Answered Prayers from the Mary, Undoer of Knots Novena 2023

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Mary, Undoer of Knots Novena! If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below!

Please don’t give up on hope. The Lord is with you and we are praying for you every day.

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  1. Thank you Mary for providing this period of contentment and improved communication within my marriage rather than the many rough patches

    Thank you Mary for providing much-needed peace for my friend “C” and helping her complete emotionally draining and expensive tasks. Thank you for providing the means and time to get her car fixed.

  2. Thank you, Mother Mary, for your intercession. I have prayed this novena for my children, that they will turn their hearts back to the Lord. My son just offered that he is thinking about going back to church. Praise be to God!

  3. During this novena, two of my dear friends obtained the courage to leave jobs that were keeping them down and now they have the freedom to find work that is better suited to them and their gifts. Praise God!

  4. My son got a job while we were praying . I praise and thank the Lord. Continue to pray with me that everything with the security clearance he has to go through goes well.

  5. Thank you Mother Mary under of knots for helping my beloved beagle jack to peacefully cross the ๐ŸŒˆ bridge.

  6. I and my husband have been praying intensely for hope in my daughterโ€™s family. Our son-in-law has begun attending AA meetings and couples therapy. We have hope! Thank you all for praying with us.

  7. Thank you Mother Mary, truest undoer of knots! On the third day of this divine Novena, you sent me a great shower of blessings. Those I thought had forgotten about me, suddenly remembered me with love. I will forever be thankful, virgin most pure, Mother Mary, undoer of knots. Please keep me close to your heart forever, my dearest mother.

  8. soften me Help me Have mercy and compassion for others I beg thransform my heart take away my Jealousy my insecurity I need to grow up Be about only YOU JESUSS love like Mary BE more happy for others thank you 101.5

  9. My Sons pet scan showed that his cancer is gone only a small dot remains which i need prayers that that is just inflammation from the treatment which is what the doctors hope that it is. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  10. My family and I have been praying for a resolution to an employment situation for my daughter. During this novena, the situation has been completely resolved. We give thanks to our Blessed Virgin Mary for the grace of the solution.

  11. Mary, I pray for the strained relationships in my family, especially with my wife, step daughter and one sister. I know from an earthly human perspective, it seems like it can never heal, but with your intercession, the intercession of St Joseph and the awesome healing power of your son, nothing is impossible. The Impossible is the good Lordโ€™s wheel house!

  12. I have prayed for financial peace as we have one child in college and another about to start college-plus other children at home. We worried about how we can pay for our second child in college. She got a last minute scholarship during the novena that now allows us to afford the remainder of her school fees. AMEN!

  13. My son struggles with alcohol addiction. He has been hospitalized, in jail and in two different 30-day programs. He has accepted help and is in a one year Christ-based treatment program. His outlook has totally changed, he’s reading the Bible and going to church. Praise be to God.

  14. hekp me Jesus I beg soften me make me one with you thank you radiate thru me Use me more humility compassion mercy trust live heaven now Jesusn love like Mary loves get over me Jesus make me ONE with you Please thank you change tommie danielle mom nicole maryanne mary thank you

  15. We had a mortgage company refusing to endorse property damage claim checks, received In January, from a claim in June with repairs made in September.
    After 3 months of hell with these folks Mary took care of it on the 3rd day of the novena!
    We were paid in full with a check arriving by FedEx that same day.
    Blessed is our Mother!

  16. Praise the living Father, thankyou Divine Mercy and Mary, The Undoer of the Knots, my prayers were answered, some are in progress. Its working. I will stay in prayer always.

  17. I started this Novena for my friend, Mary Gail. Her husband Tommy had alcoholic dementia. She has been at her witโ€™s end. Thank God she has a deep faith. He has seen the best Doctors at Rush University in Chicago. This week she received information she can take him to the VA. Not knowing what to expect you felt so Blessed it was definitely answers to her prayers. There is so much available for Tommy and her!
    Thank you for making these Novenaโ€™s available. I will be making a donation to you.
    God Bless You
    Teresa Hall

  18. On the 5th day of the novena my request was granted the post lady brought the letter for me to go and collect my pension cheque that I had applied for since last year, when I turned 65yrs.

