Answered Prayers from the Christ the King Novena, 2017

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Christ the King Novena!

If you’ve had any answered prayers during this novena, please share those with us all below!

God is good and we want to give Him all the glory, as well as to give one another hope if your prayer intention has gone seemingly unanswered.

Do not give up hope! All things are possible with God.

He has a plan for you. He loves you. And we will continue to pray for you & your needs. You are not forgotten.


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  1. I started praying this novena after Christmas cos l didn’t participate during the time it was done, meanwhile l found out that my rent and other bills will be late due to late payment by my boss. I didn’t have the extra money for late payments but l believed God that he’ll supply all me needs according to his glory. Praise be to God that not only was my late fee waived for me but l was able to make all my payments. Thanks Jesus!!

  2. I prayed the Christ the King and St Jude Novena for a new job as I had previously resigned from my job because I was overworked and paid less. I prayed for a new job, but instead the terms at my workplace were changed to an offer I could accept. Thank you St Jude and Christ the King! Lets not give up on prayer.

  3. Before this novena I had a dream in which I was involved in car accident with my son. So, I made it my intention for God to protect my family and I from accident. On the fourth day of the novena, my husband wnd I were in our car with our three kids when we run into an uncoming vehicle on a very high speed at a bend. God miraculously saved our lives that evening. The vehicle in question hit another vehicle though there was no casualty. Glory be to God.

  4. I want to give thanks to God the Father Almighty through His Son our Lord Jesus Christ who has answered my prayers through this novena. I prayed that He might grant that I become financially independent so I can also contribute to the financial needs of our family at home and to the church. Our Lord Jesus in His mercy gave me a job with a good compensation package and now I just signed the contract with company to begin my training. I know that His graces will continue to pour on as I go through training and eventually to the job proper. Blessed be God the most Holy Trinity and thanks to our Blessed Mother Mary and Saint Joseph for their intercession.

    Thanks be to God for this ministry: pray more novenas, thank you. In God’s time, I will also be making my donations to you soon with the help of His grace.

  5. It was a miracle that my mother found a
    beautiful rehabilitation nursing home near
    our home and school. This was such a great
    blessing for us to care for her and be with her every day during this difficult diagnosis
    Of PSP, now in its final stages. God be with her!

  6. I don’t know maybe I didn’t pray right my husband practice are going in brunkruptsy I don’t know what to do anymore we cannot buy medicine anymore

  7. My children followed the path my husband and I had hoped for them ..though he left this world tragically and too young.

    I believe prayers were the strength that allowed them to continue their life dreams!

    Thank you!

  8. Good morning want to praise and thank you for my gift. I decided to trust and accept the will of God. When I finished the novena of Christ the King on Sunday night I sat down to review my bills and income and was weary again about how I was going to meet this amount again as my monthly income was less than my bill amount. Little did I know that at work on Monday morning I had a email waiting for me since Wednesday that I had received a equity raise and this was more than I anticipated. I am thankful for the gift of trust. I pray that we all trust as God really knows where he is leading us.

  9. Glory to God for answered prayers.
    My nephew cleared secondary school safely
    My sister got a job.
    My daughter got good marks after class eight exams.

  10. Thank you Jesus for your assistance during my surgery all went well and I am at home recuperating.I pray that I will soon be completely healed and the test result will be a good one.Thanks Father for all you have granted your son.

  11. I prayed for peace and trust, handing over all my doubts and fears about my discernment and future vocation to the Lord and today I had a great discussion with my mom about my discernment and Jesus really spoke through her to me! The Lord has put some amazing people into my life to help me on my journey; thank you God for your loving guidance!

  12. Prayers were requested and intentions were made to heal a family relationship. The relationship has been mended and things are moving forward.

  13. Blessed Lord I thank you in advance that although my prayer and hearts desire for restored fertility and pregnancy had not yet been answered I know you are working behind the scenes at any any moment we will see our miracle breakthrough and healing. Thank you that nothing is impossible for you. I know you are making a way for me. I will live with hope and expectation that our babies are on the way. I ask all those on this site to lease pray with and for me that the Lirs give us our hearts desire our babies soon in Jesus name amen

  14. My son had a couple pieces 0f equipment For Sale and by the grace of God one of the items finally got sold.. Now he has only one more item for sale..Praying the Novena’s Helped my intentions to be answered..

  15. We just finished our weekend retreat and before the beginning of the novena, we were still looking for a Priest to speak in our second day. The Lord heard my prayer and provided us with an excellent Priest on the seventh day of the novena. Thank You Lord Jesus for granting my petition. All glory and honour belong to You.

  16. Thank you God for everything you bless me and my family with! I will continue to pray and I am sure all my prayers will be answered when the time is right!

  17. 1).I prayed for my son in law to be more spiritual, more involved with Catholic Church . He stated this week that he plans to join Knights of Columbus !
    2). With my daughters for meal time, my granddaughter said : we are a family & later stated “God is important “ . Her statements as a five year old was answered prayers since parents let her eat on couch instead of at the dining room table.
    3). Prayers before meal was said when usually no prayer is ever mentioned before a meal

  18. I praise and thank Christ our King my hope and prayer for my BP to be lowered to normal was answered. I pray Lord that with Your grace, it will continue to stay stable. I pray for all those suffering from elevated BP levels to be healed without having to take excessive medication.

    Jesus I trust in you. Help me also get back to my sleep patterns and overcome my insomnia. I also pray for all others suffering from insomnia.

    • Thank you for your prayer to include all of us with the same issues ! I also see my dr this week and have prayed for lower BP & no need for more medicines nor with cholesterol issues

  19. I thank God, that as a result of my prayers for the Novena, that a sale will soon be realized from my business….Thank you Christ The King for hearing my prayer & improving my finances.

