Day 9 – St. Jude Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 9 of the St. Jude Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. St jude please pray for me ,Am going through difficult situation in my life,I need breakthrough,favour of God,my doors to be open ,get visa and business opportunity.i also help my son pass his exam this year,protect my children and my self from any danger and covers with the precious blood of Jesus.. .bless with husband as well and open all the locked doors in my life. Amen

  2. Dearest St. Jude Friend of God’s!

    I pray with my whole heart and Gods will that Katie recovers fully in ICU from Toxic Shock Syndrome. She is in critical care and needs Your help and that of Jesus. Please hear my prayers… Help her, send your grace and have Mercy on her St. Jude of the impossible. I know what it’s like to be in ICU fighting for your life and Miracles do happen with Your intercession, along with our Heavenly Father!

    I also pray for the return of my son Sean to spend some time as a senior in High School before heading off to college. If it is Gods will, I have 3 sons he’s the last of them to leave home. I love them with all my heart and soul. He is missed greatly around my home. He is spending time with his dad. Where there is so much freedom. I get it…However, in addition help his Dad to foster a loving, caring relationship with both of us. Hear my prayers St. Jude. Along with Gods will and Mercy on us all.

    I’m so grateful for all that’s been given to me, St. Jude I pray the jobs still come in for my work and I pray that my health stays good to be able to work to provide for myself and that of my sons.

    Thanks be to God and all the Angels and Saints! Amen

  3. St Just de intercede for our family. Conversion. Grandsons needing Baptism. Grown kids to return to their faith. Soninlaw conversion. For immoral lifestyles that other people introduced them too. Let them see the real truth. Thank you St Jude. Jesus help us

  4. Patron of the impossible, I ask you to intercede before our almighty God for the conversion of my husband even though we are separated. For continued healing and to accept God’s will. That I’m able to understand that God’s plans are better than mine. For my children and for your continued protection over them. Forever grateful.

  5. Thank you St Jude for your intercession, our RCIA canidate’s work schedule has opened up thus allowing him to continue in the RCIA program

  6. St. Jude please help me to have a 88%in my Nle board exam inHk..Help me to have concentration while I’m studying ..and all I have studied must remain in my memory I can answer correctly my board exam..I love u st Jude ..

  7. Dearest St Jude. Please pray for my daughter, SS, that her right arm is healing fast. Pray that her arm and elbow gain back the strength and muscles and the motion and she could use her it again in her work and daily routine. AMEN

  8. Always in thanksgiving. Blessed Mary mother of Jesus St Therese, thank you for the healing medicine and doctors. Please continue to care for me, St. Jude find us a place to live, a mortgage if it is God’s will. It all seems impossible such a big task. I know nothing is impossible for Father God All Mighty. We need guidance from the One who knows all from beginning to end. Let us know God’s message. Help us find the place to live. I recount all the blessings God has given me protection all through my life. Show me the way again.

  9. St Jude your the patron of hopeless and impossible cases, I kindly ask you to pray for my marketing business which has not borne any fruits so far for quiet awhile please pray for my customers and the people have told about my business idea so they can partner with me for my business to grow, I truly believe in your intercession. I believe and trust before the year is over my

    marketing business will thrive Through your intercession. Amen

  10. Dearest St Jude the patron and apostle of the impossible please pray for my silent womb so that it can be me and my hubby a second child also pray for my bro I and m so that God may have mercy on them and make them the men he created them to be ,pray for their salvation, give them stable jobs and families. Also please pray for the Salvation of my sisters especially those who don’t go to church. Amen

  11. I pray that my husband, my children and myself will always unite with each othet. I pray that we will beable to get to our needs even when it is impossible.

  12. Dearest St. Jude, please pray that my daughter, Audra, be given monetary compensation for her mobile home through a successful lawsuit. Amen.

  13. On Sept. 23, 2017. My husband completed 29 years sober, Praise God! I had for 12 + yrs. suffered so with his alcoholism not realizing that I was also top notch co-dependent, child of an alcoholic, & with a neurotic mother. I prayed and prayed was told by my mother that God did not hear people like us!
    But I was blessed with a devoted cradled catholic mother-in-law, who taught me to believe, to pray and not give up “always pray; never giver up” Luke 18:1. Through this learning experience I learned about St. Jude and his intersessions. Well of course God listened to my beloved St. Jude and we have been sober & recovery for 29 years. Thank you Lord and St. Jude. Our lives changed completely. Now I ask him to intercede so that all my 4 children and grandchildren return to God, to return to our beautiful catholic faith, a faith that I too lost in my youth. Help me to keep on track and not offend our Lord but love him more and more! Praise God almighty! :-) Thank you St. Jude!!!! My promise to St. Jude was to take my husband to his shrine, light a candle and it took 20 yrs. but we finally made it from TX to Chicago a few yrs. back. Peace of Chirst with all, I will pray that St. Jude help answer everyone’s request!

