Answered Prayers from the St. Anne Novena, 2019

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Thank you for joining us in praying the St. Anne Novena!

If you’ve had any prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below!

We will continue to pray for you & your intentions.

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  1. Two years ago I was storming heaven with prayers for my daughter who had just gone through a sad relationship break up. Since then she has met a nice boy and I am again praying that all works out for her. Also that her new job in medicine will be become more enjoyable.
    Thank You Saint Anne and all the saints I prayed to.

  2. Alléluia, praise be to God!
    I discover this novena 3years ago and I prayed it for my daughter AM and asked for 3 favors through the intercession of Saint Anne; I prayed that God grant my daughter a husband,that her acting career may pick up and that above all she may grow in faith . The same year she met this young guy who is her husband today . Trough the intercession of Saint Anne again they have a beautiful wedding last year.
    I prayed this last novena for her healing and libération from endometriosis , her surgery went well and she is having a speed recovery and on top of that she just booked a job with her favor actor , praise God and thank you St Anne for your powerful intercession .
    Thanks to all who pray with me and especially John Paul and Annie! May continue to make our faith grow and shower us with plainte favors.
    Peace shallow!!!

  3. I’ve been searching for a job that fits a very specific criteria in a niche market.
    On July 25, I saw a posting on Linkedin, immediately called the employer’s office, left a voice mail and as I was printing a cover letter and resume to drop in the mail, the employer’s assistant called and requested my resume.
    On Monday, July 29, I was invited to interview for the position as Director of Residential Sales at an exclusive country club. A successful interview took place Thursday, August 1st. I am now waiting to hear from the employer.
    I have complete faith and confidence that St. Anne was instrumental in the process and know that she will help secure the position for me.
    Prayers and heartfelt thanks to St. Anne for her divine guidance and assistance.
    Elida J.
    P.S. I hope to send an update soon.

  4. I have been doing several novenas for my elderly father to sell the family home and it happened during this latest novena to St Anne. Thank you St Anne for hearing me and granting me this difficult request. It is so appreciated!!!! I am forever grateful and humbled!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. I have been praying for a job to help assist my family with. And the final prayer for St. Anne Novena was on the 25th August and Sunday 28th August, i got a phone call that i finally have a job. This is just a blessing for me and my family and i thank God for it. Power of prayer is real! These Novenas are amazing!

  6. I was laid off March 1 and have been praying since to find work and for guidance on my path forward. On day 9 of the St Anne Novena the intention was for people looking for work. About 2 hours after I prayed the novena, I noticed I had a voice mail that came about the time I prayed the novena. It was from a company wanting to set up an interview. I went to the interview and am waiting to hear if I am considered for the next round . Even if I don’t get the job I consider this an answered prayer because of the boost to the spirit and renewed fervor in prayer! Thank you St Anne!

  7. Thank you st. Anne for your intercession. There is a positive reply after my sons job interview. Thank you do much. Plz bless him with a God fearing life partner to settle down in marriage. Thak you st. Anne.

  8. Dear St. Anne, I left my job due to an unbearable situation. I have been out of work for a year. I have always been a person of God of integrity and treated everyone respectfully. I thank you, for the blessings that you are soon sending to me.

  9. Thank you St Anne! My prayers were answered. My husband lost his job 5 years ago and has been under employed ever since. He filled out hundreds of job applications and has had numerous interviews. Today, he was offered a job in the field that he loves and he is happy. This was important mentally as well as financially. I am so thankful and great full. God does answer our prays. Sometimes we have to be patient and trust in Him!

  10. Praise the Lord! During the St. Anne Novena my prayers were answered. God provided me the means to pay for part of July and August bills. Thank you Jesus! Praise the Lord!! Thank you St. Anne for your intercession and prayers. I am humbled and grateful.

  11. Thank you St. Anne. I thank God because I have graduated from University with a Bachelor of Arts (Counseling Psychology) First Class Honors. I thank God for this great gift. God is good all the time.

  12. Praise be to God Almighty my transfer near home came. Yes Rosary and novena works. Obedience too. Thank you so much Abba Father. All glory and honor goes to you, i am very sure the happiness in my children hearts they will live for you always. Use us Lord as your vessel always we are ready to work for you. Amen

  13. I was praying for peace and acceptance with the plans or father has for me. To take children off of my mind. I had lost a pregnancy in the last year. I have now found out I am pregnant again.