    Thank you our LADY UNDOER OF KNOTS.

  19. I got a job offer!!!
    At 62 I lost my source of income. I prayed this novena and have been asking for a solution as I am 62 and was getting turned down a lot.
    On Friday I got a verbal offer with a formal letter following this week.
    Jesus, I trust in you.
    Love Carol

  20. My prayer to accept & trust in Godโ€™s plan concerning our fertility journey has resulted in a pregnancy!

  21. Our Lady Undoer of Knots,
    My daughter has been staying with me because of my eye surgery. Please pray that she returns to her home and husband knowing that I am OK to be on my own.
    Thank you Our Lady.

  22. As of today, I feel more at peace. Husbandโ€™s health seems a bit better which will lead to a higher chance of increased income.
    Thanks so much for these Novenas. They are wonderful.

  23. My grandson Cillian has been diagnosed. He is being treated in icu for his condition. We continue to pray he will heal with out requiring surgery.
    My niece is carrying her child without complications, we pray the pregnancy goes well & she delivers a happy, healthy child and she remains healthy also
    My son, Eric suffers from ptsd and requires so much medication. We pray he heals.
    My sister and niece have lupus, itโ€™s painful & debilitating. We pray they heal.

  24. All praise be to God! A mandate from
    my sonโ€™s university has been lifted as well as at many other schools. Thank you Lord for protecting our youth. Also, thank you Lord, for helping my daughter find a good placement for next year.

  25. Thank you so much Mary my Mother for undoing the knot of my family. We finally have come to together set aside our differences and forgave each other. Please keep the bond strong going forward that we will always keep the past past and never go back to the way things were. I thank you and praise you for this wonderful blessing. I thank all who prayed this Novena.

  26. M prayer was for my grandson who was having a very hard time choosing a college. He did and choose the school which he can afford and not burden himself or his mother with debt when he finishes. Thank you Blessed Mother.

  27. I have truly benefitted from this novena to Our Lady, who removed a terrible knot in my life. I love you, Holy Mother, and I give my life — my prayers, my belongings, my work, my family, my finances, my home — everything to you. I am honored to be a knight in your service! Please never stop interceding for me and my loved ones.

  28. Thanksgiving for prayers answered for my brother-in-law, my friend and my brother. God is good, Allelulia, Alleluia!

  29. Thank you dearest mother for your intervention. The case against my husband was dropped. Thereโ€™s more peace in our family and I am slowly paying bills. Please continue to keep us in your arms and hear our pleas. We love you.

  30. Needed desperately to sell our home. It happened on day 7.
    Thank you Blessed Mother and all who prayed with me. ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ™

  31. In thanksgiving that my brothers surgery was successful, and he is showing improvement in movement and feeling. Amen.

  32. My son got a call for an interview for a temporary job. He has not gotten that over a year now. So I am very grateful to you Mary Undoer of Knots I also prayed for my financial situation and this month seems much easier. I am thankful

  33. Blessed Mother Mary, thank you from freeing me from my stress from my storms and trials and bringing me peace. I can finally smile and laugh again.Amen๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  34. Add to this novena the soul or Ross Kirila, 25 who suffered with mental illness most of his life. He was found dead last night. He took his own life. For him and his family and our close friends.

  35. My dearest sweet Jesus Mama Mary and St Joseph,
    First of all I beg pardon for the delay to send my thank you for my answered prayers.
    I was prayingvthe Novena to St Joseph and also prayed the 33 days consecration to him. I was experiencing homelessness and not even my own family would want to give me shelter for a week. Perhaps they thought I would continue to live with them. I prayed very desperately to Jesus and it was at that time we were praying the Novena to Saint Joseph in March. All government and community houses were on 30 years wait list. I had no chance of getting into a community house or government housing.
    I don’t know how, but I got into a community based apartment in one weeks time, they gave me the keys to the unit even without me signing a lease agreement or even giving documents to prove my identity.
    I honestly believe it was St Joseph who helped me get this unit and I thank you St Joseph for praying to your beloved son Jesus for me. Thank you thank you and thank you.
    Your loving daughter always

  36. My prayer to have hip replacement surgery scheduled quickly has been answered. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Thank you Blessed Mother and all who have been praying this Novena.

