Answered Prayers from the Mary, Undoer of Knots Novena, 2019

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Mary Undoer of Knots Novena

Thank you for joining us in praying the Mary, Undoer of Knots Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below!

We are continuing to pray for you and your intentions.

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  1. Yes yes! Praise Our LORD Jesus!! My husband and I after trying numerous times are with child and we couldn’t be more happier. Thank you for this beautiful Novena and to Our Lady Undoer of Knots, I Thank you!! I love Our Lord and His Beautiful Blessed Mother so much! Please continue to pray for me and baby(ies) for a healthy successful pregnancy this time around! Thank you all for your prayers!!

  2. My husbands test for cancer in his bladder came back with no tumors or cancer. I am so thankful . I believe in the power of God and prayerd🙏🏻🙏🏻 Their are other knots that I hope can be undone with the power of God🙏🏻

  3. We have had a strike at our hospital for the past two weeks. Finally this weekend both sides agreed to go back to the bargaining table. This is a definite move in the right direction and I am grateful.

  4. I have been struggling with a situation at work for 6+ months. Within 3 days of starting this novena to our mother, Mary Undoer of Knots, things miraculously started to resolve themselves. I am so grateful for the Lord’s help and the Blessed Mother’s prayers and love. I am praying for all of you who are still waiting for knots to be untied. I have faith God will lead you (and me) in the right direction.

  5. Oh my God! Our loving mother Mary the undoer of knots has answered my prayer and granted a request I have been praying for since last year.
    I joined this novena for the first time to Mary undoer of knots and I have a testimony already. She will by God’s grace grant all my request and undo every knot that has tied my life down.
    Thank you Mother Mary . Thank you Jesus.

  6. Thank you Lord in advance for the miraculous healing you have brought my sister! And to Mother Mary for your intercessions in this daunting and seemingly impossible process. I’m standing in faith that what we cannot physically see is nevertheless taking place according to Your will, and for this I give thanks and praise!

  7. Thank you mother Mary for answering my prayers.
    -my daughter was confused abt the course and university to attend ,i prayed abt it and today she came home already decided.
    -I prayed mother Mary to show me a clear direction of my relationship with the father of my’s bearings fruits.
    Thank you once again mother Mary and I believe the other prayers will be answered.

  8. My sister forwarded the novena to me and I started later with the prayers yesterday it was my day 8 of novena. I have been in a toxic relationship and been lied to over and over. Yesterday mother Mary gave me courage to ask and my eyes were finally open. It hurts to know the lies I have been subjected to for many years, but I know mother Mary will still wipe my tears away and give me strength and comfort to move on. And get the right partner in my life. I entrust all that to my mother mary

  9. During this Novena to Mary, Undoer of Knots, I had an opportunity to reconnect with good friends I had not seen in a couple of years who were very uplifting and joyful to see me and gave me consolation on the loss of my father. This has been so difficult for me, and every connection I have with others has been a blessing, and this group of people were a welcomed comfort to me, and rekindled my interest in and desire to go forward bravely, as well.
    Furthermore, in just this period of saying the Novena, Mary has undone the knot in my mind and heart that kept me from being willing to attempt to lose weight, as I have needed to do for my health, happiness and longevity. I have now embraced a plan of eating that has worked for me in the past, and I am truly open to it and want to make it work! After having said for years that I know I need to lose weight, this is nothing short of a miracle!! Thank you, Mother Mary, Undoer of Knots, for your blessings on my life!!

  10. The Knots have been untied. As I write I am waiting for a call from my son. Thank you Jesus for your loving ears and hearing the prayers of your mother in our behalf. Blessed Mother of all, I should know that never have you or would you ever fail me. All the saints, who were my prayer warriors, your intercession will never be forgotten.
    Thank you God!

  11. Hello everyone,
    I prayed this novena from all my heart for a special request for myself. Today was my last hope and chance to get accepted to a pharmacy school, my goal in life, but unfortunately I got rejected and that breaks my heart. I can not explain my pain. I worked hard to achieve this goal but some things in my life were bigger than my ability, so they looked at my application as a weak application. I swear to God that I am able to be a great pharmacist and I really love helping people. I’m writing this to ask everyone of you to please pray for me and ask god to reward me with achieving my goal and get accepted for the next cycle.
    Your sister

  12. Praise the lord and to all saints. I received a good news on my pregnancy blood result everything came back normal. Forever grateful and will always continue praying everyday amen!

