Answered Prayers from the St. Monica Novena, 2018

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Thank you so much for praying the St. Monica Novena with us!

St. Monica is a great intercessor for prayer requests that you’ve had on your heart for years…

If you have had any of your prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below! To God be the glory!

St. Monica, pray for us!

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  1. Thank you St Monica. My son’s mood and attitude have improved considerably. Thank you mother of peace. Praise be to God.

  2. Please pray for my husband to have a change of heart and to be open to having children.

    I will be keeping you and your intentions in my prayers.

    Thank you, St. Monica for your continuous intercession, love, and comfort.

  3. Thankyou St Monica for giving me the strength and courage to continue to pray for my brother and his family, not to give up hope. Thankyou for allowing me to pray to you and seek your help and prayers. please continue to pray for my brother to the Lord our God.

  4. Thank you saint Monica for more favours & your intercession & your son st Augustain for granting my requests I will continue to pray devoutly to you st monica please watch over my son’s thank you amen

  5. Dearest ST Monica
    I thankyou for interceding for me with Jesus. Thankyou God that my daughter has met her soul mate. I am still praying that they continue their relationship in Jesus holy name. I am praying that my sons come back to the church. I pray to fill everyone heartwith the holy spirit in Jesus holy name. Please give my youngest son patience to finish his Tafe course and to continue and the next course in Jesus holy name. Please give my husband peace in his heart and not to dwell on the past anymore. I love you dearly ST Monica for interceding for me and all you call upon you. I know you are with us always.

  6. Dearest ST Monica
    You are a mother and know what we are going through. I thankyou for answering my prayers my daughter has been blessed in finding her soul mate. I am still praying for my son to give him patience to finish his Tafe course and to continue and do his cert 4 course God willing. Fill everyone heart with the holy spirit and plz fill my whole family heart with the holy spirit in Jesus holy name. I am still praying that my son will go to church. I am praying for my older son to be healed from his back pain and also my husband and all who suffer from pain. Jesus is merciful. ST Monica’s helps us to believe in God. God’s love is endless.

  7. 2.5 yrs ago my son removed himself from my life. He refused to allow me any contact with my grandchild. Devastated, I attended a healing Mass and worship time. I was told by one of the prayer partners to turn my son and his family over to God. I was told to ask St Monica to intervene. I participated in a novena to St Monica. I began to prayer a daily rosary and offered my masses for the Holy Spirit to fill their hearts and bring conversion, healing and unity. Last month I called my son to let him know his grandma was actively dying. He came to momma’s side so did his wife and they brought my grandson. They were at my mother’s side as she passed. They attended her funeral Mass and have continued to talk to me. On Saturday they called to invite me to my grandson hockey game. This is a miracle. We are speaking, they allowed my grandson to attend Mass. I believe this change happened with the intercession of St. Monica, my loving Mother Mary and the power of the Holy Spirit. I will continue to pray for their conversion. I am so thankful for this answer to prayer.

  8. Dear Lord, St Theresa , St Anne, St Monica, St Joseph, St Anthony – thank you for answered prayers. Please intercede for my prayers for my daughters. Please watch over Vicki help her housemates, apt and new job be a friendly happy environment. Help her succeed at her new job. Help Alie succeed and do awesome with her officer and flight training, and help her with her decisions with Lottie. Help Dot and Nick have a blessed marriage and future. Of this I ask through Christ my lord Amen

  9. My intention was for my husband to quit gambling . And I know how much Saint Monica suffered with her husband and son. Thank God my husband decided to not gamble anymore and I just ask God to continue working with him through the intercession of this great Saint .
    Please keep him in your prayers .

  10. On Sunday 9th September. My youngest son who had been in University for 4 years received his exam results and had passed all with excellent grades.Thank you god for being there with him and the family throughout this journey. And for all your blessings throughout my life.Amen.
    Nanette Julienne

  11. My son has returned to the church. He was with a church set up by excons. It took two years of the family praying for him and of course St. Monica. Thank you St. Monica and St. Augustine.

  12. One of my three prayer requests has been answered: I received my documents smoothly and on time. I am confident that my other two requests will be granted in due course. Thank you St Monica and St Anne! And thank you Annie and John-Paul for your ministry. God bless you

  13. God is good, this novena had done it for me. I was praying for a job, been out of employment since 2013, two days into this novena I had an interview. Today I was told I will start work next week on Monday. Am so grateful to God and all of you for this miracle!

