Answered Prayers from the St. Michael the Archangel Novena, 2023

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Thank you for praying the St. Michael the Archangel Novena with us!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We’re praying for you!

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  1. Saint Michael the Arch Angel THANK YOU SO MUCH for granting my intentions!!!
    My grandson got a place in school and my daughter passed her driving test first time and for the the rest of my intentions that were also granted.
    Prayers are so powerful !!!
    We love and adore you and THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

  2. During the last Novena prayer for those struggling with addiction, I prayed together with the intercessors. My son who is in his final year of high school was so deep into drug addiction and could not hear any advise from me. Any time I tried to talk to him he would answer back in rage and anger so I stopped talking to him.

    During the Novena prayers, I believed that his case was too deep that could not be handled at this time so I was praying for others who I hoped were closer to restoration.

    Two days after finishing the Novena, my son came to me and told me that “mom, I have decided to stop smoking Marijuana “. I looked at him in disbelief not knowing whether he was making a joke out of it. He repeated that he had stopped and was not going to buy them again. I jumped up with joy and awe of God’s goodness and mercies. I could not hold myself. I hugged him for the first time in a long time. I felt love and joy flow through me. It was the nicest feeling in a long time.

    God remembered my son when I least expected and wiped away my tears.

    I thank God and all the intercessors and I promised that I will help intercess for anybody who needs help. I am still prayering for others who are still trapped in addiction namely; Valery, Yona, Kibet, Yusuf and Kim, remember them in your prayers.

  3. Thank you our Dear Lord God for answered prayer that I’ve been waiting for a very long time a ago to grant my visa abroad, thank you Lord for always making it possible even though i was already losing but you allow it to process our documents smoothly. Thank you also St. Michael for helping me to pray my request to our Lord God and through reading your novena daily helps me a lot to pray and to waits God perfect timing.

  4. Thank you, St. Michael the Archangel, for interceding on behalf of my sister’s health! After one biopsy came back inconclusive for cancer, I completed the novena to St. Michael. A second biopsy was completed today and, although it does need to be fully DNA tested, the doctor said that it doesn’t look to be cancer.

  5. I prayed the St Michael novena for my son. We were desperate and anxious because although he had received a much needed promotion at work, the new work schedule had him working 3-11 Tuesday – Saturday which meant he could not see his daughter on his parenting days Tuesday – Friday. He was ready to give up the job. I began praying the novena and kept lighting a candle every week on Tuesdays. St Michael helped him find someone who would swap shifts with him on Thursday and Fridays and then just last Friday he was given a new schedule by trading with a coworker that gives him Tuesdays and Wednesdays off. Thank you St Michael for your intercession. You will always be our special patron.

  6. Thank you St Michael for giving us peace and caring for us after our baby Michael was stillborn. I started saying the novena as soon as it showed up in my inbox. The Funeral date was not picked by me as other factors and others’ availabilities took precedence, it somehow ended up being the 9th day of the Novena.

  7. Our Lord has shown me numerous miracles in my life. He brings trials and situations of helplessness to strengthen our faith. My 5 year old son has an eye screening in his school and we received a letter about potential astigmatism. I was really saddened imagining him in eye glasses and things that may become difficult for him at such an early age. My Mom is a big believer of Novenas and continues to remind and encourage me to pray the novenas. I prayed the Novena again and Jesus showed me another miracle!! The doctor told me that my son had nothing serious enough to wear eyeglasses and signed off on the school note! Only His power and miracles can provide healing! The Bible stories referencing Jesus healing the blind and the lame are for a reason- so we can believe in His miracles! Amen!

  8. An answered prayer, I have been praying to God for a gift of womb. And for sure Gos has done it for me. Im now 3 months away to holding my gift baby in my harms.Novena prayers works wonders.All glory to God

  9. My recent job that has ended in January 2023 was a result of prayer through Novena. I keep thanking God for this and I am still praying for a new job opportunity. God is great and a blessing all the time.

  10. Glory to God for enabling me focus more on prayers.
    My requests and petition to God and the attendance of novenas is yielding positive results. I AM now in position to service my loans and debits more timely. The Lord’s grace is with us and businesses are normalizing slowly, my parents are also receiving treatment and recovery is at the door step….. Plus so many promising achievements. St Michael and others at work in the blessed Name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

  11. I was praying the novena for my sister undergoing a major surgery for cancer. Not only did the surgery go extremely well, the pathology came back perfect, which we did not expect. And, she will be able to travel with us to reunite with our family in a special place which had been planned for 10 months.