  14. Good day, thank you for these Novenas. I’m a born Catholic. I am also a breast cancer survivor a mom of a 14 year old girl and a wife in a very unhappy marriage of 21 years. We live in South Africa, apologies that I do not contribute financially to your devotions, but at this stage I do not have the financial means too. When I was on chemo I was introduced to St Periguine and through his prays and my first experience of pray to a saint for extra pray to Our Savior my healing was received! I’ve shared my experience and given others a Little pray book like I had when in these situations. Now this Novena to St Anne , I never ever thought that Mary our mother had parents. So naive of me. This year I’ve felt a strong pull towards Mary, wanting to pray to ask her to help me be a better image of a woman in all ways as herself! A mother, a spouse and a woman in her own right! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Praying to St Anne. This week in particular I needed pray for my brother who was going in for testing for Auto Immune as he’s constantly waking up in pain in his joints. But thank The Lord it came back negative! In my opinion he needs self love, self eating control and to lose weight and to start exercising! As with myself! I’ve become an emotional eater, my husband can’t stand over weight people he looks down on them and criticized them badly. I’ve never had weight issues, but now I’m 15 kg too heavy, and I’ll eat the chocolate regardless! I’ve tried for my marriage and it’s not better when I’m skinny so why starve myself! But at the end of the day I’m punishing myself! I think day and night about my weight! Ive prayed to God about it. Because me myself I’m a health fanatic and exercise enthusiast! But my passion has gone! I use to love running, I promise myself every day I’m going to start and I don’t! That alone is depressing me! I’ve even started to think that because I’m obsessed about wanting to be healthy and exercise like I use too, God will first bring me to him! If I want it that badly He’s not going to answer my Prays until my relationship with Him is right! Could this be?
    Please could you suggest a pray for my relationship with God, for myself image for my passion of becoming who I was and not waiting for approval of a husband who just ignores me.

    Also what can I suggest to my brother?

    Thank you and may The Holy Spirit fulfill your lives abundantly with your hearts desires! For the good work you do.


  15. I asked for complete healing for a family member who has leukemia and it worsened. He was told he would be in the hospital for 3 months. His illness turned around quickly after a few days in praying this Novena. He came home in less than a month and is doing very well.
    Thank you.

  16. Good morning,
    Mine is a testimony of faith.
    Before starting off with this novena I was in serious state of lost, confusion, guilt, regret……most of all Marital issues.
    During the prayer I noticed several of the intentions touched different parts of my life and that made me so passionate about the prayer. I prayed for a miracle, for marital bliss, internal peace amongst others. On the last day I had a serious fight with my husband that led to him hitting me, we said several things to one another. Finally my husband said since we re both tired of ourselves and we regret our marriage I should leave his house which I did
    Presently I am at my parents but, I have this assurance in me and strong believe that God has just began his work on me/us, I feel like things will fall in place soon, that secrets will be revealed, confessions will be made, boundless forgiveness and love will roll and showers of blessings shall be ours. I just feel so calm weirdly so too but very true. Thank you Jesus.

  17. My brother was able to continue his volunteer work and be strong enough through his cancer treatments for this time. His last scans were clear and they have taken him off of the treatments. The doctor has ordered some lab work done this week to check his blood. We are so thankful his imaging scans were clear.
    My adult children have made nice friends where they live and have been safe and healthy.
    My husband and I have had more peaceful times together.

  18. On the feast day of St Anne, I received the much desired and anticipated news of my eldest sister being pregnant!!! Also, a very good friend of mine was promoted at work. I specifically prayed for these to St Anne during the novena.
    I know the Good Lord will bring this to a fruitful end!!!
    Thank you Jesus!!
    Thank you lovely St Anne for your intercession 🙏🏾

  19. Thank you St Mary for your intercession to our Heavenly Father. Thank you for granting my husband a job interview here in our hometown. I pray that he will get hired in Jesus Name. Amen

  20. I just want to thank God for granting me save delivery of a bouncing baby girl and granting success in my results

  21. Thank you St. Anne, that I have an interview for a job. Please pray for me that if it’s God’s, will that I will be hired. With love and gratefulness.
    In Christ Jesus,
    Juanita Johnson

  22. Thanks so much for the successful surgery of my sister Dixie. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!! Thank you St. Anne and all the Holy Angel’s and Saints in heaven!!! Thank you Lord Jesus!!!

