Answered Prayers from the St. Jude Novena, 2019

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St Jude Novena

Thank you for joining us in praying the St. Jude Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below!

We will continue to pray for you & your intentions.

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  1. I prayed this novena asking if I should move out of my apartment. I was unsatisfied with my living situation but wasn’t sure if God wanted me to make a change or if I was just overreacting. I received such clarity that it was time for me to move out and live on my own. I kept praying to St. Jude after the novena ended and just a few days later I found the perfect apartment. I just knew it was a sign and when I toured it, I heard God’s voice telling me this was it. Thank you, St. Jude!!

  2. Thank God my son Moses got the admission. My son Francis also finished his youth service Corps successfully, his journey back home was safe and sound.

  3. Thank you St Jude . Just happened to come across this novena in my mailbox and started praying to St Jude to intercede for me to solve problems at my workplace. The problems seem to have disappeared and I trust St Jude to keep them do so taht they don’t surface again. I am very grateful to this prayer community for praying with me and helping me through with this .
    God bless you all .. keep the light shining .,

  4. Glory be to God in the highest and a big thank you to St.Jude!
    Well I started my st.Jude novena prayers 2 days later because I was having some pains.
    On my first day of the novena prayers..I started talking to a person who has given me so much Joy and every reason to smile again.he is proving to be my destiny changer and I have been unemployed for now two years but just this he offered to start meeting my expenses on a monthly…we have not even met in person yet!.thank you st.jude for my first miracle money

  5. I prayed to St. Jude for peace in my family and things have really improved since a prayed the novena. Thank you St. Jude and Our Dear Lord for hearing my prayers.

  6. Through St. Judes intercession God answered my prayers. God provided for my needs including the means to pay for my car insurance premium in full, my other bills, gas for car, food and toiletries. Praise the Lord. Thank you St. Jude and Jesus!

  7. St Jude helped with my financial distress. I didn’t have a lot of money and had so many bills to pay. But after praying this novena, someone somewhere helped out by giving me money.

  8. Thank you St Jude was bestowing on me a peace at the beginning of this week – I had dreaded something but it turned out not to be so bad after all. Thank you for praying for all of us and for John Paul and Annie who inspire us with lovely novena’s.
    With love to you

  9. I prayed St Jude De Novena 9 times a day for 8 days and kept on praying for several days more. About the 18th day we had an offer on our home which we needed to sell for health reasons.
    On the 9th day my mother, 91 years old kept telling me that she was seeing someone at night in her room. He was here to buy the house. He was standing by the caregiver who saw nothing. She saw this person again.

    Anyway I do not know if this was a message to calm me down but out home is selling and we will be ok financially. Thank you St Jude . I frequently pray for God, Jesus, and to my own father to watch over my family and to give me the strength to care for the all and to be safe where I work .( I work in prison changing the lives of felons while I motivate and help them earn an education)

  10. I have a job interview on monday which is a huge answer to my prayers. I am always busy and have been extremely overwhelmed making it feel impossible to even look for another job so thank u to my prayers being answered an opportunity came knockin on my door. Thank you St. Jude & Jesus!

  11. I am thankful for God’s protection and love; by the end of the novena to St. Jude my sister-in-law got relief from affliction.

  12. I was terminated from my job more than 3 years ago..since then I was doing freelance jobs and it was very tough every day. I have been praying almost all the novenas here. Now, thank you St. Jude, my great intercessor, has granted my petition. As a real estate agent, last week, I have my 2nd sale but the buyer wanted to back out, I prayed the novena to St. Jude here, and asked that the buyer will change her mind, indeed, she changed her mind and proceed to buy the property. Just waiting that all stuff will be completed soon on the transaction. I cannot contain my happiness. Thank you Lord God, thank you, Jesus. Thank you to Will get in touch soon. Praise God!

  13. I said this novena all week last week for one intention that appears to be in the works! But today I needed St. Jude for something at work that was not working out. As I read the last line of the Novena the email with what I needed dinged. Thank you St. Jude I give you all the glory here.

  14. Thank you God and St. Jude for intercession. My aunt has battled alcoholism and has not returned to the bottle since the day this novena had begun. All praise, all glory, all thanks. Amen.

  15. Thank you God and St. Jude for prayers granted. I asked for financial help, and at the end of this week, a situation that I thought was hopeless has worked itself out and it will help us financially. Also thanks for starting to get my daughter to see that she is not in a good situation and maybe she is starting to act on it. Still praying for that situation to resolve itself, but I will keep praying.

  16. My prayers have been answered. I am starting a new job on Monday, 4th November 2019.

    I am filled with content no words can describe how I feel.

