Answered Prayers from the Novena for Marriage & Family, 2022

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Thank you so much for joining us in praying the Novena for Marriage & Family! If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below. To God be the glory!

We are continuing to pray for you every day. Do not give up on hope. Jesus is with you and you are not forgotten.

God bless you!

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  1. I am really thank God for answering my prayer for getting our holy marriage by our Parish Priest this month September 12 , 2022 . I thanked all of you especially you for sending us this Novena. Thank you and Phrase the Lord.

  2. I have been praying nonstop for a daughter who experienced infertility early in her marriage for almost 5 years, had surgery and was then blessed with a son, then more infertility and surgery, had a miscarriage, more infertility and more surgery. She just told me today they are expecting again! Praise God!! His timing is always perfect.
    Now to continue to pray for a safe pregnancy.

  3. During the novena of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary I found my self becoming quite overwhelmed one day during one of the days prayers. As is often the case during a time of prayer you can suddenly find yourself being faced with a question that can sometimes be unrelated but it’s just the way the Holy Spirit seems to lead you. I found myself suddenly faced with a question about….what did it actually mean to fully surrender to God and how that would in reality impact on me and if I fully surrender what of me would I even recognise what of the me that I knew as myself would even be left. This question started to generate in me a great deal of distress and anguish as I pondered and worked through the prayerful questioning. At the end of the prayer time I felt very emotional and quite anxious about the kind of thought process that that days novena prayer had generated. Well I also engage every day with the “my Catholic life” app and read the daily gospel reflections. About 10-15 minutes after praying that days novena prayer I went on to the daily gospel reflections and there it was the daily gospel was about surrendering to God and the reflection answered my questions and I found myself with a greater sense of understanding what it means and a great calm. God has been leading me down a path just recently of one of trust and surrender and that day the Holy Spirit led me into a spiritual discourse and provided the answer within a heartbeat. What a blessing. God never misses an opportunity to give us what we need…. We just need a willing heart and the desire to surrender to the most holy will of God and he will do the rest.

  4. Little Anniston continues to improve after his intestinal transplant. He was discharged from the hospital and continues to adjust to the medications he is on. Thanks for the prayers everyone.

  5. My prayer was answered today Sep 13, when my husband accepted our Lord’s call to attend a Mens’ retreat. Alleluia! Praise the Lord and our Mother Mary for Her intercessory prayers. Amén

  6. So grateful that during this Novena my husband was able to get a job closer to home so he can move back and we can be together again!

  7. Thank you Blessed Virgin Mother Mary.
    Thank you St. Monica.
    Answering prayers for my son continuation of school. Touch him to make good decisions.
    Thank you for all your intercession and prayers always.
    To God Be The Glory.
    May the Love of God Be with us always 🙏 ❤️

  8. My daughter is still pregnant. Thank you Jesus.. two wonderful candidates have come to me. I continue to pray for both.. but thank you

  9. I am so very grateful for these novenas. After praying the novena for families and marriages, my prayer was answered. My son and grandson hadn’t spoken in months, the result of an argument. Today I heard the blessed news that they have had a conversation and are working to solve the issue.
    Thank you, Dear Blessed Lady, for the graces bestowed and the answer to prayers! Immaculate of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death, Amen! Dear Mother Mary, I love you and your Divine Son!.

  10. Found a home to buy for my family, I was looking to rent. This will bring my children back together under one roof since divorce.

  11. Prayed for spouse who didn’t want to travel to see pregnant daughter. God is good. Will be leaving soon. Praying for save healthy delivery for both.

  12. More peace, more patience, more understanding, more respect in my close family, at our home.
    Thank you to our Mother Mary for all blessings 🙏

  13. I have been praying for another baby for years. During this Novena I found out I am pregnant! Thanks be to God who is so good, thank you Mary for your prayers and intervention.

  14. Thanks for prayers answered. My friends granddaughter had surgery today and everything came out very good. Thanks again!!

  15. All Praise,Glory and Honor to Our Blessed Mothers intercession, I love you mama Mary .Thank you for always being a mother to me,always praying and interceding on my behalf.
    For complete healing, ive been in hospital with pneumonia , was very ill ,couldn’t walk excruciating joint pains due to meds.started the novena online in hospital, as well as our local church novena, As our novena came to a close today at church as well ,I got up this morning painfree, illnessfree,
    Went to closing novena at church,walked in procession .I’m totally free and healed.Thank you merciful Jesus. I love you Lord.

