Final Prayer – St. Maria Goretti Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s the Final Prayer of the St. Maria Goretti Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. For Jeannie and Cathy’s health be maintained, For Jennifer an ton ‘s love to grow stronger. for financial relief the equity loan, and for Mary O to be true

  2. Saint Ann please give us the strength and power to our moving on Thursday, and we pray for a good deals with our mortgage high interest and all the closing matters ( because be self-employed it is hard to deal with.)
    Thank you Lord for all gifts: My family, our new place, the world peace ( I pray specially no more persecution to the Catholics around the world).

  3. Please pray for the conversion of my family, for the souls in Purgatory.

    Please pray for the conversion of my family please convert my family and poor sinners it is the only thing I want for my birthday God bless you.

  4. Please pray for my grandchildren that they will come to know the Lord and what He can do for them. Also pray my children return to church. Help them change their lives for the their sake and their childrens. God bless everyone

  5. Thank you, St. Maria, for your prayers! May we all look to you as an example of purity and forgiveness!

  6. This was such good timing to spend time with you in praying for my grandchildren.. Jesus, your timing is perfect!! Thank You for using St. Maria Goretti in bringing us together in prayer. Love, Donna

  7. St Maria Goretti, if you are with God, please ask him to give us back our Paul ,heal our Michael,protect Sam, all three came to God in baptism through Jesus, ask him to save our family, give us a future
    a grandchild from Paul and Blanca this year, I will keep all the promises I gave God, and I will be even more giving, I just need the
    strength my family gives me.
    only God can give us this miracle in the name of Jesus, the intercession of Mary and the prayers of all the Saints I know are praying with me
    I have full trust in your prayers and God’s love for me and my family
    thank you

    thank you

  8. I pray for Gods forgiveness of sin, pray for more dedication and devotion to God and finally pray for Good job through Christ our lord…amen

  9. Happy feast day Saint Maria Goretti. Please pray that I will get a good job soon where I can use my skills and talents, find happiness and financial security, as well as peace of mind and of heart very soon.
    Please pray that I may forgive those who have hurt me and teach me to forget the wrongs that they have done.
    In Jesus’s name I pray.

  10. Thank you St Maria Goretti for you intersession and prayers for my son in law Ricardo, He has shown much improvement from the injuries he has sustained from the accident. Hi memory is coming back slowly. We are grateful. It will be a long process but he is surely on his way to recovery.
    Thank you and God bless John Paul and Annie and everyone who prayed this Novena with us.

  11. lord jesus mount marry this novena i had not complete daily i know my wish will be not fulfil i am extremely broke i dont have money to spend on my daughter i dont have a job please have mercy on me and get a job in the name of st paul an annie i need your help

  12. O St.Maria Goretti , little saint who was persecuted at a young age ,
    I pray that You come to my assistance . I need your help and intercession with The Lord Jesus Christ , Anything is possible if you BELIEF and have FAITH in God . I pray that you hear my prayer on your feast day . I pray to recover soon in mind , body and spirit after
    my horrible plight over some time .
    Praise The Lord Jesus Christ ,
    John Fielder
    Melbourne , Australia
    7th.July 2017
    Local Time : 9.31p.m.

  13. I have been praying for my children’s success in school and for God’s Guidance with their careers. My daughter sent me an e-mail today with a plan to go back to school. A plan is a good way to start. Please continue to pray for her success and move forward with God’s Plan for her.

  14. Lord jesus i place my financial needs into hour hands. Lord jesus i am down to nothing. But i have trust and faith that you lord are up to something in my life. Lord Heavenly Father i pray for financial deliverance.

  15. Thank you for the reminder
    … that Maria was only eleven years old
    … that she couldn’t have water after the stabbing, so the priest asked her to offer it up for souls…
    … that she had surgery without anesthesia.

    Maria Goretti is the saint that my grand daughter chose for Confirmation … I plan to text her a remembering of this.

  16. Pray for Health and happiness for my family. More important than worldly goods. Thank you for lifting my depression. St Anthony help me find what l have lost as you have done so many times. In the name of the father. Amen.

  17. Dear St. Maria Goretti,
    Thank-you for this Novena and praying with me & my intentions.
    Lord Jesus, with the help of Your Saints and these Novena’s, it helps me get closer & knowing You more. Help those around me get closer to You and know You more!

    I’m grateful for all that I have, continue to hear my prayers of my son’s my health, work & finances. I am blessed double from my troubles. Forever thankful in Your Name Jesus Christ. Amen

  18. St. Maria Goretti, little saint, I ask you in your Goodness to pray for Amanda. We see a change in her already. We hope that by your intercession to Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother, that she will be healed and learn to live a life fitting and pleasing to God. Amen.

  19. maintain 102 trust believe Never Give Up keep pressing foward conversion for Self More HUMILIty NOt about me Jesus Give me your eyes Prayers for Mary Ann and Jeanne father JOse Give me your eyes to see with I BELIEVE thank you for <MY Healing