  37. Thank you Lord for keeping me, my daughters, and girlfriend safe and for helping my youngest daughter find an apartment for next year. She just needs secure it. Thank you, Lord!

  38. Our Lady Undoer of Knots,
    I come today in gratitude for my cousin Rayโ€™s remission from throat cancer. I named him in my intentions for this novena and we got word two days ago that his last scan showed NO Cancer!
    Thank you and thank you to all who prayed this novena.

  39. I thank our lady of knots for listening to my plea during this novena. I put my trust and hope in her and our God of mercy. All in their time, not mine.

  40. I thank our dear Mother Mary as I began this novena, I had a terrible eye infection..medicine wasnโ€™t working. I prayer that the knot of infection in my eye would be the closing of this novena today..the infection is gone and I could see!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Mother Mary

  41. I prayed this prayer 3 weeks ago and again with you all. I was asking Mary to untie the knots of our relationship with our daughter and her family. We hadnโ€™t spoken in over 2 years. We have now spoken and she has even reached out to her brother. We will continue to pray because she has lost her way. May God bless you all.

  42. Dearest Mother Mary thank you for listening to my plea, I feel the knot loosening. My faith is in you, I know how weak I am and I cling to you, I know you love me and will never let me go.

  43. I requested to be granted admission with scholarship into a Swedish university for graduate studies…I received the admission but not the scholarship…But, was also granted 2 admissions with scholarship into 2 different Tech courses. I’m grateful to God on this special Good Shepherd Sunday for putting me on a different path. He sees it all…He knows best.
    Thank you John Paul and Annie.
    You’re both always in my prayers.

  44. My prayer was answered for falling into the habit of thinking that my identity stems from our relationships, our jobs, our health and/or our belongings. At other times, we can believe the lie that we are no more than our sins or our struggles. Let’s pray today to break free from these lies.

  45. Power of prayer is amazing. My prayers that the Lord would guide my boys and look over them during a difficult situation. It all worked out in their favor!!

  46. Every day during this Novena, I have prayed that my father, who was terminally ill and suffering terribly, would have an easy release from his pain. On the 7th day of the novena, he went to sleep and peacefully passed from this life. His death ended his prolonged earthly struggles. Through the intercession of Mother Mary, the knots of pain and suffering were loosed and Dad was free.

  47. My prayer was answered in falling into the habit of thinking my identity stems from our relationships, our jobs, our health and/or our belongings. At other times, we can believe the lie that we are no more than our sins or our struggles. Let’s pray today to break free from these lies.

  48. Mary undid the knot in my life that was not seeing my granddaughter for 7 weeks because her parents werenโ€™t speaking to me (as Iโ€™d said something which hurt them).
    Also my youngest son had his his contract renewed after all, which was another knot in my life.

  49. Dear Jesus and Mary, Undoer of Knots, please heal our niece, Sue, who recently had double stent procedure.

    Thank you ๐Ÿ™ God.

  50. Father thank you giving me peace resolving the controversies surrounding my stay. I bless your name for answering my prayers at the point of my need.

    Hail holy queen Mary!

  51. Thank you Our Lady that my grand daughterโ€™s exam is now scheduled for an earlier date and not on the date of travel. Please ask Jesus to continue to pray for all my ill friends, some have received good news. Please also continue to pray for my son who has a gambling addiction.

