Day 9 – St. Anne Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 9 of The St. Anne Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Dear St. Anna,
    The Lord has been good to me.
    1. The long awaited opportunity to apply for international positions has now come. I have been shortlisted to apply for G2 international positions up to P3
    2. I have been consulted by the talent pool to apply for the position of protection officer

    I cannot do it on my own dear mother. you have been interceding on my behalf. I bring my humble self back to you for blessings and divine mercy. Through your intercession, I ask the Lord Jesus Christ and to bless me with a good appointment where my service will be remarkable and make an impact in the lives of many refugees and other persons of concern.

    I ask this in Christ our Lord

  2. Pray for my daughter to get the job and my son to di d in. And join the navy. For my eyesight to be cured. So for allr our worries to be resolved. And for my hudband to feel well. I ask this in the name of jesus amen

  3. Bless my parents in heaven who loved each other and all their family. Help Trevor make the right decision. Bless all my family and friends. In the name of the father. Amen.

  4. Pray that Peter is happy in his new work as l do not feel l could listen with same patience. Help Gineen find her pathway in life. Help Geraldine find a job near home. Bless Keith, Cathy and all my family. Especially my grandchildren and Mavis and Trevor and their family.

  5. Blessed St Anne and St Joachim Help Peter in his new job to be happy and fulfilled. Give Gineen a job or a real purpose. Give Geraldine the hope of a new job. In the name of the father.Amen.

  6. I am currently not working right now. They cut my hours at Walgreens. I am hoping they will call me back in the fall to work when some kids go back to college. I will keep you posted on that. Thanks for the prayers!!

  7. I pray for release from my current perceived captivity into a new and better way of life and love.

    I also pray for the safety of my daughter and her child and fiance, and my niece Skye.

    You, my patron Saint, and I were most blessed to be grandmothers. Thank you
    Allelujah Amen

  8. St.Anne,Iam praying for my brother S to get better in his health conditions….Pray that he will be more active….Pray for my sister Jen who will be going for right eye operation on 27 july 2018 in the morning to go on smoothly….Pray for G in her health to improve… too……Praying for my own health too….Thank you St.Anne that one of prayers has been answered….Pray for my friend,Joanna to obtain the job she had went for an interview….Praying for John Paul & Annie in their health & work……..Thank you

  9. Dearest Saint Anne,
    Please pray for my son who has two important interviews tomorrow.
    May the gifts he’s been blessed with shine through with your light & love.
    In gratitude.

  10. Dear Saint Anne, please pray for Regina in her move. Please pray for T. C from a painful breakup with her boyfriend. Pray that T. C meet a good Catholic boy. Amen

  11. Most Holy and blessed ST Anne, please pray for Regina in her move to her new location successfully.
    Please pray for my God-daughter TC from a broken hesrt. She was crashed to learned after 3 years that her boyfriend wasn’t interested in marriage or the Catholic faith…Pray for TC to meet a good Catholic young man n who loves children.
    Please pray for H. D.,my other God-daughter who’s in her first trimester and that she has a healthy baby. May H.D and her husband, DE find the perfect house really soon. Amen

  12. Dear St. Anne, please hear my prayer for my daughter to have strength and healing after her boyfriend of 20 months abruptly ended their relationship on May 29 and moved on to the girl he was cheating with the very next day. My daughter was totally blindsided and is still experiencing feelings of betrayal and hurt.
    Please pray that she will find a loving, religious husband in the future. Please pray also for my son that he finds a loving and religious wife. Please pray for my husband, mother, sister, and father in law that have good health in mind and body. Please pray for Charlotte that she recovers successfully from a broken leg and that it heals without surgery. I also offer in pray thanksgiving for Cami that her surgery was successful and she did not have cancer. Please pray for reconciliation of our family and that my 2 sisters will forgive and stop hating me and my mother. Lastly, I pray for Dawn that whatever worries and conflicts she is going through that they will be resolved. Amen

  13. Dear St Anne, please accept my prayers for my son and take it to Father God and Jesus Christ and I pray that they hear and fulfil it for my son. I promise to come back and give my testimony. Amen

  14. Please save Jean Sybil Kuku and Mona for ever
    Thank you for beautiful holiday at Coimbatore.
    Give Jean Sybil a safe journey to Mangalore and later Bangalore.