  13. Dear Mother Mary,

    I have been praying for the Matric Examination result of my nephew Edwin. And today finally he has passed. I am very much thankful to you and Heavenly father Lord Jesus Christ and all Angels and Saints.

    Praise the Lord.

  14. I was unwell with my dota..three days now we are well
    I had financial issues and Mary sent A window of very gratefull

  15. Thanks be to God and Mother of Undoer of Knots.when we started this Novena,My Mum had a severe backache and now the pain is much less than the last few days.I thank you Lord for proving us with with our needs .Amen

  16. My son was looking for a job and found a new one the first weekday after the novena ended. I am very grateful to Our Lady. Now I am going to start another novena for my son’s friend who is also looking for another job.

  17. Mother of Undoer of knots that you for prayers answered for my daughter Carlette she was able to pass the physical exam to get her driver’s license

  18. Our blessed lady undoer of knots we thank you with all our hearts and prayers for hearing and granting our requests. To date two have been answered. Sweet Sacred Heart of Jesus we thank and praise your mother and you. Thank you.

  19. I have been praying for a new job. My current situation is very toxic. To help myself be eligible for new opportunities I invested in a course and studied for a certification that would give me credentials in my field. On Friday, I took and passed that exam. That was a huge weight on my shoulders and that particular knot is untied. Now, to use these credentials to find my way to a better career. Thank you, Blessed Mother, for helping me along this new path. I praise you and thank you and St. Jude who has also been helping me.

  20. My son’s surgery was successful. He is now healing fine. Praise God.
    Please pray that his cancer does not return.
    Thank you.

  21. This wonderful prayer has helped me a lot to pray for my cause.
    The words are so meaningful and take you right to the core of your faith.

  22. Thank you Lord for blessing me with a job, thanks for answering the virgin Mary’s intercession on my behalf, thank you Mary undoer of knots for interceding for me. I asked for a job and it was been given to me, i praise your name Jehovah.

  23. Dear Mother Mary and Lord Jesus,
    Thank you for all the blessings my family received. You healed my daughter of her pain a few days ago and depression. Continue being with her and protecting and healing her dear Mother. For the sale of my parents house. For enabling me get a good priced ticket to travel overseas.
    For the blessing of my job. For all the blessings of my wonderful family, for protecting, guiding and guarding us from all evil. For my parents and for protecting their health. For my brother and sister and our families.

    We love you dear Mother and dear Jesus.
    Your loving child.

  24. I prayed for God to provide financially for us to pay the rent at home (where my parents live). This Sunday God provided and we are able to give half of the payment to the Landlord who was already threatening to evict us. I thank God for faithfulness and love. I thank the PrayMore Novena team for their support.

    I pray that God Almighty may help us have a “permanent home” of our own, desired jobs for me and my siblings, excellent health of mind and body for my parents…

    Thanks to God

  25. My prayer was answered in a way only God could have choreographed. God is good all the time. Thank you Mary for your beautiful intercession.

  26. God has shone His face upon me. Thank you for all the novena, your dedication and the community of prayer warriors. He lives and He hears and He listens and He answers when we call…

  27. Hi, thank you for praying with me the novena of ‘Mary undoer of knots’. I prayed for finances in my family and since we began, my husband has received enough work for him to be able to take care of his responsibilities, thank you.

  28. I left my country eight months ago to seek a greener pasture
    All efforts to get a job proved impossible. The situation became a really hard knot in my life and I had no other option than to take it to our lady under of knots. I got a call to start work immediately just before the novena ended. My prayer is that the process of finalising my documents should be completed immediately as the company seems slow.

  29. I prayed for a small amount of relief to my financial needs and today, my manager told me I am getting a bonus! The amount of my bonus matches the dollar amount I prayed for! Mary, Undoer of Knots and all my friends with Pray more Novenas…thank you for your love and prayers. I am so grateful!

  30. Thank you mother undoer of the knots for hearing my prayer and reuniting my marriage again. We are now the happy family we use to be and please mother continue praying for us.Amen

  31. I was struggling with insufficient breast milk, and my prayer was answered and now I can feed my baby, and also the Lord is answering our prayer of bringing us customers for our business, to God be the glory.