  52. Thank you Mary Undoer of knots for loosening the knots in my life. I feel more confident in my work & I see my son smiling again. I pray for a remarkable lightening of the burdens and challenges each member of my family is facing, a complete healing of mind, body and soul. Please give us good health, strength & financial stability. Heal any & all discord in our lives & bring healing peace, love & hope to all our relationships. I pray especially that my son will be cured from the late Health effects that are the result of childhood cancer treatments. Please heal his body, mind & spirit & keep him in remission. I pray for a cure for Covid, cancer, heart disease & dementia; heal & protect my family members from these diseases, keep us healthy & make us strong. Please help me to become skilled & successful in my work. Please fill my sons life with the love of good friends, a loving family, a good job that he will thrive, prosper & grow in, & a loving & caring life partner. I pray for financial stability.
    Please help us find solutions for the spread of misinformation, violence, poverty & hunger throughout the world, to find good affordable housing, food & medical care for those in need. I ask that you spread peace & love during these unsettled times. Thank you for hearing my prayers. Thank you for your love & guidance. Amen.

  53. Please pray I had a fall and hit my right side, I need Godโ€™s help and divine intervention. My right arm and lung in so much pain

  54. My son was able to get a job thatโ€™s related to his field. This will lead him to better opportunities and will help him gain more self-confidence. Thank you for all your prayers.

  55. To God be the Glory
    I have been praying for my husband who has been unemployed for a very long time to get a job.
    He has been offered two jobs at the same time.
    Thank you all for the prayers.
    May God continue to bless everyone.

  56. My wife and l now understand each other better and she also readily apologize to me whenever she wrongs me. She used to come home late to care for the family after her office work but this is not so now. My anger level is low now and I have more tolerance and love for my wife now. Our financial stand is seeing improvement. I give thanks to God for answered prayers.

  57. By faith I am pregnant with twin boys to be delivered ending of December 2023..thank you Jesus.thank my mother Mary Undoer of Knots..

  58. When we started this novena, we had issues with getting a home to rent, the house we are living in was sold and we were asked to vacate the house, but we did not have the financial means to pay for a new place. I presented this as part of my request for the novena, and three days into the novena God made the funds available. We now have money to pay for a new place and am believing God that we will find a good and safe accommodation but money is no longer a problem.

  59. I humbly want to thank God for financial elevation in my family and the success of our relocation plans. Also, for blessing myself and my husband with the gifts of healthy and excellent children. For His healing, provision and protection. That God’s will forever be done in our lives and all glory and adoration be given unto God alone. Amen!

  60. I prayed that Mary undoer of knots would help me sell my home quickly and profitable. I have sold my house 2 weeks after listing it. Thank you Mary, St Joseph and our Lord Jesus for these answered prayers.

  61. Thank you Mother Mary for granting me true peace during this very difficult time in my life. The literal knots I was experiencing in my stomach from anxiety disappeared every time I prayed this beautiful novena. Thank you Mother Mary for listening and answering my prayers. Amen. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ

  62. I prayed novenas for my friend to be blessed financially… Yesterday I got a phone call from him telling me the man whom he owed money roughly 8m has been paid. He borrowed 1.5m from him but the lender increased money to that amount.. and the courts of law also sidelined with him. My friend had nothing to do but pay money painfully. But through the novena prayers I dedicated to him, one battle is over. Glory be to Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart Jesus Christ

  63. During this powerful novena one daughter has been successful in getting a new job. My other daughter is keeping calm while studying for an important final exam. Our Lady Undoer of Knots we thank you for your help in our time of need.

  64. Please pray with me in thanking God for blessing me with a place to stay. Thank you God.๐Ÿ™โค๏ธ

  65. Thank u Mother. I asked for financial relief and was blessed with money from my late fiance. He had left me as his heir.

  66. I prayed for employment for my spouse and I, and our Lady has helped. All glory be to God. I continue to pray for the grace to trust and hope in God as well as have a close relationship with Him.

  67. I’ve been praying to be called for a job and today I’m meeting a client to offer me one. I consider that answered prayers and encourage the community to never give up…We continue to pray for one another.

