Answered Prayers from the Divine Mercy Novena, 2019

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divine mercy

Thank you for joining us in praying The Divine Mercy Novena!

If you’ve had any prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below!

We will continue to pray for you & your intentions.

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  1. Kenny has 4th stage cancer. In ICU now with a perforated bowel. I trust in Jesus to cure him even though hospital has no hope. Amen

  2. God has helped me to excel in my new role at work. He helped me to hit my quota and surrounded me with caring and encouraging coworkers

  3. Please pray that Divine Mercy intervene that I pass my medical school entrance examinations, that Divine Mercy intervene that I be invited for interview (to the medical courses I have applied). Divine Mercy intervene give me Favour and open the door, so I pass my interview.

  4. Over the past 18 months I have prayed many novenas for my son. He needs help to promptly solve his numerous problems:
    Returning to his religious beliefs
    His alcoholism
    Permanent work
    Good outcome of an upcoming court case
    Settling of the sale of the house
    Meeting a wonderful God fearing woman to share his life with.
    Reconnecting with his friends and new opportunities.
    I have read the comments on this blog and found them very positive.
    Please pray for for my son that he will have a successful outcome with all his problems.
    I am now placing him in the safe harbour of Divine Mercy.

  5. Dear Father,

    I ask the Lord Divine Mercy to heal my toe which has got an infection.

    I am a diabetic patient. And the recovery is very slow. My feet also keeps getting swollen.

    I ask Divine Mercy to heal my infection. This pray I ask from you Oh Lord.


  6. Divine Mercy can you please pray for my daughter Motselisi Clara Liphoto healing and every speedy recovery because its really pulling her down but with your mercy I know nothing is impossible wit prayer. I pray for all of us to be cured from our diseases especially chronic ones in mercy will get healed and for all our obstacles in our lives that we may be able to overcome the and happiness may reign with us and make end meet and extend our working opportunities in Christ our Lord. Amen

  7. During this novena I had prayed for success in an international exam I took a few weeks prior to the onset and I was confident I had done well. However weeks following I started having nightmares about the results. I joined the novena and then I had this Peace about it. A day after the novena was over my results came out and I passed! Thanks be to God for His mercies and favor. I am still in the process of registering and I believe God it’ll go well.

  8. During the Divine Mercy Novena I prayed for a job promotion. I got the job that I wanted. It was a huge surprise and I had some tough competition. God answered my prayers! I feel so blessed and I am so grateful. The blessing that I received was a miracle, considering all factors and what I was up against.

  9. Dear All. I am here to say thank You Jesus, all the Angels and Saints for answering my prayers.
    I prayed to have a job and a home and I was very desperate. First I got a job to keep me and my family in Africa going. In this job, where I work is where I’m staying 🙏🙏🙏.
    Then I got a phone call from a nice lady who I’ve been transacting land with and she told me that she’s increased my land! This is very good news as my family will now have enough food! It’s also a sign that the job in Africa is going to happen.
    Thank you very much for praying with me and for me.
    Jesus, I trust in You!

  10. Hello and thank you for sharing the novena. During the Divine Mercy novena, I prayed for healing of chest pain I used to experience. I used to experience very sharp pain, which the doctors couldn’t explain. My chest was most calm, with no pain during the novena. I have noted such great improvemental post the novena. I really thank God and continue to pray and believe for total healing.
    Thank you and be blessed,

  11. I prayed this Novena and also previous ones asking God and mother Mary to give a promotion and financial breakthrough.
    And Hallelujah glory be to God I got the promotion and wit it comes financial breakthrough. God is faithful , He is good all the time.
    I thank you for praying with me .

    I trust and believe that the search for a partner will also be successful in Jesus name

  12. hello brethren! thank u for all your endless prayers, please pray for me that my family unites up and live to serve the Lord from generation to generation and that those that have departed from the church should be brought back, also that I will prosper in all my endeavors especially the university papers I am doing,
    live to serve the Lord with all my heart and soul
    the lord be with u….

  13. I prayed the Divine Mercy novena to help me get a job promotion. It felt like a long shot but HE answered my prayers! What a miracle. I feel so blessed. Thank you God for everything that you do.

