Final Prayer – The St. Therese of Lisieux Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s the Final Prayer of the St. Therese of Lisieux Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Please pray that my illness (Chronic Fatigue) is healed. Please St. Jude, my illness has gone on for 10 years. I am tired. Please heal me.

  2. Please pray that my health improve. Tremors from prescribed drugs now known to be opiates for back pain. Many years and medicines after surgery for cancer still cannot cope. Please pray for consolation from Our Lord and our Blessed Mother as I feel so alone and frightened. Thank you for your prayers. God bless those who read this.

  3. Dear Saint Therese, please pray that my twin nephews learn their school work with ease, stay safe in school and in life always. I ask this in Jesus mighty name! Amen! Thank you Saint Jude! Love always your friend Brenda F.

  4. Dear Saint Jude, please pray that my twin nephews learn their school work with ease, stay safe in school and in life always. I ask this in Jesus mighty name! Amen! Thank you Saint Jude! Love always your friend Brenda F.

  5. For a rewarding job where I can have a positive impact on health care recipients.
    For my deceased brother of one year and his family.

  6. Please pray that our rental house will take off renting so we don’t have to struggle to pay two mortgages. We bought and renovated our sons house on the river when he moved to a new job so he could have money for a house for his wife and 5 children. Dear St Jude handle this for us!!!

  7. Please pray for my daughter, husband, and their children. They are going through a serious crisis & are in desperate need of prays. Things are really bad and on top of that, some family members, instead of trying to help & be supportive, are tearing them down publicly & causing even more stress. I continue to pray and ask God and all the saints to help my daughter and her family.

  8. I eould like to pray for the salvation of the soul of my deceased husband CarlosZ mat God see him with metcy qnd receive him in His eternal kingdom. Also for Chris . May our blessed mother embrace him and comfort him in this time of trial and enlighten him. Lead him to peaceful waters

  9. Please St Jude, my niece Isabella F has been suffering drug addiction for 20 years now. Her mom suffered do much because of her problem. Please intercede for her that she will decide to quit from all her addictions & get back to normal life again and get a job. Thank you St Jude for your prayers in Jesus name, AMEN

  10. Please St Jude, my niece Isabella F has been suffering drug addiction for 20 years now. Her mom suffered do much because of her problem. Please intercede for her that she will decide to quit from all her addictions & get back to normal life again and get a job. Thank you St Jude for your prayers in Jesus name, AMEN

  11. This prayer is for myself. I want to get heal from big uterine fibroids that are killing me slowly. I was told that the only cure is through surgery, I want to get rid of them without surgery. Because if I go through surgery I will have to be recovering for at least 8 weeks, and I will lose my job. Then, I will not have income to survive, I will have be again finding a new job after 8 weeks of recovering. Last time that I was unemployed, took me 3 and a half months to find a job once my contract ended. So that’s why I want to avoid the surgery. In the name of God and st. Jude who can create a miracle in my life, and heal my body from this illness that’s is killing me so slowly, as I lose so much blood each month and I’m having a serious anemia.
    Thanks so much for your prayers.

  12. I am praying for two of my sons who have mental and emotional problems, as well as substance addiction. They were adopted as children but suffered much abuse prior to be adopted. I pray for healing and an end to their destructive behavior.
    I also pray for friends who are suffering from cancer: Evelyn and Kitty.
    And I offer a heart full of thanksgiving for a miracle that I received yesterday!

  13. Prayers for my family as we go through both court cases. That we will have strength hope and faith. That we will celebrate victory. That we will celebrate the reunification with our babies. That we will be exonerated of all allegations and our cases will be dismissed and no jail time to serve for any of us0. Healing for all the addicted sick and suffering. Praying for world peace. Amen.

  14. Praying for my brother Zeljko who is fighting cancer. Nothing is as it was before and our hearts ache for him. We believe that God is great, and he’ll heal him through our prayers

  15. My brother Tim who has cancer … My niece Rebecca who has cancer
    My friend Jim for safe travels to Dubai 🙏
    😊 thank you

  16. Please for my teenage daughter k she is a senior in High school in danger of failing
    Please help her focus her attention to study
    Please pray for my son he is not sure what direction of a career in college pray they make good decisions

  17. Love Jesus I pray fir my daughters that God can grant them favor and protection. Pray for my brother Jr that God can wash him of his illnesses, such as, smoking, gambling, drugs, etc. Pray for a miracle that the lord will heal my mother’s knees/legs. Pray you can send an Angle to help my mother and assist my brother Jr and or if there’s a way my mom can stay with us for a month. Pray for a better job that I can enjoy and increase in pay. Pray for Financial blessings, good health for Makayla, Chelsea, Kolin and I. Also, my sister and brothers. Pray for Peace , Love and End Racial Biases. Pray for Jc’s health, Cheryl and Wayne.Play God will heal their bodies. Heal my stomach and Hypoglycemia. In Jesus name, Amen!!

