Final Prayer – St. Peregrine Novena 2016

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s the Final Prayer of the Saint Peregrine Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Thank Jesus and St Jude for the positive news wife so far. I will keep praying and spreading the word of you and your miracles.

  2. I am repeating this novena, if you days after finishing the Naveena my coworkers husband was diagnosed with brain cancer .i’m going to repeat this novena praying in particular for
    Aldrin Arrogante.
    I am asking You to include Aldrin in your prayers

  3. Thank You God and thank you Saint Peregrine for you intercession. My cousin Patty’s biopsies came back negative against all medical odds. God is Good

  4. Thank you God and St Peregrine for your intersession. My friend Candy had a miraculous test result! Glory to God in the highest! Thank you for letting her stay here to watch her children grow up.

  5. Thank you st peregrine and Jesus for answering my prayers. Please let my family and friends remain in remission. Please hear all my prayers and accept my love and appreciation amen.

  6. Dear St. Peregrine , Thank you and your Novena and praying with us and those who suffer from cancer and those who suffer greatly in many ways. I want to add one last intercession and prayers for our country and the whole world who suffer from a “cancer” of loosing our way in this modern society and evil that is making us loose our focus on The Holy Trinity and Jesus Christ .The Lamb Of God, The Lion of the Generation of Juda ,the Root of David has Won ! In these times I pray that All of us offer up our sufferings to the Holy Cross of Jesus and ask to free the Holy Souls in purgatory so they can also help pray for us and our Salvation. Jesus is the King of All Nations ! Amen.

  7. Thank you Jesus for the gift of life, things you have done & the ones your about to do, let your will be done oh Lord. St, peregrine the holy pray for us all, Amen!

  8. Dear St. Peregrine, Thank you for your intercession. Dear Heavenly Lord, thank you for answering my prayers… thank you for the miracles that I have seen and experienced since my diagnosis. If it is your will, please bring me in to spontaneous remission for Your Glory! Amen

  9. Thank you St. Peregrine for interceding for my loving aunt who underwent surgery during this novena. There is so much love, peace, and comfort among our family as we wait for the results of her health.

  10. Lord, thank You for all the love that have been shown. Lord, I pray that You will be with Autum Yates in the trip for cancer treatment plan in Chicago. Lord, as You know You have her mother that died of cancer and Lord, I ask that You lift this family up giving strength, courage and endurance. I ask that You calm her fears. Lord she is a very young girl and has a wonderful husband and two small children. Lord wrap Your loving arms around this family. Watch over, guide and protect them. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  11. Iam praying for myself for a total remission .All test and procedure will be okey.I started my chemotheraphy and radiation help me to manage all the side effect.Give me more strength and comfort me oh Lord.In Jesus Mighty name.Amen

  12. Pray for myself and all other people that are battling cancer. Pray that my upcoming surgery will be smooth and swift and that they get all the cancer out and that I am cured. In God’s name. Amen

  13. St. Peregrine .. Please pray for Luz L.
    For total remission from this illness, and for
    continued good health, and test results.
    She truly knows how much, I Love Her ……..
    I Thank You, with all of My Heart.

    • God Bless you Joe and all praying for St. Peregrines miracles. Today we finished this Novena for our precious Chris, for the cure. We love you Heavenly Father, St Peregrine and all praying for strength at this time. Prayer is a gift we are so thankful for. Please St Peregrine wrap your healing hands around Chris, we love him with every ounce of our hearts and souls.