. Praise be to God! Thank you St. Peregrine!!

  5. Dear St Peregrine ,please intercede for my healing of my bronchiectasis,nodules in my lungs,difficulty in my breathing,heart and diabetes .For all illnesses please pray for me cause God is my ultimate healer.On March I will have another c scan,help me oh Lord have mercy on me.
    This in Jesus name.Amen

  6. Dear John Paul and Annie we received a miracle for My son Anthony for his afflictions that he had. after the colonoscopy the specialist couldn’t find the hernia in his stomach and the diverculaetist healed completely and his blood pressure was healed it was 120/60
    That is the result of colonoscopy proved the scan that he done earlier than the colonoscopy all his afflictions were healed and also no cancer from the biopsy result
    We praise God and we thank God for his mercy through the intercession of St Pelegrene. thank you John Paul and Annie for praying in the novena of St Pelegrene with me God bless you for the good work that you do
    Amen 🙏💐🥰❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  7. Thank you to St. Peregrine and all those who prayed this Novena. My friend received positive news from his scan last week, and with continued treatment hoping to be cancer free in a few months. Thanks be to God!

  8. During St. Peregrine Novena, the error that was made during compiling of my son’s result was revealed and discovered for the correction to be done. This was a great reveal for him.

    I also got a request to submit a quotation for the supply of items and I believe that my quotation will be approved.

    My Dad is also responding well to his illness and I believe that St. Peregrine will continue to intercede for him to recover fully and be strong. Same for my Mom.

  9. My Dad is responding very well to his retreat. All of his test results show great progress and he will now be an outpatient. He isn’t having any sever side effects from the treatments. All glory to God 🙏🏻

  10. My brother in law was told he had cancerous lymphoma in his right eye, when they went for biopsy results, no cancer was found. Specialist said he had never seen this happen before in all the reports he had read. Thank you Saint Peregrine!

  11. I thank God and all of you for prayers.
    God answered some of my prayer intentions, i prayed for negative TB test as a requirement for me to stay in school and it come out negative despite that i had a terrible cough since november to january which i also prayed for and now i can testify it has totally improved. I also prayed for total healing mercies for my stomach pains which it was painful to my left side and suprisingly it just disapperead. Lastly, i prayed for the availability of scholarships to be able to pay my school fees and unexpectedly, i got an email from my advisor that if i was looking for any scholarships there were a number of scholarships that i am qualified to apply. I thank God for all of these

  12. Please let myself and my kids and family members and friends be full of health and strength and the Holy Spirit, and may all people who have addictions be sober every day! Thank you Lord!

  13. Good day ,

    Put my business in the prayers and also my kids for the protection at School and lastly I need a financial breakthrough

  14. Thank you God, papa Jesus, mama mary, guardian angel, and all saint’s in heaven for answer my prayer my US immigrant visa application is now transit in manila i claim this year 2023 i am going to las vegas nevada safe and sound, success, Good health, long life i am so excited to see my mom and uncle. Amen

  15. Thank you very much for these novenas. I prayed the St Peregrine Novena. I was very specific with my request during my prayers. I must admit I am a little surprised because I haven’t really participated in novenas before but my prayer was answered just as I had requested even though I was told it was not possible.

    Thank you Dear God for answered prayers! And thank you St Peregrine for your prayers and intercession!

  16. Dear St Peregrine, intercessor, and servant of God, thank you for taking my plea for healing of my back pain. Over the course of the novena, my back pain has become significantly improved after many months and I know it is but for the Lord’s mercy thru your intercession. Great things happen if we just believe!
    Amen and than You Lord.

  17. Thank you St. Peregrine for intercessions on my behalf. I thank and praise you Lord for keeping me and all those for whom I beseeched your help and mercy. I thank You Lord for seeing all of those who prayed this novena and all of those who do not have this opportunity.

  18. To
    Jonh Paul and Annie and all circle of prayer.
    Pray for me for my children.May my children receive their Permanent
    residence soon.May they find their own path to their dreams.Grant them
    your wisdom,strength and courage.May their hearts always find gratitude
    and happiness.Grant them good health and a sense of duty.
    And at the end of their lives welcom them both into your kingdom in heaven.AMEN

  19. My brother-in-law, Fred, had a large tumor removed from his colon. He has been undergoing chemotherapy, but the doctors were quite worried. One day after the novena ended, his doctor called to tell him that something had happened that they didn’t expect: the cancer appears to be gone. I asked, and God granted. Thank you.

