Answered Prayers from The St. Peregrine Novena, 2022

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Thank you for joining us in praying The St. Peregrine Novena! If you’ve had any prayers answered throughout this novena, please share those with us all below — to God be all the glory!

We are continuing to pray for you and your intentions every day. Do not give up on hope — the Lord is with you, in every circumstance. We’re praying for you!

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  1. In thanksgiving for “cancer-free” PET scan results for both my sister, who had stage 4 colon cancer, and my husband, who had esophageal cancer. God is so Good.

  2. Thank you St Peregrine, my husband is showing signs of healing on his 4 and last chem treatment, he is eating well, sleeping well, good bowel movement, more positive mood and energetic. Had his MRI done awaiting the report which I already know its good news. Thank You Lord, thank U St Peregrine for your intercession. And today is my husband’s birthday

  3. I’ve been praying for a resolution of a dental emergency and yesterday I visited the doctor and the problem went away completely!
    Moreover a few years ago I was praying for a step-mother of my loved one and she is in remission for some years now!
    Thank you St Peregrine and this community for praying for me and my intentions. Thank you Lord for healing

  4. 9 years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer and told to get my affairs in order by the Doctor. I immediately prayed to Our Blessed Mother and did the St. Peregrine novena. After surgery and chemo, I was found to be cancer free and have stayed cancer free. Praise to our Blessed Mother and St. Peregrine.

  5. Thank you for praying this novena. My prayers were answered was suffering so much asked God for better health and prayers we were answered. Thank you for intercedeing for us.

  6. My husband is he healing and doing very well since his surgery. His recovery is better than expected at this time. Thank you for your prayers! Thank you St Peregrine.

  7. Thank you St Peregrine for the strength, courage and been with my mum, family and I as she is in the process of starting cancer treatment. Thank you for your intercession, please pray that my mums treatment will go well and she will be cured from cancer. AMEN

  8. I prayed this novena for my dad who has a collapsed vertebrae and is in a lot of pain and has suffered for so many years. Yesterday a surgeon said he can preform urgent surgery to help him. I feel we are heading in the right direction. Dear Saint Peregrine I pray that our Heavenly Father works through the doctors that will perform the surgery and bring a quick recovery, healing and peace. I ask this prayer through Christ our lord amen

  9. I prayed for positive results for my kidney and liver. My urologist just called and said the kidney is fine , awaiting liver results thank you God for hearing the prayers of Saint Peregrine 🙏🙏🙏

  10. I was praying for my husband who is suffering with cancer and today he said he is feeling much better in himself and was able to sleep well. I want to thank st Peregrine for his miracle and I hope and pray that my husband be cured of disease.

  11. I was praying for my husband who is suffering with cancer and today he said he is feeling much better in himself and was able to sleep well. I want to thank st Peregrine for his miracle and I hope and pray that my husband be cured of cancer.

  12. Oh my gosh I’m so excited! Thank you St Peregrine for interceding for my sister Shelley! We have been praying to you for 5 long years, waiting for this day. You interceded for our mom many years ago and now have come through for my younger sister. Thank you all for praying for my sister! She has been informed her breast cancer which had spread to various places in her body was going away! While not in remission yet, it’s still grateful and exciting news. GOD IS SO GOOD and we have lots to be thankful for. Thanks again St Peregrine!

  13. I have been praying for family member who was put on a ventilator 11 days ago — she is doing better and they hope to have her awaken today. I continue to pray for her recovery and for her husband who is carrying this cross with her. Thank you to all who have been praying for us all. I will again pray today for all making this novena. Blessed be God

  14. Thank you for all the prayers. I made it through my first chemo therapy with just mild symptoms as fatigue and migraines. Thank St Peregrine for interceding for us. Thank you Jesus

  15. I had the flu/Covid/omicron/creeping crud or whatever plus a severe reaction to an antibiotic. When the novena started I was too weak to pray or take care of myself. I managed to start the novena and prayed for the grace to finish it as well as praying for all who were sick.
    Today, I actually felt good enough to drive and get groceries. Thank you God! Thank you St. Peregrine! Thank you John-Paul and Annie and all who prayed for me.

