Final Prayer – The Divine Mercy Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s the Final Prayer of The Divine Mercy Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Dear Lord
    I pray to find relief and for the court to rule that I get out of my abusive domestic situation…for years I have not known where to go for proper help…please build my strength to battle the negative energies sent against me.
    Please show my children that they don’t have to take sides but to realize how their mother is suffering and been unhappy for years, Dear father God, show my ex husband the folly of his vengeance and malice against me, and to settle this matter in a civil and amicable way.

  2. Please pray for my son who was involve in accident and had craniotomy done. Now he is having problem with his vision. Pls pray for him he is only 20 years old. It breaks my heart. Divine mercy pls heal my son. You are merciful. Pls perform a miracle. I will be faithful for rest of my life.

  3. Every novena I pray I ask that my son get control of his weight. As a mother my heart breaks. He has so much potential yet fails to see it. Help him Lord Jesus, to loose the weight.

  4. Thank you so much to John and Anne for making possible to say out novenas, it is so comforting.
    Dear St.Therese, I ask for blessings to be upon both for making this possible to do novena and arranging it. Thank you for taking my prayers to Jesus for my son. Bless with favors soon for my son. Amen

  5. Giving honor to god for everything he has done. I just would lije for you to pray for a home for me and my daughter we need one desperately. Renew health for my friend jada who is in the mix of having major surgery on her knee today. Bless my friends and family those no able to have. Help our nation lord for give us of our sins i love you lord provide for us fiancially in jesus name i pray amen

  6. I am desperately asking for prayers for my family. Jesus, I know you see and know everything. With your merciful heart waiting for us to call on you, I stand before you heartbroken like a little girl who has been let down once again. My heart is pure for you, Jesus, but it is being flooded by the veil words that spew from my sick son, Barry, who suffers from Aspergers Syndrome, insomnia, depression, anxiety, fear, and is loosing his will to live. My poor daughter, Kate, is consumed with her own anxiety, but is silent as her brother fills the home with slamming doors and stomach turning foul language. I want you Father, I take this evil away and bring back my son, who wants to serve you and Love you. I live for you Lord, help me with my doubts. I believe, help me with my unbelieve. I Trust you Lord, but I am growing weary. Come quickly Lord, so we can shout for Joy.Help us to Be close to you through this storm. Amen.

  7. I thank you both for your work in spreading God’s love and word. I look forward to each novena. I truly closer to Jesus and God. Thank you again.


  8. Please pray for my husband of 55 years, who is now 81, who is ill in hospital. He can no longer feed via mouth, so all his nutrition has to be via a tube in the stomach. May God give us both the strength to cope with this new challenge. He has also been a diabetic on insulin since he was 20.
    Not my will but THINE be done Lord.

  9. I am grateful for novenas. I receive daily reminders but have noticed I do not receive any on Day 7, could you advise whether you send out a reminder on Day 7?

    • I have found that a reminder goes into my spam folder for some reason. So I always check there when I notice I didn’t get one in the new mail inbox. I hope this helps!

  10. One of three answers have been given to my son!
    This is one of my favorite novena!
    Thanks to all who prayed with and for me?
    I did not receive the final pray!

    • please include in your prayers my son as well. He needs “A “grades this semester to get into Med schl. this year. That he keeps away from all those who do not know Jesus and are in Ungodly ways. Blessings of Godly, Jesus knowing friends. Thank you.

  11. I pray to Divine Mercy to help and give light And touch the heart of my contractor to find his way and finish the undone job in my basement. My house was flooded and left my house for a year and I’ll be back home in 5 days and I hope he will start working for us to go home Please hear and answer my petition amen

  12. Please pray for my Brain aneurysm I have already had two brain tumours removed and have had the most miraculous healing by Gods Grace. Iam very afraid of another brain surgery. I have two little kids and s loving husband . Please pray for us. God bless you all

  13. Thank you for this beautiful prayer and for this entire Novena – this site has been such a blessing to me.

    Today I pray to trust in God, and that I will have resolution to a huge uncertainty in my personal life, and that the other person upon which this uncertainty hangs will receive all of God’s love, blessings, and Grace, no matter what happens. Jesus, I trust in you. Amen.

  14. I’m asking our Devine Mercy Jesus for my prayers to be heard and granted through this novena. I ask our Devine Mercy Jesus for protection against my enemies for my family and I.. May our Devine Mercy Jesus give me favor and justice against my enemies.
    Thank you Devine Mercy Jesus!!!