  20. Praise you lord my daughter was able to pass the DMV exam
    I also know that you are always working for us even when we can’t see it.

  21. Thank you Jesus, St. Jude, and St. Joseph. Through your glorious intersession my dtr. and her family now have a place of their own to live.

  22. Please pray for the repose of the soul of Sara Collado, who died on Friday. Also keep her only son, Daniel, in your prayers, as he buries his mother this week.

  23. I am converting and being confirmed this Easter! My husband is remaining protestant. Last year i had to drop out of RCIA because things between us were so bad. He swore he’d never go to Mass, not even for my confirmation; he said not to even try praying for him because he would never ever become catholic.
    This past summer, his attitude about the Church has radically changed…i am back in RCIA and he is even going to a few classes with me! He has become so involved!
    I can’t tell you how many rosaries i have prayed, how many people i have enlisted to pray for him…and TODAY, on the Solemnity of Christ the King, the first Sunday of Advent…we are attending our very first Mass together!
    Jesus, I trust in you!

  24. By his grace, plans for my son to purchase a property is going ahead very smoothly, with just one more hurdle to make, before it finally becomes a a reality
    Lord please keep that promise and bless him

  25. Thank you so much for praying with me. My husband has been trying to get a place in a 3yrs tax specialist program for the last two years now. This is his dream. Last week he got the result that he got through the second stage of assessment . We thank the Lord for this and we are still praying that the Lord guide him through all the way! Amen!

  26. Thank you Lord for being constantly available to me. I know that my prayers will be answered when the time is right. Jesus I love you. Amen.

  27. Early this month, I requested John and Annie to perform special prayers for me for my financial break through and good health. I had incurred huge hospital bills during delivery of my son in January. This affected my financial status throughout this year. Being a single mother of two hadn’t been easy. Two weeks after the special prayers, as we were doing the St. Jude Novena, God gave me the wisdom to approach my employer and share my predicament. Just a week after my request, my employer compansated 80% of all the money I had spent on the bills that was over the insurance limit. Thank you Annie and John-Paul, and may the name of God be praised. Thank you Jesus, Bless you Jesus.

  28. I Praise and worship you our King of King Lord of our Family thank you for all the blessing and love you bless us with in your time l know you will answer the prayers l have been praying for so long l will love and put all my trust in your divine Mercy thank you for keeping us safe from all evil by you Holy Blood praise you my King

  29. We tha the Almighty that 1. We have gone tp our home even when it is incomplete.

    2. My half sister who hasn’t talked to me in the two years sent me a whatsup message greeting me and blessing us

    3. Our elder son had measles but he is getting better everyday. The young one had a penile ulcer which has healed. We are so grateful with this Novena

  30. I want to let you know that one of my prayers was answered.My daughter Marcelle has taken the first step to forgiving me her (mother) and this is all I can ask for now.I thought this could never happen thank you our blessed Christ The King Our Heavenly Father.Amen

  31. Thank you for your prayers. My prayer has been answered, my daughter has conceived a child. I pray for her health and that of her unborn child.

  32. Thank you Lord for granting Olivia more time on Earth and thank you for the healing she has experienced so far.

    Thank you for Ezra’s successful surgery.

    Thank you for the great news from Aetna that my weight loss surgery is approved.

  33. I am overjoyed with Our Lady and Christmas The King”s intercession on behalf of my intentions. I received an offer on my home and all the details are being worked out ! I feel their intercession and presence and am so very grateful and have been praising God every day !! Also, been lifting up the young couple and children for God to bless them always in the home and hope they will get in before Christmas in time to get things set up too and enjoy the holidays and New Year !
    Thank you to all of your for our joint prayers during this Novena and that God richly bless all of you and answer your prayers !
    Thank you John Paul and Annie for this wonderful minstry — I have been truly blessed and have been participating since early this year and have shared it with many people. Mag God truly bless you both for blessing so many through out the world !
    Your sister in Christ – Donna

  34. Jesus you are the King of Kings
    During this Novena I was asking God to give my husband a new job because he’s been out of job for 3months and the 23rd of this month he had a job interview and he was successful and the pay package is triple his previous salary. To God be the glory Amen

  35. Jesus you are the king of kings and the Lord of lords.
    Thank you my Lord, during this novena there were two jobs promises for my son . One interview on 30/11 and the other not confirmed verbally told that they want to hire him. Lord you choose what is good.
    All glory n honour to my king.

  36. My prayers not answear I will never ever leave you my Lord. I am the old ruggered cross who will carry my cross to my Lord Jesus for ever and ever amen.

  37. My prayers not answear I will never ever leave you my Lord. I am the old ruggered cross who will carry my cross to my Lord Jesus for ever and ever amen.

  38. Thank you Lord Jesus for every thing granted to me .thank you john-paul&Annie for praying for us .wishing you a happy christ the king feast.

  39. I want to thank our universal King Jesus in the great assembly and our mother Mary, in fact I am full of joy. Before the novena I have already started my 33 day total consecration prayers. I have many issues going on in my life, my dear all, do you know what? God has stepped in to my life again, many things has started happening, Jesus has set me free and is still working. Thank you Jesus, thank you mother Mary and the whole court of heaven.

  40. Praying all the novenas has enriched my life and have healed my body and soul! Thank you Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ our King!!!

  41. Thank you God that my sister is home from the hospital and her foot is starting to heal and please make her diabetes gets under control and her sight gets better. Please give us a financial abundance to pay for the medical bills and to get us out of debt. Please make me not lose hope. I love you Sweet Jesus.