Final Prayer – The Pentecost Novena 2016

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s the Final Prayer of the Pentecost Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. I began this novena for my very good friend who is just graduating from high school. She was having trouble making a college choice, I was informed on the third day of the novena that she had made the choice! Also, I am glad because it is the closer of the two.

    God bless!

  2. I prayed this novena asking for help in discerning where I should be going with my life as I am at a crossroads in my job searching and feeling rather lost. I worded it in my mind at heart as help with the discernment of my vocation. And since God has a sense of humor like no other, I found out on Pentecost that I am expecting our fourth child.

  3. I prayed the Pentecost novena for the nine days. For what I needed help in.. And my prayer was answered two days after my ninth day. I’m so happy now my vehicle can be fixed. Three months with one transportation. But we sacrifice and had patience in what we was going through. Everytime we ask ,we was turned down. But we kept the faith.. Thank you Jesus …

  4. Thank you Holy spirit. I believe my prayers have been answered. I adore you Holy Spirit come and fill my heart and the hearts of all members of my family. Amen

  5. My prayers were answer on the 5th day. Thank you so very much. It was not the answer I wanted but it was an answer nonetheless. I will continue prayer until I receive my what I have been praying for.

    I love you Jesus!

  6. Thank you for the novena reminders. I prayed this novena for wisdom and acceptance of a position running an apostolate. The Lord has answered my prayers and I will be starting.

  7. I previously unsubscribed, but would like to subscribe again in order to get the daily reminders. I have submitted multiple requests already. There is no other way that I can see to contact you. Thank you!

  8. Peace be with you
    I have prayed this novena for the people in my community, especially the young for conversion, the lukewarm and those not practicing. I asked for changes in their spirit, I asked the holy spirit to grant them the fruits and your gifts. Increase a willingness into their hearts. Help them to accept graces, through my prayers and suffering. This I pray.

  9. peace be will you all i want my boyfriend to come back he it in fracne know i hope he makes homes soon

  10. Thank you for praying for my nurse friend Rosie McCoy getting work. She starts tomorrow first day… she is worried about her foot and stamina and ask that we pray for her to feel healthy and good when she starts tomorrow…also that she enjoys her new patient…she is a nurses home aid. Thank you and God Bless You All

  11. During the novena to the Holy Spirit I prayed that the Holy Spirit would baptize me and He did just that. Last night I was baptized in His spirit and given the gift of tongues!!!! God is all love and never outdone in generosity. God bless you all!

  12. Thank You Holy Spirit. I have been praying for my son,s documents and this time, I believe my prayer has been answered. I adore You Oh Holy Spirit. Come and fill the hearts of all faithful. And enkindle in us The Fire Of Your Love. Amen….

  13. Hi, I have been praying the novenas with you for sometime now; I love so much. Unfortunately, the second or third day of this novena the emails stopped coming. I’ve checked my spam, I’ve tried unsubscribing then resubscribing, but I still am not receiving an email to confirm and be signed up again. Can you please help me get signed up again? I couldn’t see any other way to contact you. Thank you and Happy Pentecost!

  14. Hi, I have been praying the novenas with you for sometime now; I love and so much. Unfortunately, the second or third day of this novena the emails coming. I’ve checked my spam, I unsubscribed then resubscribe, but I still am not receiving an email to confirm and be signed up again. Can you please help me get signed up again? I couldn’t see any other way to contact you. Thank you and Happy Pentecost!

  15. Thank you Holy Sprit for John Paul& Annie with out there Novena I don’t know what I would have done they have help me threw my hard time I will always keep them in my Prayers God Bless them and all that are in there Novena Amen

  16. I thank the Holy Spirit for prayers answered. An unexpected opportunity has presented itself. I don’t know yet if i will get it in the natural but I know that with God all things are possible.

  17. O Holy Spirit, Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father, Blessed Virgin Mary, all the Angels and Saints, thank you for all your many Blessings! Forgive me Lord my shortcomings and help me to be better! Come Holy Spirit and renew the face of the Earth! Thank you Lord for the Blessings that are here as the result of this Novena. I believe that my son will find good and meaningful employment and that both my son and daughter will find good Christian partners to share their lives with. I believe that already the oppression of fear, anxiety, and depression has been lifted and the healing power of love and forgiveness and peace of the Holy Spirit and the risen Christ is descending on my family. I believe C will find a job and R will find peace and H will find a good and loving partner. I believe all these things because of my hope and faith in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! Alleluia! Thank your Holy Trinity for all your many Blessings! Amen!

  18. Holy Spirit, grant me the deeper faith that I have been striving for to be more Saint like / Christ like. Guide me in my many roles, as mother, daughter, sister , aunt , friend and nurse and desciple of the Holy Trinity. Holy Spirit guide, love and support me with my journey with the conscration with the Blessed Virgin Mother to have a deeper relationship with her son Jesus Christ and Holy Trinity. Please take away my anxiety. Please Holy Spirit with your confidence and guidance please help me to pass this test that I need to keep my job as a school nurse. I need to pass this MTEL that teachers need to take and just need to pass the writing part of the exam. Holy Spirit touch my family , myself, friends and everyone with your everlasting faith , health, unconditional love, joy, kindness, patience and peace. Holy Spirit touch and guide the sick ( acute and chronic ), homeless, mentally ill, non believers, addictive, and all your children. We thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit and all that you do for us to guide use closer to God and all your unconditional love. We ask this in Christ name. Amen

  19. St. Jude
    Please hear My Prayers
    For the fears and the anxieties I have at this time
    I know that with You at My side, all will be fine.
    Thank You so much ❤️

  20. Dear Holy Spirit, I ask You to give met the courage to go,toConfession and to accept that I am forgiven. Also, my children’s and all children’s salvation. Jesus, I trust in You!!