Answered Prayers from the St. Peregrine Novena, 2021

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Thank you so much in joining us for praying the St. Peregrine Novena!
We will continue to pray for you & your intentions. The Lord is with you and we ask Him to bring you comfort and healing.

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We’re praying for you every day.

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  1. I had biopsy to find out of I had lymphoma but thank God all is well,swollen lymph nodes are benign. The power of prayer!

  2. My friend’s daughter Brittany has been dealing with very aggressive breast cancer, she just turned 31 years old. She went through 13 weeks of chemo and on January 14th had a double mastectomy, the doctors expected that after the mastectomy, Brittany would need to go through another round of chemo as well as radiation. Yesterday, Brittany got her results and was told she was CANCER FREE! Thank You St. Peregrine and Thank You, God!

  3. Thank you for your prayers Matthew was offered a job and please continue praying that he will do a great job with his new job and it will be good for him and his future and his career!

  4. My 88-year-old father has come very far in surviving getting COVID. We went from a palliative care consult on the 15th of January (at the doctor’s request) to discharged home completely off of oxygen (no need for it) on Tuesday the 19th. The doctor called him a miracle! We definitely prayed for one! Praise Jesus!! He still has some recovering to do, re-gaining strength and endurance, so we are continuing to pray of course!

  5. I had a long overdue mammogram this past week. I have already dealt with breast cancer twice. I was afraid of having it a third time. Thankfully I was clear this time! Praise the Lord and St. Peregrine!

  6. My sister found a lump in her breast about a week or two before I started to pray the St. Peregrine novena for her. She had a biopsy and found out on the 8th day of the novena that it was not cancerous. Thank you St. Peregrine! Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your many blessings.

  7. I prayed for the healing of my mind and my sickness. I use to let my sickness get into everything I do and I stay miserable every day. But thanks to this novena, I don’t really focus on my skin problems anymore and I have hope that I will be healed. Pray with me that the Lord continue to heal me completely. Amen.

  8. Thank you St peregrine for praying with my family and making us to be more closer to you amen🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤❤

  9. I had a lump in my breast long story short went for a biopsy and MRI had to have surgery I had so many people praying for me the lump was taken out and tissue around it the tissue around it was clean and negative I had to go for radiation treatments in 30 days and possibly a little Chemo I am the happiest person that I didn’t travel thank you again for your prayers are so

  10. Thanks much for your prayers one of the persons I waa prating for died but it was peaceful and her family was comforted thanks again God bless you all

  11. Our good friend has been suffering for almost a couple years now with pancreatic cancer that is now also in his liver. He started a trial immunotherapy treatment & went for a CT scan on Monday to see if the immunotherapy is helping.
    These are the words from his wife of the results of his scan:
    “The tumor marker was more than 70,000 three months ago and now it is at 18,000. That is still terribly high but going in the right direction. The spots on the cancer are fading but still there. The doctor is pleased. He assured us that this isn’t a guaranteed cure but in the right direction.”

    Do we believe in the power of prayer & the intercession of Saints? ABSOLUTELY!!
    Thank you dear St. Peregrine for your intercession for our dear friend. Thank you dear Lord for hearing our prayers.
    In Jesus’ name Amen.

    Thank you also John-Paul and Annie Deddens! We are so grateful to you John-Paul for this tool to help us pray more.

  12. I pray for improved intimacy with my wife and to be cured of the anxiety/panic attacks experienced when trying to initiate love making with her.
    May the good Lord open my eyes to seeing her as the only woman I am attracted to in all ways and also help in improving her appeal to me and my desire for her, I ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

  13. We thank God for healing my mum Julia who has gained the strength of her right leg which was injured in a fall.

  14. My husband was told this Wednesday that his cancer is in remission. He has a deadly cancer and we were trying to buy extra months with chemotherapy. After his PET scan we went to the doctor. He began by saying several times I don’t believe it. He said to my husband “ you don’t understand, Herman, this never happens”. I told the doctor that he was a great doctor but we had an even greater God. The doctor said that Herman so remission was a miracle. All praise and glory to God. Thank you with all my heart St. Peregrine❤️🙏🏻😘. Thank you all for this beautiful novena. I think it brought about this miracle🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻. Becky

  15. My husband’s foot has made progress in healing! One day at a time and he made it through some tough days this week. So thank you and please keep praying. We are not out of the woods yet, but I believe in the power of prayer and letting God be in control. Thank you all.