  12. Please thank Paul and Annie for this pray more novenas initiative and thank God for for st Michael. I needed school fees for my children most especially my first son who left with an outstanding balance yet we where going to a new term. I was stranded wondering where money would come from, God did it I was able to clear all the outstanding and my son was accepted in school even though I hadn’t yet paid this terms money. God is good he is now slowly but surely helping pay school fees for all my children. I give glory to God

  13. As of last week, after doing this wonderful novena for 5 weeks, the one prayer request we had was for our daughter to find a good and Godly man to take her thru life!
    Not only did this happen, but last week the young man (Dustin) asked us for our blessings that he may ask our daughter to marry him!
    You have no idea what a miracle this is!
    Thank you, Lord Jesus and St. Michael the Archangel!

  14. My request to find assistance at work regarding a particular situation has been answered! I am very thankful and appreciate this novena platform to increase my prayer life but also to share with others. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers. Thank you to all the Saints for their intervention!!

  15. I’ve been praying for my son who has struggled with alcohol/drug dependency. He’s had a long battle, but recently, more evident to him (us) how serious this was becoming. He was able to see a counselor, who recommended treatment. He finally realized he needed to take action! He’s at treatment, we’re praying for his mental, emotional, spiritual & physical health, as all were wavering. It’s a start, for his sake, it may very well save his life. We love him dearly, but he needs to realize God loves him through it all. Thankful for this wonderful blessing!

  16. Good evening everyone and God Bless us all.
    I can confirm this since I did the Novena from St. Padre Pio and to all the Novenas I’m doing God hears my prayers. We were told by the dr after my grandaughter’s heart operation that she has 50/50 per cent of surviving let alone the operation because the rate of survival is very low. It breaks our hearts and I told God I will do the Novena for the rest of my life in exchange for my granddaughter’s life. He heard my prayer and you won’t believe it
    the development she is doing is unbelievable she is doing very well and is a very happy baby. Praise To God.

  17. I just want to say thank you, for having these novenas for us to pray. I find peace and and wholeness within myself when I do pray the novena. I will leave all the rest to Jesus Christ, for whatever he feels is best for me . God bless all of you

  18. I got the job! Thank you St. Michael for interceding for me. And thank you Jesus, Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph, and all the saints whom I asked for help in my unemployment. Thanks be to God!

  19. Thank you St Michael! My son was having seizures like twice a week that has halted his studies but it is two weeks now he has not had it again! To the glory of God, we continue to pray for him

  20. Dear St Michael,

    Our family have been struggling with my daughter’s bipolar disorder. I have asked for your intercession to my prayers for her healing,
    I got more help now from family and specialists.
    I come to realize that GOD is with us in this, that We are not alone.
    I will continue to ask for your intercession for my prayers to JESUS and protection for my children, specially with my daughter.
    Thank you Saint Michael.

  21. Thank you, Jesus, for prayer answered through St Michael’s Nivena ,

    Every NOVENA has been a lift for me and answers to all my petitions . I have been in agony since I joined my husband in Europe even before I joined him, He turned to be a boss instead of a friend , he treats me so bad emotionally , I cry everyday helplessly , he removed our wedding band , he deprived me of many thing even when I was due to apply for my citizenship he declined and refused me

    He said we are not going to have more children, that he was done with me , that we are both just co existing, that he was done with me and only waiting for the time to leave the house for me, we only had a child when the whole thing started at a point he started avoiding trying for more baby with me,

    Through all the novena prayers am joining , miraculously I got pregnant before covid and unfortunately it was ectopic, we lost it with my right tube taken away , I cried my eyes out, during Covid I got pregnant again , unfortunately it was PUL…pregnancy of unknown Location , we lost it again and that worsen my situation and position in his life

    I could remember one day he told me he’ was getting married that I will see his new wife, I cried to God like baby yanning for breast milk, everything turned around against me , no peace no joy but I continued with my prayers ,joining the NOVENA ,
    I started looking for job to get busy and move on with my life, I just wanted to get busy and forget about my worries while I continue to pray along, I didn’t want to be begging for my own husband to join me trying to conceive because he doesn’t want me to give him more babies, like he said he was done with me.
    God gave me a job and positive pregnancy test same month, I didn’t understand how this happen but I know it was God of the last munite , the hope of the hopeless, the compassionate father came through for me , I was a bit nervous and didn’t want to tell him untill I was sure it’s a pregnancy that would stay ,

    To cut the story short, the hospital confirmed my pregnancy, and the baby was in a very good position . He was surprised at how it happened, so he wasn’t too excited.