  15. I pray fir a job that my friend Bea is applying to.
    Just a thank for the sign Jesus already showed to me.
    Thank you Dears Saint Ann and Mary, Grandmother and Mother of our Savior Jesus, for your intercession!

  16. Most blessed St. Anne, please hear our prayers. May my husband find work and we get our debts cleared up. May our faith increase. Amen

  17. St. Anne please pray for me. I need employment as I will be losing my current job on Friday. I’m the sole money source in my household, and I have very little in my saving. I do have an interview today so, say I extra prayer I get that so I will be able to start working there as soon as possible.
    Thank you so very much.

  18. My prayer is for that my granddaughter to find a meaningful job with benefits,I pray for others that maybe seeking employment. I pray for myself that I will be able to return back to my old job or one similar.
    St. Ann pray for us
    St. Peter Claver pray for us
    Mary Mother of Jesus pray for us
    All Angels and Saints pray for us that we may be worthy of the promise of Christ Jesus. AMEN

  19. St. Anne pls pray for the healing of nanay that may she regain her strength and be able to walk again. May you also pray for yhe healing of mommy from her lung cancer, that she may not lose hope in her life. May you also strengthen us that me may have the patience and understanding in taking care of them as well as in our respective jobs that we may become good at it especially me being a lawyer. May you also pray for the safety of my whole family away from harms and dangers and evil temptations. AMEN.

  20. Dear Saint Anne, please intercede for me and my husband that our finances improve. May our family members be healed from their illnesses. Jesus I trust in you. Pray for Veronica n David’s relationship. Amen

  21. St annr i ask to help my daughter in finding a better job and. Find love. To pray for my son go seek a career. In the nacy. May he open his eue and mind to thos. Iask this in the name of jesus amen.

  22. Blessed St. Anne please help my prayers get to the blessed trinity. I am praying especially for my son Tommy he interviewed last week for a teaching job at Santa Margarita Elementary and has not heard if he got the job. Please he has worked hard and needs this job so he can continue to uplift children and make a difference. Please have the phone call be that he has gotten the job. 🙏 amen

  23. st Anne please reach down from heaven and take hold of my hand – assure me that I am not alone – lord Jesus son of God have mercy on me a sinner – lord Jesus your LOVE for me has left me alone and barren in my old age – lord Jesus you know all the hardships I have been through – even JOB had restitution – st.Anne please help me in my old age – your child –

  24. pray for my son to stay focus and complete his undergrad degree and find a good and profitable profession.
    Pray for my daughter to get a permanent job with the Catholic School Board.

  25. My prayer intentions:
    For my son, that he continues to overcome his hurdles as he begins his senior year in college.
    For his girl friend, that she is able to find a good job and feel success.
    Also, that she and my son begin to know the true power of God in there lives.
    For my niece and her husband, that they will be able to successfully conceive and bare a healthy baby.
    We place these and all our petitions before you,

  26. In Gods time I found what made it necessary to continue His work on this earth. Thank you God.
    Please St. Anne help my nephews to get good jobs to support their families and that my children hold onto the jobs that they have.
    Thank you St. Anne. Thank you Jesus.
    I love you with all of my heart. ♡

  27. Blessed st Ann’s please intercede for me. I pray today . I pray for a financial breakthrough today. I pray for my son , I pray for my daughter. I pray daughter , I pray for my daughter, I pray for my husband , I pray for my family. I pray for money to pay ny son”s tuition fees which are over due. I pray that my son and daughter would become medical doctors. Blessed mother intercede for me

  28. Please pray for me that work will increase so I may better support my family. Please pray for my little daughter that she will be able to stay near her father. Amen.

  29. Dear St Anne please help me and blessed me to be the topnochers of nursing board examinations on November 17 and 18 with the average of 88%..Give me more wisdom and knowledge ..give me peace of mind while I’m preparing for my exam…Help me to fullfilled my dreams.. God bless..Amen..