  20. On the last day of this novena, my uncle Mike got his PET scan results back, and his tumor was gone as well as the metastasize spots. Our family is so grateful for this wonderful news and continues to appreciate the power of prayer and trust in God‘s plan. AMEN!

  21. Had prayed for friend, Justin, who was diagnosed in TX with a “mass” on his kidney. He moved back to NC to see his own doctors, seeing the doctor yesterday (1/19). The doctor said the “growth” is small and manageable. He will return Feb. 10th for another CT Scan. We are all so thankful that this “mass” is only 3cm. We continue to pray for his healing. He is expecting his first baby boy with our niece whose due date is Mar. 11th.

    Also had prayed for my husband’s cousin Chris who has colorectal cancer. She had been receiving chemo and then radiation. Her recent tests show a near complete response from treatment, no visible tumor left inside, some little left outside which will need surgery to remove. Repeat CT scan showed no metastasis and blood test showed no cancer in blood!

    Also, a friend’s son-in-law was diagnosed with extreme bladder cancer, with the tumor in the bladder being extremely large. The doctor was sure that the cancer had moved outside of the bladder and metastasized but when they received the test results, the doctor was floored because tests showed no cancer outside the bladder! Dr. could not explain it. But we know there was a miracle!

    These 3 prayer intentions were answered during this novena! All glory and praise to God Our Father and thank you, St. Peregrine, for your intercession. We continue to ask for your intercession in all the remaining prayer requests.

  22. My sister and I prayed this novena together for my husband with a cancer diagnosis. Within a few days of us finishing this novena, these two things happened: my husband had to go to the ER with severe abdominal pain and we were frightened it was from cancer recurrence or some complication related to it. It turned out to be something unrelated and manageable. Also, his circulating tumor dna test came back negative! Thank you for answered prayers!!

  23. Thank you for this novena, it was very helpful for me and my friends. All of us we were not feeling good but one completely got healed her chronic cough the other one kidney problem but he is doing more better than before. Thanks and God bless you always.

  24. My Brother Paul was diagnosed w/ Stage 4 Melanoma last October.
    He is a man with deep faith and has not given up, despite the severe pain and conditions he faces.

    I have sent multiple Novenas to him and they provide great comfort.
    He is in CA and I on the east coast so many cross country trips and I wish I could be there even more for Paul and my nieces.
    but he believes in the healing power of prayer.

    Knowing there is a community of supporters that are praying/pulling for him is a blessing

    God Bless all on this thread and be assured I am praying for all of those in need.

  25. A few days before this Novena began, a former colleague and friend of my husband, whom he hadn’t spoken to in years, called to tell him that he was not doing well, that he had been suffering from late-stage esophogeal cancer. It was likely the last time he’d hear his voice, as he was facing radical surgery that would leave him unable to speak and having to remain upright, if he survived at all. It was a sad and sobering conversation. Of course I began to pray for him immediately, but then suddenly the Novena to St. Peregrine was announced, which was incredible timing. I said the Novena with my intentions for him, Joe Ayres. I am currently on travel for work, and last night called my husband just to check in. He said he had just gotten off the phone with Joe, who told him the miraculous news that his tests yesterday came back that he was 100 percent cancer free. I almost fell over. There is a 30 percent chance he will remain forever cancer free and live a long life. For now, no more treatment required. My husband, not a paricularly religious man, had no idea that I had prayed the Novena. I emailed him the final day’s Novena to share with him what I had done, and I could hear him choking back tears. Thank you for offering this Novena at just the right moment. And selfishly, I also benefitted. I am on a work trip thatI really don’t want to be on, and am observing a lot of questionable behavior. The news of Joe’s remission was extraordinarily humbling and reminded me that none of what I am doing is as important as prayer. Thank you again.

  26. After encountering some delays in diagnosis and treatment, a wonderful PA hep cut through red tape and got the ball rolling.
    My husband will have surgery Tuesday and then a year of immunotherapy.
    All who are witnessing this see the power of prayer and the goodness of God.
    Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

  27. Prayers are being answered for Jenna G., the 20 yr old diagnosed with rare ovarian cancer. Her number was 339 at the start of chemo treatments and now she is down to 13 after only two rounds! Numbers are trending in the right direction. The other woman with cancer, Linda, whom l have also asked prayers for, said she can feel the prayers envelop her and she feels more peaceful. Thank you all who have prayed this novena!

  28. Blessed day,

    It has been a long time i have been praying these novenas and has never been disappointed.
    I prayed for employment for my husband who had been unemployed for almost two years, My prayers were answered and he is now employed . Thankyou Pray More Novenas and the praying community.
    Let us continue to pray fervently and with faith.

