Answered Prayers from the Christmas Novena, 2022

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Thank you for praying the Christmas Novena with us! If you had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below!

We’re praying for you this Christmas!

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  1. I began praying with you over the summer the various novena you offered for us. I was praying for my son to get a promotion at his job. There were so many steps that had to be completed for this to happen and thanks to my payers and yours on my behalf God granted each step. But then we had to wait several months for him to be given a start date and schedule. We kept up the prayer vigil and my son began his new post on December 16. But we were then faced with the problem that he could not keep this wonderful job do to the work schedule. Again we kept up the prayer vigil. Now 9 months after this journey began all our prayers have been answered. I want to tell everyone never stop praying. God hears you and answers your faithful perseverance. Amen.

  2. Dear friends,
    Glory to God!
    I thank the almighty God for answering my prayers. One of my intentions was to pray for my family’s safe journeys during their Christmas time. They planned to gather home and were traveling from different parts of the country. We hear about many accidents during the end of the year in our country (Tanzania) which is why I was so concerned. I thank God they all travelled safely, and are all back to their places.
    Please continue to keep my mother in your prayers that she may recover from her illness.
    Thank you Lord, thank you Jesus

  3. I just want to bless the Holy name of our Lord Jesus for answering my prayer intention. On the 7th day (22nd Dec) of the Novena, i attended a job interview which i had laid before our Mother Mary to intercede for me. The next day i received a call from the lead interviewer telling me i had been offered the job. I have been ecstatic about the news and for the grace received. I’m also grateful to God for other prayer intentions which are a working progress. Thank you all at Pray More Novena for your prayers. It’s a great privilege to belong to this praying family. Pray for me that i remain committed to serve God with the blessings i have received.

    God bless you all and i pray God meets you at your points of need.

    Happy & blessed New Year🙏🏽🎉

  4. Father God, I thank you for answered prayers for my Grandson’s, Ty was accepted at into the university he applied for, and Tavian is attending nursing school this summer. Thank you also to my Pray More Novena family for praying with me. Praying for continued favor on their journey and open doors. Amen!!!

  5. When praying the Christmas novena in 2021, one of my intention was the gift of children for my sister. To the glory of God, in October 2022, she welcomed twin girls.

  6. I never offer novena prayer intentions for myself until the Christmas novena. I had been experiencing severe nerve pain post op from back surgery. I asked for the pain to be relieved. It I’d now almost completely gone! Praise God and thank you all for your prayers!

  7. I’ve been meaning to let you know that on the feast day of Padre Pio my prayers for over 3 years were answered. My son called me and is now back home. All praise be to Jesus.

  8. My grandson who has hepatoblastoma, a tumor on his liver, received a new liver on December 29, 9 months to the day from entering the PICU. Praise God and continue to pray that there are no complications.

  9. A friend’s daughter, herself a new mother of a one year old, was in treatment for an aggressive form of breast cancer. We lifted her up during the St Jude and Christmas novenas and just received word that she is in complete remission and cancer free. Now all friends and family are experiencing the joy and peace of Christmas to the full. Blessed be the Lord!

  10. I did not think it possible, but two members of my family reconciled after an extended time of not talking and lobbing huge insults at each other. Thanks for your prayers!

  11. I prayed this novena and asked our Mother Mary to help my daughter to do well in her midterms. She got all A’s ! Thank you Mama Mary for your intercession and to everyone here for your prayers. God bless!🙏

  12. I have been prayer the various novena for my son to be touched by the power of Holy Spirit to return home, Our good Lord and saviour, together with the holy family answered my prayers.
    I thank the Lord for his faithfulness and thank you all for joining me in praying this novena.
    May the Lord answer all your requests according to his Holy Will.

  13. My boyfriend is 53 years old . He went to church as a child but has not had any contact with the Catholic Church since. I prayed the Novena and to St. Joseph and he went to Church with me on Christmas Eve. Praise be the Holy Family!

  14. Many of my Prayer Intentions are a continuous ‘Work In Process’ Intention with continuous progress; thanks be to God for the progress!

  15. My prayer was for my son to be accepted into university to read pre-law. Just at the end of this novena, our admission letter arrived with him being admitted into the Law faculty. Our God is indeed a prayer answering God!
    I am humbled.