  14. I want to pray for healing between my father and me who has been fighting arguing obstinating about simple things of life . I ask for forgiveness for both of us and harmonie love and compassion.
    Thank you

  15. THANK YOU SO MUCH MOTHER MARY I have been praying for my daughter to conceived and now she is pregnant and I know that Mother Mary will be keeping her safe throughout her pregnancy. I have been praying for Our lord to bless her and her husband with a HOME before she gives birth. I am deeply praying for my other Daughter and her partner to have a solid relationship she loved him so much but he is on different planet and they have Two children 6/4 . I have been sick having my hair falling out, suffer from depression stress and anxiety and panic attact having financial difficulties I am praying that God will cleanse me and bless me with my hair and he will send someone to look after me. Very lonely and lost my dignity. THANK YOU LORD, FOR YOUR AMAZING WORK

  16. My family and I are so grateful to our Lord of the Devine Mercy and to his beloved mother, the Virgin Mary because our prayers we’re answered and now we will have our USCIS interviews at the end of May. Glory be to God

  17. I prayed The Devine Mercy Novena for my husband’s healing and successful head procedure. God answered my prayer. The procedure was very successful and my husband is recovering well. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers

  18. We have been praying to find a home for a few months now. after 26 houses we have visited in person, and a hundred more we saw online, right after Divine Mercy Sunday, we got a call from our realtor that we got the house we wanted. so many offers on that home but somehow the owners were more comfortable to sell it to us! to make things even more wonderful, our house in literally right across a Catholic Church – which is something I have been asking our Blessed Mother to intercede for. Thank you Jesus for being so Merciful and Loving, and I hope many many more miracles and answered prayers result to this novena.
    Jesus, We Trust in You!

  19. In THE NAME OF THE FATHER AND OF THE SON AND OF THE HOLY SPIRIT;Amen.Glory be to GOD THE FATHER,THE SON our LORD JESUS CHRIST and THE HOLY SPIRIT as it was in the beginning is now and forever shall be world without end;Amen.Thank You JESUS CHRIST for granting our family Your abundant Favours and Blessings,for giving me admission to study in germany and for leading my brothers to their rightful wives to be.Thank You JESUS for everything.Thank you Mother Mary and Saint Joseph for your intercessions and thank you Saint Faustina and all Holy Angels and Saints of GOD in heaven for your wonderful intercessions too.Divine Mercy JESUS,i trust in YOU.In The Name of THE FATHER and of THE SON and of THE HOLY SPIRIT;Amen

  20. I thank God for His Divine Mercy and faithfulness on behalf of my friend whose son who had left home for two solid years got in touch with her whilst she was praying the novena on his behalf

  21. I prayed that my head would not be sore an that I would stop taking the bad headaches that I normally have. My prayer was answerd in a amazing way.I was at a healing mass on the monday after divine mercy sunday mass and the priest called anyone with bad headaches to stand. So I stood up and suddenly I felt a great warmth in my heart and a great relief on my head. Give thanks Jesus has risen.

  22. I prayed for approval for my daughters student visa/ permit which had been delayed and looked like hope of its coming out before the deadline to resume school was failing . Everything changed suddenly, the permit was approved and released in a manner that was miraculous. I thank God for his divine mercy upon my daughter and l.

  23. I’ve been a fallen Catholic for 48 years. By the Grace of God I was led back to the church by my 12 step sponsor who gave me the gift of Mass for parents. I quickly learned she was the messenger. She gave me St. Faustina’s Diary as a gift. Since that point, I had been praying the Rosary daily since 12/4/2017. As I was praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy on Saturday the 27th, I felt the strong need to attend confession. I stood in line for an hour. Forces tried to put doubt in my head that I wasn’t doing the right thing. After I prayed, those subsided. Then came the heart racing and sweats. I asked for the presence of the Holy Spirit to help me. I went into the confessional and faced Fr. Brad in person. I bore my soul and explained my unexpected journey back to the Church. A miracle has taken place. A new journey for me by praying for others.

  24. Dear Jesus and Mary, thank you for my sister coming through her knee replacement surgery.

    Please continue to heal and protect my family and I. Please heal us Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Thank you God.

  25. During the Divine Mercy novena, I asked God to bless me with a job. I went for an interview on Saturday and got an email confirmation yesterday that I have been accepted to resume work on Friday. Thank you Jesus!

  26. Mum was due to be discharged from hospital but too poorly to come home. A care home has been agreed as the best option. Thank you to the Divine Mercy for hearing my cries of anguish. God keep mum in his care & give us strength to cope. Thank you for coming to our aid.

  27. My daughter in law and I had an explosive phone conversation in January. We had not spoken since. I would be seeing her the Saturday before Divine Mercy Sunday
    I was praying for healing mercy and forgiveness between us. The first thing I said to her when I saw her was Peace be with you. She chuckled and we both were able to put our differences aside. It was as if nothing had happened. I consider this to be miraculous!!!

  28. My husband really needed a vehicle for his job (his was written-off when our son had a vehicular accident and we could not immediately afford to replace).
    All thanks and praises to God that my husband’s boss offered him a company vehicle as a bonus.

  29. Thank you for downgrading Joanna’s breast cancer node from 6 to 3 mm. Please keep on praying that it will be non-existent.
    May All in Heaven keep her well.
    Thank you.

  30. My daughter is heading off to college out of town. We worried about paying for it. I was offered another position that pays significantly more without applying for it. The new job will cover what she needs along with the loans and work study she already received. I should retire in 5 years. I really didn’t expect this new position. Thank you Jesus.