  16. Today is the 9th day of the St Peregine Novena. My girlfriend just texted me. She got good news from her CT scan today. The chemo has shrunk the cancer at all sites so we can continue with the treatment. Thanks for all your prayers in this novena. And thank you St Peregine for your intercession. God is good and so faithful.

    In Jesus’ name, thank you!

  17. Praise report, my friend, Therese’s MRI showed no neck Cancer. No reoccurrence. Praising God.
    Thanks for all your prayers.

  18. My husband Tom has had two bladder cancer surgeries in the past two years.

    During this novena his exam for a recurrence of the cancer was negative.

    He must take this exam every 3 months for another year, then if clear, every 6 months for a second year.

    Please continue to pray for him.

  19. I have been praying for a Catholic Church Parishioner friend who had breast cancer. She is a young Vietnamese Parishioner and friend. She has had radiation treatment and told us Sunday that she is Cancer Free.

    I have been praying for myself; I have cancer throughout my body from exposure to Agent Orange in Combat in Vietnam. Bone Scan in June 2021 showed spread to bones. Does not show cancer in lymph nodes. That level is determined from the PSA level. Praying daily. Bone Scan this month shows cancer has not spread or grown in bones; and cancer removed from some bone areas. Receiving chemotherapy every month and lots of prayers.

  20. My 42 year old daughter is fighting breast cancer and has got in her bones. She was diagnosed one year and one month ago. Her cancer is stable and her numbers are good. God is good. Thank you all for praying for all the cancer patients.

  21. My father was suffering from rehumatic pain in a leg and at the end of the novena, the pain was almost gone and he can walk again

  22. The person I am praying for texted:
    I have great news! My tumor markers are down from 810 to 448 in 2.5 months!!! Hallelujah!!!

  23. I was healed of my pre eclampsia and my baby who wasn’t able to breastfeed is now and has been! Praise God! Thank you for including my intentions in your prayers, God can do anything.

  24. I prayed for several people and my neighbor’s cancer started disappearing. Her surgery was cancelled. Thank you for this novena.

  25. Thank You Jesus and Mary for answering my prayers and those I’ve prayed for.
    Thank You John Paul, Anne and ALL who pray with us these Novenas that help us to endure the struggles of life, Amen!

  26. Barbara says……..1/19/22

    I’ve been praying for my son Anthony Peter for a long time.

    Durning the St Peregrine Novena I asked for new Cancer Treatment in this new year of 2022. Yesterday he started a new Cancer treatment program, the Clinical Trial.

    I hope & pray this could be an answer to
    my prayer, that he will be cured from his Cancer. Amen…..
    Thank you……….Barbara

  27. Thank you St. Peregrine for helping me to overcome the battle of the virus and not having any serious after effects and by the power of the Lord I give Praise to his Holy name Amen

  28. Good progress in stroke recovery. Going home. Regained much of myleft arm function and hope for continued improvement.

  29. Thank you everyone for prayers for Dr Joe. He had a set back at the beginning of this novena. He was admitted to the hospital and today he is being discharged to go home. Please keep him in your prayers. God is good! Amen.

  30. My nephew (John) was in the ICU. The doctors told us that he wasn’t going to survive. He needed surgery but he was to weak to survive surgery and he would probably die if he had surgery. They gave us no hope. My nephew said, I want to live. So the surgery was performed. We all prayed 🙏 so hard. I even put the pray request on this website. My nephew survived the surgery and his prognosis is now good. I know my family and I have witnessed a Miracle from God!!! THANK GOD FOR HIS DIVINE HEALING!!! Thank You All For Your Prayers🙏

  31. HH. Thank you Jesus for one week ago recovering from bladder surgery. Weeks to go w healing and hope and pray for for successful outcome. Thank you!

  32. God not only heard but answered
    I received this email from a male cousin, age 77, diagnose with stage 4 lung cancer.

    On Wednesday, 1/12/2022 at 7:30AM, I went into surgery for a 3 1/2 hr operation to remove a cancerous tumor from my lower right lung. The tumor turned out to be a bit larger than anticipated, but the good news is they removed the entire tumor and two surrounding lymph nodes. This is where the story of your Prayers and My God given Miracle begins.

