Final Prayer – Divine Mercy Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s the Final Prayer of the Divine Mercy Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Thankyou so much for praying with me but i am sorry my prayers are not answered . People tell me it is because of black magic i lost each and every bit i had in life now i dont have money family and no house my son is working so hard daughter growing old not yet married thungs are notmoving pray for my son he is going to turkey business trip may he get a big order i wushmy prayers are answered plz dont miss praying for me

  2. I am prayung regularly with u but there is no imprvement finances are low no house family not living together daughter not getting married she is growing old my son working hard but response is slow pray he shoukd get a big oppertunity to make money my health deteorating with age want to be happy and not sad please pray a miracle

  3. Thank you Lord Jesus for all the many blessings you have give me and my family and thank you for the opportunity to pray this Novena!!. I’ve struggled with remembering and keeping up with past novenas but this one seemed to be constantly on my mind and easy to do. Two weeks before Easter my daughter called to say her position had been eliminated. She still had a job but would have to take a demotion. A few days later she said it was possible that she may be considered for a different job within her company that would be a promotion accompanied by a sizable increase in salary. The Wednesday before Holy Week I had a job interview. I prayed this Novena everyday without fail along with the Divine Mercy Caplet and attended our diocesan Divine Mercy Sunday services. My daughter got her promotion and today I found out I got my job as well!! In addition, my sister finally had her marriage blessed on Holy Saturday after 20 years of marriage! So many prayers answered!!! Our God is an awesome God!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

  4. My Lord Jesus you know all things & the heavy crosses I’m carrying. I’m offering these burden at the foot of your cross. I’m walking the distance daily with prayers, Rosary and reading sacred scripture. I trust in you because my eyes are opened and your gift of faith is growing deepest. Precious Lord Jesus Christ, praying for a healing for my husband to take that leap of faith when it comes to our finances. Help our situation where you see fit as your will be done. Amen ???? ???? ????

  5. Well where do I begin. My husband has been a stay at home dad for almost 5 years, with the hopes of eventually going back to work so I could stay at home more or something. The week before Easter there was a posting in our church bulletin for a custodian job that I felt so strong about him applying for. Well he applied and interviewed and while he was applying he found a job that he was qualified for in his previous field of study, he applied for that and has an interview for that as well. We don’t know which job he will get offers for or take but it something new and exciting. We prayed very strongly through this Novena and pray that God will lead us in which direction he wants us to go.

  6. Lord, please guide us in our way, protect us from harms and dangers especially my family and most of all heal the relationship of mommy and nanay.

  7. Thank You so much Lord Jesus for all the blessings and graces You have given to us through the intercession of St. Faustina. Keep us always safe in Your love and care.Amen

  8. Dear Lord Jesus, I have specific requests that may only partially fill the infinite needs and desires that are in my heart. I ask that You answer me not only for those requests but also for a greater reliance on You to satisfy the needs and desires that You have given me

  9. Dear Jesus,

    Thank you very much for your Divine Mercy. Please help everyone with whatever they are going through, especially all who prayed this novena. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go to confession and receive Holy Communion this Divine Mercy Sunday, even though I almost didn’t make it to Mass. I definitely feel like a brand new person; and somehow, even though I know that there are still going to be trials and temptations yet to come, I feel more confident that I can overcome them as long as I keep my trust in you. Thank you for renewing my hope throughout this novena. I really needed that. I love you! Xoxo

  10. Divine father of mercy, thank you for the opportunity to pray in this novena. Once again I Ask that you heal my stomach issues and calm by bloatedness. May I be safe in my home. May my partner and I grow together as good Christians following your ways. May earny pay me for the work I did for him based on our agreement. May you bring peace in my family and resolve the conflicts between my sister and I. Grant me my prayers Lord and bless all those who prayed this novena giving them hope and answering their needs. Thank you Lord for your mercies upon us all. AMEN

  11. I have liver cancer in need of liver transplant, hope to have one and a quick healing, and that everything will be fine.

  12. Dear Annie & John Paul
    I watched you on Johnette Benkovic show this past week and was so impressed–I did not realize I already subscribed to your PrayMoreNovenas. I confess I’ve been negligent in praying – period. Today we attended our Divine Mercy chaplet, confession and Benediction and Holy Hour.
    I am so grateful for my wonderful parish and priests and deacons we have.