  29. I got good news about my MRI done in December. I was told nothing showed in the scan. Thanks St PEREGRINE, St Mary and everyone here for praying for me.
    Praying for Treasa to get well.
    Let’s ask to be blessed with Faith and love for one another.
    God bless you.

  30. Thanking GOD for my selection for a position at work and thanking GOD for the job he has in store for my husband. The wonders of your hands oh LORD I am grateful for. You have ordained greatness for my husband and it shall end in Praises. Hallelujah!!!!!!

  31. To John Paul and Annie and all our circle of prayer

    Thank you so much for the support and your prayers. I pray this novena for my nephew after he had gone to 3 surgeries after a shooting incident. He was victim of it on his way to work as an innocent victim. A group of young men shot on the company car that was transporting him and 4 other co-workers to work. His life was saved by the grace of God. Yesterday , my sister texted me and told me that he drove his own car yesterday since the whole ordeal. His last surgery was on December 12, and he started therapy last week. Praise the Lord. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.. I am so grateful and so humbled.

    Please pray for me so that I can pass my last test to obtain my professional license in order to keep my current job. I will be taking it next week for the 4th time. Thank you. Peace and love always.

  32. Thank you st Peregrine for the miraculous healing for Eddy and to restore him to full health as you intercede for us may God grant us all the blessings to keep trusting in you

  33. Regina, the five-year old with cancer in her jaw, is doing well and will not have to have chemotherapy. She underwent serious surgeries and was even put into an induced coma for a few days. To date, she is cancer-free.
    Thank you to the community for their prayers, and a special blessing to John Paul and Annie for pulling together this wonderful online community. God bless you!

  34. Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ for the successful cancer treatment received by my friend Rachel. Scan shows no cancer anywhere in her body. ✝️🙏🙏💖

  35. Our friend had a good job that he loved and then the company he worked for had a merger with a company that was not so inviting. He thought it was his age, personality….. He became stressed and very unhappy. He wasn’t making the amount of money he was before so bills were behind and almost lost his house. I prayed a Novena for him and my husband told me that our friend had found a great job and is doing very well.
    Thanks be to God!

  36. My cousin Claudia did qualify for an alternative treatment plan. We don’t know what the future holds, if the treatment will be successful but we are grateful that she has this opportunity. Of course our future holds salvation with Christ our Lord and we are most grateful for His sacrifice.

  37. I want you all to know, my niece’s tumor in her brain has stopped growing, and she is so grateful to God, and all of the prayers for her. Please still pray for her and all the people that have cancer. God bless you all! Theresa

  38. dear friends, John Paul and Annie! I come from the city of San Pellegrino Laziosi, Forli, in Italy!
    During the novena of Christ the King I have beeing praying for Elia, the daughter of a friend of mine, a friend from Liverpool- who had a cancer at the throat.
    The operation has gone very good! I pray even more now that this young woman (22) will be baptised! She has been suffering all of her young life, of many bad illness, had many , too many operations, if she only could come to the faith!
    Thank you Lord for these your beautiful novenas, that help me to pray and to be close to the people who are in my way.

  39. My daughter’s leukemia was cured through St. Perigrine’s intercession. Not from this specific Novena but from 4 years ago.

  40. I continue to pray for help with my health.
    I ask my beloved saints to intercede for us all on this earth who want and those who are lost and cannot ask to help us with our health, to recover, and for those fortunate enough that they give thanks for good health.

  41. Praying for Mike Pieper who has liver cancer and just started a new trial treatment!
    Pray to ST. PEREGRINE for the treatment to help!

  42. Positive surgery outcome for my brother Paul who was recently involved in an auto/pedestrian accident. 3 major muscles torn from his shoulder successfully reattached! All glory and praise to our awesome Savior!

  43. Yes . The Novena helped our Granddaughter Emily Long . The Dr feels she got all the cancer cells and will have a Hysterectomy in March. And pray that the Cancer is gone.Thank you for the Novena. I have sent it to her mother each day.

  44. Recently after a procedure, my mom was told she had bile duct cancer. Several people including me, said the novena to St. Peregrine on her behalf. Yesterday, she was told that the pathology report is negative-no cancer! Behold the power of prayer. Thanks be to God! Praise Him for all His GLORY and generosity!! Thanks be to St. Peregrine for his divine intercession.