  23. On this day after the Feast of Saint Anne, I received the immigration letter I have been waiting for for 1.5 years. Thanks be to God 🙏🏽Now I’m praying for the best outcome. I pray, I trust and I believe! Jesus I trust in you! Saint Anne, pray for us.

  24. Please pray for my brother Andrew, he has had a lot of things happen to him which have brought him a lot of hurt and pain in his heart. This hurt has turned into anger and it’s affecting his health, relationships with family and friends. He does not realize he’s fighting a spiritual battle as well. Satan is having a field day with his mind. My brother has a good heart and is a good person. He’s turned to drinking and he is a mean drunk. I love him so much but do not know how to help him other than pray for him.
    Thank you & God Bless, ⭕️💞🙏

  25. Dear St. Anne,
    Thank you for all your blessings!
    I will continue to pray and I am sure all my prayers will be answered.

  26. Thanking God for granting healing to my sister through the intercession of St Anne, I prayed for God to restore her health and stop the prolonged bleeding of 2 months she was having and to the Glory of God , yesterday being the last day of the Novena, the bleeding miraculously stopped 🙏🏽.

  27. My son who is educated with a bachelors and masters degree
    Had only been working part-time for a long time.
    Last month, he was finally offered a position in his field of
    study, and in our city, too!

  28. at the 9th day of my novena to St.Anne my prayer answered…thank you Lord..thank you St.Anne …thank you fir granting my prayer request…

  29. Thank YOU Dear St. Anne. Thank YOU OUR LORD
    for I have been waiting 3 years for my prayers to be answered and they were on Tuesday with my approval for my disability. GOD is good GOD is great as my waiting is over and also the help so desperately needed for my daughter with a job that she can handle while she reenters life and becomes the beautiful person that she can be. I am eternally thankful, grateful and forever yours.

  30. My two children had been sent away from school two days before the beginning of the novena. We got the school fees on the third day of St. Anne novena. The school was demanding us fees for two terms. I am grateful to God and St. Anne for her intercession and to the whole team for praying for us.

  31. Prayed for my daughter’s job interview and she was hired 45 min following her interview with Hope Hospice! Praise Our Lord! Keep watch over her and continue to guide her! AMEN

  32. Prayer to conceive a child was answered on the final day of this novena. My husband and I are now expecting again. Thank you God and St Anne and St Joachim for your intercession!!

  33. I’ve been praying for forgiveness, for myself. I find that I have become more forgiving, towards myself and towards people I’ve not forgiven for a long time, the latter was a surprise to me as I’d not expected this but it was I think a direct result of learning to forgive myself, that my heart has softened and become more right. Thank you God for bestowing your almighty grace upon me.

  34. After a month of praying and applying and getting denied, I finally got accepted to Mayo Clinic for an appointment, and it’s super soon too! Two weeks!!! I am finally going to be healthy again and get to go to college!

  35. Prayers for my daughter’s fiance to find a full time his with benefits

    Prayers for me to find a new full time job with better pay and less stress

  36. Dear John-Paul and Annie and all who pray with us,

    I have been praying several novenas over the past few months for my son and my brother who suffer from alcohol addiction. Over the past 2 months, my brother has gone through testing for cirrhosis, which took both my mother and father, or liver cancer. His final results came back yesterday and he has neither. He must be monitored for 1 year to make sure the results don’t change. He has been given a second chance and we are hoping it will wake he and my son up.

    Thank you for your prayers as well. As I pray my daily novenas, we all pray for each other too.

  37. Dear John-Paul and Annie
    Thank you for this novena I am indeed grateful for it. When I started this novena I had listed my prayer intention and one of my intentions was the pain on my right knee. I have taken every medication that was Prescribed for me but nothing seems to be working so every morning when I wake to read my daily novena prayer I place my hand on my right knee and pray and I my greatest surprise yesterday the pain on my knee is less and I can somehow walk and sleep on the leg with little pain

  38. My little 8 months old niece was in the hospital overseas, very sick with dengue fever. Yesterday she was released from the hospital and is home, healthy again.

    Thank you everyone. I had not publish this request, only prayers for my daughter, but then my niece got sick.