    One day post operation, 3 of the surgeons who operated on me walked into my room with big smiles and thumbs up, proclaiming they were very pleased with the outcome of my surgery. They then proceeded to ask me if I had any pain in the chest area, or at the hole in my side where the drainage tube was.
    I responded, “No thank God”. The head surgeon had me blow into a breath tester a few times and then proceeded to check my drainage bag. He then said, “I’m going to remove the drainage tube, send you down for a chest X-ray and if that looks good, I’m sending you home today!” An hour after my X-ray, two of the surgeons returned to my room and proclaimed, “You’re going home today! It’s unreal, your chest X-ray looks as though you never even had surgery”.
    Of course my response was how can that be, you removed a 6 centimeter tumor and 2 lymph nods and the chest X-ray doesn’t show it? The one surgeon turned around to the other surgeon who just shrugged his shoulders. My response was, “It sounds like a miracle to me. What do you guys think?” to which they both just shrugged their shoulders!

    So allow me to ask, what do you say?
    I say God Is Good, God Is Great and, Yes, God Does Grant Miracles to whoever ask in his only begotten Son’s name, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our salvation. Amen
    God Bless you all.
    My wife, family and I want you all to know you will be in our 🙏 🙏 🙏Prayers always.
    Thank you St Peregrine for your intercession.

  33. My 2 week old great niece, Leila has been in the intensive care unit for 2 weeks due to a serious respiratory infection and had to be intubated and sedated. Through God’s grace, love and mercy; and the prayers of all of our prayer warriors, those on line: and that of family and friends, we are so happy to announce she has progressed remarkably, and taken off the ventilator and sedation. She opened her beautiful eyes yesterday. I know with all my heart, it has been the love and prayers of all who have prayed for her, and of course God’s loving hands. Thank you so, so very much. God is Good! We will continue to pray for every soul in need of prayers.

  34. Thanks be to God!! While praying this novena, received news that my nephew who had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma is now cancer-free🙏🙏🙏
    Never stop praying and never stop believing🙏🙏🙏

  35. Stan had stroke in November and because of prayer, he is doing well. We are praying for all our friends and family with cancer. Thank you

  36. On day 8 of this Novena my husband was informed by his doctors that he is still eligible for a promising trial. This has been such a comfort for us as we continue to pray for God’s healing and compassion.

  37. I have been praying to try and get back into remission. I got some good news that my CEA number went down. Thank you Jesus! I pray daily for cancer patients.

  38. Tiffany my Daughter-in-law had surgery yesterday to remove the rest of her thyroid. The surgery was successful and very little pain compared to the first one to remove the growth in her throat. The cancer is gone and lymph nodes are normal. Thank you Lord for healing her and guiding t he surgeon and team. Please continue to give her health Lord Jesus and a relationship with you. Thank you all for your prayers.

  39. Steven Pribyl, battling multiple myeloma
    Mr. Arnold end stage liver cancer
    Kathy Ridgell in hospice, stage 4 pancreatic cancer

  40. At the start of this novena, my 95 year old grandfather was placed in hospice and given days to live. As of today, he is healing, out of hospice, and back in his assisted living community. The hospice nurses told our family they have never seen anything like this before. Our priest jokingly told us to call the Vatican because healing like this rarely happens. Thank you St. Peregrine and the Pray more Novenas community for your intercessions on my grandfather’s behalf!

  41. My mom has been having this steady reoccurrence of mouth ulcer for over 15 years now. I joined to pray the novena last year and God showed us mercy and healed her. Glory to God!!

  42. Thank you for your prayers. My daughter did not suffer from her exertion as she had the couple of weeks before, AND she has gotten A’s where she thought she hasn’t done so well. Glory be to God!

  43. I haven’t heard from Mrs. Holloway (97 years old!) since doing this novena, but I really appreciate the extra faith & hope it has given me. God willing, Mrs. Holloway now has more faith & hope, as well.

  44. Hatred has consumed our household since my father-in-law passed. But novenas prayer time has slowly erasing this gatred which acts like a cancer. Please continue to pray the love of Jesus consumes the hatred and replace with his unending love and true forgiveness. In Jesus name Anen. Please also continue to pray for healing of my families health problems and a senior I care for. Amen!

