Final Prayer – St. Monica Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s the Final Prayer of the St. Monica Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Thank you St Monica for your intercession. My boyfriend now has a roof over his head. And a nice one at that. Thank you for hearing my prayer.

  2. Thank you St. Monica, my son got hired, not to get it permanent. He still has a long road to stay on track. Please continue to over s e him and help him.

  3. In thanksgiving to St. Anne and St. Anthony that I have found a new potential good Catholic man as a friend and to see what develops.

    In thanks to St. Monica and St. Augustine that many people are converting their hearts to God. Esp for my children and grandchildren and those on my list.

    Thank you Blessed Mother and Gracious Trinity

  4. Thanks to Saint Monica for interceding for me during my pray request. Please intercede for me whilst I continue praying for deliverance for my partner from SM and the promiscuous life style he wants to start living. Keep praying that God will bring him to the church to know and live the faith. Pray that our relationship will be covered under the blood of Christ and be free from all evil. Pray for my son as he is starting high school, increase his knowledge that he will be able to handle his school work, keep him focus and attentive and bless him with understanding and wisdom. Also pray that he will be covered under the blood of Christ and no weapon form against him shall prosper.

  5. Thank you St. Monica for praying for me and my requests. I hope to be steadfast in my prayer life like you. To pray that God grant and bless my requests I have asked. They are for the good of the people I have prayed for, that they come to Christ with an open heart. That their souls will eventually be saved so they can live with God for eternity. I wish for this so much. And special prayers for Mark, a fine fine christian, and lover of Christ and all that is good and holy. Only God knows when he will take him home. I pray if he doesn’t have a miracle, that he doesn’t suffer. Please help Marie, his wife, to deal with all this. I ask all this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. JESUS AND MARY I LOVE YOU, PLEASE SAVE SOULS……..

  6. Please cure my disease. Let me do God’s will and plan for my life though my healthy body. Thank you for your blessing me. Your intercession.
    I pray you bless my son with a Gogly wife it the married life is His will and plan for him. Bless my other two children to find their way back to a Godly life. In Jesus name. Thank you

  7. Dear St Monica happy feast day to you! Thank you for all your intercession and being a model of persistence in prayer. Please continue to join me in prayer for the conversion and healing body, mind and spirit of my dear daughter. You know the situation! Thank you for your devotion to saving souls and helping families especially those in this novena community. Jesus we trust in You!

  8. Dear St. Monica,

    My son was on drugs again today and he hurt his arms and back at work. My daughter in law slowed down in her resolve to find a sponsor and get her first Communion and Confirmation this Easter. They still have not taken NFP and gotten 5 yr chip out of her arm. I am thankful for double mastectomy and last drain tube came out today. No cancer! I pray for no infection and to return to work healthy on Sep 15. It is a daily battle with spiritual warfare. My son and his wife are on the fence. Please pull them towards Jesus and protect them from evil. I also pray for safety. Three cars broken in to in my neighborhood. And for healing of all the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Thank you for your powerful intercession.


  9. I don’t know where to post this but my novena intention actually got answered today! My husband has been an alcoholic for 10 years and told me today that he decided today that he wants to get sober starting today! I can’t believe it because I was so doubtful that my prayers would be answered. Now I believe and I see the power of prayer specifically novenas. Thanks you don’t much for this website and the emails you send to make praying novenas easier to remember and participate in. This has truly been a miraculous novena for me! Thank you St. Monica!

  10. I continue to pray for my nephew, John to turn to God and live a normal , responsible,happy life. Lord who converted St. Monica’ s son, convert John and all those 22year olds. Thank you

  11. I was praying the St Monica novena every morning in adoration. After saying my novena Friday I was walking to my truck to go to work when I noticed a medal face down on the concrete. It was upside down and on the back it said “pray for us”. I thought “look someone dropped their medal”, when I picked it up and looked at the front it was a St Monica medal, I just looked up to heaven and said, “Wow, really”. Their truly no coincidences in life only Godcidences :)

    • I have had a similar experience which I would like to share. At a very low point in my life due to a bad family situation, I felt scared and physically and emotionally weak, I was getting dressed when suddenly heard something fall on the floor. I picked it up and it was a red metal heart shaped part that is from a small ornament that I never even noticed had the words on the back. The words were “I love you.” I felt so strengthened and knew God was watching me. God does reach out to us in different ways.

  12. thankyou for sending me a novena prayer..i hope i will start a new novena again later because i did not start from the beginning thankyou. Please do pray for my personal intention to pass the liscensure examination this september 24,2017. I will send my donation soon thankyou so much. once again

  13. That all family members will start going to church. I know that they pray.
    Kelly will find teaching easier this year and that all teachers will have good students.
    Relax, relax and find life easier. Also pray that we get good nights sleep and not hate that it’s time to go to bed.

  14. I ask that my husband comes back to God and to his family to restore our marriage and our family and for my children’s heart and minds not be affected please soften his heart

  15. I don’t get my hopes up and come back to God and to his family to restore a marriage and our family and for my children my heart not be affected please soften his heart

  16. Blessed ST Monica I place my husband into your hands. I pray that you would bless my marriage and lead my husband back to the church. I pray that my children would have travelling mercies. I pray for financial deliverance today.

  17. Please help me in trying to bring my anxiety under control. Bless all y family as they holiday. Help all those around the world who are suffering. In the name of the father.