Answered Prayers from the St. Peregrine Novena, 2023

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Thank you for praying the St. Peregrine Novena with us!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We’re praying for you!

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  1. I was scheduled for a breast biopsy on January 5. This novena came right in time! My results were clear! Thank you everyone who prayed this novena. God is great!!!🙏❤️

  2. Please heal Rose of her cancer and let her appetite resume so she can get stronger and healthier by each day.

    Please get Julie through her brain surgery today. May the surgeons remove her cancer successfully and she may recovery safely and healthy.

    In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  3. I prayed that my sister who went to the Emergency Room last Tuesday would be healed and that her discomfort would be able to be managed, and it was.

  4. Hi,
    My cousin’s wife MaryK was diagnosed with Leukemia and started a very rigorous and intense 3 stage Trial treatment which would take place in the hospital. The 1st stage started right in early December and ended on Christmas Eve. On o1/03/2023 MaryK was readmitted to the hospital to begin the 2nd stage of treatment. On 01/06/2023 a biopsy was taken to measure progress and it showed blno change which wasn’t bad as the 1st stage of treatment had done what was needed just not completely. Treatment continued. The same day I started the (01/9/2023) to St. Peregrine and asked for intercession for MaryK another biopsy was taken and this time it showed deep Remission with no signs of cancer. Coincidence I think not. Power of Prayer 🙏
    Today (01/18/2023) MaryK is on her way home from the hospital.
    I do believe St. Peregrine interceded.
    God Bless

  5. Prayers for my brother Ken and Niece Tammy as they are going through cancer treatments. Give them strength and grace to grow close to God. Special prayers for brother in-law Fred, that passed away and his family as the grieve his loss. May the Lord comfort his family & take him into his heavenly kingdom. For all praying this novena and for their intentions, may Saint Peregrine be our advocate to our Lord Jesus. I love you Lord God. Amen.

  6. I was scheduled to have a breast biopsy yesterday. When I arrived for my appointment, the doctor came in and stated he had looked at my mamogram results twice and was SURE, from years of experience, I did not need a biopsy and continue with annual mamograms. My husband is having heart surgery next week.

  7. Sister-in-law’s boyfriend had a tumor on his spine removed. Received news yesterday that the tumor is benign . Praise be to God! Prayers were answered. Thank you!

  8. I thank God for restoring my health, and that of my Mum, Uncle Felix, Sophia, and Auntie Chidinma. I thank him for life and the promises of blessings upon me and my loved ones—nothing missing, nothing broken.

  9. 2 of the women I was praying for got good news this past week. One had successful surgery with no spreading and was given an excellent prognosis. The other found out that her lesions are responding to treatment.
    Thank you St. Peregrine for your powerful intercession.

    And thanks to all who prayed.

  10. I was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer, had my first appointment with Surgeon, Radiation and Chemo/Infusion Drs. My daughter, husband, cancer survivor friend accompanied me. It seems promising but will know more after MRI.
    The calm that I felt and still feel, which I first thought was self denial, is not that, it seems supernatural. anointing by my Pastor, Blessing by two of our Deacons, and my involvement with our pro- life ministry and Bible Study seem to fill every crevice of my mind. Your Novena has been a Blessing. God be with each Cancer patient that reaches out to touch that heavenly cloak❤️🙏❤️

  11. My brother-in-law apparently had a mini stroke last Thursday and was unable to stand or write his name. He was like this for 3 days and now he can walk again and function as always. He has been checked out at ER.
    Grateful to God.

  12. My mom is home, after almost 11 weeks of being in the hospital – the first 8 of which, we had no idea she’d ever make it out. God is so good and prayers are so appreciated. We’ve now found out that it might be possible for her to go into full remission, because of the way she’s reponding so far. I know that God’s will is in this. I know that we may have another 10 years or plus with her and I know that she could leave us tomorrow. But, I am so grateful that she is home and that we (each of her 5 children) have all had time to come in and spend time with her in the hospital and will be doing a similar rotation to help out dad with her while she’s at home. It’s a really good lesson in never taking time for granted and that mom’s “Job” moments speak so loudly to us.

  13. Christie had a tumor in her head. After a very dangerous operation, she is recovering use of her right side.
    Thank you, St. Peregrine, thru Gods mercy and the novena prayers.

  14. A few months ago my doctor was suspicious of something that showed up on my right breast. She ordered all kinds of tests and MRIs and it was determined that I have to have a biopsy.

    I am supposed to go for the biopsy on January 20. I’m not sure how you found me but I started this novena a little late. After a few days, I got a call from the medical department handling my biopsy, saying that it may not be necessary. Is that not a miracle? I don’t know what’s in store for me because I’m still going on Friday to determine whether or not they will do a biopsy.