  45. Day one of this novena, my grandma was in the hospital with multiple stomach ulcers. Today, we found out her biopsy came back clean of malignancy. She is home from the hospital and feeling much better. Thanks be to God!

  46. When praying for my friends who are trying to cope with their cancer and treatments, I wasn’t thinking about low grade pain that I had been dealing with for months. Today I notice that it’s gone! Thank you all for your faithful prayers. Thank you St. Peregrine for being with us and for those we know who are suffering. Thank you for hearing us, interceding for us!

  47. My sister was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer about seven months ago. Even though the lesion was completely removed by surgery she still had to undergo chemo. During the course of the chemo it appeared that one of her lymph nodes looked suspicious in a scan. After a biopsy, it was determined that the lymph node was just inflamed. We found that out while I was praying this novena. Thank you, God, and St. Peregrine!!!

  48. A prayer was answered regarding my own battle. I was travelling abroad and at Exeter Cathedral when my prayer reminder email came through, and I sat down in a chapel inside to pray. As I finished, I looked up and saw a rack of prayer cards just next to me. There was a card with a prayer for peace that lifted a huge weight off my shoulders right then and there. I think I will keep the card with me for the rest of my life. This place will now always be holy to me! Thank you, all of you who joined me in prayer during this Novena.

  49. In September 2021 my younger brother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He had just retired from a medical career and enjoying a well deserved retirement. Being a doctor, I expect he knew the prognosis and was not surprised when he was told he had at best 12-14 months.

    Somewhere i learned of St Peregrine and how many prayed to him for help. Nightly I prayed and in my heart I knew that through prayer and saintly intercession my brother would undergo a miraculous cure.

    I believe his faith was always strong and I know one of the first things he did after learning of his situation was to talk to our parish priest, a wonderful man. Time progressed and in June my brother died.

    At first my faith was challenged, afterall, every insignificant thing in my life that I had ever prayed for seemed to work out, and now, with the only thing that ever really mattered, my prayers went unanswered. It has occurred to me that as the novena said, although cure did not occur, salvation did. I believe that my bother received the reward that he strove for his entire life. His divine reward just came a bit sooner than we all, the family and numerous friends, had hoped.

    St Peregrine, the mighty, pray for us all

  50. I offered the novena for a gentleman who has lung cancer. Monday, he got news the tumor is almost gone and surgery can be done.
    I also offered the novena for a lady who was blinded by an eye procedure. Her sight has been restored! Thank you St Peregrine for your intercession and thank you God for healing.

  51. Thank you for all the Novenas whereby the world can pray together as one! My daughter got the results of her CT scan and does not have to have corrective surgery. It is only inflammation that has been sitting for years that can be healed with antibiotics. Hopefully the meds will allow her to breathe properly again. She has been to so many doctors always with a wrong diagnosis. I offered her healing in my prayers, and finally a solution! Thank you Almighty God for the Blessings and Graces you have bestowed upon our daughter. Thank you John-Paul and Annie for what you do and that you have dedicated your lives in making these Novenas a part of our prayer lives! May God Bless.
    In Christ, MC 😇🙏📿

  52. I prayed the novena and the intention was for my leg. I was told that it could be a blood clot but Praise God it was not.
    Thank you Jesus!!!

  53. Two month ago l learned that one of my friend, of age 60 ( like my daughter) has a very bad, aggressive breast cancer. She must have the surgery right away. I called her to let her know that l start to pray for her. And l also prayed this Nivena.
    In this Sunday, January 15 was my birthday (85). A day
    prior it was told me “Paulette is cancer free”.
    Thanks to Mercy of God, my prayers and the help of this Blessed Novena of St. Peregrine, my friend survived and she is cancer free!
    Praise the Lord!

  54. Praise be the Holy name of Jesus for healing Diane my niece of her breast cancer. For Karen my good friend niece of her brain cancer. God is all LOVE and MERCY!!!! Thanks be to God.

  55. I have prayed that nothing happened to impede my drs appt last week. For the Dr and his staff. For tests to be scheduled expediently. And there is no cancer found in the left lung lobe or rest of my body. All of these were answered. Thank you Jesus, Mary and St Joseph!!! Thank you for your intercession St Peregrine!

  56. Prayers answered during this novena that my mom is improving from her treatment for stage-B lymphoma and she gets to take a break for 3 months before starting new treatment! Praise God and thank you St. Peregrine for your intercession.
    Also asking for prayer as I await getting a mastectomy in my right breast on January 23. I am praying for clear margins and no cancer in my lymph nodes. Asking the Holy Spirit to be with the Drs., nurses and anesthesiologist who will take care of me and for safe and successful surgery and healing.
    Praying for all who are battling cancer in my family , my mom, my 2 aunts , my cousin’s wife and her 3 friends. Lifting us and all cancer patients up to the Lord during this novena.
    Praising and thanking God for all he is doing and thanking Him in advance for all He is going to do! Amen.