  17. Thank you so much saint Jude for answering my prayer. I was desperate with Citezen papers you answered me on wright time. Thank you for being always my help

  18. I didn’t feel right about the purchase of a home that my husband wanted and I prayed the novena so that the sale would not go through and it didn’t! Thank you, St. Jude. You have NEVER let me down!!!

  19. Im thankful that there is this novena. Since from the start this is where i run to when i need prayers. I remember to always ask what i think i need in here. One specific prayer i had is to find someone to accept me for who i am with specific atrributes of someone i need and i found him. Now were married. I was a widow and an only child my dad has his own family and i felt so alone then, now im happily married to a man that i prayed for. God realky answered my prayer. Now im here again. Praying for God to bless us a baby. Im 41 and were trying to have a baby. So help us God and please pray for us.

  20. Thank you st jude for answering part of my prayers of financial help and I look forward to receiving more help from you and that my prayers are fully answered soon! Love you 😘 st Jude.

  21. Thank you St Jude for your intervention which provided me with a financial blessing. Thank you God for always being there for me

  22. I am so grateful to God for answered prayers. I had a number of intention during this novena, but the most pressing issue was my total loss of smell for over 18 months now following severe sinusitis.
    The doctor s told me to learn to live without sense of smell.
    But praise be to God, I am now able to smell again. Blessed be God forever!
    St Jude, pray for us.

  23. Thank you – my husband got his job back that he was laid off from. And he also has a second interview at another job that looks promising. I hope everyone’s prayer intentions were answered at least in some small way and thank you to everyone. I will continue to pray for everyone. Peace be with you

  24. My daughter just found out she is expecting her first child after experiencing difficulty conceiving! Praise God!!! Thank you Saint Jude for your intercession.

  25. Thanks all faithfuls truly this novena is a reality on October 1st the office I was working for closed down sending all staffs home,but thanks to praying this novena it has opened another door..
    God is great …pray without ceasing.

  26. Ever since I started praying the novena everyday feels so blessed.
    I had prayed for 3 intensions and it was done miraculously the 2nd day of the Novena prayer itself.
    So grateful to Lord and St.Jude and to praymorenovenas

  27. My intention for this Novena was healing for my sister. She has a number of health issues but one of the worst was leg wounds from poor circulation and a bout with cellulitis. She texted on Wednesday that her wounds are healed. Thank you St. Jude and my Lord Jesus for guiding her physicians to the best treatment and her healing. Praise you Jesus!!

  28. I thank God for answering our prayer for financial breakthrough, on the third day of the novena my husband was called to start work at a company he’s been waiting for to call him for a long time and his other businesses have all started being more fruitful.
    Thank God I got him to pray the novena with me. Thank you St. Jude for making what seemed impossible come true. More blessings on you, John-Paul and Annie

  29. I thank God for answering our prayer for financial breakthrough, on the third day of the novena my husband was called to start work at a company he’s been waiting for to call him for a long time and his other businesses have all started being more fruitful.
    Thank God I got him to pray the novena with me. Thank you St. Jude for making what seemed impossible come true. More blessings on you, John-Paul and Anna

  30. Thank you for this platform for giving me the opportunity to pray the novenas.
    I prayed with the st Jude novena with the group and had many requests. In the middle of the novena, my son called that he was going to jail in the USA for driving a uber rented car out of town n not reporting back on time. He was wanted by police n he was hiding from them for months. His other work place reported him. Eventually he had to turn himself in on the 29th october. It was a heartache for me as a mother. I continued praying for him. St Jude is surely a saint of impossibilities: the next day they released him that the jails were too crowded. He must just do community work and not leave town. Thank you st Jude. Amen

  31. Thanks be to God. I went for my annual physical check up since after I was diagnosed with colon cancer last year and treated, everything came back “PERFECT”. Cancer free, no HBP, no Cholesterol, no Diabetic, no prescribed medications other than daily vitamins.
    Join me glorify God for His awesome deeds. May His reign forever and my gratitude to Mother Mary and St. Jude for their intercession on my behalf. Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ, Amen

  32. Saint Jhude answered my prayers my loan was granted for me to pay my school. I passed all my subjects this module. My relationship with my boyfriend is doing great! & He healed me. Thank you Saint Jhude!

  33. The lord had send two messengers to let me the calling on my life. Glory to god the other have not yet been answered but I assure you they will glory to god. Thank you jesus

  34. My spiritual director is a parish priest and my appointment with him has been rescheduled multiple times due to parish commitments. On Day 9 of the Novena, I saw him at Sunday Mass and he found a time for us to meet for direction. I just came from my appointment, which was much needed and now I am filled with consolation.

    Thank you, St Jude for your intercession. Praise God!!

  35. Good day brothers and sisters in Christ. In the course of the novena to St Jude, I prayed that my project supervisor would approve my project for defense. I went today to pick my file and it has been approved. Praise God who deemed it fit through St Jude’s intercession… I believe more testimonies are on the way, Amen!!!