  14. My eldest son’s relationship with me was most affected when I filed for divorce 6 years ago. Slowly over time I have built bridges with him, and thanks be to God he is coming around. In July, he had a set back, and I couldn’t continue to reach out to him. It had been over a month. His abusive and disrespectful words came at an emotionally delicate time. Finally, we were at his brother’s game and he came up to me and said he wanted to see me. On the feast day of St. Monica, I had dinner with him and three days later he came over to spend time with me before he left for college. I thank God for His Mother’s and St. Monica’s intercession, and for this interaction before he left town. All is well when trusting in the Lord.

  15. I have found some peace of mind that things are slowly improving for my daughter & her family that have been victims of domestic & sexual assaults. The situation is improving slowly. The children now have a lawyer to act on their behalf in court. Positive prays equal positive results.
    Thank you for all the prayers being said for our family. Amen

  16. I feel this Novena helped me with my son. He was having many medical problems and I said this Novena to St. Monica, and he was helped. I am so very grateful and I thank, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and St Monica for all the help you have given him and pray that it will continue for my son, daughter and other son who has gone to be with God and all my family. thank you very much. P.C. everyone always keep your faith in the Almighty and He will always be there for you.

  17. Please pray that we make the proper decisions to save our business and the jobs our empmloyees and their families depend on. Amen.

  18. Thank you so much for these beautiful novenas. Seems like the right ones hit me on the days I need to see the prayers. Keeps me from forgetting to pray for special intentions. Much appreciated.

  19. Praying for my son who has complications from TBI’s suffered during this 17 year old war! Just received word he is going to a month long clinic that specializes in TBI’s/Concussions. Prayers will continue for his recovery! Thank you St Monica and Jesus!

  20. Dear St Monica,
    Thank you for answering our prayer. My son got an intership n my husband got a job. Praise the Lord. We pray in Jesus name

  21. So much gratitude to St Monica! I have been asking her to enlighten my son in the choice he was making. Because of her intercession and God’s grace, he has realized he needed to change and has done so but not before helping another human being make a change in her life! I am in awe of the power of prayer!

  22. My college age son attended an ecumenical service on campus at Iowa State Saturday & went with friends to their service Sunday after not attending the last two years of college. Still praying he finds a Catholic church, but it’s a start. My oldest son in Atlanta is seeking a home church the after unknown attendance at Clemson University for five years. AND my 16 year old agreed to attend Mass with us Saturday night after 2 years of refusing to go. Still praying for them & my two older step children who do not attend Mass, plus my 12 year old who does come to Mass with us. We know God wants what is best for them.

  23. Thank you st Monica Timmy got the job…..thank you from the bottom of my heart…. Jamie still needs a partner please give her the key to finding love…. thank you.

  24. St. Monica’s Novena is such a powerful one.
    (1) My daughter Rose reunited with her husband and family.
    (2) My daughter in love called me from her hiding place and I believe will reunite with my son at God’s time.
    Thank you for praying with me. Let us continue praying for my son, Dennis to find physical and spiritual healing so that he may accept Christ as his personal saviour and abandon alcohol and substance abuse. God bless you.

  25. I was praying for my son and daughter. No improvement in my son’s situation but I prayed for my daughter to not ruin her relationship with the boy she’s dating. she’s strong headed and aggressive and is presently occupying a responsible position leaving her no time for a partner. I prayed desperately. yesterday I saw a change in her ibpray that it will last. both serve the Lord in church. please pray for my son and for my daughter’s relationship to grow from strength to strength with Jesus in their midst.

  26. Father I thank you so much for all you have done for me and my family.I give you all the praise and glory in Jesus precious mighty name.Father I thank you in advance for this new job and I know it is permanent in Jesus name.Father I also thank you for delivering me from wicked accusations from wicked ex co workers.Thank you for protecting and keeping my license for me.The enemy will not mess with it in Jesus precious mighty name .Thank you Lord.Amen and Amen.

