Answered Prayers from the St. Monica Novena, 2022

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Thank you so much for joining us in praying the St. Monica Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We’re praying for you every day!

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  1. This is my testimony for the miracles I experienced during the last novena to St. Monica.
    My son who had refused relating with me for some time now, has started replying my messages and had called to even speak to his grand mum . Also God granted us the release of a fund my family had been seeking for a while.
    I am grateful for all these and pray that God perfects the redemption and restoration work on our son that our joy may be full and God takes all the glory. May God continue to honour St Monica and her son St. Augustine. God bless you John- Paul and Annie

  2. Thank you for your intercession St Monica, as your perseverance is the virtue that I should learn of, I hope that my prayers will be continuously be heard and if it is not God’s will, lead me to the right path and mind. But actually my prayers have been answered during this novena, Amen.

  3. Dear St. Monica, Thank you for prayers answered during this Novena. Thank you for helping me find courage to not give up and to persevere in the face of past failings. I finally made it to a very important doctors appt, and thanks to God and you for your intercession all my tests were good according to the doctor! Such a reward for finally finding the fortitude to make it to an early morning appointment and taking all the tests prior to the appointment. I feel very blessed and need to use this positive outcome to continue praying and persevering in the same manner to address other problems. What task cannot be done joyfully after prayers answered?! Amen

  4. Dear Jesus and Mary, please heal and protect my family, friends and I. Please Bless us 🙏 Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Please heal us of fibromyalgia, hyperparathyroid, kidney and heart disease, arthritis, anxiety, depression, asthma, allergies, COPD, diverticulitis, abdominal aortic aneurysm, double heart bypass surgery, connective tissue disease, diabetes, cancer and colon problems.

    Please help my husband take better care of his diabetes.

    Please help our wonderful son and his friends continue to live God 🙏 loving lives.

    Please Bless our son and his girlfriend, as they continue in their devout, Catholic lives.

    Please heal our fractured Nation, and help all people understand the evils of abortion and socialism.

    Please help the good people of Ukraine against Putin.

    Thank you Jesus and Mary.

  5. Dear Saint Monica,
    Please pray for my parents to return to the faith, to become more fervent, prayerful and charitable. I would like them to start going to Sunday Mass again and to start going to Confession and pray the rosary.
    Thank you Saint Monica for your prayers.

  6. I’ve been praying that I’d see more of my children and grandchildren and was unexpectedly surprised when they came for the holiday weekend! Thank you Jesus, Mary , St Joseph
    (who I’ve been praying to care for my family) and St Monica! It’s been wonderful and I’m very grateful to God! Hoping this will continue – and hoping they return to mass to receive holy communion, guidance and wisdom from the holy spiritual. Praise to you Jesus🙏❤️ . I will continue in my prayers of the holy rosary

  7. September 3, 2022 Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
    Dearest Mother Mary,
    I thank you so much for interceding to your Son for the miracles manifested in my family’s life. We got news of residence for my son on Sept 2! And will be moving him in on Sept 4!! We received the miracle of a dorm residence at his university despite being told” No room at the Inn”!! Thank you for keeping us all in good health and remaining COVID free to date. My oldest son has started his new job, taking care of his health and planning for post graduate studies. My daughter has made the good decision to complete her second degree. My medical test results are all normal and so are my husband’s, and my family is peaceful and happy. All our needs are being provided for. My research project is in its final stages to be submitted in the next few days. Thanks for giving me the strength, conviction and perseverance to see it to the end. Thank you for keeping my marriage centered on God’s love, for giving me patience and humility, and for helping us to pray as a family. Thank you for healing and protecting my mother and siblings – spiritually, financially, physically, mentally, keeping them in good health and peace of mind.
    I love you my Dear Mother and I strive to be like you. Forgive me when I fall short of Your Glory, and give me comfort and peace to know that YOU are my source of strength in all things and that all things are working for a perfect outcome for my family, according to Your Will. Thank you dear Mother for Your wondrous works in my life. In Jesus’ name. Amen

  8. One of my petitions was answered.
    All glory and honor to God
    Thanks St.Monica.l ll do another round immediately.

  9. I prayed that St.Monica would bless me with an extension on my student loans and it was extended until Dec. That my son receives his much deserved promotion and he was informed by his leadership that they were working on getting his paperwork completed. My sister is recovering from her surgery and feeling better every day. Praying for family togetherness.

  10. I prayed the St. Monica novena for a friend who had been awaiting a kidney for 7 years. She was notified on Monday of a potential match and by Tuesday she had the long awaited kidney. We pray in thanksgiving for the donor and for St. Monica’s intercession on answers to long-awaited prayers.