  36. Our daughter had the anatomy scan of the twins on Monday and they are developing well!! Thank you St. Jude! Continued prayers for a healthy pregnancy; safe and uncomplicated delivery and uneventful postpartum period.

  37. I have been praying for a very long time for peace and happiness to be restored in our family. And now my husband is more responsible and shows more interest in family. The arguments and false accusations have stopped. Thank you St. Jude, all saints, Mother Mary and Lord Jesus.

  38. At the beginning of this novena I asked St. Jude to intercede for me my job application and on day five I got called for the job . I had been out of work for 2years. All Glory be to God the Provider . Amen

  39. For almost year my sister in law was not talking to me and prayed for peace and forgiveness in our family and now she talking to me. I thank God for restoring peace in our family.

  40. I was praying for an interview and on the feast day received one. This was impossible to think of a year ago. My mother also prayed for my brother to reach home safely and he did. All glory to God…

  41. When I started the novena, my dear friend Brit was in the process of getting an emergency order because her ex-husband had their daughter Varya and was refusing all her attempts to communicate with her on how she was doing. On the morning after I finished the novena, Brit texted me to say that she was going to pick up Varya finally. I like to think St. Jude made that happen.

  42. One day after saying the final prayer of the Novena my prayer was answered! My son is told me today that he will begin training for a promotion. He has been working and waiting for this for a long time! This will ease the burden he has had financially! Praise God and thank you St. Jude!

  43. My intention was for my 15 year old son that his heart would be open to him receiving help from a counselor. He was VERY resistant and refused to speak to anyone. During this novena he has met a kind social worker at school and has agreed to speak to her every other week for a “check-in”. Praise God and Thank You St. Jude!

  44. Thank you Lord Jesus for helping me to go through this novena. I prayed that my daughter will be able to keep her relationship and God answered she is in a relationship now though with a non catholic and he has lasted some weeks. I pray that God in his mercy will make everything perfect. Thank God for all the prayers that are yet to be answered because I believe he has the final say.Amen

  45. I prayer this for my son to cone around more and be with his family. This weekend he came over and stayed the whole day. All I could think about was how my heart felt him being around and that my Novena was being answered

  46. I want to thank God for saving my husband and son, from road accident. I pray that St. Jude will continue to pray for us. Amen

  47. My sister and I prayed this Novena together for multiple causes, the main one being that my son find a job to support his growing family. He’s been out of work for some time. He had an interview today, and got the job!!! Praise God, and thank you for the prayers!!

  48. Thank you St Jude for the intercession. Thank Lord for hearing my prayers through the intercession of St Jude. My daughter has got a job which suits her , working from because of the baby.
    My son seems to have changed a bit. But am trusting that in God’s time he will change completely.

  49. I asked for St Jude’s intercession for my son who had a history of cancer and had surgery to remove tumours from his bladder. He was convinced they were cancer once again.
    The results came back yesterday and were BENIGN!
    Praise to God and our beautiful St Jude for prayers answered.

  50. Saint Jude have been a patron of my since I was a little girl and he never has stop intersecting for me I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August of this year. Has gone through two surgery with the first one having complication. they said that I would have to start chemo therapy soon, but by the grace of God and Saint Jude and Saint PEREGRIN intersecting for me . I’m not gonna to be needing no chemotherapy. Just going straight to have another surgery to remove my breast. I believe in the power of prayers and our beautiful and wonderful Saint that intersect to our heavenly father God 🙏🏻

  51. Dear Friends of St. Jude,
    I am so grateful for this Novena and for the wonderful way family affairs coalesced in a very satisfactory way on the Feast of St. Jude, October 28. St. Jude is truly with us as we work together as a family to stay cohesive and unified while undergoing circumstances that require our efforts to stay informed and involved with outside agencies regarding matters that are, to an extent, beyond our control. This kind of situation can so often put a strain on family members! Praying daily to St. Jude has helped me remember I can ask him to please help us handle the “impossible” problems in our life! So, it was no surprise that we received significant answers that gave way to greater understanding of our circumstances on the Feast of St. Jude! I will keep praying!!

  52. Thanks to St. Jude I got my wish fulfilled. I was not able to get my promotion from last two years. This year I prayed to St. Jude for my success and through his intercession, impossible became possible. Thank you St. Jude.

  53. I sent in a request for prayers for a young father of two who has stage 4 lung cancer. The therapy he was on quit working so they did some genetic testing on his cancer to see if it was a variant that would qualify him for a study. When the results came back it was a different variant. His doctor wanted to try a medication used for bladder cancer but his insurance denied payment. I had started the novena to St Jude and on day three of the novena they received notice that the insurance reversed its decision (only a day after they got the denial letter). In speaking with his father, I found out that he also was praying the novena to St Jude at the same time. Praise Jesus, Thank you St Jude for your intercession.