    I appreciate your prayers for me, my cousin, and good friend who are going through cancer recovery right now. Thank you

  15. When we started this novena I prayed for our daughter Sarah who has state 4 ovarian cancer. Her bloodwork CA125 came back Friday lower than it’s been in months. Praise God and Dt Peregrine. I also prayed for my dear sister in law Katharine. After over a year of chemo and radiation her breast cancer was in remission. Then st Christmas doctors thought it had spread to her other breast. Her Jan 11 biopsy results were BENIGN. God is so good and St Peregrines intercession has left us in no doubt of his powerful intercessions.

  16. Thank you, St. Peregrine for your prayers in the healing of my brother!
    My brother, John had his tests taken last week to see how effective the immunotherapy treatments were from the last few months.
    They were thrilled at the results. His numbers came back very low!
    Praise God!

  17. I have been praying this novena for my niece, who has lukemia. She has been praying for a donor match for a bone marrow transplant and they have finally found one. Now I pray her body accepts the transplant.
    Thank you St. Peregrine and my Lord Jesus.

  18. Staci received word that insurance was reversing their indecision and will be covering the operation for her and her baby. And Jenny received word that her tumor is operable and is now scheduled to be removed. Thank you, St. Peregrine, for your intercession, and thank you, Lord, for your abundant blessings.

  19. Friend, Pat has been struggling with cancer metastasis (again). Recently, hospitalized for tumor growth causing problems. Medications began to shrink tumor thus avoiding surgery. ✝️

  20. My friend is in remission with no cancer cells found in his body in a particularly aggressive cancer during his last checkup.

  21. I cannot pinpoint an exact answer. But I keep these novenas close to my heart. Especially this one. Not only because it is for cancer, which I believe most of us have been touched by in someway.
    I cannot pinpoint an exact answer but for me this one is written in an exceptionally beautiful way, the way you wrote the prayer.
    Thank you

  22. My friend David Bell had a kidney removed last week due to cancer. Doctors said it had not spread. No further treatment is needed. David is already up and out to a restaurant to eat. Thank you Lord and St. Perrigran for this healing.

  23. Dear ones,
    God bless you for your prayers!
    My 96-year-old father in law continues to tolerate aggressive treatment – astounding the doctors. Please continue to pray for him.
    Also for my nephew, that his faith helps him to walk forward in faith and for God’s healing grace.
    St. Peregrine, pray for us.

  24. We received the good news last Thursday that my husband’s cancer was in remission. We want to thank everyone who prayed with us and for us. We also want to thank all the doctors and nurses who are so dedicated and caring, they deserve our prayers and our thanks every day. Praise the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  25. Our 3 yr granddaughter was diagnosed with neuroblastoma the day I started this novena. They have now determined that it is a less serious and less aggressive cancer and the tumor will be removed next Monday. Praise God!

  26. One of the persons I was praying for during this novena was my friend’s very young son who had developed a growth and was not well. Barely halfway through the novena, we got the great news that it was nothing serious and there were no traces of it any more. My friend was also uplifted by our prayers and was able to get through this hard time with her husband. Thank you Jesus for your love and mercy xxx

  27. Please pray for the healing and full recovery of Luke C. a wonderful husband and father who was very recently diagnosed with colon and liver cancer.

  28. Developed a kidney stone while visiting family, passed it this AM otherwise surgery would have been needed. Prayers answered ! God is great !

  29. Our dear friend Matt has had surgeries chemo and radiation for almost a year for pancreatic cancer. His scan showed no signs of cancer and one doctor used the term cured. We have been praying to St Peregrine the entire time. Having this novena was perfect timing.
    We are so grateful for the healing blessings of God through the intercession of St Peregrine.

  30. Thank you for the prayers. My welfare as well as the welfare of my daughters and girlfriend were intact over this novena season.

  31. Thank you St. Peregrine for the negative outcome of a cancer test on my wife Joan. Thank you also to all who prayed the novena with me!

  32. My sister in law received wonderful news from her Oncologist, after three months of chemo the cancer in her lungs has decreased by 50%! Thank you everyone, for your prayers!

  33. Please pray for my sister, Jackie, she is suffering greatly with stage 4 ovarian cancer with other areas effected and fluid continually staying in her lungs. The pain is horrific.

  34. During the days of this powerful novena, my husband underwent a prostate biopsy. While still praying this novena to St. Peregrine, we received benign results! Glory to our God and the intersession of St. Peregrine!

  35. Dearest St Peregrine please intercede for my sister Carmen. We were informed yesterday she has stage 4 cancer with a rare form of cancer. The entire lining of her abdominal area is cancerous along with a mass in her stomach. We were aware she had cancer but did not know stage. Please pray for her miraculous healing! She is very depressed as we are too. The doctors may say their prognosis but God has the final say so. Please help my sister; provide physical, emotional & mental healing. Praying for my mom as well; she will undergo surgery for her broken knee. Thank you. In Jesus’s name Amen 🙏

  36. My 93yo father was in such despair over the state of his health last week that he said he wasn’t sure he wanted to live any more. I’m so grateful to report that today he is home again and feeling much better! He has his positive attitude back and is committed to working with his caregivers to regain his strength. Thank you so much for your prayers.