  16. My brother in law was sick and was in the hospital due to low level of sodium.
    I prayed to mother Mary During the novenas to intercede for him so that his sodium level gets normal and the he gets better.
    On the 7 of September the doctor did his blood work and his level went up to normal.
    He was discharged from the hospital to go home.
    Thank you mother Mary for your intercession.please protect my son who just joined university this year .
    Thank you mother Mary for favours received.

  17. Thank you Lord, thank you Mother Mary ! Got my Green card a few days ago during this Novena! After 23 years . Thank you all for all the wonderful prayers! Please let’s continue to give thanks to God and never give up.

  18. Praise be to God.
    I had a persistent cough for almost five months. No relief in sight. Nasal spray prescribed by doctor did not yield the necessary results. Started praying the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Novena. Saw improvement the first day itself. There was continuous improvement everyday and today as we celebrate the nativity of our Blessed Mother I feel so much relief. 90 – 95% of the cough is gone.
    Thank you dearest Mother for your intercession and merciful God hear our prayers. Amen.

  19. After praying Novenas for almost eighteen months and offering almost daily rosaries how wonderfully fitting that on this the feast day of Our Blessed mother’s birth my son finally has secured a new job
    That is the fourth wonderful answer to my prayers during the past year
    Prayer is powerful🙏
    I pray that everyone praying these Novenas continue to pray and have faith that God is listening and will provide 🙏🙏🙏

  20. Praise God! I have been praying for peace in my marriage so that we can have a good communication with my husband and God has answered my prayer….. Thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus!

  21. Please pray for more love respect kindness peace in my marriage and more intimacy.
    Please pray we become more
    Like Joseph and Mary and model the best for our children and family. I also pray if it’s in Gods will
    We add to our family

  22. Thank you St. Mary for your intercession in my son Sam’s search for a better job. He has one more interview with a great company and I ask you to continue praying for him that they will offer him the job. Thank you.

  23. I prayed the Novena to St Monica for my son who has been an alcoholic drug addict for many many years. During this Novena he, for the first time admitted that he needed help. He is and has been going to meetings every day. This is truly a miracle! Praise be the Most Holy Trinity through the Blessed Mother!

  24. I prayed this novena asking Mother Mary and her Son Jesus to either remove the guy I’m talking to for the last 3 years from my life or make him my future husband (make us a family like the Holy family). Today, he called me and we talked for hours, we talked about our future together if God wants us to be together 🙏 God is good! Thank you my heavenly Mother for hearing me 🙏

  25. He answers every prayer, every utterance,every tear and moan. It is good when He says, yes! It is good when He says, no! It is good when He says, not now! It is good when we get to the point when we are equally happy and content with any of His replies. Thank you Abba!

  26. I prayed with the little faith I could muster to be able to meet a deadline, one I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to meet, and was prepared to wait a whole year for another opportunity…and quite late in the night that same day, I got a call with the good news that I made the deadline to take part in my almost 8years-in-waiting convocation. I knew my Mother Mary had done it again for me; she had shown me again that it is truly a thing unheard of that I would implore her help and be left forsaken.

    Thank you Mother Mary, thank you My Father in heaven

  27. Hi my blessed family, God bless everyone in Jesus name.
    I’m thankful to God that he answered my prayers through the intercession of her mother. I’m living out of my country since last 5 years. I was having the prayer for the arrangements of my ticket & confirm date of my wedding. I’m thankful to God that My ticket has been confirmed & on 17th I’m going back for my marriage which will be on 2nd October. Its humble request to all my blessed & anointed family to keep me in your prayers so that Lord took every next arrangements in his hands through the intercession of Mary our blessed mother.
    God bless all of us & our families especially the family of Paul & Annie who share the novena prayers with us.

  28. My husband has opened up to me about his feelings and it has brought us closer together. My son hasn’t had a nose bleed in 2 weeks. Jesus and Mary thankyou for answered prayers.

  29. During this novena an issue between my stepmother and myself, that surfaced the first week of May has begun healing. Initially I felt there was almost no possibility it could be resolved. Then this Novena became aware to me and I started to pray. Prayers are being answered. Miracles happen. When you leave your heart open to all the possibilities…. God’s graces flow in abundance.

  30. Today, on Our Lady’s birthday, she delivered me an unexpected gift which had been on my heart, but not specifically asked for in this novena. My friend, who had escaped an abusive relationship during Covid lockdown, finally had her divorce come through. She is finally freed from her abuser and able to get back to her real, biological family.