  54. I was laid off from my job due to reorganizing and my last day was Friday Oct.18th. I started the St .Jude Novena Saturday the 19th. I was searching for jobs for several months and rec’d no calls. On my church was a priest from India with a healing ministry and first class relic of Pope St. John Paul II. He touched us all with the relic.On Thurs., Oct 24th,2019, I rec’d an email from a co. interested in me for an admin position. I didn’t apply for it previously. I don’t know how they found me. I did a phone interview on Thursday, an interview 8:30am on Friday that lasted 2 hours and they are offering me the job. It’s 10 minutes from my house and offering $1000 more than I was making. I was concerned about the wage and I spoke with a staffing agent last night and he said it’s in the right ball park range. I prayed about the job and looking up to the sky I saw a huge flock of birds..the Lord shows me hawks, all kinds of birds to speak to my heart. All confirmation. Thank you St.Jude, thank you Pope St.John Paul II, thank you Jesus.

  55. I was stuck in a false police case, which had massively disturbed me from the last 6 months, 2 months of hardcore inquiry and then an official FIR (police case) filed, I was seeking bail from the session and the high courts in the land I live in ( Pakistan) then I was told about St. Jude’s novena and that I should subscribe for it to this website so I did it. I recieved daily emails and said the novena. I hereby witness that on the 10th day which also was the feast of st jude 28th october 2019, I was granted bail from the high court. Many other people who followed me with a malicious intention backed off. I am so very thankful to St. Jude for his intercession for my prayers. I will continue my novena in many other hopeless causes in my life.

  56. My sister was hospitalised with a very poor prognosis from the Doctors.
    She has pulled through miraculously after the family Novena to St Jude.
    Several other finds and restorations too place and we thank the St Jude for praying with us

  57. A huge and seemingly impossible family situation has resolved itself in an amazing way and I completely attribute it to a change of heart of one of the people. This is a true miracle – thank you for this amazing novena and answer to this prayer! God and Saint Jude have truly answered this prayer!

  58. when we started praying this novena, i asked St Jude to help me find a job, today i was called by an employer to give me the details of the job i have to do. i pray through St Jude that i officially get this job. Thank you St Jude. thank you to pray more novenas for engaging me as well.

  59. My teaching contract for the fall was recently suspended making me lose money for the next 8weeks to the end of the semester. I started this novena to St. Jude asking to help me replenish this potentially lost income and God has faithfully sent me people to take private classes that equates half of what I get paid in two weeks every week since then. So working from home, I still make almost as much as I would have going out to teach and getting paid biweekly.

    Thank you St. Jude.

  60. I was praying for correspondence from a caregiver regarding a loved one.
    After months of no communication she called me last week …thanks be to God!

  61. I want to thank St Jude with all my heart for answering my prayers. Before this novena I began praying for my son to get a better paying position. He applied for a position with a company that he really wanted and got an interview with a recruiter but never heard from them. I told him about St Jude and that he should go to church pray and light a candle. He did so. He called the company again and was told that the recruiter had left and that they would reschedule another interview. Another long wait and finally he received one. I saw your novena to St Jude. I continued to pray and during that time he received another interview and it sounded positive then more waiting and again he had to interview with five more people but no response he was getting depressed and yesterday he had given up. I went to mass to celebrate St Jude ‘s feast day. On my way home yesterday my son texted me that they had offered him the position. Thank you StJud e with all my heart Amen.

  62. Thank you St Jude the job offer came in for her. In confidence, I know that the other big thing will be awarded also because I have been leaning on Jesus through your prayers and this novena. When I get some financial relief I will send a donation to this site. I will continue to spread the word of Jesus through you. I love you! Thank you!

  63. My daugthter was not doing well at school and the teacher had asked for a special meeting. After this novena her teacher told me today at the meeting that she looks like a totally different child! Thanks st Jude

  64. I found out my husband had hired a realtor and I didn’t know this for two years. The way I found out was St Judes intercession. It felt so bad and I felt so betrayed. Even so, I know this is good for us as a couple. We have been talking a lot about relationship and because of the hurt that hiding things from each other creates, it also brought more pardoning and awareness and closeness . We are working in our marriage and I have felt a lot more love and the challenge to have more faith and trust . My husband says he will work on being more open. He says it was a strict business relationship. I beleive him even though I maybe shouldn’t. The result of praying this novena wasn’t something I expected . I know I will have more answers soon. I am feeling a lot of trust in God.
    I will keep asking St Jude and anyone who reads this to pray for us.

  65. My communication with my daughter has definitely improved. Thanks to St. Jude’s intercession for me and my family.
    Praise and thank God. In Jesus name. Amen.