  16. I am doing this novena with my sister Kelly. She was diagnosed with liposarcoma to her leg . She had it amputated dec 6 . The day before Christmas we received the beautiful answered prayers . Her pathotreport showed no cancer .We have been doing novenas since her diagnosis. Thank you Jesus . Forever grateful, best Xmas present ever . Please continue to pray for her to be cancer free and have a long healthy life . Speedy recovery, find her self worth and self esteem, keep a positive attitude.Full mobility when she gets her prosthetic . In the name of Hesus

  17. prayers were answered for my sister’s and cousin’s health I thank you with all my heart for looking after them and improving their health Amen

  18. Thank you Lord for everyone’s prayers.
    Heard from my son that he has changed for the better. I thought only I had noticed it. But today he said that a lot of friends and colleagues too have told him that a great change has come over him. He attributes it to his Parents’ prayers. Im glad to hear that

    Now I pray for his spiritual healing and renewal of marital ties.
    Praise You Lord

  19. My son and daughter-in-law have had difficulties getting pregnant.
    They have been trying to get pregnant for years. One of my intentions during this Novena was for them to become pregnant. We received news on Christmas Eve that they are now pregnant. Praise The Lord. God is great. Thank you all for your prayers.

  20. My husband had a great cancer check results. Also a loan came through that we desperately needed. We are waiting on pregnancies test results for my daughter, so please keep praying. God Bless! Always grateful!

  21. My absentee adult daughter came home for Christmas after no communication from her for six months. She suffers from severe mental illness. I prayed for a healed Prodigal daughter to come home. She only stayed for a a couple of hours before her symptoms/episodes lurked around to ruin our family Christmas as it has for several years.
    She Controled herself and left.
    She is not Healed of her mental illness BUT she came home! Which brought to us GRACE in our Hearts! I know She will be Healed in Gods Time!!!

  22. My daughters have not been friends or social or close for a long time.
    This Christmas morning , they both come to our home and were together
    since the Grandchildren were very young.
    The sat on the sofa together visiting and I took a picture and I thank God over and over, it was the perfect picture. I have prayed very hard and long for this to happen, But God does answer prayers , in His time.
    But it was the perfect time in my time.
    Praise be to the Lord!!!!!!

  23. On Christmas Day, yesterday, our grandson and granddaughter-in-law announced she is pregnant! I have fervently prayed for this to happen. This will be my daughter and son-in-laws first grandchild and my ninth great-grandchild. Happy and thankful beyond words.

  24. Merry Christmas
    I’m thankful for these novenas
    They have helped me a lot
    My prayer was answered 🙏🏼
    Thank you Jesus my son still has a place to stay especially during these cold nights

  25. I want to Thank God for saving my life. I had surgery on Dec. 6th to remove my lower right leg. I had an aggressive liposarcoma, large cancerous tumor. The doctors were able to get to 4cm of negative margins. I am grateful to still have the ability to see, touch, talk, hear and smell. I get to enjoy my grandbabies. I’m still in rehab. Looking forward to getting stronger and going home. God is my savior. He has held my hand through it all. Blessed

  26. My cousin is battling Stage4 Melanoma. They discovered a new lesion on his face and were very concerned it was a new Melanoma. He had a biopsy during this Novena. I prayed this Novena for him. He got the results. The lesion and adjacent lymph nodes are all clear. God is good.Thank you all.

  27. We have a Christmas miracle. My grandson has been struggling with vaping marijuana. It’s been going on for a year and a half. He started dating a girl that seems to be helping him. I know it will be hard but I feel this time he is getting the right help. I ask God to help him through this. He has been getting medical help but not always be truthful with them. He told them th truth this week. God walk with him please.

  28. I prayed for my step-dad who had a surgery on his neck. The surgery went great, what they removed turned out to not be cancerous, and the wound is healing up nicely. While they were working on his neck they also cleared up his throat/nose, so now he also doesn’t have a snoring problem anymore which we didn’t know they were gonna do and isn’t at all why he had the surgery so it’s just an added surprise bonus.

  29. My daughter-in-law has been trying to become pregnant with their second child. She was recently told that she is 5 weeks pregnant. Thank you so much for answering my prayers for she and my son to have a second child.

  30. Hello John and Annie.
    Merry Christmas.
    Prayed to thegood Lord to Grant me complete healing in my right Leg, To His glory, the Pain is gone.
    Praise God.

  31. Praying the Christmas Novena brought us good news that our daughter’s biopsy showed no cancer! This was the Best Gift ever for our family!
    Truly a Christmas miracle!

  32. Thank you so very much for your prayers.
    I had something held inside of me for 5-7 years that I was not able talk to anyone. During this Christmas Novena, my prayers were answered.

    I now pray for peace for the Ukraine and for each one of us.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    God bless you and your family!

  33. Dear Lord
    Thank you for this day for our infant Jesus
    We are thankful for all the blessings you bestow upon us. Thank you John-Paul & Annie for these novenas especially this Christmas season. I thank you in Jesus Name Amen Alleluia 🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️


  35. My 30 year old grandson was admitted to the hospital with a ruptured appendicitis and had tremendous infection and gangrene. Before the end of Praying this Novena he was healed and released from hospital 2 days before Christmas It was surely a Christmas miracle. Thank you for prayers.