  37. I had a test for cancer and came out negative.
    This novena came exactly at the time I needed it. And my brother was taken to the hospital and did not need the surgery they thought and he is back home doing well.
    I know it was all the prayers. Thank you and God bless

  38. I had the WORST headache and pain in my back! I woke up this morning and my head pain was GONE! My back is better too and I’ve been able to cook and work around the house like before!!! What a blessing!!! Thank you for helping!!!! 🙏❤️

  39. Afternoon,
    Last night, I woke up just a few minutes after midnight. Lost my sleep. Around 2am. my right foot started to feel heavy at the same time it feels numb. I panicked, started kicking in the air, with each kick, the feeling; its moving upwards. I get off the bed, now I have no feeling up to my knee and I feel like using the toilet. It comes out, I am wet and I move my right hip 3 times; now there is pain in my hip and I feel numb. My right leg is numb and it hurts at the hip region. I hold onto my bed and move my left hip calling Jesus, I feel some relief on the left hip. I keep moving my right hip calling Jesus until my leg feels light, then back to normal.
    I get in my bed and the only word I am saying is Jesus.

    Thank you Jesus.

  40. My husband passed away a week ago from cancer, but we’ve received so many blessings and I know it was from the so many people praying for us. I feel it was from God’s Grace alone that I got to the hospital in time to say how much we love each other and that I was able to pray the Our Father to him right before he passed. So many other things,too numerous to mention.
    God bless you all and thank you,continued prayers for all !

  41. With a new doctor and exercises, a child who walked tip toed, is now able to put her heals to the floor and is slowly breaking the habit of toe walking. I thank the Lord for using others for the glory of his holy name.

  42. Good Morning!
    I just wanted to share that yesterday I received a call from a friend who has a sister being treated for cancer and my friend told me her sister’s cancer is gone. She doesn’t believe any more treatments are needed!

    I give thanks to our Lord!

    Let’s keep on praying and may the Lord bless you continually!

  43. One of my intentions was for my coworker. She has a breast mass that needed evaluation. Detailed studies revealed it noncancerous. Thanks be to God.

  44. My sweet cousin, John Giacco went to the Lord on Jan. 15.Thank you for joining me in praying for him during this novena.

  45. I recently had been diagnosed with lymphoma and was going through tests. During this novena I got the results and they were so much better than anticipated!

  46. My prayers for a young mother diagnosed with glioblastoma were answered. Further testing revealed she has contracted a rare form of tuberculosis which settles in organs other than the lungs. The condition is non-communicable and treatable. She is expected to make a full recovery. Praise God!

  47. After a bit of a hiatus, having spent some time away, I attended a yoga class last evening and was thrilled to see a fellow Cancer patient with her hair growing back in! She’s had a long journey but is doing well! Praise God!

  48. My little sister, a mother of 5 was diagnosed a week before Christmas with a large malignant tumor near her heart. Through prayers and this novena, so many good things have occurred for her healing, and the tumor has shrunk! GOD is soooo good!

  49. My mom has two sores on her leg that seem to be healing more over the course of the novena and she has more hope that they will get better.

  50. My mother-in-love (my husband’s mother) passed away tonight after a battle with stage four metastatic breast cancer. I prayed that she would die a happy death with no fear or bitterness and my prayers were answered. I prayed that she and we would accept God’s will and we did – and are at peace. Pray for us and her soul as we prepare to lay her to rest. Amen 🙏🏾 To God Be the Glory for all He has done. Amen

  51. I had been praying for a quick and peaceful death for our neighbor who was in hospice and it was. Thank you St. Peregrine and thank you all!

  52. I thank you lord for Andy Hattons good results from his treatment,also for all others whose treatment is working.
    Amen 🙏🙏

  53. My friend had surgery for a suspicious tumor and lung biopsy. We learned today that all tests came back negative for cancer….praise be to Jesus! Thank you St Peregrine for your intercession.

  54. My husband, Bobby, was told on January 9th that he is cancer free. Praise be to God.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  55. Thanking for U S migrant visa granted. I am now in US waiting for my green card. Also visa granted to my daughter in the UK. Improvement on my health issues. For success in my children’s examination.

  56. My brother’s wife who was supposed to be operated in Mulago Heart Institute in Hospital Uganda for a heart problem, has been discharged without operation. This has worked for me.

