Final Prayer – Our Lady of Fatima Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s the Final Prayer of the Our Lady of Fatima Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. With Praise, Thanksgiving and Honour to Our Lady of Fatima, I got the wonderful news that I secured a job at a company that I have been waiting for during the Novena to Our Lady of Fatima. I received confirmation via email and will be starting from 2nd June. After 10 months since I lost my last job, I’ve had numerous interviews and never received a positive reply. But I continued in my trust and faith in Mother Mary and Our Lord Jesus and I believe it is truly their gift for me in this month of May. I ask her continuous intercession to help me to do well with the job at this new company and I will be happy and secured. I also pray for those who have lost their jobs and are awaiting for a good job soon.
    Thank you Mother Mary for the abundance graces and blessings you have showered on me.

  2. Praise and thanksgiving for answered prayers for our son!
    Blessed Mother, thank you for lifting my prayer intentions to your son for consideration! It is with a full heart and tremendous gratitude that I come to you to sing the praises of the Lord!
    Praise be to God through who. All blessings flow!

  3. Thank you all for praying . Thanks to our lady of Fatima , me and my husband prayed the Nocena together.

    As we both have been going through a tough relationship. After the novena there had been a lot of change .

    I trust everything will be fine soon

  4. Please pray for healing as well as wisdom and knowledge of the doctors for my friend Terry, who is suffering from Stage 4 Lung Cancer. She was diagnosed very recently and they are looking for treatment options.

    Thank you and God’s Blessings,


  5. Two days after my last Novena I got word of a job interview, yesterday I received word I got the job. Thank you Lord, Our Lady and all saints

  6. Thank you Lady of Fatima for your intersessions for everyone’s intentions. May you continue to be with us and bless us abundantly. In jesus name. Amen.

  7. Pray that Governor Dayton of MN will sign bills that will not OK abortions. As of right now he said he will VETO every bill that comes across his desk that will not allow abortion.

  8. I prayed the novena to our lady of Fatima because our son was missing and I’ll. on the last day when we were going 1400. Miles to look for him, at the daft time we reached his city, he called us not once but twice. I am continuing to pray for him to receive a cure and take Mede,thanks to our lady for a happy miracle on Mother’s Day weekend.

  9. Mama Mary, please for us I hope we receive a good news from embassy. I am paraplegic, sometimes I am feeling so sad and self pity with my life. Please help me to be strong, and also my husband I hope all our dreams come true and start a new life in Australia.. Thank you so much.

  10. Mother Mary I come to you for your prayers to help me move on in my life, I know now that I have been completely taken advantage from Larry the contractor that worked on my home.
    I NO longer can live with myself for what he has done to my wife and me, he totally and knowingly did it.
    Now I am asking you to pray that my delt will be paid off some how I will receive the money to do so.
    I know that I am to forgave him for what he has done to us to enter into God’s Kingdom and heaven.
    It is so sad that he done this when my wife was on her deathbed.

    I NO longer can live with myself for what has happened each and everyday I think of what took place. I ask for your forgiveness and that the Lord will help me though this and I will one day be able to live with myself. Amen.

  11. Please pray that our Lady will help my husband Paul have the strength to admit his fault in our marriage problems and his affair. Please heal Paul’s anxiety, holding grudges, and hurts from his childhood and past. Please Dear Lady of Fatima ask Holy Spirit to convict him in order that he will soften his heart towards me and see how much I have always loved him. Thank you Jesus for your gifts of family, health and intelligence. Thank you wonderful and blessed Mother of God for all you have given me.

  12. Dear Our Lady of Fatima, please hear me that all my prayers will get answered especially my ongoing case. This time pray my son on his problem right now. Pray him to keep strong and firm. He’s depressed right now please guide him our Lady of Fatima. Pray his friend Ryan to come back. Guide him on his reviewing for his Licensure examination. Heal his depression right now and to move on, so that his reviewing will not affect. Help him what’s good. Pray my family love, happiness, always in good health and protect from danger. Continous heal my husband on his gambling addiction and borrowing money from financing and payday loans. Help us for financial situation. Thank you.

  13. Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you for everything and for giving me the life and opportunities I have. I love to make my parents hapoy and do things for them such as nice surprises. Please watch over my mother and her duabetes. I pray for your help in curing her from this disease and I promise to you that I will continue to be there for her and treat her with special surprises. Please grant me that I will always be employed and financially sound so that I can take care of Miele, Chanel and my parents and Iain and my sister and her kids .

    Thank you

  14. St. Jacinta and St. Francisco and St. Lucia of Fatima pray for us to The Lady of the Rosary, in thanksgiving, Amen+

    I lift up my children and grandchildren to you, Lady of the Rosary. Let no weapon formed against them prosper. Cover them with the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Guard and guide them, help them to grow strong in his Love.

    Our lady, please bless all of my enemies known and unknown to me and have mercy on me. In thanksgiving, Amen.

  15. Our Lady of Fatima pray for me to do a mission in honor of your dearly beloved son, Jesus. Hear my prayers for those in my family who have lost the faith. Praying for those individuals looking after the elder to show kindness & love. Watch over my husband and me to do God’s will. Amen????????????

  16. our Lady of fatima please pray that I get my prayers answered to get the financial help in need to clear all my debt i am in desperate need

  17. Our Lady of Fatima,Pray for us.Help us in my financial difficulties…for my daughter school financies.
    Forgive us our sins and grant and peace and more blessing.
    I ask this through Our Lady of Fatima.Amen

  18. Grant the salvation of my son and his girlfriend. May you open thier eyes Heavenly Father so they realize that they are living in sin. Open my sons heart Heavenly, soften it with mercy and knowledge. Please fill them with your love so they can raise my grandchildren in your loving way. Please I pray for this. Through your intercession Holy Mother I know this can be achieved.

  19. Please pray for my daughter that she may pass all her final and comprehensive exams and grades next week thank u

  20. Prayers that my daughter will sell her house, she is expecting her 4th child & has found their dream home????. For my son & his estranged daughter????????. For several friends with cancer????????????????????. For our President & peace on earth, please hear our prayers????????????

  21. I pray for money to finance my son throughout medical school. My son tuition fees are due, and I praying for money to meet my financial commitment. My son’s desire is to become a medical doctor. I pray for intercession of our lady in this matter. I pray that my daughter would be successful with her exams.

  22. Our Lady of Fatima pray for my confidence to return and that my daughter will be less harsh. In the name of the father.

  23. Peace in the world stop the terrorists peace in family
    for my sister in law Patrucia to heal
    For unborns stop abortion
    To cure those who are sick
    Bring back to the Catholic faith those who lost their faith
    Help for our veterans
    Keep American safe and our
    Military safe
    God bless
    In thanksgiving for family and friends

  24. Dear Most Holy Our Lady Of Fatima ,
    I pray that this novena is a success for all those special needs and cures of God’s children . I pray that by Your Divine intercession with
    Jesus Christ Your Holy Son l can benefit and understand the works and cures of The Lord ,Jesus Christ always .
    Yours Very Sincerely ,
    John F.
    Local Time 6.40 p.m.