Final Prayer – Our Lady of Lourdes Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s the Final Prayer of the Our Lady of Lourdes Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Thank you Mama Mary for answering my prayer . Please continue to heal me and my family. I love you so much ….

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  3. My heart is so sad for our daughter right now. After almost five years of marriage she has lost three babies, one of which we almost lost her. I, and my husband, are only children and she is an only child so our family is very small and all we pray for is for her to experience the miracle of birth. It took me five years to finally have our miracle in her and it hurts our hearts that she has not been able to experience having a child. She has had many IUI’s and many IVF’s, to no avail. I recently found out about Saint Pedro Pio (for pregnancy) and am hoping my prayers will be answered this time. I ask for your loving assistance in praying for our daughter and that a miracle will happen for her. Thank you and God bless.

  4. Thank you for the Lenten prayer retreat. I watched the first movie, but can’t find the link to the prayer materials Matt suggested we review before the next video. Please assist. Thanks. Dash

  5. My son had a ruptured aneurysm and had to undergo a major brain surgery. I could only do one day of the novena. On Saturday the 11th, he laughed for the first time in 2weeks and had his meal. Its was later in the day that I found out it was Our Lady of Lourdes feast day. Thanks to The Almighty for this great miracle He did in Ben’s life. Thanks to our Mother Mary.
    He is recovering well.

  6. Thank you for your helpful website. I prayed a novena for my wife who has on-going health issues and about a week after, she was admitted to a hospital. Since then, she has turned a corner and her health has improved dramatically, all thanks to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you assisting us in improving our relationship with Him.–B.D.

  7. Our Lady of Lourdes, thank you so much for your intercession. I was offered a new job!!! And I think another offer is coming. Awesome God!!!

  8. It seem a bit small and silly, but we are encouraged to turn to Our Lord for everything…
    My wife and I have been looking to upgrade my car- it reached that point where it was costing more than it was worth- but we had a very limited budget (around $6000) and a list of things we really were hoping to get in an inexpensive used car. On the last day of the prayers for the novena, a car turned up with everything we wanted and at the price we could afford. Any of you who have looked know how difficult finding a low milage, newer vintage vehicle within your budget can be, this was nothing short of a minor miracle. Nothing is too small for Our Lady’s concern!

  9. Praying for my marriage and family. Our blessed mother, Lady of Lourdes please heal my husband Paul’s heart from anger, anxiety, resentment, sorrow, and hurt from his father. Thank you for your grace, strength, love and intercession for my family. Your are a model for women who suffer with pain and heartbreak. I need your strength to show love in spite of rejection. Bless you!

  10. Thanking Our Lady of Lourdes and Our Saviour, Jesus Christ for mercies and favors received from this blessed novena. Thank you John and Ann.

  11. I pray to you Lord Jesus Christ like a child I ask for your forgiveness and I forgive All.I humbly ask my sincere petition be answered today.I thank you for answering me LJC and the Holy Spirit.Amen

  12. Dear Our Lady of Lourdes, Happy feast day. Please pray all my intentions continous heal my husband on his gambling addiction, liers, and always borrowed money from the payday loans. Pray for victory and give miracle regarding my medical condition. I have an examination by the doctor this coming February 27, please pray for me that the assessment of the doctor for me that I will no longer capable to work because of my health condition. Pray our mortgage that will transfer to the bank and will approved. Pray my family love, unity, happiness, peace and respect. Pray my son to heal also his bad tempered and irritable and to respect us. Please help me to become strong and firm for all the trials that I’ve experienced right now. Pray for me that my problems will be solve. Always guide my family on their work and protect from danger. Pray for financial blessing so that I will help my family back home and help my son and daughter on their debts in school. Thank you

  13. Our lady of Lourdes. Please, by the power of your divine son fix the problems with my heart. Help me to be a happier and more content person and help me to think more positively. Please help me to make my body stronger. All by the power of you son, Jesus Christ.