    God bless you both and I want to participate in the novenas

    • I also saw Annie and John Paul on Johnettes show while I was home in maine. Then I clicked onto their novenas. I too have been neglect in praying the novenas. I do pray every morning and night. I read the responses and pray for the readers needing prayers. May God continue to bless you judy. All my love In prayers tina.

  13. Dear God, thank you for a promise of a job. Thank you for your mercies. Will continue praying for the forgiveness of all our sins and salvation from something that threatens my happiness. Please restore my most significant romantic relationship and my fertility. Please grant peace in my family home and save me from despair, shame, disappointment, depression and tiredness. Amen.

    • This is exactly my prayer point..! Lord I thank you for the new job and I pray for a restoration on my marriage, send your Holy Spirit to give my husband a heart of willingness to work on our marriage, give him the willingness, wisdom and love he once felt towards me. Change his way of thinking and make me understand that this marriage was ordained by you and it’s a convanent between us and God, grant this through your grace and divine mercy lord. Amen.

  14. Eternal Father, you know how I find myself this evening. You have given me so many Graces however I find myself with fading hope but maybe in something that was not Your Will? I feel sad, lonely and as if my life is fading away and there was no plan for me. Help me Father! Have Mercy! I am here hands outstretched but they are empty..please fill them..and Grant the favors I have prayed for in this Novena..turn this sadness into Joy Lord!

  15. Thank you for your prayers and I send my prayers to all of you who have your own intentions, that Jesus listens and answers your prayer.

  16. Dearest God,
    I am a sinner but I pray you will let me enter your kingdom and be with you forever. I am tired of all troubles, hatred and loneliness in my life. I lose all my hopes and dreams in this world, and my greatest dream is just to be by yourside where there is just pure love and nothing else. God, please help me with my life.. (tears).. Amen.

    • Dear linn. It is hard to live in the city of man. The city of God is our reward and journey. You stay strong. Keep your faith in God and all of his greatness in your life. Give all your worries to the Lord and he will set you free. Remember not to be so hard on yourself. God is hearing your prayers. You gotta keep your head up so you can let your hair down. Remember to say thank you. Prayers and love tina

  17. Thank you Lord Jesus for all your blessings for my family and friends. More blessings are needed for niece’s family at this time of need, specially to find a way to keep their house, and for her husband to find a job soon, in your hands Lord, in your hands! We love you, we thank you, and we trust in you, and our Holy Mother!

  18. My Merciful Savior, thank you for giving me the strength today to get up & attend Holy Mass at this small Catholic Church on a tiny Island of 5,000 habitant.
    Many people young & old have poor oral infection from tooth decay. I’m volunteering to assist the dentist to provide care & support for these people. Praying that donation for dental supplies come in especially a dental chair & materials in order to set up a second dental office in a much poorer location.
    We require tooth brushes and toothpaste. Too much redtape is delaying this important work when donation do happened.
    Please provide an opportunity for me to educate the children on oral hygiene with supplies. I’m retired & I pray for energy to fulfill this mission in Jesus Holy name.
    This little R. C. Church has about 75 -80 active members and one Mass per week only on Sunday at 8 A. M.
    Praying for these poor people in my community and all over this tiny Island who depend on visitors to purchase homemade items or t-shurts.
    Please intercede for me to be guided by the Holy Spirit in helping out where it’s needed the most.
    Please give my husband Divine intervention to know you better and to become a servant of the Lord with zeal in this mission.
    Praying mostly all night the Chaplet of Divine Mercy to do your will on three hours sleep… Thank you Jesus & I trust in you. Amen ???? ???? ????

    • Dear evelyn. Amen!!!!!! Your hours are long and tiring. God will continue to give you the strength and patience you need. God will supply you abundantly. Love and togetherness will bring your group closer to our Lord more than you cover ever imagine. Honor your blessings and continue with your good works. In jesus name amen.

  19. I thank you Lord for my answered prayers. I see your work Lord in my everyday life. I will keep praying for my son’s Terry to be led by your Divine Mercy. Please take away all the obstacles that have hindered his paths for so long. Help him in all his trials to find patience, love, peace and happiness. Help him to succeed in all his endeavours and struggles to find and settle in a home with his family. Bless and protect all these young parents in their everyday loads. Give my husbands patience, and a good health and enough work to keep providing for us and pay his debts.