  16. Thank you with all my heart St. Peregrine for your prayers that helped my friend recover more quickly from her stroke two weeks ago. I was so thankful to be able to go for a walk with her yesterday. Please continue to pray for her complete recovery and the necessary means to keep this from happening again.

  17. My friend is home from the hospital due to an infection after having her cancer kidney removed. She got the covid. She needs a kidney transplants, so please continue to pray for her. There are donors are waiting to donate her a kidney. Please pray that she find a match.
    Also, thank you for your prayers, my daughter and my three years old grandbaby are healed from the covid. Praise Jesus, Mother Mary and St. Joseph and all the saints.

  18. Yes thank you for all your prayers we have hope
    That the person who you and I prayed for he believes he had a miracle please continue praying for Dennis Overstreet
    Thank you God Blessings to you all 🙏

  19. My ex husband’s brother was found to be a perfect match for a bone marrow transplant. Thank you Lord and St, Peregrine for answering this prayer.
    I am still requesting prayers that this transplant will be able to be completed there are still many steps and my ex husband has been very depressed. I continue to seek prayers for him.
    Thank you

  20. Thanksgiving for clean removal of stage one cancer from Margaret Henry in Orlando (my mother figure). Resting and recovering now at home. Thank you St. Peregrine for your intercession to our Heavenly Father.

  21. I was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer in August 2019. I was given a medal of St. Peregrine by a friend. Surgery, chemo & radiation were successful. I’m so very blessed by the intercession of St. Peregrine & for the wonderful people who prayed for me. My next check up is in February. Please pray for continued healing. Thank you.

  22. I started Praying the novena and fasting for 9 days for my sister. St. Peregrine Sent me signs all week. I finally got her an apt at Md Anderson! God is listening! Please heal my sister Dianna 🙏

  23. thank you St. Peregrine for interceding to our most sacred heart of Jesus for me and my family. test results came back fine! please continue to pray that no one has any significant side effects to the covid vaccine and please continue to pray to keep my family healthy and safe. In Jesus’s name. Amen!

  24. I received the news of My mothers biopsy results during this novena. They are negative. Thank you God and thank you to everyone for their prayers. May God Bless you always.

  25. In grateful thanksgiving that my brother Scott’s CT scan of his right kidney was negative for cancer and all other disease. Praise be to God! Thank you for praying for him, St. Peregrine!!

  26. Thanking God that my husband’s lab tests came back OK for no cancer in the lymph nodes. Praising Him for my husband’s successful surgery and his continued healing.

  27. Thank you for sharing this novena! My daughter is two weeks from her due date to deliver her beautiful baby! The doctors told her the baby is breech and some different emergency situations were set in place for a breech birth, BUT during this novena the baby turned on its own and is now in the right position! Praise be to God and His holy disciple St. Peregrine!