  32. I prayed for my daughters healing she was able to get up from her bed
    by herself and able to do little things on her own praise and thank God the father son and holy spirit through the intercession of Mary Ourmost holy mother our prayers are being answered hope she continues and get complete healing in body mind and spirit

  33. amazing peace has embraced me. A strength that’s been so lost, returned. The door has opened to A very Long & painful estrangement and my heavy broken heart is light as a feather. How do I thank the Lord for such blessings? How can I explain the strength I have found in this prayer… Lord God, you are my savior and I love you. Thank you for the blessings I have received so graciously by you. Words are not enough. Amen


  35. Thank you for this novena, I have prayed for my nephew and daughter for their addiction, and also for another daughter to please pass her nursing test. Please keep her in your prayers to pass the test in June, and I believe your novenas work wonders. Thank you

  36. My novena prayer/request was answered 4 days before the end of the novena. My daughter stopped taking alcohol which has turned into an addiction. Holy Mother Mary the undoer of knots did it for me and am very grateful.

  37. I thank God’s Grace for this powerful novena. I had two daughters that were not speaking to each other since 2017 due to a minor conflict that occurred that year. This has been bothering me for quiet a long time and I have been praying about it.

    As I was in the middle of this Novena, I requested a breakfast meeting with them. That was on the 8th May 2019. They both came to that meeting and the knots were untied, they started to say sorry to each other and also confessed the length of their dispute was caused by PRIDE. I am happy that the communication channel is opened. They are communicating so well and frequently to show that they were missing each other. I thank God for this as well as Mother Mary undoer of knots.

  38. Mary Undoer of Knots, I thank you because you untied the knot which really made me unhappy the knots of financial assistance towards my caliper, Mary Undoer of Knots thank you very much for the wonderful work I really thank you and appreciate please do it to the utmost good faith.

    I will percevere in prayer for all other knots in my life untied with your grace I have faith that they will be fulfilled in God’s name. Amen.

  39. The Lord heard my cry and granted all I asked of him. Thank you Lord, Thank you mother Mary my great mother, thank you Jesus my savior.

  40. My prayers still havent been answered.
    My son is married to a woman who has brainwashed him into believing her lies. Please help Mother Mary and Jesus for him to open up his eyes to her deceit and lies. Before she destroys him and his health

  41. Prayed for my Dad bwho was sick with swollen legs and was straining to walk on his own ,now he has improved and can walk comfortably.Thanks mother Mary for interceding for us.

  42. A prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary, undoer of knots when my son and his family were late for a plane. My son has been away from his faith and his girlfriend is not a believer. We took a wrong turn on the way to the airport and ran into traffic. I began praying to Mary and told my son that I did. When his girlfriend checked the flight, it was going to be 10 minutes late :) In the end, they were on time and made the flight.

    Also prayed for my friend’s daughter who was in the hospital with stomach problems and thinking it was appendicitis. She was released from the hospital shortly after. Still praying for her continued health improvement.

  43. Today is the last of my novena and it’s also mother’s day. To my surprise my daughter walked Back in the work where she walked out and agreed to come back home with me and her duster for a bit.
    I couldn’t be happier, I know she didn’t come back and say she wants to move in but it’s s big step just having her here Enron if it’s for a little bit.
    I am so happy! I wanted to say thank you to all those who helped me pray during this novena ad most of thank to Holy Mary the Undoer of Knots and her son Jesus Christ
    Thank you, thank you, 🙏

  44. Thanks be to God! Our Holy Mother’s intercession gained for me the answer to my prayers. My husband and I are expecting our first child!!!!! Thank you Mother Mary and all glory and honor to our God.

  45. One of my requests was answered on day 7 I couldn’t believe it all I know is truly the Lord will never forsake you .

  46. That the strained relationship between my daughter and her step father be untied. She asked him to walk her down the aisle!! So blessed! Thank you Lord Jesus and Mary for answering my prayers! A total miracle!

  47. After losing my job in March, I prayed the daily novena on this site asking for a new opportunity and on April 29 I started a new job. Trust in Jesus and Blessed Mother and prayers will be answered.

  48. The priest has agreed to do the Catholic rites for my daughter in law.
    Thank you, Mother Mary, for undoing this knot.

  49. M.F says
    Dear our Lady I thank you for the gift of powerful prayer means to me for you have given me peace and strength to fight for your son Jesus in taking up my daily cross Amen. Thank you for providing me the gift of prayer and trust in your son Jesus Amen.