  20. Dear Lord,
    Please help my family of ten. My husband has been out of work for two years now. He spends most days with his elderly mother. Grant me the grace and mercy to continue to support my family in any ways you see fit, financially, spiritually, emotionally… Help me to trust we will get through this. And please help my children know how much I love them

    • Dear cheryl. Everyday I pray that the great lord blesses us abundantly, widens our territory stay with us always and keep us from evil. I pray he blesses our finances and brings us spiritually physically and mentally closer to him every day. I thank him for yesterday and today. In jesus name I pray this prayer for you. Amen.

  21. Thank you almighty God for granting all my prayers , request, petition and desires through thine divine mercy in Jesus mighty name. Amen

  22. Dear lord-
    Please protect my grandma and allow her final days/years to be in a state of peace.
    Please protect my soul and allow us to conceive a healthy baby/babies.

    • I’m praying your grandma will have peace and know the light of our Lord when he comes to meet her. I’m praying that the great lord shines his love and light upon you and blesses you with a baby/babies. All healthy of course. Patience and love. Your grandma will leave you with so many blessings of care for your newborn. You might even name baby after her. I’m praying gods great blessings love and light upon yous all.

  23. Thank you Lord Jesus for all your gifts that I have received. I pray for Your mercy on the souls of my husband, my son and my parents that are now with You in Your heavenly kingdom.
    Lord, with all my heart, I pray for my daughters and my grandchildren that they find their way back to the church . I pray for their needs and Blessings from the Lord Jesus. St. Faustina pray for us, for the whole world and for world peace.

  24. April 23, 2017

    Dear Jesus,

    I pray for the success of my mentee, Claydon, in his recent exams. and for his acceptance by the flight school which provides the best safety and skills training in preparing him for his aviation career. We surrender all to your divine will and your timing. Amen.

  25. Dear Jesus, Thank you and Mother Mary for walking with me and showing me the light through your good shepherds during my most difficult moments. I humbly pray for your clear direction of my vocation, and my special intentions – world peace, the health and safety of the Holy Father, missionaries (esp. my Spiritual Directors); the souls of my loved ones (incl. my dad-Paulus, Anne, Jean, Rosanna, and Lorna); healing of the sick – my mom’s insomnia and strengthening of faith & family relationships; the vulnerable sector with dementia, depression (suicidal), addiction problems, the poorest of the poor, the dying; and financial assistance for the homeless, unemployed and unemployed. Lastly, for success of outreach programs of Marians, MOCs, Alpha, Saints Alive, and Church’s youth and prayer groups all over the world to bring hope and light (Jesus love) to those overshadowed by darkness (evils). Highly recommended movie: “The Shack”.

    • I’m praying for your intentions as the good lord hears so much. “The shack” great book too. Stay humble. God bless you always.

  26. Thank You Lord Jesus, in all that You do! Keep me in faith and a follower of Yours. I see Your many signs in my daily life, continue to bless me in good health and Work, that I may provide for myself and my 3 sons! I pray also for Your mercy on the souls of my parents that are now with You in Your heavenly kingdom.
    Lord, with all my heart, I pray for my son Sean, that he finds his way back to Your church and me his Mother…Lord hear my prays on this Divine Mercy Sunday! Let us all find peace n joy in our lives! Amen. Help us all to have Mercy! ????

    • I’m praying for your intentions as the good lord hears so much from his children. God bless us all. In jesus name. Amen.

  27. I want to pray for my husband and myself that we truly reflect the Lord’s will for our family and for us to holy as his mother Mary is holy! Please pray that my husband desires to become the spiritual leader of our family and that I may be more humble and bow to Our Lord’s holy will and follow my husband instead of trying to correct him b/c I think I know better.

    • Dear michelle. Most of us women think we can do better because we’ve always taken care of the world around us. Don’t be so hard on yourself. The great lord knows your intentions. Love your husband and relax. Praying for your patience and love. In jesus name. Amen.

  28. Dear Lord, I’m feeling so lost right now, I had every intention of doing the novena everyday, but I didn’t, I feel like all I do is ask, ask ask and do nothing in return. can you please forgive me please come into my heart dear Lord help me to see you Lord, I need your help, I’m one that it needs to be spelled out for me. Thank you Lord for your many Blessings you have bestowed upon me especially my beautiful children and husband.

