Final Prayer – The Coronavirus Novena 2020

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s the Final Prayer of the Coronavirus Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Jesus and Mary please pray for Margaret’s recovery. She was hospitalized April 6th and has since been transferred to a skilling nursing facility. She has born suffering for more than 20 years now after having a serious stroke in 2000. Pray for her so she can return to her home and live her final years on this earth in peace and joy. Thank you Lord Jesus & Mary.

    Jesus and Mary, also pray for all the health care workers and other first responders throughout the World that go to work every day battling this virus pandemic on the front lines. They need your prayers, courage and commitment in keeping your flock safe from sickness and death.

    I ask for these prayers and healing in your names. THANK YOU.
    Margaret & I Honor You Both,

  2. Jesus I trust in you. Please pray for my son Roland a surgeon in New York and his family please keep them safe watch over them, and all medical personnel. Please find a cure Lord for this virus. I pray for Randy and Yvette’s please keep them safe in Los Angeles. I pray for the whole world for this virus to end. I pray that in the United States will get the medical equipment we need ASAP and more lives can be safe.Please keep all my family and friends safe.Please please end this virus. Jesus I will trust in you!

  3. To all of you here
    Please can I ask for prayers, I’m a healthcare worker, diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday. As I’m waiting for my covid test results and am in the NY area
    Please pray for full healing, so I may return to work to help others
    Please Pray for comfort as I live alone during this stressful time
    I appreciate all of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart! Amen 🙏🏼

  4. Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you for coming on our last tonight to hear our prayers and concerns tonight.
    Lord, your people are crying out to you to end the suffering from this pandemic virus.
    Lord, give strength to our Doctors and nurses whom are working long hours to save lives with this pandemic virus.
    Bless them, hold them with your Loving arms.
    Lord Jesus, bring our children back to the church and see to their lives.
    It’s hard to understand why people don’t go to church anymore.
    I hope that with this pandemic that they will see the light, we humbley pray 🙏 and get on their knees .
    We pray🙏 for our president Donald j Trump to help this nation from this pandemic.
    We pray 🙏for Vice president Mike Pence, who too is in charge of getting the right people to help with this pandemic.
    We pray🙏 for our military personnel whom are patrolling the world for peace.
    We pray🙏 for our homeless people whom have no place to live.
    We pray 🙏for the poor,sick and the dying and our eldely people.
    The starving people around the world.
    Lord Jesus, son of the living God have Mercy on me a sinner .
    Grant eternal salvation lord for those who have died from this pandemic virus.
    Give strength to all the first responders whom are helping us with this pandemic virus around the world.
    Give them all strength and guidance Lord.
    People, get out those Rosaries and pray. 🙏
    Pray 🙏the Rosary prayer and pray the Devine Mercy chaplet prayer for all whom are suffering and dying from this pandemic virus.
    Pray 🙏for your children, your brother, your sister, grandchildren, your parents and Godparents, aunt’s and uncle’s.
    And pray🙏 for our Beloved Pope Francis.
    God Bless him.
    Pope Francis is 🙏 praying for all of us.
    Pray 🙏for our priests.
    But please,
    PRAY 🙏PRAY 🙏PRAY 🙏 !
    God our Father is listening.
    Thank for hearing our prayers tonight Lord Jesus, Thank you for everything.
    I personally would like to say a special THANK YOU to ,..
    John-Paul and Annie for this beautiful Novena.
    We needed this so much.

  5. I am praying for our entire family and may the Lord bless my daughter in law and son who are due to deliver their baby any day now. Please keep them healthy and bless them with a healthy baby. For my son who is a police officer and separated from his family during this time. For our entire world that we may survive the virus and become more caring and loving neighbors

  6. My dear Lord thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me. I ask my dear Lord that my husband and I are healthy and the virus stays away from us as well as my son and his family my daughter, my mom and sisters and their families and my in-laws and their families. Jesus I trust in you Jesus I trust in you, Jesus I trust in you Amen.

  7. Dear Jesus and Mary, please heal and protect your children who are suffering throughout the world.

    Please protect us all from the coronavirus pandemic, and grant eternal salvation to those who have passed away. Please give strength and solace to their loved ones.

    Please give strength and protection to all medical personnel and first responders. Please give strength and courage to all world leaders to protect all people in this time of emergency.

    Please bring us all closer to You, Dear Jesus, in prayer.

    Thank you God.

  8. Pray for those afraid and sick and for the families of all that are deceased.

    Pray for our family and our health and emotional state.

    Pray for all our neighbors and the state and the country and the world!

    Thank you for my father in heaven and for St.Joseph’s intercession in all our special intentions…

    Thank you,
    Amen Amen

  9. Prayers for All during this Pandemic including those diagnosed with the Virus, those who have passed away and their families, our leaders, our Health Care Experts, Doctors, Nurses, Clergy, First Responders and Police. Please also pray for grocery store, pharmacy cashiers, and all workers who remain on Front Lines during this Pandemic.Prayers All will comply with Stay At Home Policy directed of them to flatten the curve.

    Prayers for a successful surgery on April 1 with no further issues. Prayers for Bob who is in Hospice, and Anthony recently diagnosed with Cancer.

    Please protect and keep my family safe especially my sisters and niece.

    As always, a big thank you to John-Paul and Annie for making this special Novena available at this time. God help us All. 🙏🙏🙏