Day 8 – St. Joseph, Husband of Mary Novena 2019

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 8 of the St. Joseph Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. I feel blessed and renewed everytime I listen to the Novena prayer. This is a powerful prayer that I have used and have succeed everytime I needed a breakthrough in whatever matter.

  2. Lord Jesus in place my present legal situation into your hands.nlord I pray that justice be served. I pray for victory. I pray for strength to endure.


  4. St Joseph, please pray for a financial breakthrough for our family. It seems like no matter how hard we try there’s never enough money coming in. Also please pray for our health and general well being.

  5. Dearest St.Joseph,..
    Thank you for hearing our prayers and concerns.
    Help us to be more like you,..
    We pray for this country, for the poor sick and the dying.
    Everyone please learn the Devine Mercy chaplet prayer.
    AWESOME prayer I learned.
    I’m hooked !
    God bless those whom have died in the Fight in Indonesia ,
    The killing New Zealand ,
    Flooding in the mid west .
    And please pray to end Abortions forever…
    Please , Pray your Rosary every day. Great benefits for praying the Rosary and Chaplet of Devine Mercy.
    Happy St. Patricks day to all aay
    Pray for this country.
    God bless each and everyone, amen

  6. Please St Jiseph, send graces down on my sons and sons in law to be good fathers and to teach their children about Hid and to keep their families safe. I pray for all unborn babies and for all elderly ir vulnerable people who cannot direct their healthcare and wellbeing. Please pray for all of us now and at the hour of our death.

  7. Thank you St.Joseph , Mama Mary, for all your Blessings, our prayers answered continue to bless all our family’s and friends and our family too our dearest daughter, my husband, and myself now and always. Thank you so much for making our lives so easy blissful without much struggle. Continue your blessings on our family, my parents, brother and all our family and friends who you know best helped us out genuinely and their prayers and still praying for us bless and protect their families always. Thank you St. Joseph for making me Permanent so fast and not much of a struggle in finding a job, please make all the people, bosses to like me and continue to bless me in my career, a job close to home Thank you for my husband permanent job too please bless my husband make him be recognized for his talents, intelligence Please bless our daughter too make her strong, not fall sick, bless her in her career, in every step she takes, please speak to her so that she takes part in programs which will enhance her in her life, her personality, career, please help and bless our dearest daughter . Please Protect our family my husband our dearest daughter and myself our house here and back home from all misfortunes, thefts, etc; thank you for finding a good tenant for
    our house, which will help our parents. Saint Joseph please bless protect our family my husband, our daughter and myself with good health, long happy lives joy peace success, prosperity please bless my parents to want to bring them here help us in our finances so that we can bring our parents here, and also take care of all other needs. Please, Saint Joseph help us with our Finances, bless and protect my husband with success in whatever he does,also bless and protect our daughter and make her successful in whatever she does, make her lovable human being and bless and protect me and be successful in whatever I do and take care of my husband health, our daughter’s health my health. Saint Joseph please bless and heal me,please intercede that my scan reports for my breasts next month is all clear and normal no lesions grown no cyst or any lumps to any part of our bodies, make my husband reports all normal, his sugar level, diabetes, heart, prostrate reports all to be normal and under control . Please bless our dearest daughter my husband and myself with Good Health now and always Protect my husband, our dearest daughter and myself from all dangers, health issues, and please bless my parents too and my brother, with good health always, Thank you for all your blessings showered on us and please continue to bless and protect and hear our prayers now and always of my husband , our dearest daughter and myself and my parents make us successful here our new home and country and so that we can help our families and people who need our help, Please protect guide and guard my family my husband, our dearest daughter and myself and our house from all dangers in life Thank you Saint Joseph and Mama Mary.

  8. Please pray that my son will find work, employment that will provide him a good income and a future career. Thank you Glorious St Joseph for your powerful intercession and thank you Jesus for all your many Blessings . Amen

  9. Dear St. Joseph,

    Please interced on my behalf to Jesus & Mary, I am at my end I don’t know how much more I can take, the stress of our financial situation has taken its toll on me. Please intercede to Jesus and Mary to lift me & my children out of poverty & into better circumstances. Please relieve my stress, feelings of being overwhelmed, feelings of despair, feelings of hopelessness, stress, anxiety, & depression. Please strengthen my faith. Please, relieve my financial burdens. I pray for a financial miracle, financial independence, financial abundance, financial prosperity, financial freedom, & financial stability. I am so very tired of living in poverty, despair, and hopelessness I just feel like giving up. Please intercede on my behalf. Please ask our Lord Jesus to guide me on the sale of my home, I can no longer afford it. Please ask our Lord Jesus to help me find a suitable replacement home for my children. Please intercede and ask our Lord Jesus to help my ex-husband open his heart, think about our children, and put our children first before his selfish wants. Please intercede and ask our Lord Jesus to have my ex-husband pay the full amount of child support/alimony he has owed me for almost 4 years. I pray that my ex-husband pays the full amount of court ordered child support/alimony each and every month. Please heal my children & I spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I pray that I am able to return to school to provide a better life for my children. I pray that my children & I are successful in life & school. I pray that I am a good mother to both of my children. I pray that our lives improve. I ask for peace, joy, happiness, & love. I ask for protection against Satan & all evil. I pray I am able to buy food, pay bills, and repair my car & home. Amen

  10. Please pray for my family as we go through this turbulent time in our lives that God will continue to guide and show us the way. That my faith will remain strong and the most important thing in my life to guide me through. God will take care of us I pray

  11. Dear Jim

    So sorry to here you are going through a divorce. Not sure there us a possibility for Reconciliation but then that is also a good place to start. Going to reconciliation. The two most importantvwords in a marriage are “I’m sorry”
    The three most important are a sincere “I love you”.
    I will pray for you and your bride.

  12. I’m 8 months into my divorce this situation is not going smoothly at all. No communications on her part I want to get this done and over with. She served me papers.

  13. Praying for success for our family immigration status approval and for God to bless us with the fruits of the womb.