  50. Dear Mary Undoer of Knots,
    My oldest son had a knot in his area of employment and it was cause of anxiety. Your prayers seemed to help calm him and it looks as though the knot with his possible additional part time job my be smoothed out. Thank you. I have prayed to you often during lent and have been so greatly blessed. Thank you for listening and being a model of obedience and patience. Please pray for me, my husband, sons, all my family, the poor and the rights of the unborn. We need you Mary for you remind us of God’s promises.

  51. God provided a job for my daughter♥️🕊🙏🏽through Mary’s intercession. Phone interview for part-time position and hired immediately for a full-time position💕🕊

  52. I thank God through the intercession of Mary undoer knots, my prayers were answered the day I ended the novena. I prayed for a humble house help as am suffering to do the chores alone and still do my official duties. Today God brought someone. I thank our Lady undoer knots for enriching my destitution.

  53. I prayed this novena to help me, as my friend was treating me very poorly. She was cross with me because I choose not to do something she wanted me to do. So she punished me. We had been friends 18 years. I couldn’t understand why, as both of us are practising Catholics and share faith. Suddenly during the Novena, our relationship started to heal. I know I have to pray, to forgive, but it will happen. Thank you Mary, undoer of knots

  54. I have not had my prayer answered yet but I have been praying for two years and will continue to pray believe and stand on Gods word for our miracle breakthrough healing and hearts desire our babies. In my heart I feel God has given us this promise so no matter how long it takes or what it looks like God will make a way. I did get good new from my doctor on day nine of this novena. She said that things appear to be going well and she thinks I am ovulating now!! Also I have been praying daily for God to show me his favor and grace and today on mother’s day when I woke up I turned on tv and there was sermon saying that “ for all those believing God for a baby that this time next year I will embrace my son or daughter. No matter how long it’s been or if people say iris medically possible. This is a NOW word for you whenever you are watching this, this is a now word for you.” I feel that Mother Mary is undoing this knot and very soon we will be holding our promise. So I thank God Mother Mary St Jude and St Gerard. Please keep praying for us that our babies come soo. I will never give up or lose hope for God will not fail me. I pray that the Lord grant the prayers of everyone praying. Amen

  55. Joe had a very successful surgery and is recovering now , thank you for all your prayers ! Blessed Mother, thank you !!

  56. Thank you Blessed Mother for everything. I know that I have to be patient but I see your hand guiding eyes through these challenges of life. I love you.

  57. My intentions for this novena were for my relationship with my mom. Today is Mother’s Day and Mama Maria gave me the grace to forgive and to be merciful toward my mom. Now I see today as being the beginning of a new relationship between us. Mama Maria has given me the grace of a changed heart and for this I’ll be forever greatful!

  58. Hae. I cannot complaint or feel that I was doing zero work. Otherwise am happy and blessed because of our God goodness and blessing. Through out fhe novena I have been praying for Gods blessings so that I can get a donor to fund the charity wo4k am doing with diabetic people. Wednesday I received an email of a donor willing to support some activities. God bless them all and continue to open more blessings towards His people. Thank you my team. Continue praying for each other.

  59. I have been praying Novenas for sometime but this one really touched my heart. I have been praying for my daughters who are trying to have children. I finished this Novena today and on Mother’s Day, today, my one daughter called to tell me she just found out she is expecting! Praise Jesus and Our Lady of Knots! An amazing answered prayer. Thank you!

  60. I prayed through the intercession of Our Lady, Undoer of Knots and on the 9th day of Novena, I received unmerited favour by granting me an offer to proceed with my post graduate studies in Melbourne. Thanks to everyone who prayed with me.
    Glory! Glory! to Jesus.
    Honour! Honour! to Blessed Virgin Mary.

  61. Grandma came home and prayed for us all . My brother came to pray too ( he had been out of family prayers for years now ) . God is good , too much good!!! 😊
    Dad is yet to join the family prayers but I know God is working out a miracle here too.
    Praise the Lord!
    Love you mother Mary.
    God bless us all

  62. Thank You Holy Mary undoer of knots I had very bad eye pain and I came to you in prayer and pray the novena and my eye pain is gone thank you holy mary

  63. I prayed this Novena to our Mother Mary and I have received the best job I dreamt about. Many many thanks to everyone who prayed with me.

