Final Prayer – Novena for Marriage & Family 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s the Final Prayer of the Novena for Marriage & Family!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Dear Lord Jesus, May this cycle be the last until the delivery of my babies,Please Lord as you open my womb to conceive a healthy Miraculous babies to be due in June 2018 in Jesus Mighty name Amen

  2. I thank the Lord, Special thanks to St Joseph for coming through for us on a very difficult sale of a house. I’d like to say thank you to st Jude St Ann St Michael all the angels and saints. We went through a very difficult time and prayer was the only I mean the only answer this house went on sale in February nothing till the day I started to say the St Joseph novena along with prayers to St Jude. I cannot explain explain I’m human. Sounds to good. It’s possible all things are with prayer trust in God


  3. Dear Mother Mary and all my lovely Saints, intercede for this my disparate friend whose daughter V is in a serious relationship with a married man S. This married man’s wife is parallelized after given birth. The entire family is against the relationship but the two want to get married. It has become a big issue. The Catholic Priests who are aware did their part, but we not getting solutions.
    Pray for us dear people of God, all the Saints and our dear Mother that V would find the love of her life. Mr. S would stick to his wife. I pray she recovers from her sickness. Father let your will be done. Jesus Christ Saviour of the world I trust in you. Amen

  4. Prayer intention answered…after praying this novena our nephew and his wife called to let us know that they were pregnant! Their first baby, Josie, was stillborn almost 3 years ago and they had not been able to get pregnant since then. Prayers continue for this pregnancy and peace during this time. We are thankful.

  5. dear lord jesus i pray that hurricane irma would go away so i can come back home its been boring so bad i just pray that the weather would just go away so i can get back home i pray that my home is not destroy and my power is ok i just pray jesus that i can get back home again i pray in jesus name amen

  6. I want to pray for all families displaced by all hurricanes. I want to pray for children who are displaced from their schools may God cover them in Love and protect them from being bullied.
    I want to pray for women who are widowed for I truely understand how it feels to be unmarried.
    It does make the world more frightening.
    GOD thank you for what is good.

  7. Thanks to everyone who prayed for the Bahamas. Hurricane Irma completely bypassed us. A few southern islands were hit but after they were evacuated completely. God is faithful! Pray for Florida and Cuba as she heads that way.

  8. Thank you Mother Mary for praying for my family to reunite and be at peace with each other. We are beginning to rebuild that relationship with my husband and my mother and father.Thank you Lord for bringing us back together.

  9. Mama Mary..pray for me to be strong and have faith that i will overcome this trials in my life..Thank you fpr always be there for me..Amen..

  10. Thank you mother Mary, my surgery went very well, no need to do further treatment. Also, my foot is okay. I will continue to pray for my daughter’s pregancy.
    Thank you for all the blessing!

  11. Thank you. Help me to be thankful. Help me to be stronger in faith. Send CW into my life so we can reconcile. I am tired of fighting. Pray for me to receive him as a husband. I would like to be a blessed and holy and loving wife. Make me a woman after you and God. Help me to bear children and to train them in the beauty and holiness of the Lord. Open the way financially emotionally spiritually. Amen.

  12. Please pray that my company will call me back for a job very soon as I am now in a dire economic state.. Thank you Lord for all the blessings. Amen

  13. Birthday wishes and greetings to our Holy Mother Mary. Thank you Most Holy Mother for interceding on my behalf with our Father and son Jesus Christ with all my prayers. I believe that you hear all mothers prayers and look down upon us when we are down and hurt as You know a mother’s heart. I pour out my fears, anxiety, worries for my son to you, asking you to take care of them and turn them into favorable miracles for me and my son. Come to our help soon and do not delay, no more hurdles and obstacles. Make the path smooth for my son to get seat in a medical school this year. Provide the finances and all that is needed for him mentally, financially, physically to claim this miracle from you. Bless with an opportunity to come back here with thanksgiving and praises and to claim this miracle and give our testimony to all. Accept all my novenas and turn them into favor for my son. Amen

  14. Happy birthday mother Mary thank you the lady of the Lord for have intercede to the Holy Spirit to protect, lead me and guided me in the leadership that I’m at to gave me heart of forgiveness to those who do not wish me good things thanks for the healing of my family members from the terrible flu. Saint Ann please protect my grandchild from this flu she is so fragile .Provide me with your wisdom tomorrow I’m attending a workshop that would help me in my leadership let me gather information as much as I can make me to be committed in my church and attend matters of church as much as I can let be no obstacles that stand on my way. Prepare me for my retirement that has to happen in 24 months to come I’ve worked so many years I need rest almost 40 years. May the days ,weeks, months remaining speed up and I should not feel it. Make me to be pure before the eyes of my subboardinates. Let my retirement find me strong and healthier. In Jesus name Amen.

  15. Happy Birthday Mary Mother of God!
    I love you and praise you. I am yours and you are mine. Praise you! Thank you so much. With your intercessions to our Lord Jesus Christ, our long time escrow is finally closing. God Bless the new owners and may they have joy as we had joy in that property. Thank you my sweet Mother for leading me to the retreat 33 days of Glory (by Michael E Gaitley, MIC) and also these beautiful Novenas (Thank you John-Paul & Annie). It has changed my faith life so very much. Sweet dear Mary, spouse of the Holy Spirit my will is yours. I give it all up to you in my consecration to Jesus through Mary.

    • Thank you for telling me about 33 days retreat, I am buying the book and beginning it soon. I too, feel so blessed to have found pray more novenas. I do not like it when we are without a novena prayer between novenas.

  16. Most Blessed Mother Mary & all the angles and Saints please hear my pleats! Our bills need to be paid and order needs to be in our home! May your grace be poured into out situation so that order is restored again! Praying for all persons suffering from the affects of the terrible damage caused throughout the world from these hurricanes!
    Praying especially for those suffering from mental illness, the poor and unemployed.
    Jesus. Mary & Joseph save souls. Jesus I Trust in you.
    Amen ???? ???? ????

  17. Thank you dear Mary and dear Jesus for all that you have done for my family and me. Please initercede for me regarding my marriage. Please strengthen me and guide me so I may understand and know God’s will for me and make the right decisions.
    Anyone who may be reading this, I would appreciate your prayers too. Thank you.
    Thy will be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  18. Thank everyone who prayed for me…I am a widow and praying for a good husband..I did not get to pray all 9 prayers… I prayed for the mother to intervene and pray for me to find someone…I have so many things in my life but a husband would be the most precious gift of all..I know there is someone out in this world who is searching for me to.i am new..this is the first novena I have ever prayed…I will continue to pray…thank you blessed mother for hearing my requests..

  19. Please help me to become mobile soon. Thank you that foot injury requires nothing but pain relief and will heal itself. Bless all my familly. In the name of the father.

  20. Happy Birthday dearest Mother.

    Please pray for Gi, Mal and Jenny. Mal had a bypass surgery and a lit of complications. Please heal.him and hive GI peace and comfort now that he has come home. Keep.her in good health so that she can.look after him. Please heal Jenny and keep her well. After all this, her sinus attack has been at its worst.

    Also.please intercede for my brother as the company is planning to post him at a far location. Please pray that they change their minds.

  21. Happy Birthday Blessed Nother. Prayers of gratitude for all the good and growth in the light and forward in maturity for my 4 beautiful children John Mark Danielle and Matthew. Please continue to pray for me a widow and the trials when I dip into loneliness
    Thank yo