  31. victory with you in food are i beg you Jesus total healing I am the only one stopping me help me YOU JESUS are ALL I NEED thank you101.5

  32. It’s small but I asked for my son to not be rejected when he asked a girl to homecoming bc the past few years he has faced a lot of rejection. A girl told him last night that she hoped he would ask her…. Hallelujah. He is sweet and cute and funny and thank God for others seeing it too. I also pray for my daughter and her journey to find her spouse.

  33. Thank you Blessed Mother Mary for hearing my prayers and interceding for me to your son Jesus! My marriage is improving, my job and financial situation is working out! I know in my heart that my prayers were heard and they are being answered! You understand my prayers from my heart as a mother to another mother. Amen

  34. Thank you lord for getting our daughter through her pregnancy and her baby boy being born very healthy. Both mom and baby are doing very well. Dad’s okay too!!

  35. Blessed Mother and Sweet Jesus thank you for answering my prayer for confidence in Your Love and in my identity as God’s beloved during desolations! Thank You!

  36. My Brother started suffering from seizures. I prayed for our Mother Mary’s intercession through this Novena that the extensive tests he did would not show a tumor in his brain. Our Holy Mother of God interceded for me – there was no tumor and all tests were clear. It was stress which was causing the seizures.
    I love and adore you Mother Mary, with all my heart, soul and might!

  37. Through Mary our mother, we succeed.
    I have come to thank my Lord Jesus, for success in my exams and my job interview.
    And for a successful and a happy new school year for my children.
    For renewed peace and joy in my marriage.
    For when the time is right, Abba does make it happen.
    Thank you Lord.

  38. The surgeon I took my son to is confident that the lump under his arm is merely a cyst , not cancer ,and though it should come out ,she isn’t concerned. Thank you Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

  39. Was having marital issues and contemplating divorce and life after. But God miraculously restored Love and understanding and we are now looking into the future together once again. We are very much grateful to God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, our Precious Mother Mary for her intercession and to you for availing yourself to be used. God bless you all. Amen!

  40. I want to thank God and our dear Mother Mary immensely for granting divine and permanent healing to my daughter and my husband. And for restoration of my marriage. Amen!

  41. I want to thank God immensely for granting divine and permanent healing to my daughter and my husband. And for restoration of my marriage. Amen!

  42. One of my prayers was for my daughter who has no job as a fashion designer. I asked that she gets a job, she applied for a competition of fasion designers, she has been shortlisted and will be going to contest. I thank Mother Mary and ask she prays for her to be a winner as this will help her create a job for herself and other designers who have no jobs. 🙏

  43. Thank you Mother Mary. My husband and I have started planning to validate our Marriage in the Catholic Church. We have come a long way and I believe with the intercession of the Blessed Mary, this is the beginning of something greater , better and brighter.

  44. Thank you, Mother Mary, for watching after Carl while he went through surgery. He made it through and is healing well with no excess bleeding. Praise the Lord!

  45. The issue with my house was resolved without any incidents or issues. My son and his daughters mother are learning to work together for the child. My school loans assistance program was extended until Dec.

    Thank you Mother Mary and all the Saints for answering my special petitions

  46. I prayed that my deceased mother would send me a sign that she is watching over us and my daughter. My daughter is going to be married in November and she and I both received signs that we know are only from my mother and her grandmother. Thank you Blessed Virgin. Our True mother.

  47. We prayed that we will be able to sell our house soon and right now there is somebody interested in buying it . I’m confident that through the intercession of the Holy Family on the Feast of our Blessed Mother’s Nativity , our prayer intention will be answered.
    Thank you Jesus , Mary and Joseph!

  48. My daughter’s car was broken into today, but nothing was stolen, damaged, and most importantly, under the Holy Family’s protection, she was safe. Answered prayers. 🙏🏼

  49. Thank you Dear Mother Mary!

    My husband and I prayed this novena for our daughter as she went overseas for a trip with her job.

    She was nervous and having some real anxiety so we prayed for safety for her and for her to open her heart to beauty while overseas.

    She has had a wonderful trip and sends us pictures and updates. It has been a wonderful experience for her, thank God!
    Thank you, heavenly Mother!

  50. We still hope that our prayers for our Paul’s return will be answered an he will be with us tomorrow because Holly mother he brought our whole family to your son Jesus in baptism with love respect and trust

  51. Prayed so hard that our Blessed mother would take my grandsons fever away and SHE did🙏 I prayed my pregnant daughters test results would be good and the baby would test healthy and he is.🙏 I prayed my daughter in law would get pregnant and she is. He has a de appt tomorrow so will continue to pray for her. Thank you my Blessed Mother for your intercessions