  27. Thanks God for answering my long waited prayer through the intercession of San Monica. A person who I love so dearly have come to my life when I thought it was all finished. Through persisting in prayers like her, God have had my prayer and now I ask His Holy will to be done through Jesus name

  28. Please pray for my family, please pray that my husband comes home next month. We need him as the head of our home, husband and father.
    Amen. Thank you Jesus.

  29. I want to give thanks for the many blessings i receive throughout the approximately two and a half years I’ve been praying these novena on line. I prayed everyone of them as I always found them very fasinating.
    Two of many things I have been praying for from the year before throughout last year into this year has finally answered and it a miracle, my daughter Sam who turns 36 April of this year did not have a child, wanted one of her own, she had fibroid for years,was told she had one and she and her partner wasn’t getting along so well, they would have frequent arguments,she got pregnant but was told but was told not to make an alarm until after 3months, somewhere about 4-5 months into pregnancy she learnt there was not one fibroid but two but they placed themselves aside and is not interrupting the baby, the baby is now one of the most gorgeous little angel boy you can ever imagine, his mother did operation in July and they remove five fibroid all different sizes and her relationship with her spouse is much better they are now finally going to church,please continue to help me to pray to keep them there and to complete the task.
    The other is my youngest son Devante that I have been constantly praying for, for the sun of anger and all the dis’s he has now successfully pass his 8 subjects he sits in the CSEC examinations,please continue to help me pray for him to that he’ll receive a conversion soon, get his acts together and return to church, he is 17 on his way to 18. I thank the Lord for looking favourably on me, the blessed mother for intervening in my behalf, the Saints andAngels who enchant around protecting us and Micheal Arch-angel clearing the way, to all of you Gods children who helped to pray for us.
    God bless you all.
    I love you.

  30. Saint Monica, on your Feast Day today, thank you for your intercession, my daughter picked up her 5th grade letter with her teacher on it. She was happy she got the teacher and about 6 of her close friends all happen to get the same teacher, my daughter was estactic. Thank you Saint Monica I prayed for my daughter to have a stress free 5th grade with no harm, evil or bullying. She starts Sept. 4th. I still pray for her to do good and continue to get grades. In Jesus’ name thank you again. Amen.

  31. Prayed for a successful house warming party. Thank you st Monica for interceding for me to Our Lord. Many people travelled well to and from far. Praise yo you Lord

  32. Dear Saint Monica
    You are my patron saint and I have gone to you for many years for your intercession. On this day, your memorial, thank you Saint Monica for your steadfast love and hope. Please continue to pray for my son and the issues he faces.
    Please also pray for all those that looked to you for help during this novena. Thank you.

  33. After graduation, my daughter moved out of state to live with her boyfriend. I prayed that she would stop living in sin and do what is right in God’s sight. On the eighth day of the novena, she called us to announce her engagement. Thank you St. Monica for your powerful intercession.

  34. I have been praying during this novena for my family to draw closer to the Lord and have noticed as gods kept us on our knees so that we will stay close to him. My granddaughter who is a junior in high school continues to serve as an alter server and is now training her younger brother who is in seventh grade to alter serve. I have also been praying for my health and the Lord has brought me through several medical procedures successfully and with no discomfort. I have been healed of urinary tract infections. And thank God for all he is doing in my life and the lives of my sons and their families. Thanks be to God, Saint Monica and all you faithful prayer warriors.

  35. Thank st Monica,I prayed for guidance on whether the man who wanted to marry me was real,and I was shown. Thanks also for healing of uti

  36. Thank you St. Monica for your intercession for my son Chase. He remains stable with his medical condition. He has been stable for 7 months on his current medication. Some days are tough but Chase comes back. I am continuing to pray that Chase is able to sleep and that he continues to heal, in Jesus’ name. Thank you for All our Blessings. Also, a special thanks to all who have continued to pray the novena’s for me and my family.

  37. Thank you, St Monica!! My husband truly heard me and responded with his heart yesterday! I now think our marriage will be good again! I have been begging God for this but the intercession of St Monica made it happen. Thank you, praymorenovenas!

  38. Thank you for praying these novenas with me.
    I have wonderful news that my son has accepted an offer of an exciting position with a company he feels comfortable with.
    It’s been a long number of months, but our prayers have sustained him and he couldn’t be happier with the results.
    Thank you ‘prayer warriors’.