  36. The Lord has delivered my son from a serious mental health crisis, thanks to his glorious will, the prayers of our loved ones and the intercession of Mary, angels & saints. Thank you Jesus!

  37. Selfishly, I was praying this novena for my current health issue as well as for my friend’s son who was awaiting very serious test results. Although my prayers have not been answered yet, I am happy to report that his were. I had been praying for a positive result to his tests and my friend reported that the test results came back completely negative! She is overjoyed and I, myself, have not lost faith in the power of prayer. I believe that God has a plan for me and will grant my wish for help with my arthritis and mobility issues. I believe.

  38. I thank God for answering my prayer of getting an accommodation in Norwich in the UK, references came out good, next steps to give landlord a feedback on 28th December and contract signed and my keys would be handed over to me. All glory be to God.

  39. Praise Jesus, Mary,& Saint Joseph
    Thank you everyone for all your prayers. We visited our son for Midnight mass at the mission where he is living. He looked wonderful and is very involved in Catholic charity, helping the poor and attendance at mass daily. Our hearts were overjoyed and truly nothing is impossible for our lord through prayer.
    John & Alta

  40. My wife Theresa has applied for a position as an Accounts Payable Associate with SMS Healthcare in Creve Couer, MO.

  41. Been praying these novenas for healing of my voice and swallowing functions that i might be able eat and/or speak productively again. Currently on a feeding tube. So i went to a surgeon/specialist way back in mid- October and hadn’t heard from him since. Well i get a call on Christmas Eve and it’s that same doctor telling me he may have a solution for me. 3:00 pm on Christmas Eve God affirms to me that he is always listening.

  42. I prayed for Baby Jesus to enter hearts of our children, their spouses and grandchildren and my husband. For more of Jesus in my heart. Prayed have one or more saved babies and their moms and dads at the abortuary where we pray and we’d know about it. Always pray for the closure of the place with no replacement and conversion of the workers. We had news of a turnaround to pregnancy resource center at sidewalk last Weds., but couple are still vulnerable to abortion. Keep praying please. One employee waved at me on way out last week. Our four oldest grandchildren came to Christmas Eve afternoon Mass and my husband, their grandfather, willingly volunteered to help before I could even ask. Continuing to pray that their parents’ hearts will soften to Jesus and the Catholic Church. Praise You, Lord Jesus, Infant Jesus, forever and ever, Amen! Thank You, Baby Jesus! Thank You, Mother Mary and St. Joseph!

  43. I prayed this novena for the intention of my daughter and her family returning to church. They have fallen away from practicing their faith. Christmas Eve we were at their house for the day. When my husband and I got up to go to church, the my daughter’s family got in the car and joined us for Christmas mass. My heart was overjoyed, that my Lord and Savior heard and answered my prayers.

  44. I received the answer to a pray I’ve prayed for years. My step daughters embraced me after 20 years. I have prayed for goodness all my days for them, and at last it was a Christmas Miracle of goodness and peace with them.

    Thank you

  45. Glory be to God, have been praying for financial breakthrough, and have got afriend who is willing to support me on my daughter’s school fees….lord you are wonderful…. continue to open door, and give me financial breakthrough 🙏

  46. Thanks be to God and all glory to his holy name. He showed himself as holy and Ebenezer in the life of my son on the day of his graduation. Saved him from death and started a person journey of redemption and recovery with him. May he perfect this and make this permanent in Michael’s life. Amen.

  47. Dear Jesus and Mary, thank you for Blessing us with a wonderful and loving family.🙏

    Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to all!

    God is good.

  48. I prayed for GOD to give me the opportunity to put smile on the less privileged this Christmas and He did by providing the opportunity and financial blessings. This I am grateful for. He answered my prayers and I am glad.😊

  49. Thank you baby Jesus for answering my prayers. I prayed for the healing of my brother who was in a coma. He has come out of the coma yesterday and today he has been able to talk a bit. I pray for a full recovery of his health if it is god’s will. Continue to bless him Jesus. Thank you Lord. Amen

  50. Good morning and happy Xmas to all. I thank God for my son who was not calling me or greeting the family started greeting family members and also sending money to us.
    I pray that he should continue like that. Amen

  51. Merry Christmas to you all!
    I grateful to the Almighty God for his providence; He has granted me a new job through this novena.
    Thank you all for praying with me.
    Once again, Merry Christmas and wish you the very best celebrations!

  52. Thank you Lord for granting my request. My son is jobless for over a year and finally with your merciful and compassionate heart you granted the job that my son is longing for a long time. Please continue to guide and bless him and the ret of my children. We will forever grateful for you kindness and mercy. I hope that you also grant everyones wish in the right time for them. Amen