  68. I suffer from depression and on the day I prayed this novena , my day was better. Thank you most gracious Mary xx

  69. Dear Mary,
    Thank our undoer of knots for helping me get some financial help to pay for the many debts I have had. Am grateful again for hearing my prayer and listening to my pleas of misery. My granddaughter will now be able to get treatment for her foot and she will be able to start walking soon. Thank you Mary again for helping my daughter get out of the depression she has had and always protecting and being there for my family and family members as well. You are truly amazing and a wonderful God.

    I will continue praying for more miracles

  70. Thank you so much for the answered prayer through Mary undoer of knots I have been struggling financially and I have seen God in ways I didn’t expect.
    I have experienced immense peace and I am truly thankful. I look forward to all my other prayers request being answered. Amen

  71. Dear mother Mary through your son Jesus Christ. I prayed that my children may learn and love to pray which they have. Thank you Jesus. I continue to pray that I may be granted the Canadian visa that I applied for and a financial breakthrough.

  72. I am very grateful to Jesus Christ and Mary the Undoer of Knots. I participated in the ongoing Novena and witnessed huge improvement in my ailing business.
    Thanks for this Novena as I still believe God through Jesus and Mary for the bigger miracle I am believing God for, which I will testify to the glory of God

    Thank you

  73. My medical doctor daughter got instantly healed from an allergic skin rashes within 6 hours after presenting her for a quick recovery.

  74. During this novena prayer, I was able to ask for a job for I have been jobless. In the midst of the novena, I was called to have an interview in a high profile job. I did the interview and still waiting for the feedback. I know our blessed mother the untier of knots is going to do it for me. I humbly request your prayers for a job and a wife.
    Thank you for these novenas.

  75. I was in financial crisis and had an urgent matter to attend to. I prayed for financial breakthrough and on day four, my prayers were answered in a manner very unexpected. Mary undoer of notes thank you. All glory to God.

  76. Thank you Mother Mary Undoer of Knots my file is on the line to be paid just waiting for release of funds
    All Glory to GOD in the highest

  77. Good morning.

    I want to share that before this novena started, I petitioned that my GSIS issue be resolved. Originally, GSIS wanted me to submit forms before paying but when I asked for reconsideration they allowed me.

    Thank you so much for answering prayers!!

  78. My son told his dad he loved him, my other son stopped in my work and gave me a hug! Starting the healing process is hard and beautiful . I believe in this novena with my heart and soul!thankyou for praying together! Very powerful

  79. Dear Mother Mary,
    Thank you for the justice coming our way for my children.Thank you Jesus for hearing my prayer.
    I pray for my parents health and especially my dad’s recent medical report and tests. Mary mother under of knots please help us find the best solution and care for my parents health and please help us all with our finances.

  80. Thank you so much for this Novena! There are no problem seemed to be so big with God. Together with Mary our mediator may I also be able to share His miracle to others.

  81. Thank you for answered prayers ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ God is soooo soooo good!! powerful intercession of St Joseph Mama Mary St Perigrine Mama Mary undoer of knots St jude ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

  82. Dearest Jesus and Mary. Undoer of Knots, please heal all Souls in purgatory. Cleanse them so they may one day join you in Heaven.

    Thank you Jesus and Blessed Mother ๐Ÿ™.

  83. Dearest Jesus and Mary, Undoer of Knots, please heal and protect my family, friends and I. Please Bless us ๐Ÿ™ Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. Please heal us of fibromyalgia, hyperparathyroid, kidney and heart disease, arthritis, anxiety, depression, asthma, allergies, COPD, connective tissue disease, COVID, cancer and diabetes.

    Please heal our wonderful son of his anxiety.

    Please help my husband take better care of his diabetes.

    Please heal Jack of his pancreatitis.

    Please heal me of my chronic kidney disease and COVID fatigue.

    Please heal our fractured Nation, and help all people understand the evils of abortion and socialism.

    Please help the good people of Ukraine against Putin and the good people of Taiwan against Xi.

    Thank you Jesus and Blessed Mother.