  28. I have been praying the novenas fir about two years now asking for myself that the Lord grant us fruit of womb and our family to grow. I have continued to pray trust and believe Gods word and promise to my husband and me fir our babies twins 👯‍♀️. During this novena I felt Gods presence confirmation on my spirit that our babies are coming. Also today my son who is 5 years old out of no where told me a story when he was in heaven he was a triplet but God wanted him to come first. I asked him about the other two babies and he said they are coming too but only God know the time. So I am thanki g the Lord all the angels and saints especially St. Peregrine because 8 weeks ago out of blue I had to have unexpected emergency gallbladder surgery and last two months have been rough. I have prayed to God to bring us this miracle and never gave up. Please pray for us that the Lord grant us our miracle breakthrough and hearts desire our babies twins this year soon. Please wi receive a positive report from our doctor appointment tomorrow. That the Lord guide our doctor with His wisdom and grace so our babies can come in Jesus name Amen 🙏

  29. Thank you St. Peregrine,Holy Family,Holy Angels&Saints for a few answers to prayer this past week&today! Jesus I trust in YOU! XO

  30. I started praying this Novena and included a few friends of mine who are presently suffering from Cancer. However, Two days ago, one of my friends (Felo) who was also in this list, indicated that the latest cancer test results came back from the lab, negative. This occurred during the first few days of praying the Novena. However, Felo, still has a couple of more sessions of Chemo to receive before he is completely finished with the treatment. My friend Felo, was extremely excited and happy to find out that he no longer has the disease. Perhaps, the chemo treatment helped him, but I think the results could be attributed to the prayers of many family members and friends and the success of the cancer remission. Saint Peregrine interceded for him and the Lord listened.

  31. Glory be unto God Almighty for He is worthy to be Praise. I cried and in His mercy and God heard my cries and answered me in my humility.
    Thank You Blessed St. Peregrine. I will forever be grateful for Your interception to our Eternal Father for curing me of the cancer three years ago. I am a living witness. Cancer is no where in my system. God is so wonderful. The Miracles of God.
    You see, Just like Pharaoh’s army got drowned in the Red Sea and
    Jesus went to the graveside and raised up Lazarus from the dead.
    He opened the eyes of the blind man when he cried and beg Jesus to lay His hands on him.
    Jesus took five loaves of bread and two little fish and fed five thousand
    Trust in the Lord with all your might for with God, nothing is impossible. I am a Living witness that All things are possible with God.
    The Almighty God will do it for you as He did it for me. He is never late. He is Always on time.
    Thank You Blessed St. Peregrine. Amen

  32. Haven’t had any answered prayers yet but I’m hoping and still praying that it wld be my turn to testify to God’s glory..God knows my heart desires and I bilif he wld grant my wishes amennn …Thank you in advance st peregrine for my documents that I have filed which will soon be answered by the glory of God..Tho there are stagnation,rejection and delayance my faith in the lord wouldn’t reduce

  33. I’ve been following your novenas for a few months now. I had prostate cancer surgery in July. After it I lost myself for awhile. I went into depression and anxiety. I knew there was only one way out. I talked to my doctor and turned the rest over to God. Even after that it took me months to get out of it. I fought Gods love for me and wanted instant results. It came in His time. I am much better and my relationship with my best friend is better then it has ever been. I learned to hand everything over to my God each day. We are still building but God is patient.

  34. In thanksgivings for answered prayers of my husband, son and my physical healing. Please St. Peregrine continue to intercede for healing of my husband’s infection that he is taking meds for. Please St. Peregrine pray for my son he continues to heal from his wreck and please pray he quits drinking alcohol and focus on his family, health and spritual growth. Please St. Peregrine pray for me that God continues to heal my face and pray I never get the infection again. Please pray for me that my faith in God grows stronger and deeper, I feel so hopeless and feel like giving up. Please pray God leads me in the direction I need to go get a job and contribute financially to our household. Please St. Peregrine pray for protection from the coronavirus and all illnesses and diseases for me and my family and everyone. Please pray for comfort for the dying and their families healing for the sick and protect the health care workers. Please pray for an end to the coronavirus. In Jesus Christ I pray whom I love need and worship. Amen

  35. Pray for my MIL’s comfort & healing. She has been in pain for months & just got the news today that it is cancer in her spine. I have prayed for her suffering during this Novena & am thankful that we at least now know what we are dealing with & can focus on intervention & healing. Pray for us St. Peregrine.