  39. We couldn’t keep our dog anymore because she had become dog-aggressive and we were scared. We made a last-ditch effort to rehome her instead of euthanizing. It was down to the wire; we were making the call to the vet on Tuesday. A dog behaviorist asked to meet her that morning, and decided to take her! It is the most ideal situation she could have received. Thank you, Saint Anne!

  40. Thanksgiving for our son who has gone back to attending Mass!
    We continue to pray for all young people to see God’s blessings all around them and go back to Mass!
    May God give them strength to live in this crazy world and stay true to God.

  41. Pray that me and my family will have the grace and peace during this time of grieving the lost of my son and that his soul is at rest with God in heaven

  42. For the faith of my entire family, for the leaders in each family and for the world leaders because we baptize my grandson, because we treat my 3 old ladies better, because the negative is taken away from me, by the communication between my partner, by my grandchildren and their future girlfriends and wives

  43. I had been looking for a job for three months. Each novena I prayed with everyone I came closer to God and to finding a job. I just started a new job and I think God and everyone who prayed these novenas. I know that the good Lord will always be there for all of us and will guide us in the right direction. God bless us all.

  44. Praise God,my prayers of getting a training for my career Got answered. My training will start Next week and thank God for that .
    Thank you lord for providing our daily needs. Amen.

  45. I have been praying for a job/ God’s will for three months. With many interviews but no call backs.. it has been hard.
    However yesterday upon praying the last novena day (day9) it felt promising and hopeful.
    Later in the day I was offered a job!

    The Lord has taught me so much about trust, and having faith that He will provide for my needs. It has taken years to get to this point of trust, being asked to trust on many occasions, however, more growth has been done these past three months.
    Praise him for he has done
    marvellous things!

  46. Years ago I had a problem getting pregnant and I wanted a baby so badly. It was only after I prayed to Saint Anne but I was finally able to get pregnant and I am forever grateful for a wonderful son who has twin sons now.

  47. Thanks San for favors long waited for, I can’t even remember how many years I have prayed this novena, but finally God have answered my prayers this period. You know what am talking about. Thanks God for all and please beg Him for His perfect will now to be done and put us all in our right place according to His will. Pray now that we may have safe journeys to our destinations. Pray also for the an answered prayers through Jesus name Amen

  48. Dear St. Anne thank you for listening to all my prayers. Please keep my dog Paxton healthy and pain free. May I be able to get over whatever illness that is going on with myself. And please keep my family safe and healthy. Amen

  49. Thank you St Anne for a safe delivery and birth of my grandson, Jackson Paul Kelly. He was born after a long labor safely and is now eating and is so greatly lived. All my children are here spending time with this first born grandson, nephew and child. Thank you so much for helping Anne when she needed it. She almost had to be transported to the hospital. But you came through.

  50. I have asked for 3 prayers to be answered. 1. For me to get through with my spouse visa so I can go live with my husband in the UK. 2. For my daughter to conceive. 3. For my uncle to get positive results from his angiogram.
    My prayers was answered for my uncle. His results was good . He had open heart surgery a few years ago. He has been having some problems lately. What was found is a branch artery is blocked but it’s not life threatening. I give thanks and praise to the lord for answering my prayers

  51. My husband and I had been hoping to conceive for some time, and on the last day of the novena we found out that we are expecting. Thanks to our Lord Jesus, and the intercession of St. Anne and Our Lady!

  52. total healing trust believe thank you 101 Live for Jesus only surrender all about Jesus thank you its time101 Fast today

  53. Thank you so much St. Anne for your intercession. Although I was not praying for the answer I got, I believe it is part of the bigger picture! My daughter got an interview invite on the 9th day of the Novena! Continue praying to your Most Blessed Daughter to plead with Her Son on my daughter’s behalf so that she comes out successful on Monday to get a job after almost 2 years of joblessness. I believe that the answer to my prayer will come through this job, Amen.Thank you in advance, oh Blessed Mother.

  54. Dearest St Anne and St Joaquim, thank you for leading us. Through this novena and your intercession to Almighty God to lead us and guide us and assure us that his unconditional Love will only move forward to the wonderful plan he has for all of us especially each of my Family and yes our relationship with each other is being re created and there is much reason for Thanksgiving .Thank you again for praying for my Family

  55. Thank you Jesus for getting job opportunity for my brother. And job change for me . Keep blessing my family. Thank you

  56. Part of my prayers for this novena was for my yearly mammogram to come back negative and it did.. I feel that’s a blessing each and every year.