    I started the job , and the Lord protected me and baby all through the Covid period, I worked in nursing home until my 38 weeks pregnancy i didnt contact covid . I gave birth to a bouncing healthy baby boy.

    The baby came out looking so much like my husband, things begin to change and again got worsened.
    During one of the NOVENA, I would cry to God and ask him question why he would give me such a man who doesn’t appreciate me

    December 14th, 2022.

    The Holy spirit spoke to my husband through me and since then everything has changed , my husband changed and became nice to me and the kids , now we are starting to build home together , save for our children , and planning for another babies , miraculously things has really changed in my home,, he has permitted me to apply for my citizenship,

    The Lord has restored all those things he kept away, I am praying that God perfect what he has started, I am hoping to test positive by end of this month for our desired triplet babies and my husband wearing back his wedding ring …

    There’s power in prayer, and if there is someone to pray, there’s a God to answer.

    Thank you Lord, thank u praymorenovena team. Your prayers has really worked for us . Thank you all

  22. I have been praying the novenas you circulate and I am confident that through my faith and trust that my prayers have been answered. I have been praying for the cure of my grandchild’s recovery from concussion and also for a cure to my tenatus. I have seen a great change in my grandchild, she is more confident and continues to make great improvements daily. I have also seen a disappearance of the ringing in my ears. I can only believe that prayers, faith and trust have made this possible. I continue to pray, believe and trust. AMEN

  23. I am at school pursuing diploma in nursing, am in 2nd semester but am so financially disabled. I really don’t know how wea to get the tuition and other school requirements. Worst of all even wea am working right now they are planning to terminate me by the end of this month. I really don’t know where am heading because even my parents are so poor. I pray that the Lord makes for me away so that I can get a better job that will provide me some reasonable money so that I can pay tuition, help my siblings and my parents in their needs and also provide me with room to continue studying, praying, and enable me engage in church choir
    I also pray that I get the government job I applied for in Wakiso district
    I pray to the Lord

  24. My wife was snatched from certain death to way to recovery. While she is still recovering she still needs more prayers. Doctors did their part now God will do His. Thank you Jesus.

  25. Through the prayers of St Michael The Archangel Novena. My son whom I have being praying for his healing on drugs and alcoholic addiction depression and anxiety and has not cut his hair for two years had gone to cut his hair now and there is much improvement in his relationship with me and him and his younger brother. I thank God for all that his done in my son’s life. We continued to pray for his thorough healing by the blood of Jesus Christ. Amen 🙏

  26. I prayed for a friend who was undergoing tests for cancer that the tests may turn out negative and indeed they found no cancer cells thank you St. Michael for the intercession. Also prayed for healing for another friend who was in ICU after a surgery to amputate her leg that she may receive healing and indeed she did the wound is healing steadily thank you St. Michael and all the Glory goes to God the Almighty. Thank you Lord for your mercy

  27. Praise God and thank you St Michael for your intercession! Several mornings ago I got up and prepared left over coffee from the day before. It tasted awful, so I brewed more. But I made it too weak so it was awful again! Normally I would just have drank it but a firm voice told me to make it again and make it better. So, with some reluctance, I did! And it was still pretty bad! The voice told me to do it again and told me that I give up on things too easily! So I made it a third time and it was delicious! Then I went to practice piano and the same voice instructed me to use the same pattern I had just learned—try to make it perfect 3 times on certain practice exercises. Though I would normally have not tried so hard, this worked and I have showed faster improvement than I thought I could. I have a long term goal to compose and perform music honoring God and this felt like a tough love teaching step on that path! Praise God and thank you St Michael for your intercession.

  28. I prayed that my husband would be helped with a new job and he just had two job opportunities come to him.
    Thanks to God and the Intercession of St.Michael.

