Final Prayer – St. Joseph, Husband of Mary Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s the Final Prayer of The St. Joseph, Husband of Mary Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Dear God please restore my marriage,
    bring back my husband to his senses.. let him keep in touch with us in the foreign country that he went.
    Make him love us and take care us as he is the head of the family as Christ is the head of the church.


  2. Dear St Joseph

    My prayer is for my husband, Anthony who is in early retirement.

    Please guide him in making good decisions in his future endeavours and keep him in good health and to maintain his dignity.

    Thank you for your intercession.

    Yours in Christ

  3. Thank you St. Joseph and for interceding for praying for me to the Divine Son, Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. On Day 2, Sunday 11th March, I got out of church and found a missed call from my friend who I am praying for to turn wholeheartedly to God and for God to grant us reconciliation. I texted back but got no reply since then. However that will not deter me because I know God is working and I believe he will revive our friendship in his presence. I put all the rest in God’s hands and to his will. Thank you heavenly father

  4. Thank you St Joseph, for prayers for healing for my son’s eye. The medications were good and he is feeling much better now and has responded to the treatment and medications. All Glory to Father, Jesus Christ, Amen.
    I continue to pray for his acceptance to medical school. Jesus, You did so many miracles again and again. Even after Your death, during Your stay on earth, you took pity on your disciples who were not able to catch any fish-John 21. You asked them to cast their nets on the right side of the ship and then they were not able to draw it as the nets were filled with fish-153. Jesus, we have done whatever you have asked for and with the guidance of your Holy spirit towards the medical school applications. Jesus, same way as you have blessed your disciples with miracle of fish, bless my son with miracle of acceptance/ seat/admission in a medical school today. You did not tell your disciples to cast their nets later as their need to be fed was at that time, and so is my son’s situation now, I humbly and meekly ask you to bless with this favor today and make him start this year. In fact you did not ask any one of them to those to whom you blessed with miracle to wait… You blessed them instantly. When the wine was over in the wedding, you did not say, you will provide in the next marriage, You gave them anyway at that time for the people to enjoy. So Jesus, I ask You to bless this favor now so that our joy will be complete. So that my son can start this year. All those who come against this favor, rebuke them from his path, rebuke all negative thoughts against this favor. Bless with favor for my son in the hearts of Patrick, Leila, and others and let your Holy Spirit of favor reign in their hearts until they send out acceptance letters to my son. Also bless all the people who agree with me in the miracle for my son with miracles and favor for their healings, financial blessings, education success, relation blessings and spiritually as well, In Jesus Mighty name, I ask, pray and receive it for my son and all those who agree and pray here. Amen. I humbly request St Joseph to take all my prayers to Father God , Jesus Christ. Amen. I promise to come back here to give my testimony.

  5. St Joseph
    Thank you for everything you do for me and my family. Today I found out my daughter is expecting a little girl in August. I’m so excited thank you for the joys in our lives.
    I pray that my other daughter will settle everything tomorrow. I pray for a speedy outcome for her. I also pray that she finds a full time job with benefits real soon. Please keep her safe tomorrow .
    I pray that my son meets a great girl to spend his life with.. please
    Thank you

  6. Dear St. Joseph, Patron Saint of Husbands and Workers:

    I prayed in a special way for my husband to get a job, and at the very least, to be more proactive in searching for a job in his field of expertise. On day seven of the novena he informed me that he was preparing three (3) proposals for some assignments. He requested my help to review the proposals on day 8, which was dedicated to women to increase their support for their spouses!! Upon my review, I noticed that the assignments are within his field of experience. He seemed to be so enthusiastic about the applications that he got me coming into my office on Sunday to provide my input to the proposals.


    We put the rest in your supplication and intercession to the Son of God! Thank you mother of my Lord. THANK YOU HOLY FAMILY!


  7. Dear God and St. Joseph,
    Thank you for listening to my prayers and my requests. I was offered a job during the day 7th. Seven (7) is my number that reminds me of many things I was blessed.
    Bless everyone. Thank you.

  8. Blessed St. Joseph guardian of Our Savior thank you for your intersession. You protected Jesus and now you are protecting the Children who call upon you. May all persons doing this Novena receive answered that will guide them in Jesus Holy Name this Easter. Jesus I trust in you. Amen

  9. Dear Lord Jesus and St. Joseph

    Thank you for listening to my prayers and my requests. I know in y heart you will help me.

    Dear Lord Jesus, I love you so much, I need you in my life and I want to be with you . Please Lord Jesus thank you for my life and all the great opportunities I have. If you can please watch over my flight today as I travel , keep me safe and for a safe return. Please keep Miele safe and healthy, I was very scared yesterday and night prior when she was not well and I thank you and the Angels for watching over her and healing and bouncing back to herself. Please help to drink water. Please Lord, ptotect Iain Miele, My family, Chanel akways as we All need you in our luves.

    Dear Lord my request to you with all my heart is to p,ease grant me a new job opportunity so that I may leave this current employer . Please Lord I am not happy working there anymore.
    I wish for this special favour for a better opportunity with a great company who will welcome my experience, skills and will be supportive and resoectful,

    Lastly, thank you for watching over GoRd and his surgery and please watch over Iain as he us going through a tough time.

    I love you Lord Jesus with all my heart and I believe in you, I need and want you in my heart forever and ever.