    • Dear child of god. You’ve been a great provider and protector of your family. After keeping yourself and family together it makes for a tired mom. I’m not always finding time to pray novena either. I’m praying this prayer for you also. Thank you Lord for blessing this mom dad and family. Thank you for keeping them a family unit and trusting in you for love and blessings. May they find time in their own ways to pray and keep you close in their family. Amen.

  29. Lord, I pray for all yesterday’s special intentions and also for all the special intentions of all newlyweds. May our Mother guide them and protect them, always!
    I pray that all you holy men and women, our saints, pray for us!

  30. I have prayed made novenas please make this disease go let me be healthy to serve you. I trust in you. Your time not mine . I’m claiming your promises to answer my sling, seeking, knocking. My Father

  31. Dearest Jesus, please come into the middle of Walt’s job search and bring a position in which he will shine and use his gifts from God. Please give us beauty for ashes and double for our trouble. I thank you in Your name. Amen.

  32. Heavenly Father you know my heart desire, you know my needs. Lord I cannot do it alone . I need that inner peace ,that inner strength to continue my life journey. Lord I am going through such a difficult time with my partner , lord I have delivered every situation in your hand. Jesus you know best. I need prayers.

    • I’m praying for you. Give all your worries to the lord. He will give you rest and clean your body to recharge your strength. Let go and let god. Let go and watch for God’s abundant blessings. In his time. Be patient and keep praying. In jesus name amen.

  33. Lord I humbly come to you praying for the restoration of my marriage. That Cedric and I will reconcile and he will return home under this roof with me to live. Father I stand on your word that a man who finds a wife finds a good thing, That what you put together let no man separate. So I boldly ask you to reunite our love and our marriage. Only you can move this mountain Father. I ask that you stand in the mist and heal his heart let the love he has for me push forward. Send your Holy Spirit upon him so that he can resist any negativity from others influencing him to stay away from me and our marriage. This I pray in Jesus Name. Amen

    • I pray your intentions for you. Marriage love trust and faith are lords blessings. Let no man destroy this family. Rain down your love and faith upon these children of yours dear lord. In jesus name. Amen.

  34. Lord jesus I place my financial needs into your hands.I pray for financial deliverance today. I pray for money to finance my children throughout university. Please have mercy on me and my finances.Thank you lord.

  35. My husband is passing blood from his urine. He has a cyst on one kidney and stones on the other kidney. He wanted to go home to Missouri. We are leaving on the 25 of March. I am so relieved. He has leukemia and ver sick. Pray we make the trip ok. We are in Florida now. Thank you for all your prayers

    • Dear rachel. I’m praying for you and your husband. God will keep yous safe and make your trip home soon. May your husband be back at home in his surroundings with you always by his side. May the great lord of ours watch over the both of you and keep you strong. In jesus name. Amen.

  36. st. faustina – please reach down from heaven and take hold of my hand – assure me that i am not alone – st rita – st dymphna – st peregrine –

    special intentions – LORD PLEASE HELP ME

  37. For Helen, who suffers a broken neck, and is currently in ICU. Suffering much pain. and for her granddaughter (my daughter) whom is about to give birth, Such a very sad situation)

    • Dear Helen I’m praying that your drs. Are given guidance through the spirit of our great lord. May you relax enough to receive this blessing even if you need medication to calm you. Trust in the lord. He won’t let anything happen to you. Ellen I’m praying for your strength and your daughters in this time of giving birth. May he hold you all in the palm of his hand. In jesus name. Amen.

  38. Thank you for all your help thank you for wonderful every day blessing in our lives. Thank you for wonderful children. Bless their dad oh Lord may he find peace in his heart and forgive his sins he doesn’t know what his doing hurdler not his heart oh Lord may he find forgiveness in his heart.

    • Thxs God for all u hv done en still doing in my life,thxs for de beautiful daughter nicollet u gave me may she also be blessed and protect in yo hands, may wishdom,knowledge and understanding also be with her,lord I pray dat before the end of dis year I hv paid all de debts, I pray for financial breakthrough in ma lfy so dat I can buy land and build my house en also start my own business, I pray for husband and marriage, pray for mercy upon me en family members, Lord help make family members so dat ey can come close en also know you amen.