  11. Please pray for my children and I, lord Jesus mighty messiah intervene even now. Protection for my children and I, my late brother’s children from LAURA WRIGHT who is controlling them , lord help me to get through with the paper work to take them to Canada even now, LAURA WRIGHT been doing a lot of evilious work I bind u up LAURA WRIGHT in Jesus mighty name. Lord release a financial blessing over my life today, release all the ingredients for cedar healing products, lord I know u can fo it even now, help all the children who are going back to school, surround them with good teachers and friends, let my children and others get excellent grades and scholarships help their parents bless and guide us all dear Jesus provide for us all , lord have your way with Susan Clark who is very unfair in the work place let her give the 2.5 hour that I asked her for in the morning even now mighty God, in Jesus mighty name Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah I pray amen and amen 🙏

  12. I have been praying for my son to get a job. He has been offered a position which will begin in October. The only thing left is a background check. He is an alcoholic. I pray that his sobriety and participation in a program be accepted so that he may gain employment. St. Monica you prayed for your son for many years. Please continue to pray for all my children that they take the path that is pleasing to Jesus. Jesus I trust in you. Your will be done. Holy Family please pray for my children. St. Michael please protect my children and family from the snares of evil. Jesus I trust in you.

  13. I want to thank God today for the good news I received today,for close to two years now, I have been trying to correct my date of birth in my passport and to have a new passport issue to me,I meet someone sometimes in June who is an immigration officer that was introduce by someone to me,and after I made my payment and I also went for capture on August 10, the passport came out on the 26th of August and I received it today 29th August,what a miracle working God,I join my faith will all those who prayed this novena with me,that the good lord will grant our heart desires at the best time for it Amen
    To God be the glory

  14. I want to thank St. Monica for making my grandson, Tobejesus, stable and healthy. I have peace of mind since I started this Novena. I thank God for bringing peace in my family through the prayers of St. Monica.

  15. Good evening, thank you for the facilitation you give us when it comes to the Novenas. I was planning on buying something and was not sure if the money I had could be enough, through the St Monica novena I got a short term job that will help me in the purchase of the item. Thank you St Monica and to God for answering my prayers. Amen

  16. I prayed for my husband to treat me better and he is being great
    I prayed that somehow my obese grandson could loose weight and sure enough his dr got him a nutritionist
    I prayed for his seizures to go away and Dr said they are not seizures he is having!! God is good!!! Thank you Jesus for prayers answered

  17. One of my sons returned to Mass with his children as of Sunday, the day after we finished the novena! My other son made the decision to quit drinking the same day! He shared that he has been thinking about it and Sunday he realized he cannot live like this anymore. Praise God! And thank you St. Monica. I will continue to pray for them and my other children who struggle with alcohol and that they also return to Mass.

  18. Our daughter who struggles with addiction – completed detox and came over last night to see her daughter. We continue to pray for her ongoing recovery and that she follows Jesus’ desires in her life. Thank you St. Monica! May all of our children come back to the church and make God center in their lives.

  19. I would love to share my testimony on this Novena of Saint Monica. I prayed for my so James Tsebe who was confused he just deserted from school on his second semester, he was disrespectful to us as parents. He was using drugs, he wouldn’t obey any rule up until he decides to move out and rent a house whereby he lived his life to the foulest. the story is too long but to cut it short we finished this Novena on Friday but Saturday we made our final prayer, believe you me my son same Saturday he decided to spend time with me despite where I was going he said he will go with me every where I go I gave him that chance he came to me and told me he regret everything he has done and he needs a second chance he even asked to go back to school understand that I don’t have power in that school but this morning we went to ask for his second chance he is given a second chance as we speak he has started afresh

  20. On Sunday, the feast of St. Augustine, my youngest daughter texted to tell me she going to mass at the LSU campus church. She felt drawn to mass after the difficult week she had. I’ve been praying for all four of my children to return to their Catholic faith. Thank you Lord God Almighty for your grace and mercy and St. Monica for your powerful intercession.

  21. I’m feeling very grateful. Our son seems to have found direction for his life. He has been struggling for many years seeing others move forward and he just seemed stuck going no where. It has been very discouraging for him. Maybe he has found his answer. I pray for all those struggling to find their way, especially those with no spiritual direction. May they find our Heavenly Father and peace within themselves.

  22. My 21 year old daughter went to confession for the first time in many years and promised the priest she would try to go to mass weekly. She has been to mass for 2 consecutive Sundays. Praise Jesus. Thank you St. Monica. Thank you for this novena mission.

  23. God is working on my case to perfect all that concerns me. Thank you Jesus.

    I received a mail on Thursday stating that my research paper has finally been approved, graded and published by both the ISS Board of Examiners and External Examiners. Delay is not denial, my set graduated last year December, God has heard my cry.

    Right now they’re computing all results after which my MA certificate will be issued. God has shown me mercy and saved me from shame and mockery.

    Thank you for your intercession.

  24. I give thanks for the progress our Grandson, Anniston is making toward full recovery from intestinal transplant. God’s will be done.

  25. I prayed this novena to St Monica along with my sister. I prayed for her intercession for my daughter who has changed so much. She was once so loving, caring and happy and now is so miserable. She lost her favorite sister/best friend to sarcoma, her boyfriend broke up with her, she deals with her dad that will only text her now and then and is having major problems at work. It was so sad to see her suffering and never see her smile. I started praying the novena along with the rosary. On the eighth day, she came home to spend the weekend. She was so happy and so talkative. Hadn’t seen this in a long time. I’m happy to say I had my prayers answered. It was tough losing one daughter and I felt I was losing my second daughter. Thanks to St Monica I can say my daughter was back to herself this weekend. Loved seeing her smile. Praying her joy and peace continue. Thanks to everyone’s prayers.