    I love you and thank you

  10. I am a senior with a disability. I joined you this year. I enjoy the daily prayers sent for each Novena. The past 2 novenas have had problems. For example, the St. Joseph Husband of Mary Novena did not send me days 8 and 9, nor the final prayer. I tried to find them on your site, but to no avail. The previous was the St. Michael Archangel Novena, but I may have received the missed days at a later date or made the prayers based on the ones I received. I thank you for all your work and do give others a heads-up about this great site. Thank you and God bless.

  11. Thank you St Joseph for guiding us to our new home. I pray for continued help throughout our transition to our new home. Help us to be loving and patient with our children and each other during this tone of transition.

  12. Saint Joseph, I have been praying for my Son to find his path & admit that he needs help. Today he has agreed to seek psychological help. As he takes this initial step I continue to pray for his spiritual return to his Catholic faith. Saint Joseph – Thank you for your intercession.

  13. St Joseph Please pray for my ifamily and my son and relieve me from all my financial debts and make no foolish decisions in life and my stupidity of listening to the wrong people also at my wife’s work issues and too much of work given to her and also look after my mum who is loneliness and give her comfort in life

  14. St Joseph Please pray for my family and my son and relieve me from all my financial debts and make no foolish decisions in life and my stupidity of listening to the wrong people also at my wife’s work issues and too much of work given to her and also look after my mum who is loneliness and give her comfort in life

  15. Lord I pray for financial deliverance.i pray for money to finance my son throughout medical scholl. I pray for my son. I pray for your guidance over his personal life I pray that he be successful with all his studies. I pray a blessings on my daughter and my husband.

  16. For our daughters, our sons, each of their spouses, our grandchildren and all future descendants,and for my husband. For our parents. For our godsons. For blessed healing to those who need healing in mind, body and spirit.
    For the grace for all of us to profoundly know,to love and serve, our Heavenly Father, our beloved Jesus, And the Holy Spirit, and with Mary and Saint Joseph’s counsel, guidance, prayers and protection.
    For all the people whose intentions are in this beautiful Novena and for the special intentions of Annie and John Paul.

  17. Please hear my prayers St Joseph and take it to our Father God and Jesus Christ. Thank you Father for keeping my son under your care and keeping him in your path , Jesus Christ and taking care of him all the time. Thank you for the medications and right doctor for his eye treatment. Thank you Jesus for the healing. I dedicate this novena for a special favor for my son to be accepted in FSUMD and others if it is God’s will and the one chosen by God for him to do medicine this week. That he starts from fall of this year. That he is accepted soon and that acceptance letter comes in soon. Bless me with opportunity to come back here to give thanksgiving and praises for this novena and for the acceptance of my prayers and turning them into favor for which I have been praying since long time. Amen

  18. Thank you St. Joseph for help my sons, to be humble and loving husbands and fathers. May GOD guide them to be giving, forgiving, loving and respectful husbands and fathers. May he guide them always with every decision they make for their families as the Lord guided you in your acceptance and protection of Jesus Christ.
    I am strong with my Lord by my side.
    Always believing, ELia

  19. Dear St Joseph,
    Thanks so much for interceding for to our Lord Jesus, as I pray daily, I starting seeing a sunshine in my life, please protect the man you are bringing into my life, clear a path so my daughter can return home, lastly I imploring your grace to all my family, in Jesus name
    Thank you

  20. Dear Jesus I lay my heart on the table and I surrender all to u please help me to find peace and hope and love and patience . In yiur precouse blood


  21. Pray for my nephew to do his time quickly in jail and that God protect him ..I know he has struggled alot in staying out of trouble and i hope that he continues to b a better person.. Many thank you’s God for all the blessings..Pls allow Annabel to bring us our babys bcuz we miss them so much…

  22. Please hear my prayers for my husband who has been in severe back pain. Today we are seeking treatment. St Joseph please hear my prayers for help.

  23. Lord Jesus I place my financial social needs into your hands. I pray for money to finance my son throughout medical school. Lord I pray that my children would be successful with their studies I pray for safety and well being g of my family

  24. Please pray for my husband as he tries to figure out retirement and how to let go of a business that has consumed him for 40 years. Please pray for wisdom and courage. Amen

  25. Thank you St. Joseph for answering our prayers. May all the Angels and Saints continue to intercede for Grant and our families. Jesus I Trust in You to heal our brother Grant completely.
    Amen ? ? ?

  26. St. Joseph thank you for watching over our families and for hearing the prayers for Grant. May out brother’s health continue to mprove day by day through your intercession all the Angels and Saints . Jesus I Trust in you.
    Amen ? ? ?

  27. Today my daughters boyfriend will ask my husbands blessing and permission to marry my daughter. I am praying he will be a faithful loving husband. I pray that he looks to st. Joseph for guidance.

  28. Thank you St. Joseph for your prayers on our behalf! I pray for a stirring of increased faith within my husband’s heart, that he will be the husband and father that God intends him to be, and that I may be a faithful, loving support to him! St. Joseph, pray for us!

  29. St Joseph help me to be loving and kind to my husband as he finds his way through old age. Blessed St Joseph give me strength of mind and body. In the name of the Father. Amen.

  30. Deat St. Joseph,
    Thank you for going to our Lord with my requests. I can already see that my son is being directed, my father is getting better, and my husband is faithful. Thank you for your prayers.