  57. Please 🙏 prayers for a friend of mine who suffered cancer on the kidney at the moment she is having quimioterapia for several months .
    Thank you

  58. I have just started a new job involving travelling so was struggling financially so asked for help in this Novena so I could get to work and home again. When I attended Church last Sunday a lady from St Vincent de Paul spoke to me privately and handed me an envelope to help with travel costs she said…I do not know how she knew???? Inside the envelope was £50 which will cover the cost of fares till I get my first wage. If you trust and believe miracles do happen…open your hearts to all the wonders that get bestowed upon us all.

  59. My mother has been suffering from depression for the past four months. Extreme symptoms. By day five of this novena to St Peregrine, her symptoms were all gone. I bless the name of the most high God. Join me to glorify the name of Jesus Christ.

  60. I pray that God bless my womb with children. I pray for a positive and viable pregnancy. In dis year I will carry my babies. Amen

  61. My 23 year old during Uni has called, spent time with me and her younger siblings over the week end. We have chatted and relaxed together.
    Her older brother has been in touch.gHer eldestbrother, I have been able to give the name of someone who knows their dad.
    I have realised what I have done that is wrong. I am devastated. I am seeking to reconnect and put what I can right.
    Still more healing to do and receive.

  62. Thank you God with the intercetion of St Peregrine for being with us through a serious operation of our family member. He is now back home recovering well. Praise be to God.

  63. Glory to Jesus!!!!
    I had about 4 sick persons I was praying for then keyed in with another different intension asking God rescue my sister in law that was kidnapped since 4 days ago.
    They just released her this morning at about 4am.
    Pls follow me glorify God as he has never failed us.
    Thank you Jesus.

  64. dear st peregrine, pray for your son Victor chinedu E. Whose diagnosis and treatment of colon cancer is confusing. Cancel all doctors negative repoerts and give him complete healing . We are confused and crying but with Jesus in heaven, this battle is over. GOD HAVE MERCY ON US. ST PEREGRINE PRAY FOR VICTOR AMEN

  65. Have been praying for marriage. I thank God for answering my prayers. I’m now in a happy marriage.
    Thank you Jesus .

  66. I have been praying for a partner and he has made contact we spent the night together going into 2023 he stays 500 km away but at least we are talking and I went for a work interview on Friday 13 January 2023 and my 24 year old got a promise to do his practicals as a diesel mechanic.
    Thank you Mary mother of Jesus and sy Peregine and all brothers and sisters that prayed the. Ovens with me. To a blessed 2023.Amen

  67. Hello brothers and sisters peace be with you 🙏 on last week I requested you pray for me because I was about to lose my job and indeed God answered my prayer, the warning was cancelled, I pray to God that I get a even better job🙏

    Let’s keep praying for one another.

  68. Loving God,as we pray for cancer patients,lord heal those struggling with respiratory diseases..lord intervene, lord have mercy, lord protect them, praying for my children, and my neighbors son (Topher)who has difficult in breathing,heal me too for expriensing shortness of breath. Lord graciously hear my prayers. Amen 🙏

  69. I thank St Peregrine’s intercession for my answered intentions:

    1. for the successful birthday celebration of my grandma who turned 90 last 9 Jan;

    2. For a smooth before, during and after my leave days;

    3. Safe travel; and

    4. Smooth and problem-free submission of the DNFB annual information report yesterday

  70. My husband who had been jobless for 4 months now just picked a job a few days back and is placed in a top position in his company. Thank you for praying for us!

  71. Hello Everyone.
    I want to thank God for his healing. I heve been having stomach problem for long, Always bloated,
    The second day after we started this novena, I started feeling relieved, no bloating any more.

  72. Day 2 of the novena was my sister’s biopsy of the many large growths in her throat. The results all came back negative.

    Thank you St. Perregrine, thank You Lord for answering all our prayers.

    (Thank you John-Paul and Annie. God bless your ministry.)

  73. I’ve been praying for my mum, as her cancer came back, and i’m praying that she do not go thru Chemo (and only go thru radiotherapy). On the first day i started this novena, she went to her dr appointment and got the confirmation from a group of specialists that she only needs to go thru radiotherapy this time.

    Thank you, Jesus, Mother Mary, St Peregrine and all brothers and sisters that prayed this novena with me :)

  74. Dear Jesus, Mary and St. Peregrine, please heal and protect my family, friends and I. Please Bless us 🙏 Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Please heal us of fibromyalgia, hyperparathyroid, kidney and heart disease, arthritis, anxiety, depression, asthma, allergies, COPD, connective tissue disease, COVID, cancer and diabetes.

    Please help my husband take better care of his diabetes.

    Please help our wonderful son and his friends continue to live God 🙏 loving lives.

    Please help all of us with our anxiety struggles.

    Please heal our fractured Nation, and help all people understand the evils of abortion and socialism.

    Please help the good people of Ukraine against Putin.

    Thank you Jesus, Mary and St. Peregrine.