  14. Please Our Lady Of Lourdes beg you to bless protect and hear my prayers. Bless my son,Husband ,Me help us and protect us.
    Help us with GC,,Financially,Good Health.
    Thank you

  15. For Joseph that he will stop taking pill that his doctor gives him . They are not helping but makeing him worst. Please make him understand the harm it does to him and his family. Prayer for the family because they having a hard time.

  16. Dear Blessed Mother, I hurt someone not meaning to but thinking if I wrote something nice it would benefit me, yes him too. All my life I’ve
    been doing something for others but only to get accolades. Not very nice. Then the worst possible thing happened, my friend/sister after 32 years stopped talking to me, I guess I looked to her for my happiness, I put her before anybody even our Lord God. I am impatient, I have to have an answer right now or anxiety kicks in. I hurt many people especially my son Paul and a special friend Jerry. I liked him very much, but he is going through his own personal hell. I will stay away from him. I will not stay home and refuse to work because I’m a coward. I also know I’m an binge drinker. Not good. I ask with all my heart to be forgiven in Jesus’s name, please Lord forgive me,

  17. Blessed Mary & Jesus thank you for listening to my prayers. I really need help that my daughter does not get bullied anymore in school & she have the strength to get through all this. I love her so much this hurts me to see her this way. I have also sent another prayer regarding love in our lives. I loved this man for 30 years & found so does he..there is a complication. Please help us all through this & guide us together for the rest of our lives. My daughter would adore him and he would adore my daughter. He will be a great help for my daughter & I have so much love to give him in return. Please help guide us all through this so soon. AMEN

  18. For Kaila as she cares for foster children with ???? love.
    Pray we have a safe trip to Columbia today
    Pray for Joan as they berry her brother today.
    Pray for Grace Brothers. She needs an assisted living home.
    God Bless everyone Amen

  19. Dear MotherMary,Please Sal your Son to forgive this sinner. Please bless my wife and give her fortitude to continue helping to care for me,forgive her transgressions and bring her to heaven. Please bless our daughter and watch over her and her family. Please bring us all to heaven. please show us all the way Mother Mary. Thank you.

  20. St Lourdes, thank you. St. Jude thank you. Lord God, thank you for all the blessings for hearing my prayers. All of these are because of you.

  21. Please Blessed Mother don’t give on my daughter Shelley be by her side to help her to fight lung cancer let her be one of your miracles to clear her cancer in her body.

  22. Blessed mother Mary and our savior Jesus Christ please help. My husband and bring my children closer to God. I also pray for my faith to go stronger each day and to never lose sight of the Lord. Amen

  23. Thank you holy mother for hearing my prayers. Thank you Jesus Christ for being in our lives. I hope that all the petitions of all who did novena are turned into favor according to your will. Bless with the opportunity to come back here to give my testimony of this notable miracle for my son . Bless with opportunity to come here on behalf of Katie’s mother to give thanksgiving .
    Thank you for the previlage of novenas and prayers . Amen

  24. We are asking for the Blessed Mothers help to get some money back from Buick dealer on a large car repair bill.
    Internship for Brett.
    Job for Kyle.
    Special prayers for Ron who is having surgery on the same hip in 3 weeks. Doctors did it right this time.

  25. Thank you Our Lady of Lourdes for the success of John’s presentation. May his faith and my faith be strengthened always as we place our trust in You. Amen and thank you!

  26. Let us pray for all those who participated on this Novena. Bless them and answer their prayers and petitions in Jesus name. Amen
    Our Lady of Lourdes, prayer for us.

  27. Dear mother, please intercede for me with our Lord Jesus Christ that my son DD that his mental and physical stage be healed. May the Lord give him the strength necessary to move forward. Open his doors for anew job. Amén

  28. 102 thank you for my total healing in food addiction Believe trust More Humility More peace Be the example thru Actions all about Jesus Obey surrender trust

  29. Our Lady of Lourdes and St Bernadette Thank you for answering my prayers yesterday Feruary 10th. The procedure in the hospital was very successful and much better than I expected. Please answer all my novena prayers and let me have successful results in three weeks. Many many thanks to you.