  57. Praise God,
    I want to bless the name of God for his healing. For more than a year I have been having stomach pain and it has refused to go even with medications. But during this Novena I asked God for healing and He healed me. Hallelujah.

  58. Good morning ,
    I’m so happy to share my joy of healing.
    Since late October, I’ve been draining blood and fluid and wore pads Every day. I usually follow your Novenas so I followed this and put my name always because I also have a chronic autoimmune disease since 2008.
    Surprisingly? On day 7 my pad was not stained and for 2 days now, I’ve not bled or spotted.
    St. Peregrine’s name hasn’t left my lips since day of the Novena. Jesus, I trust in you.
    Thanks be to God Almighty.

  59. I pray for my co worker’s daughter who has cancer. May our Lord place His healing hands on her to cure her and His love be the overpowering presence with this family as they cope with her illness. In Jesus name I pray.

  60. Glory to God in the Highest!
    I want to appreciate God for answering my prayers through Saint Peregrine’s intercession.
    Before I started this Novena, I was suffering from a rear deep pain close to the ankle of my right leg, the leg suddenly began to swell at that place, it was so painful that I couldn’t place my leg down to walk.
    But to the glory of God, four days into Saint Peregrine’s Novena, I was completely healed. Thank you Lord Jesus, AMEN.

  61. All glory be to God. My intentions for years and every novena on prayermore was answered on 11 January 2023. I return all the glory and honor to God and pray that the remaining process goes smoothly.

  62. My sister just told me today that a mass in her uterus was found to not be cancerous!! Praise be to God! And thank you St Peregrine! 🙏❤️😊

  63. My son had 4 teeth removed by an oral surgeon at the beginning of the Novena. Each day, I included my son (& others) in the Novena. My son has a preexisting health condition, which can make healing difficult, and so I was concerned the sockets where the teeth were removed wouldn’t heal correctly. My daughter had the same oral surgery and had a very horrible outcome with lots of bleeding and delayed healing of sockets, plus she was in agonizing pain and on a protein drink diet for two weeks after surgery. My son and daughter have the same preexisting health issues, and so I feared the same thing would happen to my son after surgery. Amazingly, the opposite happened. My son had no problems, and he didn’t even need a liquid diet. He’s able to eat anything! Now that the Novena ended, my son and I can see the sockets healed without any complications, and not only that, my son never needed any high doses of pain medication. His oral surgery and recovery was easy and virtually pain free. Thank you, St Peregrine for interceding for my son, and presenting my request to Our Lord, Who granted the successful outcome of having four teeth removed without pain and complications. I wish I could go back in time, and pray this Novena for my daughter when she had surgery, so she could’ve had the same outcome as my son.

  64. 5 mo old, Everett’s tumor was fully removed with surgery on Day 1 of this Novena. The pathology report came back today, Day 9: Cancer FREE!!! Thank you for praying for this baby and his healing! Thank you, St. Peregrine! And most especially, THANK YOU LORD for your tender mercy!

  65. Prayers please for 45 yr old nephew who was recently diagnosed with colon cancer.
    Prayers for a good outcome to his radiation and chemo treatments and for a return to good health. Prayers for the Holy Spirit to heal his body soul and spirit and to give his family a peace that all will be well in Jesus’ name. AMEN

  66. To God be all the glory. My husband and daughter’s visa were approved after almost one year of been apart. Thank you Jesus

  67. I prayed for my sister who was undergoing a complicated surgery. I prayed for a successful surgery and for God to guide the surgeon’s hands, and for my sister’s healing. Glory to Our Father, the surgery was successful! I continue to pray for my sister’s healing. Thank you, Father God – you are an amazing Father!

  68. I had skin cancer after a biopsy. The appointment to have a minor skin surgery was today. Through the novena I prayed that the first biopsy removed the cancer. Sure enough today, a 2nd biopsy showed that I was clear. I was immediately taken in to close my biopsy location. Even the doctor looked at me when he gave me the news. He said “that is good.”

    I continually held my hand over the spot during past prayers and asked God for this result. Amen! I am grateful for sure!

  69. I pray from my daughter that she can help me out and find it in her heart to forgive me and other. I pray that she get closer to God.