  18. I am dedicating this Novena to my son who is addicted to alcoholism kindly pray for him. Am a single parent and this troubles me really hard.
    God Bless you all

  19. For our son, that the Holy Spirit fills his heart mind soul and body. Steer him away from drugs and alcohol so the he will be a mature honest holy and productive member of society!!

  20. Please pray for the health of my mom – Gloria specially on her heart condition and her upcoming surgery and procedures. May God gave her more gift of life and may she recovers quickly and painless from these. We also pray for all those people who will be carrying out her surgery and procedures for her heart. In Jesus name, Amen!

  21. I am seeking strength, good health peace of mind ,support and patience as I care for my husband who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s . His care is almost titatslly dependent on me. If I am not healthy and able to care for him he could not care for himself. I am overwhelmed and find myself worrying about being able to deal with all the day- to- day tasks, medical costs, and being able to care for my husband at home by myself. New challenges present themselves daily. My prayers are that his progression of the disease is slow and God willing that he be one of the lucky ones that is able to live a life alert enough and medically able to be cared for at home . And that his symptoms of recent days be found to be something that can be treated and not identified as dementia related. In Jesus name I make these requests. I am also praying for my daughter to find a new job very soon

  22. I pray for my brothers who have been jobless for many years. May they find Peace as you promise to bless them with a Job.
    I pray for one of my brothers who is bound by Alcohol, that God you may release him from this bondage in Jesus name.

  23. I am praying for my daughter to be better and stronger mom to her baby an reunite with her ex husband the be a family again! I asked this thru Christ or Lord!

  24. Praying for the fruit of the womb, asking God for triplets, and for peace in my home. Praying for grace and mercy upon every member of my family (Amen).

  25. Pray for my employer form for the BC PNP to be signed & my Express Entry application be successful. Pray for a solution to my issues with NEXIM and assistance to repay outstanding loan.

  26. Prayers for my sons that they may return to the church.

    Special prayers for my son who is a senior that he will find a good group of friends and a path for his future.

    Prayers that our college student will find a job close to home so he may be near our son with special needs.

    Praying that the older brothers will always spend time with our son with special needs especially as we age.

  27. for my 2 adult sons to come back to the church. One son is separated from his wife. she is now in a same sex relationship & she & my son have an 8 year old daughter. Pray for the healing of his family, and for daughter in law

  28. For my daughter & her mental health. For my financial circumstances. For my children & the debt their father has put them in. For my relationship w HLD and AS. For HDL’s promotion. For my parents health & Safety & peaceful deaths. To be debt free…..PLEASE! God bless me and hear my prayers

  29. Please pray with me for the my youngest daughter to make holy decisions about her marriage and for her happiness in this life and the one to come.

  30. May our ‘Dad’ not suffer and be at peace when God calls him to rest.. Please let us close on our new house soon. Relieve me of some stress to move forward..

  31. I am praying for members of my family who are struggling with employment. I pray that soon they will either find employment or find something that better suits their needs. Mg

  32. Dear Jesus and St. Jude,
    Please help KMC to show compassion and allow me to make repayments on my home, rather than make me and my children homeless.
    Please St. Jude help the impossible happen and the Judge on Tuesday sees the unfairness of my situation and orders that the FOS can intervene and find an amicable and fair solution.
    In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen

  33. Praying for a friend that he may humble himself and realize the mistakes that he made and that he may swallow his pride for the sake of friendship and family.
    Praying for my children to get closer to God and realize how the need and purpose of going to church
    May God send me someone who will truly love me and I will truly love and care for and to share happiness with me if God think Rento is not for me
    Lead my denturist to make right decision to make my dentures comfortable and good quality.
    Pray for me and Rento that God bless the gift of love that we share.
    Please heal My granddaughter and her mother ( my daughter from their cough ..
    Thank you Saint Jude for listening to my prayers .

  34. Pray for successful outing of our project/programme on the 1/1/19&2/1/19.andGod protection of us and all who be attending the ceremony.For journey Mercies as we leave Britain to do the ceremony and for God safe keep.
    Please st Jude release Mrs Regina lbe from those who kidnapped her from her house,let them not harm her.please expose her captors so others will learn and repent from their deed.please that my daughter will do well in college and get good grades for her my son to achieve his hearts desire and do the needful that is required of him in Jesus name Amen

  35. I pray for employment for my eldest son and daughter
    Financial windfall and for good health and healings for my entire family

  36. Our family financial position is very bad
    I am out of work
    My husband is out of work
    I am not well health wise
    My mother in-law is not well health wise

    I pray for healing in all of the above.

  37. Please pray for yhe repose of the soul of my husband who was a faithful follower of St. Jude. He passed away in April of this yearx. Also for my son who is suffering frim Menegitis. Please let him have a full recovery. Also I need financial assistance to help keep our family home. 🙏🏻 Thank you St. Jude🙏🏻❤️

  38. We hear that our beloved earth is in grave danger, and that we desperately need to curb our carbon emissions if we can even begin to turn the tide back. Dear St. Jude, guide the leadership of our country and around the world to act courageously and cooperatively, and to think of the future well Being of our earth, so our children and grand children and future generations will witness the beauty we have known.