Final Prayer – Saint Therese of Lisieux Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s the Final Prayer of the Saint Therese of Lisieux Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Pray for my dad and poppa to my son he had a test come back swollen lymph node please give him the strength mentally and physically to stop smoking cigars .. we are strickened with sadness …

  2. Powerful and a great source of strength. Thank you for Your great intersession and continued prayers for mercy. Please a swift end to suffering from COPD. Also strength during cancer treatments. It is all in God’s hands. Amen

  3. Thank you St. Theresa of Lisieux for answering my prayers. Thank you God the Father for your blessings through the intercession of St. Theresa.

  4. I pray that all will go well at the meeting on Friday & the real instigators will be found guilty. Pray that my daughter & her family be filled now with the peace of Christ & that God would bring good out of a bad situation. Mary, our mother, please intercede on my behalf. Thank you for you goodness and mercy, Heavenly Father????

  5. Thanks be to God! After about a year of praying for my son to call of his wedding to a girl I knew was not right for him, on October 4th he canceled his wedding and broke off the relationship. I didn’t know if God was hearing me each time I prayed but now I realize he was saying “not yet.” My son is a changed man. He has spoken to family and friends more in the last 5 days than he did in the 2 years he dated his ex fiancé. Thank you for praying with me. God has a plan for my son and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him. I pray that he can open his heart and feel and accept the love coming his way.

  6. Praise be to God! After 15 long months of trying to conceive, with no doctors being able to figure out why we couldn’t, I prayed this novena and a week later, found out I was pregnant. Thank you St. Therese for your intercession, and thank you to this community for your prayers. We ask for your continued prayer for our new child. We will continue to pray for all those in this community. God does not always answer our prayers in the way or time that we want Him to, but he answers in the perfect way and time that we need Him to. God is so good!

  7. Please pray for my growth scan tomorrow st Therese my both the babies should have normal and healthy growth.. thank you for ur blessings.. thanks be to god

  8. Received wonderful news from our daughter from college during the novena. Asked St Therese to intercede for something positive to come her way which would guide her in the right direction, and it did! So thankful to God for this most special Saint who has helped me all my life.
    Lifting up prayers also for all who asking for help.

  9. St Therese please pray for the upcoming growth scan for my unborn twin babies they should have grown well according the age of pregnancy.. i thank God for all the blessings in my life.. glory be to god

  10. Please, St Theresa help me to retain what l read for my forth coming exam. Pray to God to grant me success. I pray for a better grade. please, God move on my behalf… Amen,
    Thank you, Jesus

  11. St Theresa please help me recover from this flu and get my strength back. Bless all my family and that my work for saving the hospital may come to fruition. In the name of the father.

  12. Thank you St. Theresa,
    The man who hit my son’s car has accepted liability for the damage. The Novena ended and we received word the net day.
    We are grateful for your intercession.
    Roses come in all forms !

  13. Please pray for my financial situation and God’s will for my mother Amen.
    I also pray for answers for the other people who prayed this Novena Amen

  14. Dearest St Therese please pray for me that I may pass the CNA State board exam that I will take on the 6th of oct

    Lydia Nassazi

  15. St Therese, please help me defeat all the demonic attacks on my finances, i pray for a financial miracle, to construct a house to live in , all this i pray through Jesus my lord and savior , AMEN

  16. My prayers were answered
    I received a bouquet of flowers on day 7
    I heared the good news on day 8
    Thank you our lord for answering my prayer
    Thank you St Therese for your intersession
    I will always pray the novenas????

  17. Happy Feast Day St Therese!
    Please continue to intercede with all of the needs presented to you from all those whom had prayed this novena. God bless our sweet John-Paul and Annie for starting and maintaining it is such a blessing.


  18. Beloved Saint Theresa, pray for my dad on this your feast day so he may fully recover from his left lung. May that pneumothorax go away and his lung function properly so he can breath on his own again, without need of the ventilator.

  19. St. Theresa,
    Please help me in praying that my husband will find a good job soon that will allow us to stay in our home in the town that we love so much.

  20. Thank you in advance St.Theresa for your intersession for our prayers. We ask continued pray for our health issues. Prayers for help with taking care of our home and yard. Prayers for family, friends and neighbors. Many prayers for those with cancer and terminal illnesses. Hugs to those alone and feels no one loves or cares for them. For those unborn babies . For their mothers who feel they have no hope to keep them. Send someone for them now. I ask on Jesus most Holy Name. Amen

  21. Dearest St Therese kindly continue praying and interceding for the total healing of my bro Dr both body and soul. Also dearest St Therese continue praying for me so that my womb can bear me and my hubby more healthy children do that they can join us in the worship of God and our daughter to have brothers or sisters to pray together with. Amen

  22. St.Therese help me be concentrate while I’m reviewing in my nursing board exam..St Therese help to be the topnochers of nursing board exam to fulfill my dreams of my parents even they are already in heaven..I love u St .Therese

  23. Please guide my nephew and his soon to be wife to return to the Catholic Church/Faith. Ignite in LD’s heart a burning hunger for you Oh Lord.