  45. I prayed for an old co-worker’s daughter who had a cancerous lump removed from her breast. The next day the surgeon called saying there was no lymph node involvement and surrounding cells were good. Praise God! Thank You St. Peregrine! ❤️

  46. Prayers for my request have been answered. All the medical results were negative for cancer, PTL
    Thank you for all that prayed

  47. I’ve recently been diagnosed with mildly aggressive uterine cancer. This is my third time to have cancer in the last 15 years. It is hopefully very treatable. I’ve ordered St. Peregrine’s medal. I pray the novena. I’m also taking lots of vitamins and supplements. Today my CT scan says all contained to the uterus except one tiny spot on a lymph node. So basically good news. I’m now praying that the lymph node spot goes away.

  48. Since having a shoulder replacement, I have not been able to do my usual back stretches. My back tightened, stiffened up, and became painful. After several days of praying the Novena, I added myself. Just as I finished the prayers that day, the pain disappeared. Praise God! Thank you, St. Peregrine.

  49. Praise God and the intercession of St Peregrine for the continued healing of Tyler after a head-on collision that resulted in his severe TBI. Everyday he gets stronger!

  50. I prayed the novena for healing of our two sons, one with stomach problems and the other with mental health issues. Both of them are on the road to recovery. Praise God for answered prayer!

  51. My daughter had 2 procedure done in the last 2 weeks and both had good results. She has another appointment at the end of the month. Please pray that they find outnqhatbus causing her pain.
    Thank you for these Novenas John and Annie! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH FOR YOUR MINISTRY.

  52. Praise God! Prayers have been answered. I have a dear friend that has been going through chemo for Synovial Sarcoma (Cancer in the throat). He was scheduled for removal of the tumor and a full Laryngectomy. We spent the previous weekend with him & his family for support and have one last weekend with his voice. He had a long road of recovery ahead and it was going to take approximately 6 months to learn to speak again. Many of us have been praying for him and praying this Novena. Yesterday was his surgery and a miracle happened. When they went to remove the tumor it was fully encapsulated and they did not have to perform the Laryngectomy. He still has his voice! This is very rare and an unexpected and a gift from God. He still must go through more chemo & radiation, but this is an awesome step in the right direction. We will continue to pray. Glory be to God.

  53. My niece was hospitalized with Covid, she had to be intubated. While praying this novena she recovered quite well physically although she still is anxious mentally. We continue to pray for her.
    My sister is battling cancer, they have found another tumour, but she is still at peace, knowing God has her in the palm of His hands. Jésus Mary Joseph, ST Peregrine pray for us🙏🏼

  54. Dear St. Peregrine. You may not allow this to be printed, but I need to say it. Today is the last day of my novena, minus tomorrow’s closing prayers. My cousin, whom this is about, although she goes to adoration every day praying for her husband, he passed recently of covid pneumonia. He has had cancer three times & because his immune system was so compromised, he could not receive the booster. My problem is my cousin no longer wants to be on this earth without him. She is scheduled to talk with another priest re: this problem. She is questioning the reason for prayer & the very existance of God. Because of this, I am afraid I am weak & think I may be headed to her way of thinking. Dear St. Jude, I pray that you help me strengthen & my faith in God & what I feel in my heart.
    Thank you To allsaints & angels for helping God to hear our prayers.

  55. Thank you for all your prayers during a very frighting time. It all began Dec 4 when I was rushed to hospital with chest pain. It was discovered I had two major artery’s blocked 99% and required Stents. I am here today to Thank god, my faith and all the prayers🙏❤️. I am forever grateful .🙏🙏❤️

  56. My husbands prostate cancer scan came back negative for metastasis during this Novena!🙏🏻 Between this novena, Rosaries for the intercession of our BVM & being on church prayer chain! God is everything, Our amazing healer & provider🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
    Thank You for prayers.