  57. I thank St. Anne for answering one of my requests on day 3 of the novena. Thank you my patron Saint and I pray that my other intentions will be answered soon

  58. Thanks St Anne for numerous prayers answered during this Novena: I have been offered a new job after months of searching and my daughter’s mental health has improved.

  59. Not an answered prayer. But I know St. Anne has been interceding in my life. After telling my friend about the novena, she told me that she had prayer a Rosary for me and that afterwards to decided to pray to St. Anne for all my intentions.

  60. This evening is a St. Ann Feast Day Mass on the final day of the St. Ann triduum (following the Novena which began July 17) in Cleveland, Ohio.
    Friday, July 26 at 7 p.m.
    It takes place at St. Paschal Baylon Church next to the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament (where St. Ann Shrine is located).
    5384 Wilson Mills Road
    Cleveland, Ohio 44143
    There will be a procession with the Blessed Sacrament, Veneration of Relic of St. Ann, a reception following Mass, and gift shop items on display. 🌻
    My husband drove me the several hour trip as my birthday request for the Thursday Mass and it was totally worth it! I pray that St. Ann will truly intercede for miraculous healing in my marriage.

  61. I missed yesterday but managed to complete it today. I haven’t see any sign of my prayers been answered yet but I want to thank God for successfully praying this novena. I believe I would receive all the graces I need through the prayers of St. Anne

  62. St Anne. Although my prayers have not been answered, my son did go for a job interview.

    I will continue to pray to Mother Mary and St Anne for their intercession and I know that my prayers will be answered soon.
    Thanking you in advance.

  63. Thankyou so much St Anne for answering my many prayers. For my family and our needs.
    My Son has 2 job offers, one is confirmed and another is scheduled for interview next Thursday. You did wonders and we are so grateful…Thank you Heavenly Father for your Blessings…Amen!

  64. Thank you St. Joaqim & Anne parents of my Heavenly Mother.

    Even before I started this Novena, I prayed to Our Lady of Lourdes for my husband’s job restoration.

    He has gone to work few days back and I am at peace now.

    I pray that all goes well for him in the name of Jesus, and we too be blessed with a lovely child and I may get a job where my husband’s house is so that atleast now I can settle peacefully instead of staying at rental and working.

    I was at deep peace while reciting this novena and I learnt how to surrender and pray to the Holy Spirit and claim the promises of God opening my mouth instead of keeping them within and pondering.

    God will deliver me from the demons that have and are attacking my destiny. All evil altars against me in the Heavenlies will be broken through the intercession of the saints and St. Joaqim and Anne – mother of my mother. AMEN AND AMEN.

  65. St. Anne, thank you for listening to our prayers and for praying for us. My prayers have been heard and I am so grateful. Help me to follow God’s will. Thank you for the little signs!!

  66. Praying for my children ‘s job and my daughter ‘s broken family life. Continuing my prayers with much hope in Jesus ‘s name. Amen.

  67. My mother, who I was praying for, received good news in her medical appointment, thanks be to God. Keep praying. God will hear you. Pray to St Anne and also to our mother Mary. Amen

  68. My grand baby doesn’t like going to his dad’s house. He is there two weeks at the end of June and July. I prayed that somehow something happen that he doesn’t have to go or that somehow we see him in between because we (my husband and my daughter) miss him so much. Well our prayers were answered. His father let him come home one night and stayed with us until 7:00 pm the next night. It was so good to spend time with him. Even though he cried that he had to go back we told him it was good we spend time together and we only have 7 more days to go. Praise God!!

  69. I think a miracle could taken place today as I had hardly any nerve symptoms please pray that it will never come back . Amen

  70. I had requested a transfer at work to a store closer to home in April 2019. I finally
    got word this week that the transfer will happen in a week from now while praying
    the novena to St. Anne. I had been traveling over 50 miles a day.

  71. St Anne although my prayers have not yet been answered I am thanking you in advance because I believe with all my heart my prayers will be answered through this novena. I have felt greater peace joy and will continue to ask for your intercession to the Lord grant us the grace of restored fertilty and pregnancy. That he remove all fear anxiety stress and allow us to conceive now. I believe any day now our miracle breakthrough and hearts desire our babies twins will come I Jesus name Amen