    To sell our house quickly, smoothly to someone who will take good care of the home.

    For LD and CA to have a perfect wedding to be the beginning of a strong and holy marriage.

  24. That roses will fall at St. Al’s today to have a successful week end celbration.
    Good outcome at dentist appt. tomorrow.

    Lots and lots of happiness and good health for family and friends.

  25. Dearest St.Therese HAPPY FEAST DAY????I continue to pray for my family’s health & financial problems ….Pray for my brother & sisters health to improve…Pray for my constipations to improve…..Thank you

  26. Thank you St. Therese for answered prayer. I offered this novena for my husband who has been fighting the demon of alcoholism. That ifnit be the Lord’s will, he would decide to attend a Christ centred retreat being held at the end of October. He came to me the last evening of the novena to tell me he is registering! Praise God!

  27. St Therese – I pray for financial freedom to be able to support my mother, wife and son. I pray for healing and deliverance to all of those suffering in Puerto Rico and Mexico . I pray for my son to find his way back to our catholic faith. I pray that my mom find a sense of purpose and a companion after all these years of being alone. I pray that my career surpass my expectations and that I be granted the life and purpose designated to me by our Lord Jesus Christ.

  28. Dear St. Therese,

    Thank you for some answered prayers concerning an opening of my daughter’s heart toward God, letting me bring my grandkids to church today, protection for my son.

    Continue to bless us all with faith, hope and love in God alone. Remember all those whom I have promised to pray for. Continue to pray for the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit especially discernment, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Grant me deep prayer and trust in you alone oh Lord.

    Help me to understand my purpose in life. With Love…F

  29. Dear saint Therese please pray for healing in my legs , lower back and elbow which are recently very painful and also the healing of my mind and soul also I ask you please to pray for my daughter liza to be more patient and successful in her life Thank you for all prayers Thank you Jesus for all blessings Amen

  30. St Therese please continue to show me signs that my son is thinking about his faith. Please fill his feeling of nothingness and meaningless to purpose and love. Pray for me that I will embrace my mother in-law moving into our home. Help me to love more and give more. Please continue to bless my marriage. Please bring my daughter and husband home safe. May my son in-law find a job that provides a purpose for him to provide for his family. May my daughter continue to have success in school. I love you Jesus and am so grateful for all that I have.

  31. St Therese,

    I ask of you and all in this novena community to pray that my legal situations can be ended quickly so that I can go to Fatima this month.

    In Christ,

  32. Today it is my turn to receive the statue of Our Lady of Fatima to pray the rosary this week for the intentions of our St Jude parish. And it just hit me that one of her titles is Mystical Rose. Thank you St Therese!

  33. Dear St. Thérèse, I have loved you ever since having read your story in 1960. I feel that you are my sister in heaven. My beloved goddaughter has left the Catholic Church, under the influence of her non-Catholic fiancé. I beg you to let something happen so that she will not marry this young man. No!

    She needs the intervention of heaven in this matter and I turn to you for help.

  34. Dear St. Therese,
    I can’t thank you enough for showering me with your roses. I never ever receive flowers and I suddenly have 18 beautiful long stem roses appear at my door this week during the novena. Truly a wonderful sign that you are hearing my prayers and bringing them to Jesus. You had my youngest dearest son present them knowing that this would be even more meaningful showing the emotional healing and powerful forgiveness. Even more amazing is my son’s birthday is on your feast day! Thank you for this amazing blessing!
    God bumps!!!

  35. Lord I pray for financial deliverance. I pray that my children be successful with their studies. Bless my family Lord. Bless my marriage.

  36. Dear St Therese, thank you for your prayers and your dedication in life. I pray for your intercession on my behalf to God for my family, that we grow spiritually and not let the world break our bond. I pray for the spiritual storms that are brewing and that we rise victoriously, we wear our battle armour and let the Lord take care of it all. That we don’t let worry overpower us. Praying that we carry our crosses with God’s help.

  37. Dear St.Therese, our Little Flower, thank you for your love and prayers, building our faith in our Holy Church and Lord, Jesus Christ. I pray to Almighty God for compassion and forgiveness for all my sins and the sins of the world, and give thanks for His mercy. Amen

  38. Dear Saint Theresa. .please ask Jesus to grant me Healing of body,mind,soul..a sign that I matter,an all clear result to a biopsy test, a conversion to Catholic church by son in law,return to church for siblings,for all souls praying this novena, all lonely souls. In thanksgiving for all my friends. .mostly for the my beautiful daughter. ..Lisa
    Thank you. Please thank God for all His blessings. ..St Theresa. .amen
    P.s. for all creatures and the earth

  39. For my son. Saint Therese I pray. He needs you help and intersection.
    Help him find a job. He is at the end. He 52 now. He has lost his savings now. What’s ahead for him and his dear family? It is my prayer

  40. Final day. I ask that my granddaughter is safe and protected from her abusers. That my son will get full custody of her soon. Amen