  31. Me and my family were deeply anxious due to an umbilical node that appeared in me. I prayed to our Lord for His Divine Mercy, and attended mass at our National Shrine. A miracle happened – none of the nodes is seen in scan, and the study was essentially unremarkable. My little mind still inserts doubts in this event but my faith clearly sees a miracle due to his Divine Mercy. May the Risen Lord be glorified forever. Mary, my mother, thank you very much and pray for us always.

  32. Thanking you for your Divine Mercy, Jesus you have almost Healed my Son Johnnas (Operation) from bad Cancer and we are still praying that my Son recovers fully and may not need Camo,Thank you Jesus Prais You Jesus.

  33. Thanking God for his healing mercies on my dad who has been discharged from Hospital.We Glorify HIM. Thank you Jesus

  34. I requested prayer for passing an interview. Yesterday was my interview and the divine mercy showered his blessings and I passed it. Thank you Jesus.

  35. Thanks for keeping us closer with God. Mine is just to profess the Great Grace God has offered me for the last year, which has been testing my character. I have been unemployed but still kicking & have more thanks to His Grace.
    I truly believe in the fullness of time God will provide me with a solution towards self sustaining life.
    I ask you to join & pray for my family who have been there for me through God’s Grace.

  36. Praising Jesus and thanking him for a huge answer to my prayer. He stilled Satan and all evil that was coming against my brother. Thank you Merciful Jesus.

  37. Dear Lord Jesus

    Have Macy on my cousin and my her soul rest in peace please pray for her, she was involved in a car excided yesterday on the 27April 2019 and she died on a sport

  38. Many answered prayers.
    My daughter is having our first grandchild and doing well.
    A friend had major heart surgery this week and is able to walk and eat already.
    My son passed his midterms with flying colors.
    I still need to keep praying for my husband to be cancer free.
    A few friends need more prayers of healing.
    Forgive me for missing my DM yesterday.

  39. Dear Jesus of Divine Mercy
    All power and glory is yours forever and ever.
    My brother who has been hospitalized for 52 days is finally recovering, and since Easter Sunday has made a huge turnaround. He has not been able to eat but this morning he called me, just before I left for Mass, and told me he ate breakfast and felt hungry for the first time since the day before Ash Wednesday, when he entered the hospital! Thank you for all who prayed this novena. I pray that you have had your prayers answered.
    Thank you!!

  40. Dear Jesus and Mary, thank you for watching over my family and I. Please heal us Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Thank you God.

  41. For the last few days Jesus has answered my prayers for finances break I got an used lawnmower from an great person for $70 works beautiful and I was able to have and still do so much strength that I pray for everyday.I was also able to save my sister $1,000 to by giving her advise and calling the cruise line.Thank you God almighty for all my prayers.

  42. I love praying the Novinas, as they bring me so much closer to God. I was struggling to secure employment and just this past week I found an excellent job that is now supporting my family. Thank you so much for providing the opportunity to pray such beautiful Novinas.

  43. My nephew and wife are pregnant with twins, thank you dear Lord! Please keep them all healthy and safe.
    My mom is moved into a Catholic assistant living and is very happy there, and her condo sold the first week on the market, thank you Lord!

  44. My friend with high elevated liver enzymes does not need medication for that. Ultrasound for liver said no need. Praise Jesus

  45. Thank you Jesus for your Divine Mercy
    Thank you for protecting my Mom, Ruthann in ICU for 3 weeks ~
    May Jesus protect her & be with her today during another life saving surgery scheduled today ~
    May the Lord’s hands work through the surgeon, nurses & staff ~
    May the Holy Spirit descend upon my Mom giver her peace & protection
    Thank you for my Dad healing from sepsis ~
    Prayers for continued healing & recovery ~
    May God’s Mercy Shine Over Us All!

  46. I thank my Holy Father for being so faithful to me! During this novena I was at term( 36 weeks of pregnancy is when i have been delivering my previous two healthy babies) but this time around the 36 weeks of pregnancy was a few days before the time that i was to be baptized, and the baptism for me who was converted from being a muslim is a big deal to me. I wanted to be able to attend all the days of Holy week for mass in the church. I asked God to give me the grace to attend all the masses, and evetually to be ale to attend my baptism ceremony in the church. God has given me the grace to attend all of them and my baptism ceremony! Then i delivered a healthy baby girl ( Ana Maria) on easter sunday at 10pm, it was a normal delivery with no complications done in less that one hour.
    He even touched the heart of my husband to drive me to church all the days of the Holy week with no complains!!
    He has done so much to me that this space is too small to write it all here, and i am talking about just the things during this novena and many more before this novena.
    I THANK GOD! HE I DONE IT AGAIN!! He even transformed me and i see the difference in me now.