  29. THANKYOU St.Micheal for safe travels& a blessed 2week deployment for my son and team across country! I became Catholic years ago and although my sons not Catholic he does love the Jesus very much! I’ve been praying so much for him to see the richness etc of my Catholic faith! On his deployment he visited a very special Holy mountain where Catholic pilgrimages flock pray,have Holy devotions etc! He sent me pictures of it and was very excited over it and impressed! So THANKYOU St.Micheal, Holy family for this beautiful grace for me and my son! JESUS I trust in YOU! Also ThankYOUS for other prayers answered too! XO

  30. I’ve been distracted in my marriage. After the St. Michael the Archangel Novena, I’ve had the courage/will to block out such distraction after all these years.

  31. 1. Prayed for a job for my daughter Lina, and indeed, she got the job. Glory be to God.
    2. Prayed for a tenant, and yes, though, the intercession of St. Michael the Archangel, I got a good one. Glory ge to God.

  32. Prostate enlargement was having problem urinating. Thanks St. Michael Archangel felt like my prostate shrank and urinating without difficultly.

  33. My husband’s sister-in-law got through her medical treatment and my best friend, her surgery. Thank you for your help and the eye-opener it was for me to be humbler!

  34. I have a problem trying to find the place to ask for prayers. Where do subscribers find the place to ask for prayers? I’m in great need for the help of novenas and all. Thank you for your time. Jan (Obara)

  35. Hi I have been praying to God to bless my womb and my prayers wee answered and I am thankful to God
    . Still praying for the long-term request intentions and i believe it will be answered..

  36. One of my prayers was for health for both my sister and myself-God answer both. Even though it is a long process for both and patience is not my strong suit I have to learn to be patient. My sister is 92 years and improving for now.

  37. It’s been over 5 years struggling with my son who has serious alcohol and smoking addictions. Lord God please answer my prayers and frustrating enough that his young brother is going the same way. Life is not easy for me. Professionals are tired of helping him since he is not willing to change. I m only relying on you my God. I have no been praying most of novenas with hope but my prayers haven’t been answered yet. All the saints please pray for me and my sons to live better life.

  38. Before the novena I was stranded without a place of my own in school and was squatting with a friend. during the novena I presented it to God through st Michael and to the glory of God I was given space through a person I never expected it from. I want to thank and pray my other requests will be granted to the glory of his name.

  39. I have been praying these Novena’s for some time now, and I am thankful to God for how far He has brought me. I have been blessed in so many ways 🙏 The most recent one being that I relocated to my home country, and have been praying for a good job. To the Glory of His name, the Lord has blessed me with the kind of job I prayed for 8 years ago. I am lost in how to thank our God. Please help me praise His holy name. And pray with me that I will live up to expectation 🙏

  40. Thanks be to god. Through st Micheal I prayed for my mother battling cancer for strength on this painful journey. God gave her the spirit to face and fight even at her age and losing her husband of sixty years when she believed life was not worth living. By the grace of god she realized life was a gift and he only can decide when she should go. Praise be to Jesus

  41. I’ve prayed for three novenas now that my daughters cancer would not spread to other organs. So far she is doing awesome snd in a immunotherapy which I pray will give her the time to enjoy her young life as I did with her family. Prayers also that my husband will suffer no real pain in his last days. St Michael and St Peregrine have answered my prayers to this day. I won’t give up asking for help as the lord has proven he always listens!🙏

  42. After praying these Novenas I have had so many answered prayers.
    God is truly a prayer answering God. Thank you for making these novenas available. I always look forward to the next one.
    They keep me humble and anchored in the Lord.

  43. I pray the saint Michael novena and protected me from stepping on a poisonous snake. Thank you Jesus for every protection.

  44. I had complete healing from PTSD and the reoccurring feelings of despair and terror. Thanks to Hod and to my lifelong Guardian St. Michael.

  45. Last year I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer while pregnant. I was devastated. But every night I would pray. I finally received good news yesterday. They were basically shocked at my CT results that the surgery they were planning to have sometime later on, I could have asap. They told me how rare it is to see tumors go down so fast. The chemo that I had two weeks ago, they’re telling me that they believe would be my last one. I believe my prayers to God, the saints, the angels, and all the loved ones whom I have lost, and also all the prayers that were sent by people who cared, made this all happen. I now have a lot more hope and faith, and also a very healthy baby <3

  46. I prayed that through the intercession of Saint Michael, the Lord will protect my friend from activities that will tempt him to commit a sin and the Lord did it through Saint Michaels intercession.
    Thank you Saint Michael🙏🏽