  36. My 52 year old son who finished his radiation during our novena received a very favorable report yesterday at the doctor. Thank you to ALL who joined me during this novena.

  37. Thank you St. Peregrine for praying to the Almighty God for me. I’m feeling better from my colon and and lung nodules! Praise God and his mighty love for us all! Amén 🙏🏼

  38. I’ve been suffering with severe post Covid symptoms affecting my balance equilibrium, vision, coordination for 10 days. One of my prayer requests was to be healed.
    Today praise God I am feeling 75% better

  39. To Saint Jude
    Holy Saint Jude Apostle and Martyr, great in virtue and rich in miracles, near kinsman of Jesus Christ, faithful intercessor of all who invoke your special patronage in time of need. To you I have recourse from the depths of my heart and humbly beg to whom God has given such great power to come to my assistance. Help me in my present and urgent petition (STATE YOUR SPECIFIC REQUEST OR INTENTION HERE!) in return I promise to make your name known and cause you to be invoked. Saint Jude pray for us and all who invoke your aid. Amen
    I will be waiting patiently for your response. Publication must be promised.
    Never been known to fail!
    Thank you Saint Jude for favors received!!!

  40. I prayed for a veteran with advanced lung cancer from Agent Orange exposure during the Vietnam War. At the start of the novena he was unsure whether to continue treatments, as they exhausted him. But he has decided to persevere and is not suffering as before. Continued prayers for healing of body and spirit!

  41. Thank you Lord Jesus and Mother Mary and for the intercession of holy saints esp St. Peregrine. My cancer (2004 and recurred 2020)…. all healed and declared CA free my God’s healing instruments, doctors. I also prayed for the healing of my friends who had. To God Be the glory forever and ever. Amen.

  42. Thank you God! My prayers for my parents getting their covid vaccinations today were answered. And my moms medication is starting to help her. I continue to pray for their health and happiness. Amen

  43. My daughter-in-law’s mother had bloodwork during my praying this Novena and her cancer markers are down. Thank you St Peregrine for prayers answered. God bless this ministry.

  44. We took my grand daughter to the heart doctor a new one and he decrease her meds. And did not find any bleading that the other doctor found which is a great sigh god is healing my grandaughter please keep on praying for her please.amenn and thanks for the prayers.

  45. I pray for not getting back to dark situation of depression, then someone ask me to join an online retreat. The retreat was healing and I got courage to move on, to face troubles in life.

  46. My friend Kathy is about a 5 year survivor of breast cancer. This week she went in to get nodules removed that looked suspicious on her mammogram. It’s been 2 weeks of worry. She found out today, it was just scar tissue- no cancer! I am so relieved!! Prayers were answered!

  47. Thank you St Peregrine and all the saints for answering my prayers. I have always prayed in previous novenas for my son to get his dream job and now he has 4 jobs to choose from. Thank you for saving my son from robbers Amen.

  48. Thank you all for your prayers. St Peregrine is really a saint of miracles, a patient of mine who was in ICU for covid and also a dialysis patient is out of ICU and now in recovery, may God answer all our prayers through the intercession of St Peregrine Ame5.

  49. Good Evening, I am a 6 time cancer survivor. I recently had CT scans and while there was some confusion around whether there was a mass on the scan. Praise the Lord! it was decided that the scan showed no cancer. This happened after I began the novena to St. Peregrine.

    Thank you!