  57. Thank you for answering my prayers for Mom and me. We both are doing well! Bless all with cancer and going through treatment. Affliction will NOT return a second time! 🌻🙏💛

  58. Thank-you for prayers for Bobby to listen better to God. After he has been so immersed in the Aliens programs on his Roku stick. He listened to a priest on a program on that Roku stick who said its the Demon and now Bobby realizes that and wants to get back to the Catholic church. Bottom line, we need to pray for more priests to talk on tv programs on that Roku stick to reach out to people speaking about the evil that is going on in the world so people can hear from a neutral side instead of hearing from our fake news. We need more prayer groups for the rosary cause the rosary works if we use it.

  59. My three little granddaughters were ill with the flu. They have now recovered except for one who is still ill but two of them were able to return to school today. My last one will be able to enter school tomorrow. Thank you dear God for your grace.

  60. I prayed for my 2 mortgages with the county to be deleted and wiped after so many years as they promised me years ago and this issue is taken care of.

  61. My daughter got a better job. I pray this job provides her with enough money to pay her bills as a single mom. So I don’t have to give her money every month.

  62. Thank you Lord for the vast improvement for CS cancer, may she continue to heal.
    For the continued cancer free for TM, DF, JT we thank and praise you❣️

  63. Thank you for prayers answered to get a loan approved to afford to get water/sewage installed at my house after my well water went bad. I was also surprised I qualified for a grant to help me put towards this huge expense, I never expected this grant.

  64. St. Perigrine, Jesus, Mary & Joseph & all the Archangels who can help I thank you for hearing my prayers. Please heal my son physically & keep him in remission. I beg you to heal him from the emotional and physical trauma/long term effects of his cancer treatments. Please heal my siblings and all those affected by cancer. Please intercede and save us from the significant and frightening financial issues we are facing right now. Please send us blessings, guidance and stability. Bless all who pray for your intercession and guidance. Thank you! Amen.

  65. I prayed to St Peregrine and to Our Lord Jesus for my friend’s son Michel only in his thirties, he didn’t have cancer but was having open heart surgery where he had a serious problem at the aorta, yesterday I heard the surgery was a success. Thank you St Peregrine and Our Lord Jesus for prayers answered.

  66. Two friends we prayed for. One had been through two rounds of treatment for cancer, and the scan shows cancer free. The other had been intubated for covid three times and is now off the ventilator, but still has a long recovery. Praise God!

  67. My nephew is recovering, with great success,, from a deep seated depression ! Thank you all for your love, compassion and prayers- God Bless each and everyone of you and may your prayers, TOO, be answered! Keep PRAYING NEVER, NEVER STOP! 🙏✝️❤️♥️🇺🇸😀

  68. My mother was hospitalized with COVID/pneumonia and came home yesterday, on the way to a full recovery! My dad is still ill, at home, so please pray for his recovery with me.

  69. I did have prayer answered for Lacie that she find help for mental illness and her sister get her out of the shelter and home with her. She is with her sister and will know get help. Gracious and Loving God thank you for this prayer being answered.

  70. We’re praying for our young son Zach to be blessed as a cancer survivor and restored to full health. We are so grateful and blessed that he continues to be strong and confident as he has endured over a year of aggressive chemo treatments requiring hospitalization. This week during the Novena is the first time he has not been nauseous during treatment.
    Thank you for the prayers for our incredible son to be healed, as well as all others.

  71. I never write about all of my answered prayers, but all I have to do is look behind me and see that all my prayers have been answered. With God, His Saints and Angels, all is possible, and there are no mistakes. We reap what we sow. All glory to God.

  72. Thank you St. Peregrine for your intercession of S who came through surgery successfully. Also please keep interceding for N who is in ICU. Praying for healing also of Judy and Peter and Lauren.
    Thank you Jesus.

  73. I didn’t take the unsafe shot(not a vaccine) and ended up with Covid last Saturday that seemed like the common cold. I prayed for quick recovery and today five days later I’m better and ready for my run. Thank you Jesus!

    I am praying for all. Love, michele

  74. Steve was having surgery on his back
    The previous one had all kinds of complications so this one was critical for his rods had broken
    The doctor was pleased with his surgery and is letting Steve go home this Friday No complications! Prayers being answered
    Thank you Lord Jesus Christ 🙏

  75. My wife had a stem cell transplant in July for Multiple Myeloma. She responded well to treatment and is improving daily. Thanks St Peregrine. God is good.