Final Prayer – The Christmas Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s the Final Prayer of The Christmas Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. lord jesus give blessing to my daughter one request to you now a days my daughter mood has change she is very angry mood with everybody shouting on me and very hot temper god please help- me and control her temper and she talks softly with everybody everyday she is spending money lot from where to bring i dont have money whatever i had invest all finished i am worried about my self my daughter is not listening i aM HANDICAP please get a miracle her weight will be reduce and she talks softly and well behave with everybody give smile on her face and stay with me happy life and she loves me and understand my difficult

  2. My lord my almighty father.. Thank you with all my heart and soul for watching over me and family and keeping us all safe and in good health in the year of 2017..I pray to you my lord my almighty father that you will do the same on the new year of 2018..Amen.

  3. Thank you so much for sending us novenas,we are really blessed,the year ended very well. I had a bad start my son was involved in a car accident, by the Grace of God he was not badly injured, he is still hospital.I do hope the Lord will give him strength to pull through this since he is expected to do his practical at work before the third year starts.Please pray for my son.

  4. Lord Jesus and our Blessed Mother Mary, thank you for taking care of us and our families throughout last Year and bringing us into 2018, we continue to pray that our Blessings will be more than we ever imagined this Year. May our Lord pour numerous blessings on us and our families so that Testimonies will fill our mouths.
    I thank God especially for the gift of Annie & John Paul for forming this wonderful Pray more novena group, may God continue to inspire them, give them the strength and continued grace in everything they do and grant the desires of their hearts.
    Also praying that all who join this prayer and our families receive more blessings, answers to not only what we pray for but also more than we pray for.
    Most importantly, I pray especially for divine conversion, total transformation and total commitment to our marriage for my husband EM.I pray that as long as our God is still on His throne that He will break into pieces any man or woman that has caged my husband from not surrendering his life totally to serving God in truth and all honesty. May that man or woman with any relationship with my husband that prevents him from being committed to his married life, preventing him from knowing and carrying out his duties as a husband, may their relationship be terminated instantly and remained broken forever so that he will get back fully to our married life and committed to it with no atom of faking. Amen
    May our God show me a sign by making my husband stay in constant communication with me before the end of our next novena.Amen


    Thank you for this beautiful apostolate. I cannot fully express how grateful I am for these novenas. May our Lord continue to bless your work.


    Yours in Christ

  6. Thank you so much for this e-mail ministry. It has definitely enriched my prayer life/ time. It is easy to click on and there are beautiful prayers for every need and for everyone who you are praying for. My bible study group did the Advent Retreat during Advent for our study. We all loved the talks and speakers. I especially loved at the end how all of you said the rosary with us. Special!
    Your Sister In Christ,
    Lori Thibodeaux

  7. You guys look just beautiful. Good bless you both. Keep up the great work. Many blessings and Merry Christmas to you as well. Lots of love and kisses, Alba.

  8. A Blessed Merry Christmas To All!! Thank you for all the Novena’s and special prayers from all. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe this coming year 2018.

  9. Lord jesus i pray a blessings on MY WORK PLACE . i PRAY THAT EVERYONE WITH EVIL INTENSIONS BE REMOVED. I pray that all dishonest persons be remove in JESUS NAME . i PRAY THAT be remove. In jesus precious name amen.

  10. I am very grateful to Jesus two of my intentions have been granted. One was my sister in law has been in an emergency heart surgery and she did not came back from the induce coma. As soon my brother informed me I included her in my petitions. Glory to Jesus the third day after I pray the novena she came out of the coma and on Tuesday the doctors send her home. Other of my intentions has been heard also. Thanks John Paul and Annie for including me in the novenas. I pray for you!

  11. Please help me pray for good health amd healing for my dad who had a stroke. May God grant his healing grace to him and restore his health. Amen
    I also pray that God will help me find a good man to be my bestfriend and husband. Thank you. That God may alwaysbe praise and glorified..

  12. Thank you so much for the beautiful Advent Retreat. I have 3 more sessions to complete. Each one has been such a blessing to me. Hope you are having a blessed and joyful Christmas. Yours in Christ, Jeri

  13. Thank You Infant Jesus for this novena. My prayer was answered incredibly. God bless and all those who prayed this novena with me. Thank You Mother Mary for Your intercession. Amen????????????