  14. Dear St Jude, Thank you for taking all my prayers and accepting my novenas for my son. I also ask for God’s forgiveness and grace upon me and help forgiving others. Father God, Jesus Christ, how long must I wait for this favor for my son? Its the repetition of novenas all the time, I beg You in the name of Jesus, to fulfill the favor for my son soon so that our hearts and souls will be at comfort and peace. Bless with an opportunity to come here and give my testimony and sacrificial thanksgiving to all. You know Father that whether you fulfill this miracle or not I will always follow you and acknowledge you in all that I do and Jesus as my savior. I believe and trust in all the scriptures and the miracles . I acknowledge and give thanks to you for all that you have done for my son, for him to come this far, without your miraculous hands upon him, he would not be here. With your blessings he is able to get the needed grades, letters and all that is needed to apply to med schools. We give all glory to you! Bless him with this favor of interviews and seat in a good medical school this year to serve people soon. Amen

  15. Please everyone on earth and God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and all the Angels and Saints in heaven, Michael the Archangel protect me and my husband and family. Jim has been in hospital since 2015 with brain injury. Leaving him totally helpless. Does not speak, tube feed, incontinent. Depending o others for total care. We are pleading for better care and relief of financial burdens. We have been literally attacked by evil and need immediate protection of body mind and spirit. Please cover Jim and Diane and family with the precious blood of Jesus. Not our will but God’s Divine Will be done. Amen

  16. Father Lord, St Jude. I continue to pray for the gifts U have given me. Help me lead them to the Lord in this world . Help me settle at work. Help my career. I continue to pray for divine healing for my friend SE

    Thank you Lord

  17. St. Jude, please pray for the success of Amanda on the exam she is about to take tomorrow, on your Feast Day. Please let her pass and guide her towards the career path God wants her to be in. Thank you!

  18. Please SAINT JUDE, pray for me, that my admission into medical college will be successful. That my name will appear in the next successful candidates list, and that i will secure a scholarship and also a sponsor. Thank you SAINT JUDE.

  19. St. Jude, with the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus I ask that you take away the tics that I have had since childhood.

    In Christ’s name I ask this.


  20. Please St Jude pray for good health for mysel and my husband ,take away my pain this morning .Pray for my daughter protect her also pray for my son so he can find peace and happiness .Pray for my sisters,Pray for Suzie , Patrick .

  21. CMJ. Prayers needed to find employment. Recently lost my job of 13 years due to no fault of my own. It was a very hurtful decision where I had no idea and the rug was pulled out beneath my feet literally. Thanks for all the prayers for me.

  22. Please intercede for me Oh Holy St. Jude by the Power of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ: For my nephew, LD and his soon to be wife to return to our Catholic Faith/Church.
    For LD and CA to have a perfect wedding as a beginning to a strong and holy marriage and returning to our Catholic Church/Faith.

    For an honest, sincere buyerfor our house and the sale will be quick and smooth.

  23. Lord I pray that in would walk through the doors of ttnlcb. I pray for money to finance my through medical medical school
    Please protect my family.

  24. My Prayer for Help to St.Jude and The Lord Jesus Christ ,
    It is true I have been guilty of sins impossible to break , I therefore ask for God’s Graces and Forgiveness and the intercession of St.Jude,
    Patron Saint of The Impossible to strengthen and cleanse me at all times . I have suffered from 2 strokes , the last one has paralysed me to the extent I have been confined to home and a manual wheelchair since 2nd .May 2013 as well as the link of embarassing incontinence of the same duration . Take away my bad , errors and flaws so I can sing Both Your Praises Forever . I pray for a miracle healing soon to WALK , ENJOY A NORMAL LIFE BOTH SPIRITUALLY AND PHYSICALLY AND SPEAK EFFECTIVELY .
    I am pleading for redemption and a miracle cure soon ,
    John Fielder ,
    27th.October 2017
    Local Time : 9.22 p.m.
    Melbourne , Australia

  25. Dear St Jude pray for my husband, that he obtain gainful employment and re.a in in good health. Bless him and all of us with faith, hope and love. For my son, his wife and my sisters. I ask for your prayers St Jude, pray for me to our Lord-Amen.

  26. Today I pray that my family will become closer. That we will once more pray together, love and respect each other. I continue to pray that my daughters and son will attend mass on Sundays. Help me St Jude that I may change and become closer to God and make the right decisions in life with regards to what is best for the family and help me to manage my finances better. AMEN