  50. A young child with a brain tumor was placed in picu with new symptoms Fortunately he has been taken out of picu and allowed to go home

  51. I’m struggling more with my post cancer regimen than I struggled with the treatment itself it seems. On day 7 before I closed my eyes I thought, wouldn t it be nice to sleep through the night. Something that s eluded me for months. I closed my eyes at 12:22. 222 being Angel numbers I thought huh isn’t that interesting. I didn t open my eyes again until 6:40 and hadn’t moved my position. For the first time in months I woke up fresh and happy with energy!!! It was truly a blessing!!!! I prayed for all those family members who worry about us patients. But know this. I ve never felt more protected and wrapped in Gods love as I ve felt since I came down with cancer. Jesus never once left my side. I believe he stays with us all and gives us the strength to get through it. Thank you all for praying for us!!!! Xoxoxox

  52. Three prayers answered this week. Big time. Thank you, God. Thank you, St. Peregrine. 🙏🏻❤️✝️❤️🙏🏻

  53. I was suffering with a COVID when this Novena came out. I was scared. I prayed this novena to help me recover since I still have alot that needs to be done here on Earth. The worst was not being able to catch my breath. I am so happy to say that as we prayed, my situation improved. It will be 4 weeks tomorrow. I still have some symptoms but improve each day.
    Thank you!!

  54. Both my daughters heard about new jobs that I prayed for in an earlier novena.Thank you for your prayers…I continue to prayer for healing of relatives and anyone who is ill.

  55. I was facing a 60% chance of cancer. My biopsy yesterday was negative- no cancer! I completely credit this outcome a result of prayer and the intercession if St. Peregrine. Praise be to God!

  56. St. Peregrine interceded for me years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer and recently had another cancer scare. This St. Peregrine novena came to me the day that I was to hear back from the results of the biopsy done on me 2 days prior. When I found out that I had to have a biopsy, I immediately turned to St. Peregrine once again and thought the timing of receiving the Novena was strange since it was not near his Feast day and that God was preparing me for the results of the biopsy and is why the Novena was the first thing I saw the day I was to find out. So, that put a little anxiety in me all day, but God is SO GOOD and MERCIFUL and St. Peregrine a wonderful, faithful Saint to me; my biopsy came back fine! So, I knew that I now must focus on all those that have been diagnosed with Cancer and pray more for all those with Cancer. God Bless you for these wonderful Novena’s that are always so timely and needed.

  57. My son last August developed a chronic pain. He tried everything from oral medication to acupuncture to physical therapy and changing his diet. I started praying this Novena for his full recovery from his chronic pain. His pain today in 90% gone. For this I give God all the Glory, thank you for praying for my intentions as well, it is a true miracle.

  58. Have been praying for my friend’s husband , his treatment for cancer is working and looking like he is on the mend. Thank you St. Peregrine for hearing my prayers and granting healing through Christ.

  59. Dianne, with stage 4 cancer, was told she had a month to live last Easter.
    I started praying the St. Peregrine Novena, one after the other. I know many many others have been praying for a miracle as well. The last Dr’s report was that there is no trace of cancer left in her body! I profusely
    thank Jesus for His healing love and mercy to flow through Dianne’s body, and to St. Peregrine for his intercessory prayers, and to all of you who have participated in this novena. Yes, miracles still happen today.

  60. My dearest friend was told she had a stage 4 lung cancer that could not be treated. After a long wait , she recently saw another expert physician who happily told her it was a stage 1 cancer that could be easily treated with radiation. Jesus , I trust in you. Thank you St Peregrine for your intercession and help.

  61. My Father in Law just received the results of his PET scan and it came back cancer free!! We are so Thankful to GOD and ST. PEREGRINE! 🙏❤

  62. A good friend was diagnosed with COVID-19, air lifted to a hospital and put on a ventilator. When the doctors tried to remove the breathing tube, her throat would swell shut and they would need to intubate her again. They just did a tracheotomy and were able to successfully remove the tube. Her family was told prior to the beginning of the novena, that her chances of survival were small. She is still in the hospital, but her condition is now stable. What a wonderful answer to prayer!