  14. Happy birthday Lord Jesus❤………Wishing John Paul & Annie a Merry & blessed Christmas❤…….& Wishing all in this prayers’group a Merry Christmas too❤

  15. My Prayer For Loss of Life of Family Cat ,
    Dear Heavenly Father creater of all life ,
    Today Boxing Day , 26th.December 2017 is very sad day for the Fielder Family in Bentleigh East , Victoria , Australia . The family pet
    cat , Curley aged 16 ( in human terms aged 76 ) was put down due to her illness . If there is a chance that she can go to Heaven for God’s animals , may she find peace and comfort for her afterlife . She was a good cat , a tabby in fact , our daughter Lauren’s pet . We had her since she was a kitten , 6 weeks old . She was part of the
    family and we will miss her very much . Lord make sure she enjoys life after so much suffering in her later years . This I pray for our
    cat , Curley passed away 26th.December 2017 in Melbourne , Australia .
    Lord hear our pray for our grief ,
    John Fielder ,
    Bentleigh East , Victoria , Australia
    26th. December 2017
    Local Time : 7.07 p.m.

    We need you Lord Jesus, More than ever.
    Forgive us of our Sins, and bring us, to your ever lasting Life.. Amen

  17. Merry Christmas John-Paul and Annie! God bless you! Thank you God for the gift of your son, our Lord Jesus Christ! Happy Birthday Jesus!

  18. I thank the Lord for good health in the family for the Christmas season. I pray that we continue with this health through out 2018.

  19. Your birth baby Jesus is our gift from God. I’ve taken this gift and I own it first so that I’m able to share it with my family and family. Give even if it hurts…
    Lord I’m praying that MD will have a forgiving heart towards VF’s ugly behavior. I’m praying for a Christmas miracle for this hopeless mentally ill niece VF, who has been burning bridges to those who’ve shown kindness and love towards her over the years. May the Holy Spirit touch VF’s soul to will let go of her pride and start mending those relationships she has broken from her vile temper and angry behavior. I forgive VF for her vile anger and vulgar words towards me and pray for her to have peace this Christmas. I also pray for my sister, RF stop covering up her daughter’s nasty behavior and may the Holy Spirit touch my sister’s soul and heart and may the truth about herself and her daughter’s relationship needs a healing for the better. Lord God may a Christmas miracle be in stored for this relation for the next 12 days of Christmas. Amen

  20. Dear Jesus,

    Please bless John-Paul & Annie abundantly for creating this community of prayer. And blessings on all those who join in prayer.

    Thank you for some relief from depression and anxiety, for a good night and upcoming day with my son, for blessings which I do not always appreciate. Thank you for the gift of yourself to us. Thank you for allowing me to surrender all to you Lord.

    I love you Trinity, Amen.

  21. Thank You dear God for all You have done for us and continue to do. Please lead us and guide us in the right direction, so we may please You and turn away for sin. Please forgive us for all our past sins, and please help us to be stronger and to make the right decisions for our future. Thank You so much dear God. I love you.
    Thy will be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  22. God bless Annie and John-Paul for this beautiful and grace-filled site of PRAY MORE NOVENAS! You will be greatly rewarded! I pray for your special intentions also! May Jesus bless you both abundantly on His birthday. Merry CHRISTmas to all of those praying these novenas.

    In Jesus, Mary and Joseph,


  23. Merry Christmas! Lord Jesus, Thank-you for this blessed day… For unto us You were born! ✝️ Thank-you for all I have been given this year, Lord as you walk beside me each and everyday! I am so grateful for the time I had with my sons who came and stayed with me, it made my heart so happy! I know that because of You, and praying these Novenas it happened with Your Grace!

    Lord keep them safe as they travel throughout their days, help them to love You more, seek You more, know You more! ????

    Lastly, I pray with a sincere heart, knowing You hear my prayers, Lord that my blood work comes back good for my health! Hear my prayers, I want to be healthy, no health issues…to keep working, the abundance of work and income to support my family! I’m so blessed and grateful for I have! Happy Birthday, Lord! Peace to all in our world ????