  26. Please watch over our children. Please keep them happy, healthy and safe. Please help us get pregnant with a healthy baby. Thank you so much for all that YOU do for us. We are so grateful.
    God bless❤️

  27. My Soul glorifies the Lord,
    Dear Anne,
    I want to thank God for my life and that of my family. My husband had always used abused words on me anytime we have some arguments. And on the seventh day of this novena wasn’t left out. But after the prayer the following day he came to me asking for forgiveness and I know it is only the doing of the Lord. Amen

  28. I thank God for the enlightenment of my friend who tried to suicide. He is now fine and grateful to God for the blessings, that he has received.
    Thank you so much God for this great things you have done to my friend.

  29. Thank you Saint Monica for answering my prayers. My son and granddaughter had not been speaking for 6 months. I prayed for them to reconcile and on the 8th day my son called me to tell me his daughter had been in touch with him and everything is good with them again.
    Thank you Our Blessed Lord and Saint Monica.

  30. I prayed for financial breakthrough towards funding of my upcoming wedding and God is already doing wonders.
    Thanks St. Monica

  31. I prayed this novena for my daughter, Monica, and her family. I prayed for a healing of relationships and for a healing of gastrointestinal problems. I believe Jesus is answering these prayers.

  32. I’m greatful to God for my answered prayers.thankyu dear st Monica for interceding for of my prayers was about my husband to change n take responsibility of our kids.i thank God for he has started taking his responsibility.glory be to God amen

  33. I got a lover with all qualities I wanted from man, I’ve a promised job which I’m sure God will fulfill, I’m happy with alot of piece since I started the novena

  34. Ek is op die kortlys vir ‘n groot projek wat ek bid vir suksesvolle implementering. Dankie aan die Here die Almagtige en dankie aan julle my gebedspan.

  35. As I have been praying this Novena as well as as many as I can, I have asked God, Jesus, and particularly Mary, to please help through a most difficult time dealing with a very rare cancer, the cancer has returned in one spot, but the PET scan was clear, to which I owe to My prayers and beliefs, my cancer is incredible aggressive and is growing but having a clear PET scan is truly a MIRACLE for me. I am so grateful, sometimes I get really sad and depressed and don’t feel like praying, but they are always waiting for my return…I love you God, Jesus, and Mary, all Angels and Saints. Thankyou St. Monica

  36. Thank You Lord for answering my prayers. I e been praying for this for over 2 years and my faith in You has only become deeper. This will allow me to continue to support my family and not have to compromise my religious beliefs to do so. Keep watching over me and my family and guiding us I. The direction that is aligned with your will. Appreciate all the blessings you have afforded us. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

  37. I have been praying to St Monica for more than 8 years for my daughter who has been living with a man she is not married to for those same 8+ years. 2 weeks ago they became engaged. I am
    very happy. Now i am praying for Catholic marriage. Thanks to you St. Monica.

  38. As we all know, and St Monica endured, life is a continuous struggle. Yes there has been both Spiritual growth as well as Physical/Medical improvement; however, I realize there is room for much more! God willing, with continuous Prayer, Patience, & Perseverance; we shall overcome.

  39. Praying for a successful hand surgery on Tuesday, August 30 and a speedy recovery. Also, continued prayers for my family’s health, happiness and holiness. That my children grow in their faith. That my youngest son to comes back to the catholic faith. He is in college and is faith searching. 🥲🥲. He doesn’t believe in praying to Mary and the Saints anymore. This is tearing up my husband and I’s heart. I cry thinking about it. Please God, reveal the truth to him and break this other faith walk. That Jesus picks out the perfect spouse for him that is deep rooted in her catholic faith, and we fall in love with her. That they would get married in the Catholic Church and raise their family in the catholic faith. That Jesus puts some new catholic friends in his life at school. Thank you St Monica, Mary, Joseph , Jesus , St Theresa, St Anne, St Jude and all saints. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  40. My son Arsenio Palmer got the job that he applied for. He will start working next month. Thank you for all your prayers God is good!!!!

  41. My daughter & niece both announced they are pregnant after 2 miscarriages (daughter) and thyroid cancer (niece) and are due within a week of each other!

  42. Yes, my prayers were answered. I know it’s a journey, but my son & I had a confronting moment that was offensive to him. At the moment, what I felt was a disrespectful response from him was a mirror response of imitating me. He pointed that out immediately! My pride was struck! Couldn’t shake it off until the next
    day. Prayer. Reconciliation between us was done! Felt good!

  43. There is nothing like praying with faith and asking for the intercession of a powerful saint, like Monica!
    I prayed the Novena with my favorite cousin and daughter asking for the intercession of St. Monica for my future son-in-law to receive an immigration interview overseas and God answered our prayers on the 5th day of the Novena! Thank you St. Monica and all the people that prayed this Novena with us.