  63. I have prostrate cancer had my prostrate removed in 2011 in 2017 I developed bone cancer, have gone through radiation and been on a clinical trial at MD Anderson and doing well I pray my rosary and to St,Peregrine everyday, this novena has been very helpful just got back from 3 month follow up and all is well, Thank God

  64. Even though I know St. Peregrine is the patron saint of cancer patients, I extended my prayers for my brother who contracted the COVID 19 virus. He is in an assisted living facility and cannot have visitors. I prayed that he would recover and not have any great threat to his health. I got word today that his fever has subsided and he is beginning to eat again. This is a small improvement, but I am thankful! I will continue with the novena for all who are suffering any illness.

  65. Even though I know St. Peregrine us the patron saint of cancer patients, I extended my prayers for my brother who contracted the COVID 19 virus. He is in an assisted living facility and cannot have visitors. I prayed that he would recover and not have any great threat to his health. I got word today that his fever has subsided and he is beginning to eat again. This is a small improvement, but I am thankful! I will continue with the novena for all who are suffering any illness.

  66. My husband has been told he does NOT have liver
    cancer – there is something they will have to watch
    and stay on top of – BUT we are so thankful to Jesus
    Mary & Joseph, St Peregrine and all the Saints in
    heaven and friends on earth praying for him.

  67. My younger brother tested Corona virus positive with quite a number of symptoms but as we speak he is completely healed.
    Thanks for all your prayers and May the Good Lord answer all our prayers.
    God bless you all

  68. Thank you Lord for overseeing my brother’s surgery yesterday to remove the cancer from his bladder successfully yesterday. Please watch over his recovery and remission. Thank you Lord. Amen.

  69. I prayed this novena for a friend’s mother who was sick in the hospital from COVID and other health issues. She was discharged home and is improving daily. Thank you so much for your Pray more novenas!! They are changing the world, making it a more loving place and providing healing for so many. God bless you.

  70. My friend Jean had a lump in her breast. Her pathology report came back negative. Thanks be to God. She has a history of cancer

  71. My father had his 3rd operation on the same leg and it went well. He is back home! Thank you Lord. We continue to pray for speedy recovery through God’s healing hand!

  72. I keep hope in my heart each day! I live to answer the call of the Great I Am, and to be a beacon of hope and light for cancer patients!
    Praise God, EVERYDAY!!!!!! ❤️

  73. Prayers of thanksgiving, through the intercession of St. Peregrine, that my husband’s scans following thyroid cancer came back clear. Praise be to God!

  74. My 86 yo friend was diagnosed with the corona virus during this novena. She was being treated at home but got worse and was admitted to the hospital. The tests showed Covid plus pneumonia and dehydration. Of course I included her in this novena! On the 4th day after her admission she was able to go home to her daughter’s to complete her recovery. Praise Jesus, our Blessed Mother and St Peregrine!

  75. My dear friend Bernie died peacefully at home with her husband by her side on Monday 18th January. Safely now in the arms of Jesus whom she loved. Thank you for answer to prayers.

  76. Dear Lord thank you for the healing of my fro Julia and that she will forever be grateful on to you Amen

  77. For continued healing of my spine, back and dizziness.
    For my husbands continued healing
    For my children health
    For my brother who suffers from seizures

  78. Praise Jesus. Been praying for God’s healing on my sister Jane. Today is told me that her last scan for cancer were good. All Glory and honour to God🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  79. For over 2 years my husband has had chemo infusion every other week due to stage 4 terminal cancer. Gradually he has been down with sickness for more and more days, last time for 10 days. This past week he had his usual chemo on Tuesday and was up and dressed and participating in our life on WEDNESDAY! I praise God and I thank St. Peregrine and all our friends who are praying this novena for my husband and others!

  80. Thank you, St. Peregrine, for a favor received. My husband is a melanoma patient and needed several months of immunotherapy. While the therapy did push back several melanoma tumors in his chest, the treatment caused my husband to develop diabetes. Despite insulin and oral meds, his glucose numbers continued to remain high. We have made further adjustments and his numbers are now in normal range. Whether this will last or not, the doctors do not know but we are very grateful for any relief. God bless “Pray More Novenas” and its founders.