  64. Thank you Mary Undoer of knots for answering my prayers through this novena!!!As a struggling postgraduate student I continue to look to you for strength in my academics and life.Amen

  65. Thank you Our Lady Undoer of Knotts. My Friend Bonnie and 2 Little Girls and her Sister arrived safely travelling out of the Country
    to reunite with her Deployed Husband in the Military.

    Thank you Our Dear Lady. My Estranged Daughter and her Husband are sharing some conversation with me again. Prayerfully
    they will see the Light and resume a Loving Family Relationship again.

  66. My two older sons have not been going to mass since starting college. They are now in their mid twenties. I have been praying for years that they return to church. I did this novena for them and for them to both return to our Lord. This morning they both showed up at home dressed and said they were coming to mass with me. Best Mother’s Day gift ever!!!

  67. My prayer for the safe delivery of my eldest daughter who just had a CS for my second grandkid , a boy, was answered . Thank you Mama Mary for your help ! I will be forever acknowledging your unceasing help to those who implore your aid! Mama Mary , please continue to guide & strengthen our faith more so we can be truly called sons & daughters of God . Thus we ask through Jesus Christ, your Son . Amen .

  68. My uncle was depressed because of huge loss incured in a business transaction. I started this novena with my uncle in mind. Now, mother Mary has untie the knot of depression in my uncle’s life. He’s recovers fully now. Thank you Mother Mary

  69. My husband has finally accepted to host our friends at our farm has been a struggle but mother Mary I can’t thank u enough for this answered have untied this knot

  70. I began this Novena for my friend’s son, Elijah, who is the surviving twin son born at 28 weeks and now on his 67th day in the NICU. The day before, his family requested prayers as Elijah had developed an infection and was placed on a ventilator for the first time since his birth. On Day 9, his mom let us know that the ventilator had been removed and he was tolerating the transition well! We praise God for this improvement and continue to pray for full healing of his lungs so that he may join his family at home in the near future!

  71. My sister and I, among other things, were praying for her upcoming trip to be stress free. One of the issues that she knew would make it stressful has changed to her relief. We are grateful to our Blessed mother for nothing that knot!

  72. Thank you Mother Mary for the prayer intercession. I received an email from a prospect employer. A long awaited response. He is now setting up an interview for me. I really do hope that this is the one….so help me Jesus.


  73. I want to share that my family experienced a miracle while praying this novena. My brother, sister and myself decided to pray this novena because of some things going on with my dad. He was very angry at us and Our family was truly in turmoil. A few days into the novena and just a couple days after we had prayed the novena for family problems my dad called me out of the blue and we had the most lighthearted, loving conversation we have had in years. I hung up the phone and cried and thanked our blessed mother. It was such an awesome answer to prayer!! And then the next night he had dinner with my family and even my children commented on how happy he was and how pleasant he had been at dinner. There had been so much anger and tension between him and our family and I really didn’t know if it things would get better but by the grace of God and thru the intercession of our blessed Mother we have received a miracle. I am so grateful for this and for this novena!!

  74. MARY will touch my ribbon and heart and my life’s situations I am confident. I plan to keep going on this novena until those knots of my life are changed ; kids come back to church , strained relationship with one child , and a healthy loving relationship for a new spouse.
    Jesus I trust in you….

  75. This novena has helped me so much! The back pain that I suffered from for three years disappeared in the middle of this novena. Praise to God! I feel like a new person now.

  76. I have been struggling with making a decision on leaving my job. Many factors were causing the confusion but as painful as it was an incident happened on the last day of the novena that made me realize that I have to go.
    The uncertainty of our future is front and center now but we have faith that through Mary, God has a plan for us.
    Praise God!

  77. I have a good friend whose marriage was struggling. I prayed the novena for their marriage and a bunch of troublesome aspects of their marriage have boiled to the surface and now they are seeking counseling.

    I also prayed for my family business and several miracles have occurred and opportunities have been opened.

    Thank you Mary for your intercession and love! God is Great!

  78. To thank Our Blessed Mother Mary and Her son Jesus Christ for the marvel they are doing in my life. During this novena, I was called for job interview on the 13/05/19, which is also the feast of our lady of Fatima. I strongly believe that the Lord has granted me this job through the intercession of Our Lady undoer of knots.

  79. My son has been struggling with alcoholism for a few years. I have prayed for his safety as well as his recovery. At last he seems to have found a Counselling service which suits his needs. I place his future health and happiness in your hands Our Lady Untier of knots. I also ask for your help to find the right person to share his life with.
    Your ever grateful daughter